Title: Aishiteru!

Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: General

Disclaimer: I don't and will never own Slam Dunk.

Notes:"…" are conversations and /.../ are thoughts.

=============================================================================================================== Dear Koshino Hiroaki-sama,

Each time you look at me, my heart hammers like mad. Your beauty outshines the beauty of the moon on a clear and starry night. Your innocence and pureness, untainted by the darkness of the world. You are the one and only. The love of my life.

Since the first time that I saw you, I knew it was love. Yes, love at first sight. My thoughts are turned to you and only you.

You are my angel. Aishiteru. Aishiterux10000000000.

Love, Your Secret Admirer.


"What is this piece of crap?" Koshino asked his best friend, Sendoh Akira.

"Let me read that!"

Snatching the note from him, Sendoh began to read it out loud in a squeaky voice.

"Dear Koshino Hiroaki-sama, each time--".Sendoh was cut short when Koshino's Chemistry textbook came flying at him.

"Hey! What was that for? I was only trying to read it"

"Well, can't you read quietly then?!" Koshino snapped. He was very, very annoyed.

"Look on the bright side Hiro-kun. At least we know that you have an admirer now".


"Oh come on Hiro-kun! It's just a letter. What could be so bad about a love confession letter? Besides, you should be honoured that somebody actually likes you". Sendoh blurted out in a -matter-of-fact-tone.

Koshino was popular in school. No doubt about it. But, it was not about his skills in basketball, but because of his academic achievements.

"And what is that suppose to mean?!" Koshino glared. Not wanting to die early, Sendoh needed to find an answer quick. Knowing Koshino for so long, Sendoh knows what will happen if he didn't watch his tongue.

"Erm… nothing Hiro-kun. Just being honest… heh... hey! I wonder who sent it?" Changing the topic was the last resort for survival in Sendoh's What-To-Do-if-Koshino-is-pissed-off Book.

"Hey Koshino! Wait up!" Turning around, Koshino saw Fukuda jogging towards their direction.

Stopping, Koshino and Sendoh sat down on a bench while waiting for Fukuda to catch up. "Hey there Fukuda. What's up?" Sendoh inquired the power forward.

"Nothing much. Erm...Koshino, can I ask you a favor?"

"As long as it does not involve my dignity and safety, I guess it's okay." Koshino smirked at his best friend who in return, smiled back innocently.

"Erm...I...I need you to tutor me!" Fukuda blurted out.

"You see...the mid-term exams are coming up so I really, really need your help. If I fail this term, then they won't let me play". Suddenly, Fukuda did the rarest thing he ever did in his whole life, he showed Koshino a pair of puppy eyes that could rival even Sendoh's.

"Nice try Fukuda, but Hiro-kun won't fall for the puppy eyes. /Because my puppy eyes are cuter.Nyahahahaha!!!/".Sendoh informed him.

"Onegai ne? Koshino?"Then he showed his puppy eyes again.

To see Fukuda begging was amusing. "Okay… okay...What subjects do you need tutoring?" Koshino agreed upon seeing how desperate Fukuda was.

"Well...I need help in just about everything I guess...I hope that won't be much trouble...

"Hearing that, Koshino sweatdropped. "Um...well...okay then. We can start tomorrow after practice. We can study at my place. Is that okay with you?" Koshino asked.

"That would be perfect. Okay then, I have some errands to do. Ja ne".

With that Fukuda left. After seeing Fukuda disappear around the corner, Sendoh faced Koshino with a certain gleam in his eyes.

"He's the one! He's the one!!!" he exclaimed in excitement.

"Nani?! What are you talking about Sendoh Akira?! You sound like you just met Santa or something"

"You didn't notice did you Hiro-kun?" Sendoh smiled slyly at a very annoyed Koshino.

"No! I didn't notice anything. And stop calling me Hiro-kun!" Koshino snapped. He hated it when Sendoh calls him that.

It's too... cute.

Facing Koshino, Sendoh held Koshino's head and looked at him straight in the eye.

"I think that Fukuda sent you that confession letter Hiro-kun."

