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Lita stood stock still with her feet planted shoulder-width apart, her shoulders relaxed though her arms were in a ready position at her sides. She lightly caressed the smooth wood of her bo staff with her fingers. The familiar weight and feel of her preferred weapon in her hand served to help her relax and narrow her focus. Her eyes closed, she focused on reaching out with her senses until it did not matter that she could hear the sounds of the other soldiers moving through the motions of their own training.

Without warning, she pivoted on her foot and with a sharp cry began to move through the choreographed series of movements she'd practiced onto her heart. This, this, was the fighting style of her people and when she finally settled into the familiar rhythms, she was home.

It was the Jupiterian style to be bold, forward and outspoken when the occasion called for it. Lita cried aloud at the appropriate moments, to punctuate her movements, not caring to hold her voice back. Not caring what others thought of her heritage. She was sure of herself.

The fighting styles she'd gathered from the other planets, she'd found, often mirrored the attitudes of the people as a whole. Mercury had taught her to be more economical and more clever with her movements. Venus had taught her to use flash and glamour to veil her efforts towards gaining access to the vital points of her enemy. Mars had taught her to synchronize mind, emotions and movement to strike harder and with further accuracy. To be sure, each style had tempered and had an effect on her own. She could not go back to the fighter she once was.

To the girl she used to be.

With a final battle cry, she manouevered her staff neatly about her flowing movements as she came to a stop, her staff back in its original position. Breathing slightly heavier than when she'd started, she listened to her surroundings and realized for the first time that all noise and activity in the training room had ceased. Slowly, she opened her eyes and met the gazes of the soldiers who were now staring at her with various expressions on their faces. Some were wary, others were admiring and still others were disapproving.

Lita turned and faced them full-on, head held high, with the dignity and confidence that befit any worthy Jupiterian princess. They knew that she lived the life of a warrior and this Moon society didn't care much for warrior women, despite the fact that she and her sisters were the Moon's last and best defense.

Lita shook her head and emptied her head of her current thoughts. She held up a hand and watched as each of the soldiers standing before her watched her hand, transfixed by it. Lita accepted that they would think whatever they thought of her, so long as they didn't let it get in the way of their own growth and development. She made sure she had everyone's attention before she opened her mouth to speak for the first time.

"This is my combat class. Welcome." She bowed in the Jupiterian way, accenting her welcome. "I will teach you to fight and with my help you will learn to fight. I will show you how to stay alive but you will and must be responsible for your lives. Stand in the basic stance and let us begin."

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