Because of You

The Final Chapter

He wanted to be there. He really wished he could but he couldn't bring himself to do that. He wasn't going to sit there and let the man he had fallen for in the past, possibly six months, go. He had spent the night trying to pep talk himself up.

You're Harvey motherfucking Specter, you can do this. Yeah, your heart is now on your sleeve now that he announced the engagement, but you can let this one go. You've done it a hundred of times, this can be no different. He's your associate, not your boy toy. He has no personal obligations to you.

He knew immediately what he said had been complete bullshit. He loved that damned Mike Ross. He had this way of putting his heart into his work and he was compassionate. The fact that he put up with Harvey's bullshit all this time makes him stubborn. A good kind of stubborn. Harvey just wanted to drown his sorrow in some gin. He rather call Mike and tell him that he couldn't bring himself to go to his wedding and hope for the best.

"Hey, Mike. It's Harvey. Listen, I know that this seems hateful and resentful, but I can't bring myself to go to your wedding. I know this is important to you, but I can't. Seeing you, in that suit, ready to exchange vows and rings with Trevor, honestly, it's sickening for me. I know that I have no right to dictate how you love or it you're sharing it with. I should accept that and," Harvey trailed off, trying to catch a tear that had pushed itself from his eyes. He was angry for only catching the voicemail. He exhaled a broken sigh and tried to continue.

"What I'm saying is, I love you, Michael Ross. No matter who you marry, I hold a little piece of my non-existent heart out for you. That's all I have to say and I'm sorry." Harvey said ending the call and letting a little more tears creep through his shell. As he dried them, a knock echoed off the door. He raced to the door, checked his composure and opened the door. His jaw dropped at who was standing there.


"That's all you needed to say." Mike said surging forward to claim Harvey's lips. It was chaste and not to rough or sexual. He licked at the seam of his lips and asked for entrance. Harvey let a joke about whether he was referring to his mouth or the door. He didn't want to mess this up. Not again. He opened his mouth to let Mike's tongue in. It still was passionate and it didn't get any dirtier. It was really romantic. When air was drained from them, they separated.

"How the hell did you get here?"

"Jessica drove me over. I have to tell you something." Mike said smiling, breathlessly. Harvey braced himself for it.

"I called it off with Trevor. Rachel had seen him at a restaurant with Jenny and they, um, they kissed. I'm pretty sure this has been going on forever. I was too blind to see-" Mike was cut off by Harvey's kiss. One filled with I'm sorry and You need better. Harvey held Mike to his chest and smiled into his hair.

"He was a bastard and Jenny's a bitch. They are made for each other. And I'm a bastard too. I kept thinking that you'd see I was perfect for you and that was damn selfish. I'm sorry Mike." Mike looked up his eyes were red from the tears of joy. He smiled at Harvey and spoke.

"Harvey Specter, I love you. Even though you are fucking stubborn, I love that. And when Jessica told me that you didn't come into work and that you weren't answering the phone, I thought I had fucked everything up. But when I saw that, the photo of Jenny and Trevor, Rachel sent me, I knew I had to race to make it up. And I think I did a fine job." Mike said, clearing the air of the tension. Mike wiped the tear from Harvey's eyes and then kissed him again.

Well, that's the story of when Harvey and Mike realized that the relationships that they had or were in and the obstacles blocking them, were complete and utter bullshit.

We don't know at the moment what they are doing, but it might contain "bumping uglies." And we will get to those first moments later. But for right now, let's give them the moment to love what they have, because before you know it, Jessica and Donna will be calling them "old married couple" behind their backs. And we all know how that will go.

The End (for the moment, that is)

*Yes, guys and gals, this concludes the story. The last chapter was really rushed because I had Governor's School the week I finished it and I couldn't post or type a thing. If you stuck around and read it, I thank you and love you. But if you will miss this, I have a surprise. I will be writing a companion series (or more) to this one! I can't put my finger on when I will be able to start since I will be working on my other series Our Superfamily, the Avengers. But I will make it happen. So thank you and Review :)*