This is my first Spider-Man and HON crossover and I hope you like it. Okay, the first part takes place durning VENOM, it has my own twist, and the main character of my story being Danny Rand. Sorry if it doesn't sound like him as I write. Also, I do NOT own Ultimate Spider-Man or HON. Here we go...

Danny's POV

I was running an "errand" for Fury, which involved 2 unknown 'heroes', so I'm late for school and by the time I got to the steps the door closed itself on me like magic, no one was there to close it. Quickly I looked for other means of entrance until I found an open window on the second floor. "This will not be easy." I said to myself. I walked further back and ran at full speed at the building, before I made collision with it I used my chi to give me an extra boost up to the next level. Just as class was starting I was in the class room and in my seat while Ava, Sam, Peter, Luke, Harry, and MJ came in. No one noticed the fact that I came in through the window or that I wasn't the first one in the building this morning. Class went on normally until Principal Coulson came in with a girl, who had her hair covering her face, following close behind. He whispered something to the teacher while Peter asked me, "Hey, Danny, do you know what Coulson's doing with that girl?"

"No idea, Pete. She might be new to the school." I replied quickly. Principal Coulson went to the front of the room and motioned for the girl to follow him.

"Everyone, I'd like for you to meet Netilie Sandburg. She's new to the school and I'd like 5 of you to show her around." He said while putting his hand on her shoulder. I let out a deep, but silent sigh since I already knew who he was going to pick. "Peter Parker, Ava Ayala, Sam Alexander, Luke Cage, and Daniel Rand. You 5 will show Ms. Sandburg around."

"It's not Sandburg, my last name. My last name is Kozhang. I'm Netilie Kozhang." She said while taking the only empty seat, all the way in the back and right next to me. Netilie seemed to be drawing in her notebook, but I couldn't tell because of her hair. The girl had really long hair, it was thick, bronze and it seemed to go up to her hip. Principal Coulson left and class continued, though I kept looking at her until the bell rang. For the next few classes she stayed in the same ones as me, it was like I was her class schedule instead of the piece of paper that she had in her hand and in each class she sat next to me and wrote on a piece of paper. When the bell for lunch rang Peter, Ava, Sam, Luke, and I went to the cafeteria with the Netilie. Ava kept asking her questions that only got answered every other time Ava asked. In the cafe Sam pulled up a photo of Spider-Man without a piece of his pants reveling his butt making all of us, except Peter and Netilie, burst out laughing. Netilie gave a small giggle, but when I looked at her she stopped and went to go get food. Peter tried giving us the evil eye while he had a spoon full of food in his mouth.

"Okay, that I didn't need to see. Why are we finding out about this from Fury and not you?" Ava asked while sliding over to Peter's side.

"Um, because I just got here? You guys aren't my mommy and daddies" Peter responded while putting his spoon down.

I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He seemed really angered, but I had to remind him what a team is. He didn't turn to me immediately, but I started, "Stand together or fall alone, Pete. That's why we wanted to talk."

He pushed my hand off and he seemed really POed at the moment, so I backed away a little bit. Peter stood up and put his hands on the table and said, "You wanna talk? Let's talk about how you made me blow off my best friend. My time, is my time. That was the deal I made with Fury."

"We also made a deal to work together. Remember?" Luke said while trying to calm him down as Netilie came back. Though Sam didn't help at all.

"Yeah. You got a job now, Parker. You don't need to kiss up to money bags anymore for cash." Sam added as Harry walked by. He slammed his tray on the table then walked away from us and into the hall. Peter followed shortly after.

"There are many parts between the mind and the mouth. You should try using them sometime." I said while pointing to Sam. We all took our seats again and tried to make Netilie talk. She seemed so secluded from us that all she ever said at the moment was, "That was not very wise of you to say, Sam. Peter Parker is your teammate and teammates don't make fun of each other, especially since Harry was there. Next time try a calmer approach for reminding Peter that you guys work together, so you should acknowledge the fact that he is not your enemy, but instead he is your ally."

