Sebastian and his father and his father's current girlfriend were dressed impeccably. He was in a black suit, with a skinny red tie. He felt like a million bucks. Heck he was a million bucks. His father had ordered a limo like they always get for these types of galas and banquets. And all Sebastian could think was that his family was sharing a table with the Mottas. He didn't ever remember what the banquet was for. All he knew was that for him it was to give Sugar a piece of his mind.

They stepped out of there limo. And the greetings and kisses on both cheeks began. He rolled his eyes, he thought this behavior was stupid in Paris, but in Westerville, Ohio well it was ridiculous. Yes people here were rich but did they really have to put up this movie star act. Apparently they did because Sebastian got a shove in the back from his father telling him he better behave himself tonight. Sebastian would behave himself, for a while. Whatever Sugar Motta did was completely on her own person.

They headed inside, where it was okay for the older teenagers to have a glass of champagne. Soon enough the kids were in there own group while the adults talked about some shit that Sebastian hoped he didn't care about when he got to be that age. He looked around, Sugar was not there. Of course not, they were the Mottas for them it was perfectly okay to be late to everything. He rolled his eyes, and went to talk with some of his friends from Dalton. Not everyone at Dalton was rich, not everyone at Dalton was from Ohio. But those that were, were here at the banquet tonight. Even Blaine was there, though he kept his distance from Sebastian. But Sebastian didn't have Blaine's dick in his mind tonight. No he had shoving his foot up Sugar's ass for the way she treated Rory on his mind tonight.

Sebastian normally didn't feel so protective over people, but for Rory he did. The kid was alone in America and hiding a clearly abusive relationship. To Sebastian that showed that Rory wasn't one to like conflict. Hell Sebastian took the educated guess that Rory was bullied at school and he just took it not saying a word. Sebastian took the educated guess that even when people did help the Irish boy he said things were fine. Sebastian took the educated guess that that would end badly for Rory. But it was all guesses. He greeted Blaine with a nod. And held small talk with them. He didn't make any moves towards Blaine at all.

He figured he might even do it subtly, even if it wasn't on the forefront of his mind. But he didn't. He guessed he must have been just too pissed at Sugar. The speech part of the whole evening began which called for everyone to sit down. And as everyone began to move towards their seats, who happened to show up but the Motta family. The mother the father and Sugar. Sugar was wearing a red dress that was partially lace and flowed off her body. It was very nice looking but Sebastian cringed at the sight of it.

"Sorry we're late," Mr. Motta announced, his voice louder and more booming than the announcer of a basketball game. "We got lost." A few people laughed. But Sebastian rolled his eyes, and the rest ignored them.

Then they came to the table. As a person with proper manners Sebastian stood up as they made their way to the table and watched as his dad and hers made small talk. He sat down, and to his sheer luck Sugar was destined to sit right next to him. He wished he could have talked to her across the table, but no now he had to have her whiney little voice in his ear. Not to mention she was in punching range. Sebastian's self control would be tested tonight.

Sugar let out a cough. Sebastian looked at her, "What?" he asked, his attitude already very apparent on his voice. But of course Sugar was such an air head that it flew right over her head.

"You're supposed to pull out my chair," she promptly informed him.

Sebastian rolled his eyes, "I only pull out chairs to proper ladies." And he turned to face away from her, crossing one leg over the other like a man would who was conversing with his buddies.

"I am a proper lady," she said, walking around so she was now infront of Sebastian.

"Delight me then, Sugar, how exactly are you proper?"

"Proper women always have men do the hard stuff."

Sebastian clenched his fist, which was resting on top of his knee, "Like spending money huh? But are you to afraid to spend daddy's money?" he tilted his head.

She puckered her lips and walked around Sebastian and pulled out her own chair. Sebastian was going to be ruthless tonight.

The room began to quiet down as the speeches began. Sebastian really didn't care what they were about. This event was to get even with Sugar. But Sugar seemed to not care even more than he did. The entire time her phone kept buzzing as she was texting god knows who. Sebastian wondered who the hell would want to text the girl. He happened to look back, and it was Rory, his heart ached for the boy. Whatever con or scheme Sugar used to get him to be with her it was a rude ruthless ploy.

Sebastian also happened to catch a few glances of what was being sent between the two. Sugar had texted Rory and told him to tell her she was gorgeous. He did. The boy was so whipped, Sebastian would fix that. Though a submissive guy like Rory might be fun. No Sebastian did not see Rory in that way. And even if he did he was not sure of Rory's sexuality.

Another text she saw was her asking Rory to by her a new phone, and expensive one. Rory said he would. Did Rory even have a nice phone himself, probably not. It was probably a cheap travel cell phone that you got when you back packed through Europe. He decided to not sneak any more looks at that text conversation.

