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The morning sunlight filtered through the dusty blinds in PJ's childhood bedroom. He blinked beneath his eyelids, slowly regaining consciousness. Stretching, PJ sat up in his too-small bed. Just after high school graduation PJ had a freak growth spurt. He was now pushing six feet and his old twin-sized bed could barely accommodate him.

PJ looked around the room that he shared with Gabe, who was still sleeping like a log. It hadn't changed much since PJ moved out, mostly because when he moved out Gabe was still living in it. Gabe had put on this whole act of being so thrilled that PJ moved out and getting his own room, but PJ knew Gabe would miss him.

Pulling on a tshirt from the floor, PJ stumbled out of bed, sleep still fogging his head. He made sure to be quiet as he opened the bedroom door and slipped into the hallway. He could already hear a commotion downstairs though it was just after six in the morning according to the clock at the end of the hall.

"It's alright Teddy," PJ heard Amy saying as he walked down the stairs. "Don't stress out about it, honey. This is your day! Just relax, and we'll figure everything out."

Teddy sat on the couch, steaming coffee mug in hand, a slightly panicked look on her face. Amy and Ivy were pulling Teddy's pure white dress out of its stiff plastic hanging bag. PJ was still at least ten feet away but even he could see the ugly gray stain on the hem.

"I'm trying really hard not to freak out here," Teddy said, her voice wavering, "but my wedding is in seven hours!"

Amy and Ivy exchanged a worried glance and spread the dress out on one of the chairs. Ivy ran her fingers over the gray spot, which was at least six inches big. As PJ approached the couch from behind, he heard Teddy take a sharp breath and let it out as a kind of whimper. PJ sat down next to Teddy and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, though she barely noticed. He wanted to comfort her. He knew this day was important to his little sister, so it was important to him too.

Amy stepped back from the dress and placed her hands on her hips. "I know there's got to be something we can do to fix this," she said, deep in thought. Ivy pulled the hem up closer so she could get a better look. Suddenly Amy gasped. "PJ!"

PJ jumped, unaware that anyone had noticed he'd entered the room. "What?" Teddy furrowed her brow watching her mother ransack the living room, tossing throw pillows aside, obviously looking for something.

Amy got down on the floor and reached under the coffee table. She pulled out her purse and rifled through it quickly. "Here," she tossed a ten dollar bill at PJ who grasped at it as it floated through the air. "Go to the drugstore and pick up a box of white chalk," Amy ordered. PJ and Teddy stared at her blankly. "Now!"

"Uhh, okay," PJ got off the couch and ran a hand through his short messy hair. "I don't really see what drawing on her dress will do..." Teddy sighed nervously, her mind racing.

"The white chalk will hide the stain," Ivy explained. "It won't be perfect but it'll have to do."

PJ nodded and headed toward the door. "Then I'll be back soon."

Amy and Ivy joined Teddy on the couch, trying to calm her down. "Everything is going to be okay, sweetie," Amy promised. "Why don't you go take a shower so we can all head to the hairdresser?" Teddy nodded and rose, though she looked sick to her stomach.

"I'll go wake Charlie and Skylar," Ivy offered. She took the stairs two at a time, running the plan of action through her mind. Once all the girls were ready, they were driving to the salon to get their hair and makeup done. Bob and the boys would stay at home getting ready, their suits having been picked up yesterday. Once they were dressed, they would take Teddy's dress and drive to the church. Ivy's mom will already be there with Spencer's parents, and together with the Duncan men they will make sure everything is set up and ready to go.

Ivy knocked softly on the door to Charlie's bedroom. She pushed it open slightly, peeking inside. Charlie was sprawled lengthwise across her twin-sized bed, her feet and head dangling off the sides. "Girl, how is that comfortable?" Ivy whispered. She rubbed Charlie's shoulder gently. After a minute Charlie stirred awake and smiled up at Ivy.

"Wedding day," Charlie said groggily. "My sister's getting married!" She perked up now and began to stretch.

"We're going to the salon soon so get ready quick, okay?" Ivy said over her shoulder as she left the room. Ivy knocked on the door of the guest bedroom, which Skylar was sleeping in.

Skylar was already awake, making the bed neatly, pulling the soft blue bedspread up to the pillows. "Hey Ivy," Skylar said brightly. "Can you believe it's the big day already?"