We all looked at her in shock and disbelief that she spoke this much. Although she wasn't finished, "I am here because my father wants me here. He thought it would be good that I am away from my family for awhile because we basically never leave each other's sides. We are a team and a family."

Ava was the first one to recover from the shock and continued the conversation, "Why didn't you speak to us sooner? Well, not that I'm trying to be rude, it's just that don't really talk a lot."

"I'm having a hard time adjusting to the move. I have to live with my aunt and she is cool and all, but she isn't my brother. Clayton is the best person in the world, he can always make someone laugh even when they're in the blue and he can make great music." Netilie said. She put her hand under her veil of hair and started to make a small weeping sound. Ava put a hand on her shoulder and instantly Netilie jerked away. Netilie got up, put her hands down, and said, "I need to be alone for now. Please just completely alone so please don't follow me."

She took her bag and ran out of the cafeteria so fast that almost no one saw her leave. I wanted to follow her, but something told me that I shouldn't that I might walk right into a trap if I do.

Netilie's POV

I ran and ran until I stopped in the auditorium, I entered and saw it completely empty. On the stage there was a mic, I walked up to the stage, dropped my bag on the floor and tested the mic. It worked perfectly, so I brushed some of my hair out of my face so I could see out, but no one could see in. Different songs came to my mind, but only one found it's way to come out of my lips. Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, the song that reminded me of home, the song that my brother and I sang as kids, the song that always made me happy.

Da, Da, Da, Da, Da,
Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da,

Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da,

Da, Da, Da, Da, Da,
Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da,

Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da,

Grew up in a small town
And when the rain would fall

I'd just stare out my window

Dreaming of what could be

And if I'd end up happy

I would pray

Trying hard to reach out

But when I'd try to speak out

Felt like no one could here me

Wanted to belong here

But something felt so wrong here

So I pray

I could breakaway

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

I'll do what it takes 'til I touch the sky

And I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Out of the darkness and into the sun

But I won't forget all the ones that I loved

I'll take a risk, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Da, Da, Da, Da, Da,
Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da,

Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da

Wanna feel the warm breeze

Sleep under a palm tree

Feel the rush of the ocean

Get onboard a fast train

Travel on a jet plane, far away

And breakaway

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

I'll do what it takes 'til I touch the sky

And I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Out of the darkness and into the sun

I won't forget all the ones that I loved

I gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Buildings with a hundred floors

Swinging 'round revolving doors

Maybe I don't know where they'll take me but

Gotta keep moving on, moving on

Fly away, breakaway

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

No it's not easy to tell you good bye

I gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway

Out of the darkness and into the sun

But I won't forget the place I come from

I gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change

And breakaway, breakaway, breakaway

The lyrics came to me instinctively and clearly. When I finished I heard clapping, not from one person, but from several people. I lifted my head up and saw that Ava, Sam, Danny, Luke, and a few more people were sitting in the rows of seats below. They all looked surprised and yet also not surprised from my singing. Slowly I backed away like a scared animal and took my bag, the bell rang and I bolted out of the door. Gym class has always been easy for me, but my timing has never been perfect. By the time I was in the gymnasium everyone was already there. Our teacher was really weird looking; tights, headband, mussel shirt, sneakers, and knee-highs; what kind of teacher wears that. His voice carried through the gym like my brother's music at full blast, but in a bad way, "Listen up! You all will go through this obstacle course, whoever finishes within 30 seconds will get an A."

Easy task, the course was a climbing wall, small pool of water with a rope hanging over it, a tire, a beam, and a vault. I have done this kind of course when I was a third former at HON. Our teacher looked at us carefully and said, "Which one of you would like to go first?"

