Title: Paparazzi
By: Xmarksthespot
Disclaimer: I don't own YJ & I don't own this plot. The plot is originally from GraysonsGirl and her Teen Titan's story "Drive By Media". I have asked for permission to use the plot for my own Young Justice story.
Words: 2,400+
Notes: Characters may be OOC. I'm not entirely familiar with the season 2 cast, and haven't really perfected season 1's either, so please bear with me. This takes place during season 2, but is more of an AU considering there's nothing involving the Kroloteans.


"Oh my God, guys. Vera Wang. Vera freaking Wang," Barbara announced, holding up the large box in her hands, carefully wrapped with satin and lace ribbons with the label clearly written in cursive on its lid. She quickly undid the bow and revealed to the crowd the custom white gown that was hidden underneath.

Artemis raised an eyebrow in question. "I hate to burst your bubble, Barbara, but I grew up with assassins, and M'gann's from Mars. The only person who would know who or what Vera freaking Wang is would be Zatanna and she's busy with League work today."

The redheaded human dropped her arms and stared at her friends in disbelief. Now, she wasn't the girliest of girls, but when it came to weddings, Barbara knew exactly what she wanted. She and her high school friend, Bette, had been planning this since they were children. Vera Wang's wedding gowns were definitely one of the top choices on her list of must-haves for her wedding, despite the dresses costing more than what she would be able to make in years.

"So…" M'gann began, interrupting Barbara's visions of herself in the gown, "What does it mean, now that you have Vera…Wang?"

Getting up from her seat, Barbara had an aerial view of the entire plethora of presents, including the dream dress laid out in front of her; it made her heart twist and turn just at the thought of returning it. It was clear that there was nothing that could separate Barbara and the gown. With her hands on her hips and a confident smile, she said, "It means, ladies, that I am getting married with Dick Grayson."

3 weeks ago

"Nightwing, can we take a break now, please?"

Following the initial request by one of the heroes at Mount Justice, many agreed in response, nodding along to the question. The older hero sighed and with a curt nod, allowed them to leave the training room for the day.

With a quick cheer, Beast Boy was one of the first to leave the room in his monkey-like form. "Dibs on TV!" He said dashing passed his teammates who frowned and chased after.

"Gar! My soaps are on now!" M'gann quickly called and went after the green boy as well. She, along with Lagoon Boy and Superboy (who didn't seem too pleased that his TV time was going to be stolen) left the room, leaving the two Bat protégés to themselves.

Nightwing smiled at their enthusiasm. Usually after training, he, Robin and Batgirl often stayed behind for further critiquing of their training styles, but with Barbara out in Gotham applying for summer jobs, Nightwing turned to face the newest Robin who waited eagerly nearby. "You did well today, Tim," he said the moment he noted no one was around. "Just keep working on those jumps of yours and soon enough you can come live with me at the circus."

Robin grinned at the joke and took Nightwing's advice to heart. He had to sit through a few more instructions with Nightwing who insisted he take a few more risks when fighting, followed by a congratulatory pat on the back that his "older brother" seemed to do when he was proud of something Tim had done. Not that Tim was complaining of course, as he was pleased when either Bruce or Dick had complimented him.

The two had stepped out of the training room, only to find their team huddled around the TV.

"I wonder what's on that's gotten them so interested?" Nightwing muttered out loud, waiting for the commercials to be over. He supposes he could've asked the team, but with his eyes glued to the screen and waiting for something to happen, as well as making mental notes in his head as to what to do at the manor now that Bruce was finally gone on his League mission, he didn't bother.

La'gann's voice ran in the background. "Angelfish, why are you so fascinated by these two anyway?"

"Shh!" Both Karen and Cassie shushed the Atlantean and resumed to staring back at the screen.

That was when Nightwing looked up, curious as to what got even Wonder Girl so interested, of all things – clearly not an action movie, since M'gann was equally gripped.

"It was recently confirmed that not too long after the graduation of the students at Gotham Academy, Richard "Dick" Grayson, ward of multi-billionaire, Bruce Wayne, proposed to his, at the time rumoured girlfriend, Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner James Gordon."