The speeches ended and the meal began. The small talk at the tables rose to just below a dull roar. He finally turned to Sugar and he was going to start this blunt and to the point, just like he wanted to.

"What is your problem?" he asked.

"Excuse me?" she retorted and even added a dramatic hand to her chest like she was offended. Her behavior was so stupid, Sebastian was almost offended that she was allowed to even walk the planet.

"What is your problem?" he repeated.

She gave him a puzzled look, "What do you mean."

So Sebastian began at the most logical place, her dress. He knew how much it cost, because he was there when Rory bought it. It was much more than a pretty penny. Hell it was much more than 300 pretty hundred dollar bills. "You know what I mean, that dress."

"My dress is designer; many women here are wearing designer dresses."

Sebastian rolled his eyes, this girl was so thick he couldn't believe how thick she was. He wanted to punch her right then and there. "I know that, I was there when Rory bought it. I offered to pay for it myself. Because I can guarantee you he doesn't have the money for it."

Sugar just scoffed, "Get out of my private life."

"To late sweet cheeks. I am in it. I hope you realize you could put Rory's family in debt. I know you can tell he's not rich."

Sugar glared at him, her glare was about as menacing as a two week old puppy. It didn't scare Sebastian off. "He is my boyfriend. My boyfriends always buy me nice things."

"Do you always force them to. Do you always throw coffee in there face."

"I did no such thing."

Sebastian folded his arms over his chest. The food was placed in front of them. The first course was a salad. He glanced at it, the lettuce was soggy and the amount dressing on each varied from plate to plate. Some salad had none some had too much. This place was clearly not as expensive as it looked. "I saw it. I was there the day he had to get your orders. I was there and watched him eat quite a few scones from the Lima Bean."

Then Sugar said something that made Sebastian's blood boil. He didn't even know he could get that mad, or think of the fact that blood boiling was a bad metaphor. "Rory eats too much."

It took all of Sebastian's strength to not slap the girl. He took a bite out of his salad. He would continue this conversation during the main course. He contemplated why Rory had eaten those scones and why she would even think about saying something like. What Rory ate should not have been in her concern. But hey it was, because it was sugar. She was as artificial as the flavoring in soda.

Sebastian picked at his salad, his didn't have enough dressing on it. So the thing was quite bland. He began to wonder if Rory did eat a lot. He had never seen the kid eat outside that one time at the Lima Bean so he really was in no place to even ponder. But her comment had him worried.

Soon the course of Salad was cleared away and the chicken was brought. It was baked, with a light blend of seasoning, and had some vegetables on the side. He figured he would be making a Dairy Queen run after this banquet. The food was sub par, not only that it looked disgusting too, well it tasted okay, but it wasn't something Sebastian would be talking about a week after like he did at the Christmas Gala.

He looked over at Sugar, "Does anyone at McKinley know you abuse him?" he asked.

She looked appalled again. If she thought she was going to get an Oscar for this acting performance she was very wrong. He rolled his eyes, "I bet you hit him too."

Sugar looked over at him and was livid. She raised her arm and slapped him. And Sebastian knew that she had practice. Sebastian knew right then that Sugar hit Rory at least once maybe twice. It was probably more. The smack was loud enough that his parents and hers turned their heads. Sugar covered, "Sebastian told a very funny joke, it truly was knee slapping good." The table shared a laugh. And Sebastian realized that Sugar was a better actor than she let on, well she was a better liar. It was no wonder that they got away with their relationship at school she could cover things up with the most stupid lies and people believed it.

Sebastian waited for her to turn back and give him this smug look before he took his fist and rammed it into the side of her face. Thank god Blaine had started the fight club. Because punching Sugar felt good.

He stood up from the table and walked out. He did not make it to the desert course. And as he walked out apparently neither did the Motta's. He would get in trouble later at home, his father wasn't going to make a scene now. But Blaine, Blaine of course had to come and interrogate.

Sebastian said nothing but, "I want you to keep me informed on Rory, the Irish kid. I want to know everything. I think he is being abused by her, that thing that walking piece of shitty candy, and I want to know everything."

Blaine had never seen Sebastian so angry, hell Sebastian had never been so angry. Blaine just nodded, if Sebastian was so angry, then concerned had to be raised, and Rory was his friend. So Blaine agreed.

Sebastian didn't wait for his father. He pulled out his phone and called a cab. This banquet had gone a little differently than planned. But facial reconstruction for the little Sugar felt very good. He just hoped she didn't make Rory pay for it.

*AUTHOR NOTE- not much Rory in this chapter, don't worry next chapter will have plenty of him and some Blaine. More interaction for Sebastian and Rory to come. And don't worry Sugar is a vengeful creature…