My hand shot up and he nodded, I went as fast as possible. I jumped over the climbing wall, leaped over the pool, went through the tire, sprinted across the beam, jumped onto the vault, which launched me in front of the teacher in a perfect position. He looked at his timer and back at me, my hair still in my face. The look on his face was disbelief, look I counted how long I took so it was about 10 seconds, I am fast. Slowly I went back to the rest of my class and waited as they went through the course. Danny made it through easily, within the 30 seconds, and he looked like it was easier than being Marked. Flash did it within a minute which is rather slow compared to both Danny and me. Harry, weirdly, did it within a minute too. Ava did this easily and within the 30 seconds. Luke got through everything until he got to the tire since he got stuck in it. He looked a little annoyed and said, "Can we get some adult-sized tires in here? I mean seriously." Peter, oh Peter, he didn't even make it past the rock wall, weakling. When we finished our teacher let us do what we wanted. Flash tried to hit on Ava, who was rejecting him all the way. MJ and Peter were talking in the bleachers. Luke was talking to the teacher about the tire. Danny was practicing some martial arts moves and I was just standing there, trying to figure out what to do. In my mind I silently had a conversation with myself, 'Why don't I just go over to Peter and MJ and just join in on their conversation.

'Nah, you don't want to seem like a lost puppy.' My inner voice said

'Your right, why don't I go over to Ava and pry Flash off of her so the 2 of us could talk?' I replied

'Nope, might not be into the same things, plus she looks like she's enjoying turning Flash down.'

'Okay, why not Danny? He is practicing moves that seem like fun and I think he might want a sparring partner.' I tried

'Try the too cute for words Daniel Thomas Rand K'ai practicing martial arts and he looks like he is openly inviting you to join him without words.' Inner me teased

'You are good at convincing me, I'll head over to Danny.' I had convinced myself, literally. Walking over I made sure not to make a sound. Danny seemed to be in a completely other state. When I finally came close to him, I tapped his shoulder and said quickly, "May I join you?"

He turned quickly and started bringing his fist towards my face. A pale yellow glow seemed to come off it and his fist seemed to slice the air between us like butter. I did a backflip and caught his fist with my feet. When I landed he was pulled to the mat, he seemed to return to reality when my face was just inches from his. Without any warning, Danny tried to push my hair away and I jerked away to cover my Mark that was on my forehead. Danny looked baffled and a little red-cheeked although he tried to look at my Mark I still thought he was cuter than a puppy. The look on his face disappeared and was replaced with a calm tone, "Sure. I could use a sparring partner."

Just like that Danny and I were practicing martial arts. It seemed as if we were doing some kind of lethal dance instead of a fight. My moves completed his, my timing was spot on, his attacks went in slow motion to me, his determination completed everything. The last thing I expected was when Principal Coulson's voice came from the PA system, "Netilie Sandburg, please come to my office. Now."

"What?" I asked in an annoyed tone as I broke the small dance with Danny and flipped him over. Quickly I asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am. Go, Coulson's waiting." Danny said while fixing his headband. I said a quick thank you and ran to the locker room. Quickly I changed into my black blouse, worn pale blue jeans, silver high tops, and my backpack, which has Eros's golden wings stitched on one of the straps. When I went into the halls everything seemed distant, not really there. That is until I saw a Tracker, more obvious than a Raven Mocker, he was by the gym, waiting. I knew that he was going to Mark someone from my class, or was going to try to, I went up to him and whispered, "We meet again, Wapasha. I have word that you are here to Mark not one, but 5 people."

"Yes, Necro, I am here to Mark a few humans. Though they seem rather oblivious of my presence. Now why are you here?" Wapasha asked

"This is my school. It is Aurora Moreau, my mentor and High Priestess to our House of Night, wish that I attend this school during the day. Although Demetrius Moreau, our Swords Master and my brother's mentor, thinks it's crazy. My mentor says that I must attend this school in order to understand." I answered while blocking his path.

"Why do you block my path?" He asked

"Because our Goddess, Nyx, may not like the fact that you are interfering with my destiny. Yet the humans that you are to Mark are part of that destiny." I answered

"Well, I will be back tomorrow and I expect a complete answer about your destiny on whether it is a lie or if it is true." Wapasha said while walking away.

