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A- Anniversary:


Uchiha Sasuke, Konoha's former wanted rogue ninja and the only living Uchiha left, wandered around the ruined place that was the Uchiha Compound, a bag of tomatoes and other groceries on his hand.

It's been a year since Naruto brought him back to Konoha, half a year since he gained freedom from Konoha's shackles. A lot of people still didn't trust him, but he couldn't care less. He'd rather die than interact with anyone in the village. The only reason he didn't already take his own life is because he knew that doing so makes him a coward. And sages know that Uchihas are no cowards. He needed to prove Konoha wrong, and that no matter the obstacles, the Uchihas will survive.

As he approached his former home, he stopped as he heard tiny scratching noise, more like someone digging. He looked around the compound, seeing no one in the vicinity. Taking out a kunai from his sleeve, he slowly made his way towards the house. Silently opening the door, he peeked around the dark rooms, seeing no one, much to his confusion. Then just as he was about to ignore his instincts, he heard a tiny squeak coming from the Uchiha's backyard. Leaving the groceries on the kitchen table, he stealthily made his way towards the window. As soon as he saw who's outside, he frowned as he observed a Hyuuga girl digging seeds into the muddy patch of soil. An opened pouch with a picture of tomatoes sat beside her. Sighing, he made his way to the backyard, effectively surprising the oblivious Hyuuga as soon as she turned to see who's behind her.

"Oh! Uchiha-kun! You scared me!"

"What the hell are you doing, Hyuuga?"

"Ah, um," Hinata murmured, poking her muddy fingers timidly, "I-I w-was trying t-to make a t-to-tomato garden for you. Y-you know, so you wouldn't have to buy them from the market as often. I know that you hate being in crowds, so I thought that growing your own tomatoes would make it easier for you. A-also, think of it as a congratulatory gift for your one year of returning."

Sasuke studied the little patch of tomato seeds in front of him. Ever since Hinata was given the task to watch over him half a year ago, the Uchiha has grown used to her company, even when he acted so hostile when she first started. Hinata was obviously frightened of him, but nevertheless, she kept her judgments to herself and treated him as nicely as she did to anyone. That was probably why Tsunade tasked her to take him in the first place. Knowing that his chakras were sealed as punishment, Hinata still feared of what he might do to her, since he's pretty much talented in using weapons as well. But throughout the year, Sasuke never harmed her in any physical way, only verbally did he tried to hurt her to make her go away. His insults worked at first, but Hinata's determination and promise to Naruto didn't allow her to give up on him, and before long, she's gotten used to the Uchiha's indifference and insults until he stopped altogether and calmed down.

After that, they began spending more time talking little by little, with her asking how his day went and he replying with his usual grunts, sometimes even talking in short sentences, much to Hinata's delight. Nothing personal, but something to make time pass. And before they knew it, they became comfortable with each other, no longer as awkward as they were before even to the extent of Sasuke letting Hinata decorate his home with gifts or whatever she thought would make him happy. And as much as Sasuke hated to admit, he actually liked being spoiled by Hinata.

"… Thanks."

A shocked Hinata looked up so quickly, her neck almost snapped, eyes widened as she saw Sasuke look away with a tiny tinge of pink on his cheeks. She then gave a smile, feeling tiny leaps in her stomach and burning heat on her face.

"… You're welcome, Uchiha-kun. Happy comeback Anniversary."


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