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Pepper wiped away her tears and got out of the elevator on her floor. After splashing her face with cold water, she went down to join everyone else. They were all either eating breakfast or sitting on the couch watching cartoons. "I'm going to take Clint and Steve with me to some meetings I can't get out of," Pepper announced.

"Are you sure? They will probably cause a scene," Phil warned.

"Given who I usually have to handle at these meetings," Pepper gestured to Tony and then continued, "I think I'll be okay." Phil laughed but agreed. "Can I talk to you in the other room?" she asked.

When they were out of earshot, Pepper informed Phil what JARVIS had told her earlier. "Crap," Phil said, shaking his head. "Maybe it will be good for them to all have some time to themselves today. Once Jane and Darcy get here, the ratio will be even better. I'll try to spend some quality time with Bruce." After that was settled they went back out to the couches.

It was a good thing they returned when they did. Thor had grabbed his foam sword and was holding it over his head behind Natasha. Phil grabbed the sword before he could swing. Honestly, it was more for Thor's safety than Natasha's. He didn't understand why the boys continued to pick fights with Natasha. She could pack a punch.

"Okay, guys. We have some time before we have to run to the airport, so let's go for a walk around the block," Phil said. The kids shouldn't be watching cartoons all day. "Go get dressed!" The kids all ran to their room to get their clothes. After a couple minutes, the kids were all lined up at the door.

Once they were outside, a man walked by with his dog. Thor was thrilled and took off after the dog. Phil intercepted him before he could literally attack the dog. "Okay, when we see a dog we want to pet, we have to ask the owner," Phil instructed. "You need to make sure it's a nice dog."

Thor looked at the man with the dog. "May I touch the dog?" he asked. The man said he could, so Thor pet the dog gently after a warning from Phil. When he was done, they went back to the rest of the kids.

"Let's get going," Phil said, ushering them forward. It was a busy day on the street because the weather was starting to cool off. There were a lot of people out walking. The group got a couple weird looks, mostly from mothers wondering why there were six rambunctious kids wandering the streets. They probably walked their own kids around in strollers at the same time every morning and were used to seeing the same people. The mini-vengers definitely weren't the 'same people'.

Phil made a point of walking with Steve, since Bruce was busy talking with Tony. He wanted to say something to Steve, but didn't know what. He settled for putting his hand on Steve's shoulder. He'd wait until they could be alone, or at least when it was quieter.

When they got back to the tower, it was time for Pepper to take off with Clint and Steve. She laid out some outfits for them and quickly combed their hair, much to Clint's annoyance. As she was doing this, she made a mental note to get these kids in the bath sometime today. Boys smelled, and these boys were no exception. Clint was not pleased with having to change clothes again, but she wanted them to look nice for the meetings. She also had to admit that she just wanted to dress them up for the fun of it.

They said goodbye to everyone and walked to the elevator. "Where are we going?" Steve asked.

"We're going to go to a few meetings, and then we're going to go out to lunch. Does that sound like fun?" Pepper asked.

"Yeah," Steve answered. Clint shook his head to indicate that it did not in fact sound fun.

"Meetings are boring. We s-ould go to a park," he stated, looking up at Pepper from the corner of his eyes.

"Don't worry, they shouldn't take that long," Pepper reassured him, smiling. Thee rode the elevator down to the garage. Happy had the day off, so she would be driving. After putting the booster seats from the limo into one of Tony's cars with four-door, the kids buckled up and they were on their way.

They drove in silence for a while. "Do you boys like music?" she asked. She received an affirmative from Steve, and caught a nod from Clint in the mirror. She clicked on the radio and found a station. The meetings were across town, but traffic wasn't that bad this morning. She parked the car and got the kids out. There was a conveniently located Starbucks by the building. "Who wants hot chocolate?"

"I do!" Clint said, loudly.

"Me too!" Steve joined in.

"Okay, let's get some, then," she said, ushering them into the coffee shop.

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