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O- Opposites

"Hinata-chan! Looking gorgeous as always!"

"Hinata-chan, are you free tonight?"

"Hinata-chan! We'd like you to be on the cover of next month's Konoha Models magazine!"

"Congratulations, Hinata-chan! You made it to the Top list of the Shinobi's Most Wanted Bachelorettes list!"

"Hey babe, wanna go to bed with me tonight?"

Hinata rolled her eyes at the last statement as she passed by the several people who practically kissed the ground she walked on. Sure, she's got everything; the perfect looks, the most curvaceous body, the riches, not to mention being the heiress of the most prestigious clan of the whole Leaf Village, and she's not afraid to flaunt it all. All the men drool after her, and all the girls dream of becoming like her. But that doesn't mean that she's just going to give her heart and body to just about anyone.

Well, unless if it's Menma.

The Hyuuga heiress flipped her perfect midnight-blue locks behind her shoulder. It was annoying enough that Menma kept running away from her advances. But now that he's no longer in Konoha, it was even more irritating that she no longer found anyone else worthy of her perfection.

"God, how annoying." Hinata muttered to herself after checking her perfectly manicured nails. "It's already boring enough roaming around the streets myself. Now I'm thinking about Menma again. Ugh, he better come back soon." She huffed as she passed by the Ichiraku Ramen Stand.

"Of all the days to have a day off, why isn't anyone around today?" Hinata scowled as she looked around the streets with clear annoyance. "Kiba's out on a mission with his annoying dog, and Shino just had to use this time to exterminate all the gross bugs in his house. Seriously, I really should find better friends."

Of course, she wouldn't dare go back home either. Training by herself would be boring. Hanabi was still stuck in her bedroom reading manga and other complicated medical novels, like the nerd she was. Neji, on the other hand… Hinata didn't even want to bother thinking about it. With her perverted cousin around, it's a wonder she and the other Hyuuga girls survived all these years living in the same household as him.

"Honestly," Hinata sighed, flipping her silky hair again, "They're so unbearable. Hanabi wouldn't even let me put a speck of makeup on her. Seriously, Hanabi could be such a Neanderthal. And I really should ask father to seal Neji's Byakugan. It's practically a crime to let him stay at home with all our servant girls around."

After a few more strolls, the (over)confident heiress gave up her search for company and sat at a nearby bench, letting any passerbys freely worship her in all her exhausted glory. The Yamanaka Flower shop was just nearby, but she knew that the timid Ino was out on a mission with her team. Hinata sighed, crossing her long flawless legs and lazily twirling a dark strand with one finger.

"Even Ino's company would've been welcome, shy and boring as she is. ANYONE's company would be fine, even that Sakura girl's. Seriously, can this day be any more boring?!"


Oh shit.

Anyone but him.

"Uchiha… just great." Hinata groaned in annoyance as she heard the familiar calling from a certain Uchiha. She turned to see Sasuke Uchiha, the ultimate playboy of Konoha, leaving the Yamanaka flower shop with several roses and girls in his arms.

As much as Sasuke loved flirting around with any girl within his proximity, Hinata knew that she was the ultimate favorite of the Uchiha playboy, no matter how many times she rejected him. Come to think of it, maybe that was why he loved chasing her the most. She was the ultimate challenge, a feat he's never encountered before.

Just when the Hyuuga heiress stood up to walk away from the Uchiha and his fangirls, the said playboy began calling her name in the most sickeningly smooth fashion.

"Hi~na~ta! Wait up! I got a rose for you right here!" Sasuke called out with a goofy yet heart-melting grin as he excused himself from his fangirls, but not before blowing them a kiss, a wink, and a shower of red roses. Hinata rolled her eyes at the sight.

"Yeah, just like the rest of the girls." The heiress muttered as she began walking away faster before the Uchiha was through saying goodbye to his clamoring fangirls.

"Hinata, come on. Can't we talk for a little while?" Sasuke called out as he quickly caught up with the Hyuuga heiress and jogged beside her, flashing his signature smile that usually made the girls beg for his attention. Well, except for Hinata of course, since her smiles were the ones that made men beg for her attention.

Hinata growled at the Uchiha, refusing to look his way. "What do you want, Uchiha? I'm not in the mood for your failed attempts of flirting."

"Ouch. That hurts." Sasuke mimicked a heart attack, bringing a fist to his chest. Then he flashed another irrepressible grin. "As expected of the beautiful, unreachable Hyuuga heiress! You're too cute, Hinata!"

Unconsciously, the heiress began cracking her knuckles as a tick began twitching on her forehead.

