Bravo's: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

By: KaNugget

Summary: When the world fines out about vampires Bravo gives Buffy Summers a contract and her own show. But when she gets fed up with the cameras what consequences will there be?

Rating: T for violence.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its characters.

When Buffy discovered she was a vampire slayer she never imagined how her life would change. She realized fairly quickly that she was losing control over making decisions and she now belonged to the world instead of to herself. But never in a million years did she think that slaying would make her popular. Buffy had never been good at keeping secrets or sneaking around. So it didn't take the world long to catch on that there was something going on with this girl. And once the world discovered she was the slayer it also discovered what she was slaying: vampires.

It was a dangerous job but someone had to do it. Buffy was destined to do it. Not slaying vampires, she was also destined for that, but she was mainly destined to be a reality TV star. She was pretty, charismatic, loveable and the whole world wanted to watch her kill the dirty, evil vampires. Buffy was the perfect star.

"Who's on the list today?" Buffy asked her young assistant and best friend, Willow. After Buffy's last assistant tried to kill her Buffy decided that she would approve all crew members and was able to get both of her best friends hired. However only Willow had the incentive to take it. Her other best friend, Xander, just hung out on the set and ate free food.

Willow checked her clip board, "First up is a vampire named Thomas. No last name. Notice how they never give a last name? It's going to make record keeping Hell. Then later on you're going up against someone named Luke. Big guy, but I'm guess he's just all talk and no walk. I'm sure you can take him. And then you'll end the day going up against," Willow flipped to the next page, "Oh no. No, no, no. This cannot happen."

"What can't happen?"

Buffy jumped up from the couch she was lounging on.

"Nothing, don't worry. I'll take care of it."

"Willow, tell me."

"Kay. You know that guy who wants you to come to him and we're pretty sure it's an ambush."


"The underground guy."

"Oh, the Mister?"

"The Master, but close enough. Well idiot producer man thinks it's a good idea to send you there, but I'll have a talk with him."

Buffy sat back down. "This guy is really starting to get annoying. I might go down there to stake him just to shut him up."

"His resume is hilarious, though," Willow said, "He the leader of some vampire cult that's trying to raise 'Vampire Jesus'." A lump in Willow's throat moved.

"Scared?" Buffy asked.

"Oh yeah. Buffy, please promise me you won't ever face this guy."

"You're my assistant Will. If you don't want me to face him then tell the producer."

"I'm not big on the whole confrontation thing. I'll talk to Giles."

Buffy laid on her belly across the couch and shoved her face into the cushions. She moaned and growling, letting out her frustrations. She knew she probably looked like a two year old having a temperature but there were no cameras around and she really needed to let off some steam. Finally she sat back up. "Buffy, you know I disapprove of this television show," Buffy said in a mock English accent. "You really should be focusing on saving the world, not entertaining the mindless masses."

Willow sat down next to Buffy and Buffy collapsed on Willow's shoulder. "You know Giles cares about you," Willow said, while patting her friend's head. "He just doesn't like how the world found out about vampires on his watch." Willow then laughed to herself. "Hehe, Oh the watcher's watch."

"I know he cares," Buffy said. "Go ahead, talk to him, tell him to yell at the producers, whatever. I need to rest."

Willow looked down at her chart and cleared her throat.

"Oh, what now?"

"Nothing, it's just your first fight starts in an hour and they want you to head to hair and wardrobe soon, but take your time. A stress slayer is a, um…"

"Dead slayer?" Buffy said.

Willow stood up, knocking Buffy, who was still leaning against her, on her side. "Don't say that. The producers wouldn't let you do something dangerous. Giles wouldn't let you do something dangerous."

Buffy stood up. She grabbed her best friend's hands and squeezed them tight. She knew what she was going to say was going to hurt her friend very much. "Will, I love you, you know that. But Slayers…we don't live very long. That's something you have to accept. The reason why this show is so popular is because of the danger, the risk. Everyone loves watching me kick vampire ass, but secretly they want something to go wrong. They keep wondering what'll happen when I die. Not if I die, when. Because it's going to happen. And the producer is just hoping a camera's filming when it does."

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