"You can count on that and on much more." I muttered under my breath as I walked towards Principal Coulson's office. The longer I stay in the hall, where the windows are wide open on a cloudless day, I may just die of pain if my body doesn't reject the Change first. Inside the office Coulson was talking to AURORA? My mentor was talking to my principal, Oh Goddess. "Uh, hi Aunt Aurora."

"Hello, Netilie. I am here to pick you up because your... father. He is not well right now, your brother is in the car waiting." My mentor said. Her Mark was covered making her look human and Coulson is completely oblivious. I nodded quickly and signed a paper that Principal Coulson handed me. Aurora and I walked to the door and ran towards the 1959 Cadillac hearse parked just 5 meters away from the building. All the blinds were down and Clayton was waiting inside. His expression showed that everything was fine with Demetrius, our "father" to the outside world, just like how I am Necro or Necromancer and my brother is Clay or Claymore in the House of Night and to the outside world I am Netilie Kozhang and my brother is Clayton Kozhang. Clayton shifted in his seat before Aurora spoke, "You both are needed in Times Square. Thundra is leading an attack in progress and you 2 need to stop it."

"Didn't we just stop her this morning?" Clayton asked in a bored tone. I moved my hair from my face, revealing my Mark, and shot a death glare at him. He sucked in a huge gust of air and let it out slowly. Clayton knew when he lost a battle to me also when he had to just suck it up and just walk down his path. "Let's begin."

I brought my hands together with my ring fingers facing down while Clayton mimicked me. The air in the hearse became warmer and the smell of the ocean took over. We said a silent spell under our breaths, "In the name of Light we wish to disguise ourselves to protect those we hold dear. To fight those who pledge themselves to Darkness, to keep balance in the world."

Clayton looked completely different, his Mark framed his entire face, went down his neck, and down his arms, he had on bronze ancient Greek battle armor, a bronze helmet, and a Claymore sword at his side. I knew the parts of my Mark that wasn't on my face showed, and the Mark on my face framed my entire face, I had on a black ancient Egyptian sheath dress, a grey half-way sheer shawl that was tied around my neck, my hair went down to my waist, and a white mask that covered my nose and mouth. The hearse stopped quickly as Clayton and I ran out the door, when we got out there were 5 teenagers in weird costumes fighting Thundra's army. "Claymore, take the right. I got the left."

"Got it, Necromancer." He left as he replied. I ran straight at the army while yelling, "Fire, come to me and burn the beings of Darkness!"

Flames shot from my hands and consumed all of the creatures on the left flank. Claymore finished off the last creature on the right flank. We met in the center of where the battle took place and he whispered, "You attack from it front and I will attack from the shadows."

"Sounds like a plan." I whispered back. Claymore faded into the shadows of the buildings and ran inside them. I instantly faced the east and said, "Air, sweet and welcoming, come to me and join my circle."

A rush of wind lifted my hair up and surrounded me, incasing me. Turning to the south I continued, "I now your with me and that you burn with a passion, but please fire join my circle."

Heat started to encase me in the circle as flames began to snake around my feet. Faintly a silver line began to form as turned to the west and I continued, "Water, clean and pure, come to me and join my circle."

I felt small specks of water on my cheeks as the scent of the ocean filled the air. The silver line grew as I turned towards the north and summoned earth, "Earth, strong and mighty, come to me and join my circle."

Under my feet it felt like meadow grass and on my arms it felt like pine needles brushing against my skin. That silver line made a faint glow of the circle and tried to complete itself, but it couldn't, not without spirit so I continued, "Spirit, unique and free, come to me and complete my circle."

My spirit jumped with joy and was warmed to it's peak. The circle was complete and the elements were with me, all of them. I wanted to take it all in slowly, but I had to help Clay so I continued, "Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit bind and gag this being of Darkness while Claymore finishes her off."

