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I licked my lips in anticipation as I tightly gripped the rolled up newspaper in my grasp. I was in my defensive and ready to strike…a little. The raccoon beside me sighed impatiently as he rested his back against the wall of our small bathroom and folded his arms across his chest. He gestured with his paw to the upper corner of our shower where my enemy presided and I gripped the newspaper again, ringing it in my hands. I shook my head and glanced to the raccoon. Sly gestured again to the corner and I shook my head furiously. He huffed again and he was getting impatient. I shook my head again and he rolled his eyes.

"Bentley," he growled, "Just. Smash. The spider. I want to go to bed." I shook my head and glanced back up to the menacing beast in the corner. I had gotten up in the middle of the night when I had noticed that horrible demon resting in our bathroom. I made Sly get up to smash if for me but according to him, getting over my fears of spiders starts with beating one to death with a rolled up newspaper.

"No, he knows we're plotting against him. If he knows, it'll never work. He'll escape and then go who knows where. No, we have to wait when he's not looking. We have to wait until the perfect moment and then we can strike." He rolled his eyes again.

"Bentley, it's a spider. It's not plotting against you and he doesn't know what you're planning. Just kill it!" I shook my head again.

"Yes he is plotting against me! I've watched him! He's been lurking in the corner of that shower for a week now, waiting, watching, planning, we have to wait until he lets his guard down or we could have a pair of fangs in our skin!"

"It's a daddy long legs, Bentley, not a cobra," I shook my head and wrung the paper again, "Kill the spider." He growled.

"Nope, I can't. I have to wait and plan and then strike before he gets me!" I shouted. Sly ran a paw across his muzzle and groaned.

"You know what," he sighed, "you wait and plan all night if you want, I'm going to bed." He got up off the wall and started his way out but I gripped his arm as fast as a viper.

"You can't leave! I'll die in here alone if leave me in here with him! I don't want to die!"

"It's a little spider, he won't kill you!" I shook my head again and argued back.

"You don't know that! Unless…" I shot him a glance, "Unless you're plotting with him!" I pointed a finger in his direction and he scoffed.

"How do you plot with a spider?" he shouted. He threw his paws in the air and we continued arguing.

"Just kill the spider!" Sly shouted.

"I have to wait for the per-" I was cut off by Murray suddenly walking in between the raccoon and myself. He snatched the rolled up newspaper in my hand and I could only watch as he used it to completely squash the spider in the corner. With a huff, he handed me the paper with the guts and goop of the spider on the side.

"Here," he said groggily as he walked out of the bathroom and to his bedroom. I watched as a single leg fell off the paper and onto the floor.

"Well," I shouted behind him, "You need to learn to smack your own spiders! I was getting ready to let him have it!"