"Uchiha, if you're here to annoy the shit out of me, then I suggest you go back to your beloved fangirls and drown them with your plastic roses. I'm sure they'll appreciate your presence MUCH more than I do. Honestly, I could never understand why they even want to be a foot near you when you smell like a bunch of dead flowers."

Sasuke's grin grew wider. "Ah? Is that jealousy I hear? Well, Hina-chan, I-"

The Uchiha playboy was interrupted when a fist made contact with his nose, causing him to fly into a nearby wall with a big "BAM". A bloodied crack appeared when the Uchiha slid down from the wall. The Hyuuga, on the other hand, was cracking her knuckles to prepare for another assault on the poor Uchiha.

"Go fuck yourself, Uchiha."

While the playboy was still incapitated, Hinata quickly ran away before she could do something she would regret. Of course, a few more beatings would've sufficed, and with the mood she was in, it was entirely tempting to murder the Uchiha while no one's around to stop her.

But her "goody-goody" side won her over for some reason, and she decided to let him see another day's light. Itachi, his oh-so-hot older brother, wouldn't be so happy anyway if she murdered him in clear daytime.

"Fuck that fucker! What a dobe!" Hinata cursed inwardly as she stomped angrily to whatever direction. "When will that idiot pervy playboy ever learn to give up?!"

Hinata paused, suddenly aware of her surroundings. The sun was already starting to set, and the empty alley she's currently at was getting ridiculously dark.

Hinata huffed, crossing her arms together as she observed her surroundings. "Great, just great. First, no one's around, then Sasuke of all people appears, and now I'm lost. Sages, could this day get anymore worse?"

"It depends on how you're looking at it, sweetie."

Alert, the heiress jumped, quickly poising herself ready for a Gentle Fist and activating her Byakugan just as a group of rogue ninjas immediately surrounded her.

The leader, a giant man with a shaved head and a large scar across his tanned face, grinned evilly at the Hyuuga.

"So, you're lost aren't you, princess? Well, my men and I would be glad to lead the way, if you please."

The rest of the men began chuckling darkly along with their leader. Hinata stood unfazed, her Byakugan-activated eyes slowly observing each men. All of them seemed to be wearing a hitae-ai with the Cloud symbol on them.

"You're rogue ninjas from the Cloud. What are imbeciles like you doing here in Konoha?" Hinata said in a demanding tone that would've made anyone cringe in fear. The leader, however, reacted the stark opposite, opting to guffaw in a loud, threatening roar.

"Touchy, aren't you? Seems like you're not one with only good looks… and a very tempting body," the leader paused to glance lustfully at her body with a perverted grin, earning an angry growl from Hinata, "you have the confidence expected of a Hyuuga leader. This will be good, very very good."

Hinata frowned. Suddenly things began to click. Once in the past, a Cloud ninja snuck into Konoha and into the Hyuuga Compound to kidnap her so that they could steal the secrets of the Byakugan. Fortunately, her father was able to stop them, and the Cloud held a grudge against the Hyuugas since then.

The brave, unfazed heiress growled at the leader.

"So, you're here to kidnap me? To attempt to steal the Byakugan again? Well, sorry to disappoint you dicks, but you're not getting anywhere."

"Smart girl." The leader grinned slyly. "Too bad, it's time to wake up from your pretty little dream world, Hyuuga princess!"

To this, the leader snapped his fingers. Immediately, his ninja cronies took out their weapons and swiftly jumped towards the heiress. Relying on her acute ninja senses, Hinata blocked their attacks with ease. Ducking from a kunai, Hinata quickly grabbed ahold of one of the cronies' arms and swiftly interrupted his chakra pathways, effectively paralyzing him. This action was repeated to the other cronies, to the point of successfully incapitating half of the enemy group in less than a minute. With her Byakugan, Hinata was able to predict her enemies' attack patterns, taking them down one by one without having her makeup ruined.

Unfortunately, her Byakugan wasn't able to catch the leader's kunai in time, which slightly sliced through her right arm. Suddenly, her arm felt numb, hanging limply by her side. Realizing too late that it was a poisoned kunai, Hinata cursed as she was slowly overwhelmed by the remaining rogue ninjas. With only her left arm to defend herself, Hinata struggled to keep up with the same pace she had before. Unable to keep her concentration off the cronies, Hinata could do nothing when another poisoned kunai shot through her other arm out of nowhere, effectively making both arms useless.

To this, the enemy ninjas were able to trap her and tie her up. The leader, appearing from his hiding place, grinned maliciously at the captured heiress. With the side effects of the poison coming into action, Hinata started seeing blurry red dots and stars as the leader came closer.