Pulling Sendoh's hands off, Koshino switched on his I'm-tired mode. "Very funny Sendoh. I'm laughing. Ha. Ha. Ha. *sigh* Look Sendoh, I need to get home now. Let's talk about this later ne?"

"Well alright, we'll talk about this later then. Mata ashita."

After Koshino left, a figure stepped out of the shadows…

"I see that everything went as planned" the figure told Sendoh.

"Yup... everything is going smoothly. Arigatou Fukuda."

-The Next day at school-

"Oh no... not again..."whined Koshino as he pulled out a red-coloured envelope from his locker.

Next to the envelope lay a bouquet of red roses. "Gee...this girl… or guy can't get any more psychotic". Koshino shudders at the thought that this so-called admirer could be a psycho from hell. Pushing that thought away, he opened the envelope and began to read the letter:

My dearest Koshino-sama,

Roses are beautiful aren't they? Looking at them makes me think of you and only you. The soft petals symbolise your soft hair. The sweet scent symbolises your innocence and the thorns symbolise your fiery soul. You are a beauty that my mind can't forget. Please accept the roses as a token of my love for I will be heartbroken if my token of love is rejected.

Love, Cupid's Victim a.k.a The soon-to-be the Love of your life.


"Urgh! I hate this!" He put the letter in the pocket of his pants. /Kami-sama,what did I do to deserve this?/.

Grabbing his gym bag, he walked towards the gym. /I swear.I will find who is sending this sickly letters. And when I do, they'd better pray for God's mercy!/

-At basketball practice-

"Hey Hiro-kun, want to play one-on-one?" Sendoh asked Koshino.

Annoyed, Koshino angrily threw a basketball at Sendoh. Dodging the basketball, Sendoh walked over to Koshino.

"Daijoubu ka? You seem pretty upset today Hiro-kun" asked the Ryonan ace.

Scowling, Koshino went over to the corner of the gym and sat down on the floor.

"I got another letter and this time there were a bouquet of roses too. Pretty freaky huh?"

Wrapping his arms around his knees, he rocked back and forth. "Well...what does the letter say?

/as if I don't know.../"Sendoh asked in curiosity.

Reaching into the back pocket of his shorts, Koshino pulled out a red envelope and passed it to Sendoh.

"This time, don't read it out-loud!" he warned.

"Okay...okay…" Sendoh agreed before opening the envelope and began to read the letter.

After reading the letter, Sendoh passed it back to his best friend with a big smile plastered on his face. "Well… it seems that this person is really in love with you Hiro-kun. Just face it. ne?"

"Sendoh, yesterday you said that you suspected Fukuda of sending these letters. Doushite?" inquired the point guard.

Sitting down beside him, Sendoh looked at Koshino seriously. The smile on his face seconds ago was gone.

"The reasons I told you that Fukuda's the one was because... because… it was pretty obvious. Well… just look at him. "Koshino glanced over to Fukuda who was on the other side of the court practising three-point shots.

"Well...come to think of it...there might be a possibility...demo...are you sure? You have no proof." Koshino asked.

"We don't need proof Hiro-kun. It' clear that it's Fukuda. /Fall for it onegai! Because if you don't, I have to come up with another plan!/

"Well... I'm still not sure about this... /I'll confront Fukuda after this!/".

Suddenly, he stood up too fast and blood rushed to his brain which makes him dizzy. He tried to walk but the ground was moving in his eyes. Then all of a sudden, Sendoh's arms were steadying him.

Looking up, he gazed into Sendoh's eyes. Seconds past. Both of them did not dare to move. Blushing, Koshino turned his eyes elsewhere.

"Gomen Sendoh." Pushing Sendoh's arms away, he picked up a basketball and started dribbling around the court.

Smiling. Sendoh sat at the sidelines and watched Koshino practice. /Nyahahahaha!!!You're falling right into my trap Hiro-kun! Nyahahahahaha!!!!... sheesh... I'm beginning to sound like that Sakuragi guy..."/

Standing up, he walked over to Koshino and began to practice together.


Note: Okay... this is pathetic. I'm only continuing this if you guys want me to ne? *pulls out a Koshino plushie and hugs it tight* Demo...I want to thank a million thanks to Mayumi-chan and Mitkuroi for helping me out. *huggles both of them*