For a brief moment, Nightwing felt his lunch doing the trademark Flying Grayson flips in his stomach followed by a pair of leering eyes from behind the mask of Robin. He hoped his cheeks hadn't flushed too brightly at the mention of his and Barbara's names being put together by the paparazzi again.

Nightwing turned his head slightly to face the masked boy and shrugged, telling him that it was clearly just another rumour. That is, until he heard the announcers speak on the screen.

"An anonymous tip has also announced where exactly the Grayson-Gordon marriage will take place, so we decided to check it out – it is here at this chapel where the beautiful ceremony will occur in less than two months time…"

"Seems pretty legit to me," Nightwing heard Robin mutter under his breath before rolling his eyes behind the mask. He was about to turn around and leave the room – honestly, what about Dick Grayson has the team so fascinated, anyway? – when suddenly he heard his phone vibrate. Nightwing pulled out his cell and noticed the mass texts from Wally who clearly had just received the news as well.

Nightwing almost chuckled at the sight of the text "Can I be your best man?" which Wally seemed to always ask whenever the media had paired him up with a girl. He didn't pay attention to Robin's questioning look when he sat down with his team in front of the TV, and was about to suggest they watch something else more meaningful until the slideshow of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon (photos from when they were children until recent) had finished, letting the reporter mention something else.

"Commissioner James Gordon, father of the future bride, has denied all interviews until further notice. Rather, the Gordon family seems to be trying to stay out of public eye as much as possible.

"As you can see here, just moments ago Barbara Gordon was spotted trying to make her way out of her home and running away from the paparazzi as quickly as possible. Although the photographers could not catch up to her, many speculate that she's heading towards her new home at Wayne Manor."

Nightwing groaned, half listening to the television host who was listing the pros and cons of Barbara living with him at Wayne Manor or moving out with him, and half listening to his team who curiously wondered what was wrong with him.

"Nightwing?" M'gann asked. "Is everything okay?"

Shaking his head, he ran his hands through his hair. He sighed at the thought of how serious this rumour has been getting, at least, more serious and realistic than the usual. Suddenly, as if he had inherited a sixth sense since his training started with Batman, Nightwing sat up straight and glanced at the entranceway.

"Three," he said, which further raised questions among his teammates, "Two, one…"

Batgirl: B-1-6


Everyone turned their heads from the screen to see an enraged Batgirl enter the room, hands balled up in fists and a scowl on her face.

"Uh oh…someone's in trouble," Jaime sang, earning a few snickers and a Bat-approved glare from their den-mother. Of course, the team had respected Nightwing too much and initially never thought to tease him as they would with each other, but after some time of getting to know the man, they knew he didn't mind being treated as one of them – Batgirl often did say he had a mind of a child, regardless of his age.

Suddenly, everyone stopped chattering in order to witness yet another fight between the pair.

"Yes, Batgirl?" Nightwing asked innocently, grinning at the furious girl, out of her uniform and donning the pair of sunglasses he had given her upon her initiation to the team three years prior.

"You. Me. Your room. We need to talk. Now," Barbara growled, crossing her arms as if she meant business.

"Oh la la, Robin's going to be an uncle soon!"

Too much laughter had followed immediately after that comment, including Robin who seemed to be having a lot of fun with the situation and didn't bother to correct their facts about his and Nightwing's relation. However, Nightwing was fixated on how angry his childhood friend was to lecture whoever had said that – then again, they were almost all teens and were entitled to have some fun once in a while, even at his own expense.

He followed the redheaded girl towards his temp bedroom at the mountain, knowing that Barbara must have been really pissed off if she wanted to "talk" in a room with the highest security feature (despite it being almost completely empty) where even Superboy couldn't hear any conversations taking place.

The moment he shut the door behind them, Barbara hadn't hesitated to start the conversation.

"Do you want to explain why I was chased out of my own home this morning by the paparazzi?" She crossed her arms again and tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for Nightwing to answer.

