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Summary: Tim goes missing while on a mission. Dick is fearful of losing another brother and the team is afraid of losing another team mate. A certain teenager becomes a suspect after returning around the time of Tim's disappearance.


Darkness. That was all he was aware of at the moment. It was completely dark and he couldn't seem to force his eyes open. But, his mind was racing as if he were awake. He felt his eyebrows furrow as he tried to think. Tried to remember the last thing that had happened.

Bruce had taught him that. Always trace back to the last moments that were in your memory. And those moments were the team being split up into the groups of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. He had been placed in a group with Nightwing and Wondergirl. It was kind of a promise Dick had made to Bruce before he went off world. To keep their youngest member in his reach at all times. It was annoying to some degree, but Tim understood. Bruce was worried because of what happened to Jason. And that was normal he supposed.

You never really get over things like that...

Tim remembered that they were following a lead on where La'gann was, ever since he got taken and Artemis "died". Tim had other theories on that subject, but he hadn't had time to prove his theory correct. And now was especially not the time to think about that.

Nightwing, Robin, and Wondergirl had been at dock thirteen, waiting for Black Manta's sub to arrive. That seemed to be the last thing he could remember. Oh, and a flash of light that had blinded all three of them.

His thoughts were cut off suddenly by someone speaking. A male. There must have been someone else in the room too because he asked, "has the boy regained conciousness?"

"No, he hasn't yet. But, do not worry Father, he shall see the Light. He will be your heir. But, do you not think Bruce will reconsider the offer?" A female asked.

"I do not. I have given the detective many chances to become the heir to my empire, but he has declined each offer. I suppose I shall settle for the next best thing, his surrogate son," the male spoke again.

"He has other sons. Jason and Richard," the woman muttered. Tim felt his heart beat speed up at the sound of Jason's name. How did they know he was back from the dead? Had they seen Jason lately? Tim briefly remembered when Jason had beaten the hell out of him six months ago.

The man replied, "yes, but Timothy is still at an impressionable age. He'll be easier to sway towards the Light. Besides, out of the three, I favor him."

"What makes him any different than the others?" The woman asked.

There was a light chuckle and Tim had to suppress a flinch when he felt a cold hand on his head. He could even feel the ice cold hand through his hair. It was almost...dead...

"Because, my daughter, do you remember what got Jason killed?" The man asked quietly.

There was a pause before she answered, "yes Father, the boy was rash and the Joker got the best of him."

"Yes, my child. He was much to rash and didn't see the things the detective saw. He didn't think before he acted. He just did what he wanted and ended up dead. Now, what about Richard? I suppose he would have made a good heir, but Richard does not want to be Batman. He doesn't have the inner drive to do what is necessary for a mission," the man stated, taking his hand off of Tim's head.

The female spoke, "what about Timothy makes him so...interesting, Father?"

There was a sigh as the male replied, "He's not like Jason, or even Richard. He is the detective, just younger. He sees the things that the other two don't. He figures out things. Actually, I believe he already knows who we are, even if he hasn't regained full conciousness."

And it was true. Tim did know who the two people were...

Talia and Ra's Al Ghul...

And with that last thought, slowly, his mind drifted back into his subconcious...

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