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Phil Coulson was exhausted. He and Pepper had spent the morning dealing with six kids, all under the age of 7. Stark had really screwed up this time. An accident in the lab had turned the Avengers into children, and he was babysitting.

Each child maintained their unique personalities, but had no knowledge of their previous lives. Hopefully, when the effects reversed, they would regain those memories. Right now, Phil and Pepper were stuck with six rambunctious kids. Being an avid watcher of Supernanny was starting to pay off. He had already identified the corner by the staircase as the time out step, and he had already placed three of the kids there several times each. Those three kids, as Phil would have guessed, were Tony, Thor, and Clint. Tony was rebellious to the core, even as a six year old. Thor caused trouble constantly, but was immediately remorseful when scolded, his big blue eyes welling up with tears. Clint was mischievous, and ignored anyone who tried to reprimand him. He would simply stare, stick his tongue out, and scamper off.

Natasha, Steve, and Bruce were all fairly well behaved. Natasha had a rebellious streak, but she was also a bit of a suck-up who enjoyed tattling on the other kids. Steve and Bruce were the most compliant as adults, and as kids it was no different. When Phil was dragging kids to and from the time out corner, they just continued working on whatever they were working on quietly, whereas Natasha snickered and pointed.

The current predicament was getting lunch on the table with the kids getting into everything. Pepper was getting frozen chicken nuggets out of the freezer while carrying Natasha on her hip. Natasha was the youngest and smallest of the avengers, judging by appearance and ability. Pepper would peg her at about four years old. Steve and Clint were probably 5, and Bruce, Tony, and Thor were just a little more advanced, so probably 6. Steve and Tony were standing tugging at Natasha's feet, trying to get her attention to show her the tower they built with Legos. She was successfully ignoring them. Phil walked in with a flailing Clint under his right arm.

"Boys, leave the girls alone. And go clean up your Legos," he said, keeping his tone even and controlled just like she did in Supernanny. They did as he said, begrudgingly. Pepper glanced at Phil, smiling her thanks. Noticing Clint, she shook her head. The struggling Clint was silent, as he had been ever since they were changed into children. At the age they suspected Clint was, he should be speaking in full and even complex sentences. However, he remained silent. Silent, but not any less troublesome than the other children.

"What did he do now?" she asked, going back to getting lunch ready. Phil went on to explain how the young archer had gotten on top of the entertainment center and was throwing toys at anyone walking by. One of the unlucky recipients of these missiles was none other than Nick Fury. When Phil mentioned Fury's name, Pepper bit her lip nervously. "Was he pissed?" Phil nodded as Fury walked into the kitchen, rubbing his head.

Seeing Fury, Clint stopped his squirming. Phil took that opportunity to put him down. He turned to talk to his boss and they walked into the other room. Clint walked over to the counter where Pepper was pouring herself a cup of coffee with Natasha still on her hip. She turned to put something back in the freezer, and as she slid the nuggets in, she heard a crash and a scream. She turned to see Clint on the floor with a spilt coffee pot. She set Natasha down and rushed over to the crying boy.

Clint was trying to calm himself down, but it wasn't successful. He had pulled the coffee pot down on himself and the hot coffee had spilt down onto his feet. Pepper scooped him up, took a very concerned looking Natasha by the hand, and went into the living room. Fury and Phil had heard the commotion, and when they took in the sight, they rushed forward. "What the hell happened?" Fury asked in his usual harsh tone. Pepper ignored him and put the still screaming Clint down onto the couch. She and Phil worked to roll his Spiderman pajama bottoms up. Fury surprised them both by kneeling down and taking the poor boys socks off. The pajamas were sort of a joke. Phil had sent on of his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to Walmart for kid clothes right after the change happened, and she had come back with a large selection of superhero pajamas. The kids all seemed to like them, though.

The other children had all been silenced by the screaming and now stood in their respective doorways unsure of what was going on. Natasha had gone to stand by Thor and Bruce, and Tony and Steve were standing frozen in another doorway, still holding Legos in their hands.

"We need to get his feet under cool water," Phil said, his S.H.I.E.L.D. training coming to the surface. He picked up the injured boy and walked down a hallway to the bathroom. Closing the toilet lid and sitting down, he leaned forward and turned the water on. When the temperature of the water felt cool enough, he sat Clint on the edge of the tub and grabbed the removable showerhead and gently ran the water down Clint's shins and onto his blotchy red feet. Initially, Clint had squirmed even more at the sensation, but eventually stopped as the pain began to cease.

Pepper came in and sat on the tub next to the now silent boy and examined his feet. Luckily, the burns really didn't look too bad. Neosporin and some clean, soft socks and he would be okay. Coulson left Pepper to patch Clint up while he and Fury went to talk in the other room. Unfortunately, there were listening ears everywhere. They decided to speak obscurely in the presence of the five other Avengers rather than leave them unsupervised. Steve climbed up onto Phil's lap and rested his head on his chest. Tony and Bruce were still playing with their Legos, but were quickly losing steam. Natasha slowly walked up to Fury, looked up at him, and smiled. She wasn't scared of him one bit. He picked her up and put her on his knee and her eyelids began to droop. It was getting close to nap-time for the little Avengers.

Phil noticed the telltale signs of sleepiness. "What do you guys say we put in a movie and make some beds on the couch?" When several of the children began whining about not being tired, he sighed. "You don't have to sleep. Just lay down and watch the movie." That quelled the uprising. As Phil was saying this, Pepper had walked in carrying Clint. She looked concerned about something, but she smiled at the little Avengers nonetheless. She walked to the big and fluffy sectional sofa and snuggled Clint down into the corner, mindful of his sore feet. Phil and Fury led the rest of the children to the couch. They each picked their spots; Clint still curled up in the corner, Natasha and Tony laid out on either side of him, Thor next to Natasha, and Steve and Bruce sprawled out on the oversized ottoman.

"Nick, could you get a movie started?" Pepper asked. "Phil and I will gather up some blankets and pillows." With a nod from Fury, they went in search of all the bedding they could find. Pepper led the way to her and Tony's level of the tower where she knew there would be some spare bedding. Phil knew Pepper well enough to know something was bothering her. He looked at her and raised his eyebrows. "I don't think Clint can hear. At least not very well," she answered his silent question.

"That would explain why he hasn't spoken yet," Phil said, his eyebrows creasing.

"He looks at you when you're speaking, and I thought he was just ignoring me when I told him to do something, but maybe he can't even hear us," Pepper continued. "When he was with all the other children, it never occurred to me, but when I was alone with him, I noticed that he didn't respond to sounds, just movement". Phil nodded as the exited the elevator.

"I can't believe I didn't make this connection earlier. There was just so much going on. Clint wears state-of-the-art hearing aids, he has since joining S.H.I.E.L.D. He lost his hearing when he was a toddler; I don't know the whole story," Phil explained, mentally kicking himself for not putting two and two together. The two gathered up armloads of bedding and got back in the elevator.

"What should we do?" Pepper asked, breaking the silence.

Phil smiled. "Not a clue. I guess we just carry on as usual and pray someone figures out how to turn them back quickly." They walked out of the elevator and into the living room. Fury had started The Lion King, and several of the children were already asleep. They went to work tucking blankets around all six of them, and within ten minutes, all six mini-superheroes were sleeping soundly.

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