Thundra was instantly bound to the earth, water kept her on her knees, fire put her in a mini circle, air whipped around her, which should have made her scream, and spirit made her keep her mouth sealed. Claymore came from behind and tied her up with a piece of his endless supply of unbreakable rope and gagged her with a huge wad of cloth, which made her pass out. I let go of my hold of on her and the elements left me without me releasing them, talk about pooped. When we finished, the teens came towards me and Clay ran up to me and whispered, "We came here to deal with Thundra, not a bunch of of teens."

He pulled me away from the scene and pushed me into the hearse, which was conveniently parked by one of the buildings. The driver took us to the pier where a boat waited to take us to the island, yes our House of Night is on an island. When we got to the island Claymore and I ran to our rooms to crash until 7 pm and I used some magic to do my homework from day school in 10 minutes while making it seem as if I took hours.

As soon as the bell rang I woke up and changed into my normal clothes plus the fourth former jacket. I ran downstairs, ate a quick breakfast, went to homeroom a.k.a archeology, and waited for Claymore, remember inside the house and bro is Claymore while I am Necromancer. When he came in everyone else was barely getting together in the hall. Clay took the seat next to me and we waited for our classmates. "You are slow. You know that?"

"Hey, not all of us are light sleepers and not all of us have certain Marks." He said while pointing to our arms. I admit that we were special just like this other fledgling I've read about on the Tulsa HON webpage. We had our Marks filled in, added on to, running past our necks, down our shoulders, wrapping our arms, on both sides of our hands, down our legs, and on both sides of our feet. Clay had been bugging me about this for that past year since we got Mark by a Tracker. Well, too late and now class was starting, speaking of class, archeology was run by my mentor. Everything went completely alright, until pain started to consume me. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, clutching my head, and doubling over. Aurora ran to me to see if I was rejecting the Change, but I wasn't. There wasn't any blood coming out of me, just pain extreme pain. My vision blurred and my screams stopped, I started to hear something or some-onecalling me.

Okay, so no one could have thought that Nyx was going to appear in front of me and actually talk to me. Really I never thought that she would contact me I just gave my usual prayers before bed, but non have been answered like this. Nyx was beautiful pure black eyes, white hair, a sapphire Mark that framed her face, and she was a little translucent. She touched my head, all the pain left me, and she said, 'Daughter, you are gifted with many things and I wish to give you one more. It will be your choice to either accept it or decline it. If you accept it then you shall continue to be a fledgling until you are ready to complete the Change and you will be closer to becoming a High Priestess. Although if you decline it, you will complete the Change now causing a little bit of rivalry between you and your brother. Please choose.'

'My lady, how can I choose if I do not not know the gift? Please tell me what it is.' I asked her while staring up at her with pleading eyes

'I am glad you asked what it is, daughter. The gift you shall receive is the gift to Mark 5 people and then become a extra-normal fledgling again. You may only give the Mark to 5 humans and no one else. Now choose, daughter.' Nyx answered my question and helped me to my feet.

'I accept your gift, but not for life. Just for being able to gift others with the ability to see the world differently.' I answered. Nyx nodded and kissed my forehead, instantly my vision cleared and Nyx started to disappear. Claymore was hovering over me along with Aurora and Demetrius. Can you blame them, they're my family and I just scared them half-way to death. I blinked a few times and started to get up, but Clay put his hand on my shoulder forcing me down, "Clay, I'm fine so let me get up."

He seemed reluctant to let me get up this soon, but he let me get up anyway. When I did, I swayed a little bit although I was just fine. Then class was dismissed by Aurora so that way the two of us could talk. She waited at her desk until I started to speak, "I know that I made you guys worry, but I'm sorry and just to let you know I am not a vampyre. Yet."

"Well, right now I am glad that you are okay, but next time don't fake something like that." Aurora said while looking straight at me. I tried to find my voice, but nothing came out. The only thing I did was hold up my hand which had a faint symbol of Nyx's labyrinth, I was a temporary Tracker. Aurora took a small breath, let it out and continued, "How many?"

"5 people. That's it." I answered while returning her gaze.

"Who are the people?" She asked while taking out a piece of paper and she started to write on it.

