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"I don't know why I'm doing this," Buffy said to the camera she set up herself. She had secured herself in the production office and had no idea how much longer she'd stay away from the vampires. As she talked she nervously carved a stake out of a stick of wood with her good hand.

"I guess this has all become a habit. I fight a vampire then I tell the world." Tears started clouding her vision but she continued speaking. "I guess that's why I needed Angel. See, Angel's this guy I met a few weeks ago. He was perfect, he knew about vampires, but not because of the show. His family was killed by vampires." Buffy looked up from her stake and into the camera as a realization dawned on her. "Dear God," she said. "Spike didn't turn him. He was a vampire the whole time."

Buffy lowered her hand as an uncontrollable sob took over. "He lied to me," she finally said. She looked back up. "How could I be so stupid? I'm the slayer. How could I not know he was a vampire this whole time, using me?"

"Spike was in it. Spike was using me. Spike could've killed me at any of our battles, and yeah, there was more than one. He found me tonight in a crypt. He did this." Buffy raised her injured hand. It was still wrapped in her bloody shirt. "Put a damn stake right through it. And let me tell you, this is the worst time to have injured my slaying hand."

Buffy looked down again and went back to carving her stake. She blinked through some tears. "They killed them. They killed them all. Willow, Xander, Mom, Giles. They're all dead." Buffy started twirling the now finished stake in her uninjured hand. "I think Willow and Xander might even rise again." She looked at the camera one more time. "How am I supposed to kill my best friends?"

The lights in the room flickered.

Buffy sighed. "It's only a matter of time. No matter what, this is my last battle. Even if I win I'm done being your puppet for amusement. Vampires aren't some Hollywood threat. They're real and they want to kill us. Stop watching this show, grab a stake and protect yourself."

Angel's face appeared in the screen next to Buffy's. "'Cause we're coming for you," he said.

Buffy raised her stake and aimed for Angel's heart but he grabbed her wrist.

"Does Spike have to break the other one too?" he asked.

Buffy head-butted Angel, knocking him out of the way. Buffy took a survey of the room. At the back door where the two female vampires that were with Spike earlier. On the other side of the camera was Spike. Angel was down on the ground. But there were more vampires, she could feel it. Out of the darkness two more appeared on either side of her; Willow and Xander.

"No," she said, tears streaming down her eyes. She felt weak at her knees. "No," she whispered.

Angel appeared at her ears. "Yes," he said, laugher hiding behind his lips. He spun her around forcing her to look at him. She closed her eyes, wishing it would all just go away. "Just give up. There's no one left to fight for. Your mom's dead. Your watcher's dead. Your best friends are turned. There's no one left but your silly, brain-dead fans."

Buffy could feel the freshly carved stake in her hand. She carefully pulled rubbed her thumb up and down the side of it. She opened her eyes and smirked. "Then that's who I fight for. For the humans who can't protect themselves. For the very people I was put on this planet to protect. They know the truth. They know I'm the slayer. That I'm their savior. That I'll never let vampires like you continue to—"

Buffy went quiet as a sharp pain went through her neck.

"I told you I wanted a bite," Spike said from behind Buffy. She hadn't even realized he had snuck up on her.

Buffy felt her knees go weak. Her grip on the stake loosened. But she wouldn't let them win. She couldn't. She was the slayer and even if she died the camera was still rolling and she had to give her fans some glimpse of hope. She squeezed the stake and swiftly moved it across Spike's back. Every vampire in the room watched as her hand raised for a strike, but they weren't quick enough to stop her. With all her might she pressed it down, pushing it through Spike's back until it reached his heart. Spike never stopped sucking her neck as he vanished into dust.

"Bitch!" Angel swore, grabbed her hand and twisted her neck. She fell to her knees dead. But she took that bastard Spike with her. And that was all her fans at home needed to see. And they would remember.

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