All Dogs Go To Heaven

Annabelle: The Lifetime Of A Future Arch Angel

Chapter 1

I wasn't always an arch angel of Heaven. But I was never bad. I know a lot of people couldn't write a story about my entire life on Earth. It may be boring. But, it's not what you think. Let's go back years before now.

Sunday, June 15, 1919.

New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was a sunny morning. It was quiet, but it was sunny. There were two people in a terribly run-down house, searching for something.

"There is no way in hell it is here." said one of the guys.

"You never know until you look, do you?" asked the second guy.

Then, there was a whimper from behind a boarded up doorway.

"You hear that, right?" asked the first guy.

"No, you're just stupid." said the second guy. "See what it is."

The first guy then tried to use his crowbar.

"The boards won't budge." said the guy.

Right then, it did. The force caused the door to slam on to the floor on top of him, then breaking out the floor, causing the door and the guy to fall to the basement.

"SHIIIIT!" the guy shouted as he fell.

The secong guy then looked and saw a brown and white whippet puppy. She was shivering in fear.

"Aww, there, there, little one." said the second guy.

The pup lost some fear and went to the guy.

"I'll take good care of you." said the second guy as the puppy jumped into his arms. "You don't have to be afraid... Annabelle."

Before the two guys found me, my mother and father found this place to be safe from harm. It was probably much safer outside than in there. A given time before I was born, boards fell from the ceiling and trapped them in the house. As it became closer to my birth, my parents got weaker. They died right after I was born. The two guys saved my life.

June 1920.

If you were to ask me now what life is like as a dog, I couldn't tell you. That's why in 1997, I asked Charlie what on Earth dogs were doing. That's why I thought a skunk was a cat. But if you were to ask me in the early 1920s... Well, let's just go to June 1920, like I done expressed.

I was basically a teen. And my master let me out at 8:00 am. I normally came back pretty soon enough.

I was running along with my friends, Tina and Tosha, playing.


"Hey, Annabelle, I bet I'm faster at chasing cats than you are!" Tosha bragged.

"That's kind of mean." said Annabelle. "Those poor cats haven't done anything to us."

The three of them stopped in front of an old rotting house.

"Annabelle, lighten up." said Tosha. "It's our nature."

"It's wrong and maybe I don't wanna lighten up." said Annabelle.

"So, what?" asked Tosha. "Are you gonna quit on us?"

"Actually, I think it's about my time to come home." said Annabelle.

"Don't go in the house." said a person behind Tosha. "Big mistake!"

"This guy's a freakshow, isn't he?" asked Tosha.

"Tosha, what are you talking about?" asked Tina.

"You know what I'm talking about!" said Tosha.

"There's no one there." said Annabelle.

Then, there were loud screams from the rotting house.

"Wait on me!" said Tosha and Tina at the same time, following Annabelle to her house.