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Helga walked into her bedroom, dropped the one shoe she was holding, and fell onto her bed, sighing contentedly. She pulled out her locket and stared at it dreamily, before hugging it to her chest.

"Oh Arnold, what a beautiful night we had together. It was perfect! You looked ravishing and you actually liked me! Well, not really me, you liked Cecile. But not, the real Cecile, me Cecile. Which means you liked me!" Helga swooned, before continuing her monologue. "Though you will never know it was me, I will always cherish the memory of our first date."

Helga smiled goofily, replaying the entire evening in her mind once more.

Suddenly, she bolted straight up in bed, her eyes widening in realization. Arnold had actually… He thought she was… Helga swooned again.


Arnold and 'Cecile' were sitting at the table in the fancy French restaurant. Helga couldn't take it anymore! She had to know how Arnold really felt about her!

"So, Arnold, is there anyone you especially like in your class? Perhaps a smart, funny, beautiful girl?" she asked slyly.

"A girl?" Arnold chuckled a little. "Well there's this one girl, named Helga-"

Helga's eyes popped open and she let out a small gasp. 'He's going to talk about me!' she inwardly squealed.

"What about her do you notice especially?" she asked quickly.

"Well, she kinda, I don't know, bugs me sometimes," he answered back.

All hope that Helga had had was swiftly flushed down the drain and she put on a face of bored disinterest.

*End of Flashback*

She had asked about a smart, funny, BEAUTIFUL girl. And he had immediately thought of her!

She hugged the locket even tighter, feeling so very happy at the moment. She lifted the locket back up so she could gaze at it again. "Does that mean someday, you may actually love me back?" she asked softly, affectionately stroking the picture of her football-headed love.

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