Hermione found herself hiding behind the stones, watching her two best friends from the shadows. Near to the Black Lake, they were hiding something from her. Again. She had tried to keep her nose out of it, yet as always, the bookworm kept to her goody two shoes nature. She just couldn't understand why, after five years now of friendship, they couldn't tell her about it.

"For something they acted so grave about, they certainly look like they're having a good time," she muttered bitterly to herself, not noticing the mysterious figure lurking behind her own petite form.

"Granger! I see Weasel-bee and Potty Face left you out this time. Though I don't blame them," the man said with a disgusting scowl. His corn silk hair ruffled lightly, coveting his pale blue eyes. Teasing, being his forte, between the two often escalated to one of their so called battles of epic proportion.

Jumping, she whipped around, her hair almost stinging his face at his proximity. Feeling her back against the broad rock, she knew that no one could see them here, the rock barely tall enough to block the view from the castle windows. "Malfoy," she purred into his ear, using his tie to pull him closer. Confusion crossed his pale face, along with a mixture of arousal, hatred, and disgust. Once again purring into his ear, she continued, "A slimy git like you shouldn't be allowed to live."

Smirking, he moved to the rock next to her, propping himself up into what he believed to be a sexy pose. Producing a juicy green apple from his bag, he took an obnoxiously noisy bite. "Such a goody two shoes, can't you just try letting someone keep a secret," he said in between bites.

"Malfoy you dumb arse," Hermione hissed violently as her two friends looked toward the stone. Getting up to go take a closer look, they continued to chat curiously as they walked toward the large boulders. Gritting her teeth, Hermione pulled Draco with her into a grove of trees, pressing up against his pinned body so she could spy on her friends.

"Bloody Hell, Granger, if you want me that bad you could have just asked," Draco smirked, discreetly trying to keep his groin from bulging as the teen pressed her bust against him.

"Bugger off," she hissed, placing her hand over his mouth as she watched her friends. Harry, mind boggled, searched for the source of the noise, looking over every inch of the rocks.

"Maybe it came from the forest," Ron squeaked as he noticed a spider scuttling along the rock furthest from them. Once more, she pinned herself against Draco as she tried to blend in with the trees. Stilling, she looked, scolding herself for getting led into the situation. Soon, however, they dismissively turned to head back toward the Great Hall, it was almost time for dinner. Huffing out a hearty sigh, she moved away from Draco cautiously, her cheeks still stinging with raspberry blush. Averting her eyes, she emerged from the trees gently, striding off back toward the bridge.

Draco chased after her, complaining, only to be interrupted, "Honestly Granger, you're such a—"

Before he could finish, she whipped around to lash out at him angrily. "A what? A Mudblood? A filthy muggle? Say it," she screeched at him, catching him off guard.

Suddenly, without warning, he pinned her to a post on the bridge.

"A virgin," he purred, mocking her as his lips hovered above hers. Her face, flustered even more now as his lips started to close in on hers. His lips, surprisingly warm mounted themselves passionately upon her own, and for a moment she didn't resist. She opened her eyes in shock as they kissed, almost enjoying it for a moment before coming into realization. Pushing him away in disgust, she slapped him, storming off to dinner.

Finding herself in the Great Hall already, she frumpily threw herself into her typical seat, ignoring the conversation. She glared as Draco entered the hall, smirking in a quite pleased manor. Glaring daggers, she felt her eye twitch as he wouldn't look at her. Finally as he sat, he glanced over devilishly, his smirk remaining.

Dumbledore soon walked gracefully up to his podium, its golden wings catching the light as the owl unfolded itself, tapping ever so gently on it with his wand. Gently as it was tapped, it still managed to resonate and catch the students attention.

"Attention, students. I would like to make known a new condition I've decided to install upon the Houses this year," he wheezed, his raspy voice echoing laughter and a twinkle mischievously hanging in his aged eyes.

"In an effort to support House unity, I will allow the top students of each house to be intertwined into a sort of exchange program. I will call the names out, and those called will come directly to my office after the feast." As he muttered a spell, barely audible to the students.

The enchanted sky glowed as Ernie Mcmillian was written into the sky in a shimmering gold. The Hufflepuffs gaining a roar of cheers, only to quiet down as another firework of flashing as the House quieted down. Slightly underneath it, Hermione Granger was written in a deep hue of scarlet. Following this directly, as Gryffindor cheered joyously, a jet of emerald green shot up like venom as Draco Malfoy appeared in the sky. Slytherins cried out in an enormous wave as they competed for dominance.

Patting her upon the back, Ron gave her an apologetic smile as her stomach lurched in realization. She had a boyfriend… and Draco had …. What had she gotten herself into?

She started to feel large waves of nausea as Marcus Belby appeared into the sky in a majestic purple. She would have to tell Ron about this incident. She could feel her face draining color as Dumbledore announced something she hadn't heard. As he stepped down from the podium, the great feast appeared before her face. Yet while the others bashfully drowned their stomachs in food, she nibbled on whatever appeared before her. She was sure someone was trying to get her attention as she tried to work out how she would tell him. Soon, however, the feast was over, and she felt Ron leading her by the hand out of the Great Hall. Sighing, she stopped him, grabbing his hand gently as he turned around, with a look of confusion on his face.

"Ronald," she started, his eyes innocently boring into her, "I have to tell you something…" She stared into his blue eyes uncomfortably for a second before shooing it away, not having the heart to tell him.

Taking him by surprise, she gave him a chaste kiss and simply said, "Now's not the time…"

In a mixture of surprise and happiness, he goofily smiled and turned back to find Harry. Sighing guiltily, Hermione left half-hearted as she set a crisp course towards the golden staircase that led to Dumbledore's private office. Arriving there, she curiously noted the other three students standing by the door way.

"That loony old bat! How dare he not tell us the password," Draco roared, though he stood, not helping, against a wall while he ranted.

"None of you have been here before," Hermione questioned curiously. The Golden Trio, as some liked to call them, had been there loads of times.

"Well typically it's a type of candy. He's rather fond of using the names of his favorite sweets for passwords," Hermione proudly informed them, the bookworm, as always, giving more information than needed. And with this bit of information, the guessing game began.

"Jelly Slugs," Ernie suggested hopefully, yet the gargoyle stood firm.

"Fizzing Wizbees," Belby suggested as his stomach growled hungrily.

"Ice Mice? Acid Pops," Hermione asked the gargoyle, whom showed no signs whatsoever of budging.

"Exploding Bonbons?"

"Sugar Straws? Fizzy Wizzies?"

"Stupid old loon doesn't deserve to be here," Malfoy said as he slid down the wall to sit with his backs against it. Feeling herself twitch, she started to shout at the boy.

"What do you know about him, huh Malfoy? A slimy git like you couldn't ever understand how great of a wizard Dumbledore is! You're the one who doesn't deserve to be here," she screamed at him. He had started to smirk as a wheezy voice said clearly, "I much better prefer Pepper Imps."

The gargoyle shook as it dislodged itself from the floor and started to escalate. Ignoring the scene before him, he elegantly stepped past them and onto the staircase as the students stared in awe, "Well then, shall we go?" Stumbling onto the staircase after him, Hermione found herself alone with Malfoy in the hallway as the other students stepped on. Her hands clenched around the neckline of his robes, her face trying to withhold a sheepish expression as she stiffly moved from over him.

"Well damn, Granger, sorry I insulted your love affair with the loony wanker," he snickered as he pulled himself up and shoved himself through the staircase, Hermione stomping behind him.