"It seems like you're nothing but all talk after all. I'm disappointed, princess. Nevertheless," the leader knelt down and crept his threatening face close to Hinata's, a large wicked grin spreading on his scarred cheeks, "we'll be sure to have lots of fun with you."

Immediately gagged before she could spit at his face, Hinata cringed in pain as the leader slapped her face hard before roughly catching her chin in a crushing hold with his large hand, dragging her face closer and closer to his-


Suddenly, the black pupils of the leader's eyes rolled up, his head falling afterwards to Hinata's side. Despite the blurriness, the heiress could tell that a pair of shuriken were embedded behind his shaved head.

Feeling the poison's effects overwhelming her senses, Hinata could only make out the sounds of the ninja cronies' alarmed shrieks and the burning heat accompanying the bright blurry light exploding near her before she completely blacked out.

The first things Hinata felt when she woke up was the warm relaxing embrace that surrounded her body and the light fragrance of roses.

And then, the careful shuffling sound of shoes and the slightly rocky movement awakened her senses further. Slowly blinking, Hinata sighed softly as her vision slowly came back to order. The sky was already dark, and the full moon was fully up with the stars. The streets were already bare, and lights in the houses were lit up accompanied by the muffled sounds of children's laughter behind those walls. Then the tiny sound of chains hitting each other perked her ears, and as she lifted her eyes, a tiny pendant with the Uchiha symbol attached to a thin chain hung above her.

Blinking, the heiress's lavender-white hues slowly crept up to her carrier's face, only to find the last person she expected to see grinning lightly at her.

"Hey, sleeping beauty. You're finally awake. It's a good thing the poison those Cloud bastards used weren't life-threatening. They wouldn't want poison to affect the Byakugan, after all."

Hinata silently stared at the Uchiha's relaxed expression as he expressed relief to himself.

"… What happened?"

"Hm? Oh! I took care of those idiots for you, seeing that you needed help." Sasuke replied softly, keeping the smug grin on his face, "Of course, they were no match to me. After all, if my Hina-chan was in trouble, there's no way I'm letting them get away with it. You should've seen it Hina-"

"Okay, I get it, Uchiha." Hinata grumbled lightly, taking ahold of Sasuke's shirt and clutching it desperately.

"Haha, sorry." Sasuke chuckled, carefully adjusting Hinata in his arms. "Comfy? Anyway, after I dealt with them, I immediately brought you to the hospital. Luckily, Sakura was still working on her shift, so she quickly diagnosed you and took the poison out of your system. Like I said, the poison wasn't life-threatening, so you didn't really need to stay in the hospital too long. So I volunteered to bring you home to rest. The sedatives Sakura injected could still take effect later on. Don't worry, I'll explain everything to your father. You just stay put and rest, Hinata."

Hinata didn't have the energy to argue. The sedatives Sakura used were still affecting her system, slowly making her fall into deep sleep again. Before losing consciousness again, Hinata clutched Sasuke's shirt harder, with tears brimming on her half-closed eyes.

"… You're such an idiot. Stupid, persistent, chicken-ass head…"

As she fell back to her slumber, the edges of Sasuke's mouth lifted lightly.

"… You're welcome, Hinata."


Hinata woke up with a start, huffing as she took in her surroundings. The moon was still up, and the sounds of crickets chirping filled her ears. Tall trees and bushes were everywhere, and the sound of a river echoed nearby. The campfire lit earlier was still going strong.

The former heiress sighed, relieved to know that she was just dreaming. She remembered now that she was on a mission, something that had to do with rogue Cloud ninjas who stole a scroll from Konoha. And now she and her team were taking a well-deserved rest before continuing their mission in the morning. That is, she was until that strange dream woke her up.


Hinata turned to the man lying beside her, giving him a reassuring smile.

"It's fine, Sasuke-kun. I only had a weird dream. Go back to sleep. It's still Choji's turn to take watch."

The Uchiha frowned with uncertainty, quickly sitting up and observing their surroundings just in case. After confirming to himself that there was no danger, Sasuke nodded and faced his beloved.

"A weird dream huh?"

Hinata nodded slowly, slightly embarrassed for waking Sasuke up.

The former avenger, however, just smirked and gathered the Hyuuga into his arms, resting his chin on her dark locks.

"Want to sleep like this? It might help you rest better." Sasuke said with a hint of tease in his voice. Immediately, Hinata's face began heating up, but she conceded to his embrace anyway, lying back down to their covers.

"S-sorry, Sasuke-kun… Thank you."

As she fell back to her slumber, the edges of Sasuke's mouth lifted slightly.

"… You're welcome, Hinata."


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