Pulling off his mask and smiling sheepishly, Dick replied, "Babs, what are you talking about?"

"Don't lie to me. It was on the TV screen when I came here: our marriage."

Dick shrugged in response. "Just another rumour, B. Nothing to worry about. I'll make sure everything's settled once I get home – the media won't bother you and your dad again." He began to take another step towards the door, believing the discussion to be over when he felt a hand on his shoulder, pulling him back. He turned to face her again; his eyebrows rose to silently question her.

Pulling an item out of her pocket and revealing it to the man, Barbara said, "Then what's this?"

"…A box?"

"Inside, Grayson!" She tossed the small box towards him, which he caught with ease. "It's a ring. But not just any ring –"

"My mother's engagement ring? But how…"

"It was in my mailbox, addressed to me. So you better explain to me why and how this all happened, or you're going to be in a whole lot of trouble, Pixie Boots."

"That was quicker than usual," Robin was the first to speak when the two older Bat protégés stepped out of Nightwing's room, earning a smile on Nightwing's face and a scowl from Barbara. Sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn on his lap and his legs stretched out, Robin turned his head slightly to face him.

Of course, Nightwing shook his head, implying that he'd explain everything to the younger bird in private. Then he voiced his thoughts, "Superboy, you're in charge of the team's training today. I gotta…do something."

"Baby look, Nightwing finally had the gall to ask Batgirl out," Karen teased as she lifted her head from Mal's shoulders. She then turned to her boyfriend and smirked. "I told you he'd ask her out first – think you owe me twenty bucks."

Barbara expressed her opinion on the matter with a loud enough sigh that interrupted the giggles amongst her teammates. "We are not going on a date, Karen"

"Whatever you say, girl."

Annoyed, Barbara turned to face Nightwing again who took the hint. The masked vigilante listed instructions to the clone and after receiving a curt nod from the original member of the team, he turned around and followed Barbara out of the mountain.

They had chosen to beam straight to the Batcave in order to prevent anyone from seeing them on the streets, had they showed up in their usual telephone booth. Now that they were the most talked about couple in America, Dick knew their appearance together on the streets would be haywire.

"Master Richard! Thank goodness you've come home early," Alfred greeted the pair. "So far, you've received requests for interviews by eleven different entertainment networks, many phone calls from Master Bruce's accomplices as well as your friends from the Academy and Commissioner Gordon, who I must say, is quite displeased at your lack of action concerning this event."

Groaning, Dick placed his fingers on the sides of his head and began to rub his temples. Of course it would be after Bruce had left that another scandal would arise.

"Alright, Babs. Time to go tell the world of our break u –"

His phone suddenly rang. Although initially tempted to ignore it, believing it to be one of his friends from the Academy wishing him well with marriage (or Wally), he realized that the musical tone that came from it was reserved to Mount Justice members only.

"Hello?" He responded.

"Nightwing, it's me," Conner said.

"Yeah, what's up? Don't tell me you lost control of them already, Supes."

"No, not that."

"Then what is it? Sorry, Conner, but I'm a little busy right now and –"

"We got a fax…"

This captured Dick's interest, and he hurriedly stepped over towards the Bat-computer. After putting his mask back on and making sure Alfred was out of sight and Barbara with her glasses, he placed his phone down into a slot that allowed the video feature to come on. He looked at the screen where an image of Conner, M'gann and Robin were standing – Robin was holding the faxed letter.

Inwardly, Nightwing ran a list of people who would fax, of all things, to Mount Justice. There weren't many on the list – anyone who knew of the mountain's inhabitants would be a fellow hero, and would've called or even gone through the Zeta beams themselves, rather than fax.

"What does it say, Conner? And who's it from?"

"Don't know. We can't find where it came from, but the letter is addressed to us."


"…And it's asking us to be the bodyguards at the wedding of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon."

A/N: Made up Batgirl's Zeta tube number since her's hasn't been confirmed yet (or so the internet says). Hope I didn't butcher their characteristics too badly.

Edit Feb 10, 2013: Fixed BG's zeta number to the appropriate designation.