Even a Moment/ Ch. 6 "Anything"

Seaford High School/ ~ Tuesday

Kim sighed as she opened her locker. This is all Alexa's fault. She glanced at the guys, who were laughing with Alexa. "Hey Mae." Kim said, glancing over at Mae, who walked up to her. "Alexa's been with the guys far too long." She mumbled. "The guys seemed to have…dropped me from being their friend."

"The guys don't deserve you." Mae said gently. "Come on, let's go to class? It'll…cool you off somewhat." She smiled.

"Yeah, I guess." Kim took a breath as she glanced at Alexa one last time. She shut her locker, and walked away with Kim.

"Besides, it's not like she's—" Mae stopped when Alexa stepped back as the two passed by, elbowing Mae's binder and book in her arms, causing them to fall. "Hey!" She sighed, glancing at Kim.

"That wasn't nice of you, Alexa." Kim said bitterly.

"I totally didn't mean it!" Alexa said. "I am so sorry." She smirked at Kim, glancing at the guys, and then putting on a frown.

"Sorry?" Kim glared at Alexa.

"It's fine." Mae said gently, picking up her binder and book.

"It's not fine at all—"

"Kim! She apologized." Jack said, standing up. "Just let her be."

Kim took a breath, glancing at Mae. "Let's just go to class." Mae said gently. Kim sighed, nodding. She looked over at Alexa, who was smiling a too fake of a smile.

"She makes my blood boil." Kim muttered. "I'm sick of her!"

"It's okay—"

"OF COURSE I'll go out with you, Jack."

Mae and Kim stopped, turning to see Alexa smiling as she held Jack's hand. She was giggling and glancing over at Kim's direction, smirking for a moment before turning back to Jack. "Did you see that?" Kim groaned. "That's it, I'm done with her."

"What are you going to do?" Mae asked.

"To be honest?" Kim sighed. "I don't know, but I know I'm going to do what I can to get her away from the guys."

"Don't you have karate?" Kaylee asked Kim as the two entered the house.

"I…I don't think I'm going to go." Kim sighed. "I mean, Alexa is there, it's not like they'll notice me."

"You're going to give up?" Kaylee asked. "Don't you dare do that!" She shook her head. "You are way better than this girl!" She said angrily. "I'm not letting you give up to some—"


"No! Kim, you're going!" Kaylee said. "Go to the dojo, now!"


"Come on, Kim!" Kaylee opened the front door. "Let's go! We're going to the dojo, whether you like it or not!"

Dojo –

"Kim, why are you late and who is that?" Rudy walked over to Kim and Kaylee.

"I'm Kaylee." Kaylee smiled. "My sister is late…because a family thing went on." Kaylee sighed. "But she's here and she's ready to practice."

"Great!" Rudy smiled. "Well, go get into your gi and come back when you're done." He turned to Kaylee. "And you can sit over there if you'd like."

"Thanks." Kaylee turned to Kim. "Alright Kim, you show them!"

Kaylee took a seat, waiting.

"You're Kaylee, Kim's sister, right?" Kaylee looked up from her seat, seeing Alexa holding a water bottle, and opening it.

"Yeah." Kaylee mumbled, watching as Alexa drank some water and put the bottle down. "And you're Alexa." She rolled her eyes.

"You know who I am?" Alexa asked, re-tying her hair up.

"Yeah." Kaylee said bitterly.

"Anything good?" Alexa asked.

"Ha." Kaylee rolled her eyes.

"Kaylee." Kim walked over to Kaylee and Alexa. "Can you hold my bag?" She handed the duffel bag to Kaylee, who smiled, nodding. She glanced at Alexa.

"I was just talking to your…little sister." Alexa smiled.

"Right." Kim rolled her eyes, glancing at Alexa, who walked away, rolling her eyes. "What did she do?" She asked Kaylee.

"Nothing, but I can tell she would've if you hadn't arrived." Kaylee sighed.

"I know." Kim sighed. "This practice will only be a few minutes, I'm late anyway." She mumbled, leaving Kaylee.

Kaylee took a breath, glancing at Alexa. Something…isn't…right about this girl.

"She sickens me." Kaylee sighed, entering the house with Kim. She shut the door behind them, and sat down. "I don't see what the guys find so special about her, Kim." Kaylee said.

"It's because she's so…perfect." Kim rolled her eyes. "Where's mom and dad?"

"Oh, dad is in Jakarta to shoot scenes for some film, and mom is still at the studio with some new artist or something." Kaylee shrugged. "Dad comes home in two weeks and mom comes home later."

"Okay." Kim sighed, walking up the steps.

"Hey, Kim?" Kaylee glanced at Kim.


"You're better than Alexa, okay?"

"Thanks." Kim sighed, running her fingers through her hair.

Soon, Alexa…expect…the unexpected.