"I do not know yet. Nyx will send me a message when it is time to gift the 5 with her Mark." I replied while taking hold of my jacket, which was now on the floor. Aurora seemed to have a certain color coming off of her, like little white serpents slithering around her. My curiosity took the best of me and I ended up asking, "There is a vampyre who has been consumed by Darkness. Isn't there?"

"Yes, Neferet has been listening and embracing Darkness. She now believes that she can control an immortal and that she is some kind of queen. You know as well as I that if there is one High Priestess consumed by Darkness then there must be one consumed by Light. That is why you're training is going to be as a warrior and a High Priestess." Aurora said while taking a book from the cabinet. I took a good look at it and saw that it showed a vampyre with her arms and legs stretched out and inside a pentagram, thankfully the title was covering her cleavage. Aurora tossed it to me and said, "Read it and see exactly how you can use all the elements at once to create a full on attack. Don't worry, you will be alright though I wish that you would worry less. Here at the House of Night you are my sister and you are like my daughter, I would never want to see you get hurt."

"I'm going to guess that Demetrius is like my father as well as Claymore's father. I'll read this as soon as possible, but I still need sleep. Thank you and how long have I been out?" I said while running to the back of the class to get my bag.

"6th hour will start in 5 minutes. I suggest that you hurry, I already excused you from your other classes." Aurora said just as I ran out the door. Most fledglings can't run as fast as a Son of Erebus, but Claymore and I aren't most fledglings so we can run as fast as them though when we try we can beat them. Speaking of Claymore, he was waiting right in front of the gym half-awake and leaning against the wall. I ran up to him and gave a small squeak in his ear and he fell on his butt. He tried to give me a death glare though I beat him to it so he cringed. We started to laugh like we were mad until my phone started to ring. I took it out and tapped the screen which showed a new text and I read it out loud, "Party at Osborn's penthouse tomorrow at 8. Don't be late. All are invited"

"Woah, sis, when did you become popular?" Claymore asked in his sadly typical annoying brother tone, normally he is more mature. I gave him a punch on the arm and sat down in front of the gym, we waited for the bell. When the bell rang, I was the first one in class. Demetrius already had the foils out and ready to be used, I went into line where there were some face covers laid out. I took a face cover and a foil before saying, "I love this school."

[The Next Day (or Night)]

Danny's POV

I was in the helicarrier training with Luke. Fury said that we should be able to figure out a way out of a trap together before we figure it out with the rest of the team. We first had to figure out how to get out of the trap on our own before adding a team member, one at a time. So far Luke and I got it, though I kept thinking about Netilie the entire training time. I got lucky that not once I got fried by the lasers or crushed by the boulder. Anyway I was on one side of the room, Luke was on the other and redlines made a maze-like structure. If we stepped on the wrong square then it would be like being hit with a lightning bolt.

(Time Lapse around 8:10)

Luckily we made it out without being fried and that we were the first ones to finish. By the time Nova and White Tiger finished their training exercise Spider-Man came in late, again. White Tiger walked up to him and crossed her arms while saying, "Your late."

"Sorry. I had to do... something." Spidey answered while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Spidey, lies cannot hide the truth forever and until you speak the truth the lies may become more than what they are. You cannot hide forever." I said while taking a seat, prepared to meditate.

"Look I came here to ask you guys to come with me, but not in the costumes." He mentioned as everyone else looked at him. Although Nova didn't seem to glad that Spidey was telling us this. I raised an eyebrow until a voice started to come from the floor, "Listen, Fury, I am telling you that no one at the House of Night is fighting crime in the city. You know as well as the Vampyre High Council that we do not set foot off the island."

White Tiger went over to the computer and intercepted the communication. A screen showed a vampyre who's Mark looked like the rising sun and several stars surrounding the sapphire crescent. She was talking to Fury, who appeared on the screen next to her, "Look my team knows what they saw and they saw 2 teenagers with sapphire Marks on their arms and face. Now don't go on and tell me that you don't know squat about these 2 teens."

