Hermione found herself, for the second time this evening, trying to hide the raspberry blush that graced her face in a rather childish demeanor. The smirk that Draco had been previously wearing in the Great Hall had disappeared, as if it had never been there in the first place. Even hating the teen, she had no idea how he could go from kiss to diss in little more than an hour.

Then again, they were mortal enemies. Granger and Malfoy, an eternal battle that competitively tore the school apart. Hermione found herself only half paying attention to what Dumbledore said as she mulled over her thoughts. More like stared ridiculously at the lone subject of her thoughts. Every once in a while, he'd glance around the room, sending her a stuck up sneer when his crystal eyes would meet her eyes. The color of mud would gaze back at him when he did, confused as she tried to sort out a reason for what happened.

Soon, Dumbledore got up, ushering them out of his large office and into the hallway. He snapped once and then shut the door behind him. For a moment all four of the students stood in a dazed state, why had he snapped? Had he cast some sort of spell?

The answer came to them in a crack as a doe eyed, floppy eared creature popped in front of the students.

"Lolly will escort you, kind sirs and miss. Lolly has been told to move the sirs' and miss's bags into the special rooms," the house elf chattered mercilessly as he took a gentle and hesitant hold on Hermione's robes. Smiling at the elf and giving him an encouraging nod, the elf begun to lead them to a hall on the third floor. The third floor that students were forbidden from every year since she'd started at Hogwarts.

Gently Hermione asked the elf, "Lolly, are you sure this is the right way?"

Immediately, the elf begun to bang its head against the walls and throw itself into statues.

"Lolly has done something to miss's dislike, Lolly must punish himself," he screamed as he continually body slammed again a statue.

"Now look what you've done, Granger," came a snide voice from behind her. Turning to the Slytherin Prince she flared dangerous eyes at him.

"I don't need judgment from you, Malfoy, not today," she screeched at him with a tone similar to the biting owl that often nested in the Hogwarts owlery. As she started to turn away from the teen, something caught her eye, a flash of corn silk and grey from around the corner that retreated just as soon as it had neared it.

Hermione couldn't see precisely who it had been, yet there were few with that bit of corn silk hair other than Malfoy.

Still, Malfoy's face remained a nonchalant expression of calm as the elf finally stopped its fit and led them to a door at the end of the hallway. It was driving Hermione nearly insane with the urge to strangle something.

"Headmaster Dumbledore Sir, told Lolly that the password is a riddle for the smart sirs' and miss's learning, so Lolly will go now," the elf informed the four, disappearing with a pop, as many free house elves tended to do.

With this bit of news, Belby strode up to the tapestry door, a cocky grin covered in chocolate plastered onto his face.

"The Ravenclaw common room is like this," he boasted, his accent heavy and distorted by the food still clogging his mouth.

The painting, a woman in a grey frock, grinned wickedly at them as the bumbling buffoon waltzed up, almost splattering his post-dinner snack unto her.

"How far does a blind dog walk into a forest?" she asked, a clever glint in her hazel eyes alerting Hermione to the certain hell that was to come.

Immediately, Draco huffed, sitting against the wall as he complained adamantly, "My father will hear about this."

"All the way through," Belby said almost immediately, without further thought. The three remaining students rolled their eyes, wondering how the buffoon had ever been picked.

"He doesn't," Ernie tried half-heartedly, throwing out a random answer that he hoped to be correct.

The woman, portrayed in thick cloths of green and white, eyes glinting mischievously as a cat's pelt hanging from her hips. Her brown hair draped flawlessly over her shoulder, her head turned back over her shoulder to look at the students.

"Perhaps," she accentuated, smirking mildly, "And why is this?"

The Hufflepuff let out a frustrated sigh, shot down as he gave up all hopes of answering. Suddenly, Draco got up, a confident smirk plastered onto his face as he strolled up to the woman.

"Halfway, Lady Morgana," he pronounced, his devil's smirk matching hers perfectly as his saunter reduced to a halt at her canvas.

A tiny flicker in the back of Hermione's head went off as Draco's staccato baritone pronounced her name. Of course, Morgan le Fay, a famous witch, she'd read about it in Bathilda Bagshot's, 'A History of Magic.'

