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Danny Phantom © Butch Hartman

Sam later fell asleep with her only female child in her arms who was also sleeping, Danny had mistaken it for her dying but she saw her breathing with a smile printed on her face. He sighed in relief and walked back to Bella to ask about the two boys who had already had a few tests ran on them.

"How are they? Will they survive?"

Bella was holding a clipboard with many papers that had vital information about all three children. It had only been half an hour since Sam had delivered them all. Bella had an extremely concerned and worried look on her face, she looked at the two boys and then at Sam.

"We're not sure if the boys will make it."

"What?" Danny asked with shock."No, they have to survive!"

"I know you want them to live, we all do. But there's a chance that the girl will be the only child." Bella explained with tears developing around her eyes.

Danny looked back at Sam, he didn't want her waking up to realise that she would only have one child.

"I refuse to tell Sam!"

"I know, I refuse to too. But if they didn't make it then I would have no choice."

"I just need to know, what's wrong with them?"

"Well..." Bella sniffled. "You remembered what I said a while ago about their DNA being altered?"

"Yeah…?" Danny replied a little confused.

"Well, the ghost DNA that was fused onto all the three babies….it wasn't enough. It didn't fuse the right amount into these two, the human body would need at least 50& ghost DNA and 50% human DNA."

"What were their percentages?"

"The female child was 51%, but the boys were 36% and 22%."

Danny gasped. "What does this mean?"

"If there is less than 48% of ghost DNA, this affects the DNA in a different way. Whatever had run through their bloodstream has begun to slow down the heart rate and then eventually until the heart stops pumping."

He gasped with shock once more then looked down, later at Sam and the baby girl. He did want to break Sam's heart; he didn't want to see tears of sadness in her beautiful lilac eyes.

"How long until they could…?"

"About two to three days. Their pulses now are at 88 but they're dropping by the hour."

Danny sighed in guilt then went to sit down and rest. It was about two hours later that there was a loud and fast knocking on the door. Bella was about to open it but she was worried about Danny and Sam's beauty sleep, so she only woke up Danny to tell him that his family was at the door.

"Do you know who it is?"

"It sounds like a young woman."

"That's Jazz." Danny exclaimed sitting up with caution as he was now wide awake. "Don't worry; I'll make sure they don't wake up Sam."

Bella smiled as she calmly opened the door, and surprisingly there was no shouting. Only quiet whispers.

"Are they in there?" Jazz asked excitedly.

Bella giggled. "Yes, just be quiet. Sam's sleeping."

"It wouldn't be surprising. I feel asleep right after I gave birth." Maddie stated in a quiet tone.

"Come in," Bella claimed with a welcoming hand and also opening the door wider for them to come in.

Jazz, Tucker, Sam's and Danny's parents tried to rush through the door.

"Where are they?" Jack asked all excited.

"Also, what are they?" Tucker wondered.

"Two boys and a girl."

Everyone shared a cute "Aww" at the sound of that, they all then looked over at Sam who was still sleeping with the baby girl in her arms.

"What's her name?" Pamela asked, looking adored at the child.

"And where are the other two?" Pamela's husband wondered with concern.

"Over there where Bella is."

Jazz and Maddie gasped as they saw the two boys on life support.

"What happened?!" Maddie demanded with worry and sadness.

"To answer your question Mrs Fenton, their ghost DNA wasn't enough to keep the DNA stable. The ghost DNA is taking over their body."

"Well…do something!" Jazz cried.

"I will perform an operation soon enough. I'm sorry but I have another appointment now. I'll tell you all this, I'll perform the operation within an hour, my appointment goes for 45 minutes."

"That's not enough time!" Pamela stated with impatience and anger.

"Don't worry; it'll get done as soon as I can." Bella smiled with high hopes and small worry as she left the room while also closing the door.

A few minutes later, Sam was woken up by a crying child in front of her. She knew it was the girl, she felt her moving around in her arms. When she opened her eyes, she saw a finger playing around with her daughter's tiny hands. It was jazz. She also saw her parents and Danny's parents.

"Good evening girl, how do you feel?"

Sam moaned then yawned as she stretched her legs. "I'm fine now thanks mum."

"Was it painful?" Jazz wondered with concern.

"It was, but Bella and Danny convinced me that it'll be all over in a flash."

"That's exactly what my doctor said, Jack was in the chair acting like a woos." Maddie pouted while giving an angry staring look at her husband. "You know too well that the father is meant to be by the mother's side holding her hand!"

"Um guys? The baby's crying." Sam stated.

But everyone continued to argue, eventually the baby's crying turned into a ghostly wail but a miniature version.

Everyone blocked their ears except Sam since she was holding her, so she squinted her eyes tightly until the crying calmed down a little.

"I think she's hungry." Pamela stated.

"Or maybe she wants quiet?" Sam asked sounding and looking a little annoyed.

"No, she's defiantly hungry. Go on, feed her. We won't watch. Right Jack?"

"Right." He replied while walking over to the two boys.

So they left Sam alone for a moment and went to congratulate Danny and check out the other two babies.

"The girl has your eyes little brother."

"Well I think one of the boys has your hair colour."

Jazz gasped with excitement then rushed over towards the two cradles. She later pouted as she turned to Danny whom was laughing loudly.

This was Sam's first ever breastfeed, but she knew that she would get through it. She lowered a part of her patient's outfit to reveal her breast to the child. The baby girls eyes were open, she looked over then sucked.

It was slightly painful at first but then it felt soothing and gentle to Sam.

"Congrats Danny. I think the girl's got your hair."

"You think?" Danny asked while chuckling.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Alana." Sam answered looking down at the girl.

"What was that?" Maddie wondered.

"That should be her name."

Danny smiled as he walked over to get a better look at the girl. "You know what? She does look like an Alana."

Danny kissed her on the lips as she finished breastfeeding.

Two days later, it was time to go home. But without the two boys.

"Why not?" Danny asked.

"We're waiting to see if the operation was a success." Bella answered.

"Bella, just before we leave. I'm still bleeding. Is that normal?" Sam wondered while holding the girl child.

"Oh yes, that's just internal bleeding. You should have that for about 10 days."

Sam nodded in belief. "Thanks Bella. Call us when they're alright."

Bella smiled in return then waved goodbye as they left the building with the baby girl only.

"I can't believe we can only take the girl home."

"Don't worry Sam, it won't be long. Besides, it'll give us time to think up of names for the boys."

"I was thinking Luke and James?" Sam wondered.

Danny laid a hand on her shoulder as they arrived at the car. "We'll think about it."

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