It's been a year or two now that Sam Manson has been engaged to Danny Fenton and they're already started making wedding plans! The day starts at Sam's house, in her room with Danny, Sam and Tucker discussing wedding plans.

"Guys aren't you kinda rushing your relationship a little bit?" asked Tucker sounding worried.

"Don't worry Tucker; we're planning to have this a few years from now." Explained Sam.

"Yeah, until we're legally allowed to get married." Danny added.

"Isn't that like 18 or 19?"

"Yeah something like that." Danny replied.

"Okay now how about guests?"

"Sam wait, how about we plan an engagement party first?" Danny asked.

"But when are we gunna have that? We can't have it now, not with our parents going crazy if we tell them." Sam explained.

"I know, but maybe like later when we're 17 or something." Said Danny A/N Yeah this story is probably gunna be worth a few years -.-

"Oh Danny, I just can't believe it. By the time we're both 18, we'll be happily married!"

"I know, it's really an exciting moment." Danny smiled.

"Hello lovebirds, techno-geek here, trying to help plan everything." Tucker interrupted.

"Oh sorry Tuck. Did you want to say something?"

"Yeah, how is all this going to work?"

"Don't worry, we'll have the engagement party shortly after we both turn 17 then we'll get married at 18 or even 19."

"Are you sure Sam? We're going to keep this a secret for like nearly 2-3 years!" Danny said.

"Hey, we managed to keep your ghost half a secret."

"Well that's true." He smiled.

"Okay well you don't want to get too much done today, right Sam?" Tucker questioned.

"Don't worry; I'll be paying for most of it anyway." Sam grinned.

"Alright, well I'd better get going it's getting close to sunset and that means parents might get worried," Tucker explained.

"Okay Tuck, see you tomorrow at school. Sam, would you like a fly around town?"

"I'd love to," Sam blushed.

Tucker left the room with a smile while Danny transformed into his ghost form.

"Ready to go?"

Sam smiled and placed her wedding plans in her drawer, then stood in front of Danny meaning that she was ready.

Danny picked Sam up bridal style and flew out the window towards the ocean.

"I can't believe this is happening all so fast!" smiled Sam.

Danny smiled back but had a deep think about rushing his relationship with Sam a little too fast.

"Danny are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine,"

Sam felt confused; she knew something was up with Danny. But she couldn't really worry about it because a nice cool breeze just hit Sam's face.

"Danny, land down there," Sam ordered.

Danny done as Sam told him and landed on a soft green patch of grass right next to the fence leading down to the beach.

"What's wrong?" Danny asked.

"Nothing, I just think there's something wrong with you,"

"Me? No, I'm fine."

"You just seemed concerned about something," Sam suggested.

It took a while for Danny to reply, Sam now definitely knew that something was wrong.

"I, um…yes something is the matter, but I don't want to talk about it."

"Is it the wedding? Am I doing too much work?"

"No there's nothing wrong with the wedding plans."

"Then what is it?"

"It's about our relationship. I think that I rushed it a bit too much." Danny sighed.

"Danny, it's okay. I'm having doubts too; I don't think I can keep a secret for that long. We can't just say it out of nowhere."

"Then that means we're gunna have to keep the ring hidden too."

"Yeah luckily you didn't get the diamond in a larger size!" Sam laughed.


"C'mon Danny, let's fly around a little more then you can fly me home." She explained.

"Alright then."

Danny picked her up bridal style again and headed towards the city, luckily Danny's parents were inside otherwise they would of zapped Danny by now.

"This is amazing Danny,"

"Thanks Sam. I love you."

"I love you too." Smiled Sam.

They both shared a quick but romantic kiss then Danny started heading back to Sam's house.

"Why home so soon?"

"I'm tired. I've been through a lot pain and happiness for the past few days that it's wore me out!" Danny laughed.

"Well okay then." Sam giggled.

Danny flew Sam through her window then set her on her feet and gave her a passionate kiss.

"Thanks Danny, see you tomorrow."

"See you later, future bride," Danny whispered with a smile.

Sam laughed a little and waved goodbye to his fiancé as he flew out the window and headed for home.

On the way back to his home, Danny had another deep thought about their relationship, he knew that Sam was having thoughts too but Danny knew that she was thinking differently. He was thinking about their relationship happening way too fast; first they were best friends that were blushing constantly and the next minute they're engaged.

"Maybe I should call this whole thing off…" Danny thought.

He arrived home and flew to the back to transform so nobody could see him.

"Danny, you were here the whole time?" screamed Maddie as she opened the back door with a shocked look on her face.

"Oh, uh yeah. Sorry mum I was uh just taking a gasp of fresh air."

"For 3 hours?"

Danny nodded with a guilty grin but Maddie didn't say anything, instead she let her son in to give him something to eat.

Meanwhile in Sam's room…

Sam was having a look at her plans, she started having second thoughts.

"I love you Danny but I want to spend more time with you before anything huge happens," she told herself.

Right now, all she had planned was her wedding dress. A/N I'll describe the dress later in the story.

Later, Sam went to bed trying to get the plans out of her head.

She knew that Danny was having the same problem; that night neither of them got any sleep at all.