Amy Rose was back in Seaside Hill, crying and burping at the same time. Silver panted, feeling exhausted as he fell on his butt, trying to take a breather. Amy bumped into a tropical palm tree, being knocked backwards as she landed on her butt.

"Oh, it's so unfair!" Amy cried as she rubbed her eyes with her hands, burping in between her words, "I don't deserve to be belching like this! This is embarrassing!"

Several blue colored Flickies flew by, noticing Amy burping loudly. They looked at each other and then back at Amy, laughing as her as they harassed her. Amy stood up, getting annoyed by the birds' taunting, burping in their direction, blowing them away.

Amy blinked for a few seconds, smiling as she placed her hands on her hips. "Well, having a lot of gas inside my tummy isn't so bad after all!" She burped loudly, blushing in embarrassment as she looked around.