Looking around, she noticed not just one, but all of the others roll their eyes at her. She flushed violently as she realized she'd blurted out her thoughts aloud. Again.

"Honestly, Granger, you're such a swot," Draco hissed, sneering maliciously at her. She wasn't completely taken aback at his words, but that didn't mean she didn't hide how it hurt her with an equally nasty sneer.

Clearing her throat loudly, she brought back their attention to her, "Why should you think that then?"

For once, the arrogant Slytherin had nothing to say. The only thing that was slightly more surprising was the fact that he had nothing left to say to someone of the opposite persuasion.

Malfoy stared, slack jawed as his finger pointed weakly, opening and closing his mouth as he tried to think of a witty answer. At the moment, Hermione couldn't help but notice how her previous assailant ever so slightly resembled that of a landlocked goldfish.

The twitchy glare and trademark sneer that the teen flung her way, quickly informed her that she'd once more made the error of literally speaking her mind.

Oh bother. Did she hurt ickle Drakey's feelings?

She let out an infinitesimal snort as she imagined herself punching him again. The strange looks that ruminated from the others told her that perhaps- just maybe- that snort was a little louder than she'd thought.

She let out a nervous little laugh, sounding somewhat like a choking thestral, as she tried to remember all her knowledge on riddles.

Well they were tricky. And usually used to trick people.

Hermione twitched slightly as her mind failed her. Nibbling thoughtlessly upon her lower lip, she forced herself to think. Hermione Granger never failed, never had no answer, and never lost. Especially to something as trivial as a child's riddle.

Closing her eyes to think, she welcomed the silence pleasurably. As she heard the Slytherin suck in a breath to answer, her eyes flew open. Her hand flung spastically to his lips to silence him.


Hermione closed her eyes once more, her hands tugging lightly at her bushy mane of hair. Perhaps it was something in the sentence.

How far does a blind dog walk into a forest?

Hermione was in the process of wondering if it mattered if it was blind dog or not, when she heard him open his mouth again.

"Shhh," she insisted once more, ignoring the fact that he'd forcefully grabbed her wrist, flinging it back down to her side, probably out of disgust.


"I told you to shut the hell up, Malfoy," she hissed at him, face twitching angrily. With him, she'd be lucky if it didn't get stuck that way. Sighing, she kept on, repeating the phrase over and over again in her head, as if it were some sort of mantra.

How far does a blind dog walk through a forest? No, that wasn't it.

How far does a blind dog walk through a forest? There was some possibility there.

Does a blind dog walk through the forest? Ernie had already proven it walked through it.

Then, as if it were a ton of bricks, it hit her.

How far does a blind dog walk through a forest! Of course, how had she not seen it?

"Well," Lady Morgana purred, her seemingly feline eyes challenged Hermione, seeing that she seemed to know something.

"Lady Morgana," Ernie started, only to be cut of by Hermione.

"Honestly, Granger, trying to take all the glory for yourself," Draco complained.

Flitting her eyes around, demonically demanding silence, Hermione cleared her throat.

"One may only walk halfway through a forest, correct Lady Morgana," she asked, eyes slit as the woman in the painting held an amused look within her own eyes.

Letting out a miniscule chuckle, she smirked, gesturing for Hermione to finish.

"Once you walk halfway through a forest, the next half you are walking out of it, is that not true, Lady Morgana? Now if you don't mind," Hermione completed, an air of pompous victory surrounding the girl. That's right, Hermione Granger was a winner. Take a straw and suck that up, Malfoy.

The portrait cracked, as if cautious for a moment, before swinging open completely. Before she closed, she left off, "I should warn you, my riddles aren't for the weak of heart."

Hermione sneered a truly vicious sneer, before stepping in, finding her trunks before one of a pair of twin spiraled stairs. Yawning tiredly, she left the other three without a word, going to go unpack her things. Finding herself still only slightly tired when she finished, she grabbed a thick tome and settled down on the sitting room couch. She was barely a chapter into it when she heard someone clearing their throat.

"You kept me waiting," Hermione said neutrally, managing to pronounce every syllable with not a hint of distress. She could manage at least that, after all, Hermione Granger was a winner, a child genius, and someone who never lost her cool.


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