Ivy leaned against the door frame. "No, I really can't. Teddy and Spencer getting married. I never would have imagined this when we were back in high school and Spencer was dating you and Teddy at the same time," Ivy mused. "I'm glad they worked it out though. Are you okay with all of this?"

Skylar tilted her head a little a gave Ivy a small smile. "Of course I'm okay with it. Spencer and Teddy belong together." She finished smoothing out the bedspread and sat on the edge primly, her long legs crossed at the ankle. "I"m happy for them."

After studying Skylar's face for a second, Ivy excused herself and headed back downstairs. Spencer kept her smile on for a moment longer before finally letting it fall. She hadn't lied to Ivy; she really was happy for Teddy and Spencer. She just felt left out in a way. Teddy was getting married, she blew her relationship with PJ when she went to New York. Ivy was happily single. Even Gabe was in a steady relationship. Everyone was just where they wanted to be in life. Except for Skylar.

"You look gorgeous!" Amy breathed, holding back tears. The women had just helped Teddy into her dress and were admiring the final put-together bride. Charlie, Ivy, and Skylar all chirped their agreement, simply in awe of how beautiful their friend and sister was.

Teddy's dress was a flowy strapless A-line gown with ruching on the bodice and a small line of flower rosettes under the bust. Her dark blonde hair was pulled away from her face with wisps of hair framing her face.

"Girl, I'd marry you!" Ivy laughed, leaning in to give Teddy a hug.

"Thanks guys," Teddy smiled. She let out a breath slowly, smoothing her dress with her hands. "This is it. This is really it. I'm getting married today!" Teddy squealed, a happy tear rolling down her cheek.

Charlie reached for Teddy's makeup kit and did a quick touch up of her sister's running eyeliner. Ivy and Skylar helped Teddy secure her veil and Amy lifted the hem of the dress to inspect the chalk covered stain.

"You can't even tell," Amy said, relieved. She was glad that she was able to fix this for Teddy; with all the things that will happen in Teddy's life that Amy won't be able to do anything about, it was comforting to know that sometimes she can still help.

There was a knock at the door. "Teddy, honey, can I come in?" Bob stuck his head in the small room and nearly tripped over himself. He was too busy staring at Teddy to watch where he was walking. "Oh my... You're so beautiful, sweetie!" Bob reached out for Teddy, pulling her into a suffocating hug.

"Watch the makeup!" Charlie warned.

"I'm so proud of you," Bob said softly. "So very proud of my little girl."

A few moments later Mary Lou entered, saying they were getting ready to start. The bridesmaids filed out of the room, awaiting their groomsmen escorts to take them into the cathedral. Bob and Amy stayed behind, getting one last look at their daughter before she became a married woman.

"Well, I'll head inside now," Amy said, planting a kiss on Teddy's cheek. "Don't trip!"

"Mom!" Teddy scowled. "So not what I want to be thinking about right now!" Bob linked arms with Teddy, placing his other hand over hers. "Daddy," Teddy began timidly, "I don't want everything to change."

Bob felt his heart sink as he listened to his oldest daughter confide in him. Tears welled behind his eyes. "Teddy, this is going to be the greatest moment of your life," Bob said reassuringly. "Sure, things will change, but they'll change for the better. You're gaining a whole new family and soon you'll start one of your own."

A man in a gray suit who Teddy recognized as one of Spencer's uncles came in and told them it was time. Teddy inhaled sharply, her stomach falling to her knees. Teddy and Bob heard the wedding march begin to play and they stood outside the double doors leading into the cathedral.

"Just promise me," Teddy whispered, "that I'll always be able to come back." The double doors were opened by someone on the inside, revealing the aisle dotted with yellow rose petals and pews full of relatives and friends.

Bob gave Teddy's arm a light squeeze and they began to walk down the aisle. "I promise, Teddy."

Teddy locked eyes with Spencer. She heard her dad's promise and smiled at the man she's loved for years, the man who was waiting at the end of the aisle to dive with her into the unknown.

I wanted to work Gabe into this chapter a little, but I didn't get around to it. In the next few chapters I'll go more in depth into what's been going on with all the characters in the past years. Hope you liked it!