"I am literally getting tired of your talking, Fury. What I tell you is the truth, non of my students go out of the island for anything. My own prodigy makes sure that non of the fledglings leave the island from dusk to dawn." The Vampyre answered while keeping calm. Not a lot of people can do that around Fury.

"Well, this was during daylight hours. Can your prodigy vouch for that?" Fury asked, clearly getting tired of this.

"Yes, she can. Necro, can you come here for a second?" The vampyre asked to some one who was off the screen.

"Coming, mentor." Another voice answered. A girl came of the screen, a fledgling. Her eyes were bright blue and very dilated, her hair was dark brown, almost black, and very thick, her skin was flawless and the same tone as mine, and her voice seemed wise and possibly all knowing. "You called, mentor."

"Yes, can you tell me what you were doing at about 3:00 pm?" The Vampyre asked the girl.

"Well, I was asleep like every other female fledgling in the dorm. I am a very light sleeper, so even if one person got up to get a glass of milk I would be awake, but I was undisturbed by my fellow fledglings." The girl, Necro, answered.

"Well, how about the boy?" Fury asked, he is ready to burst.

"Let me get my brother. He should be able to answer you, monsieur." Necro said before leaving the screen. A small thud came from there before she returned with a boy that looked a little like her. "This is my brother, Clay, he is in charge of keeping check that all the boys are in bed by sunrise."

"Non of the male fledglings went in or out of the dorm during daylight hours. I made sure of it by checking on them every 2 hours, since I am always restless, High Priestess." Clay answered to the vampyre, who happened to be their High Priestess. Oh, God if Fury got her mad then we would all be in deep trouble.

"Well, I don't buy it. You can't protect them forever, when the time comes you are going to have to let them out into the open." Fury said as the vampyres cut the connection to him, but they were still on our screen. I went forward and cut our connection quickly before Fury noticed that we were eavesdropping on the conversation, but the vampyre started to talk, "I wouldn't do that when we are about to talk, young one."

"What is it?" Nova asked while hovering above us. The vampyre seemed to smile a little bit before looking back at us.

"I just wish to confirm what you saw, so that way I can inform the Vampyre High Council. It is just a quick description, that I'm asking." The High Priestess asked. I knew she was talking to me because I was the only person who saw them clearly. Though I wasn't looking at her I was looking at the girl was on her right, she seemed restless at the time and prepared to run out of the room.

"I saw a boy in armor, a claymore at his side, a helmet, and sapphire Marks on his arms. As well as a girl in a black dress, a grey shawl, a white mask covering her nose and mouth, and sapphire Marks on her face and arms." I answered her as Spider-Man walked up to the screen.

"Why should we be answering your questions? You should be answering ours, vampy. " Spidey said while pointing at them.

"You want to test us bug-boy? Huh, are you scared?" The boy on the screen said. His eyes started to dilate even more and it seemed as if the iris was swallowed by the pupil. Necro put her hand on his shoulder and tighten her grip, he lowered his side and winced from the pain. She whispered in his ear and then pulled him off the screen.

"Well, I am sorry about that. Now to answer your question, you should be free to do as you wish. Though I ask you the questions because it is a matter of the safety for everyone in Manhattan, including the vampyres. Plus, we do not like it at all to be called vampy. Next time, I advise that you watch your tongue." The High Priestess said just before she cut the communication. We all kept looking at the screen as if she would come back, but she didn't. Just then I started to hear my phone ringing from my sack, don't judge even monks have to communicate with each other from time to time. I took it out, saw the text, read it, and said it out loud for the others, "Party at Osborn's penthouse tomorrow at 8. Don't be late. All are invited."

"Harry's having a party?" Peter asked as he took off his mask. Everyone followed suit since it was starting to get really hot. Sam looked at Peter and put on a devil smile, I think I know how this will turn out. Apparently so did Peter since he said, "Well, how about we all change out of uniform and head over to Harry's?"

"No way, Peter. I have homework that will be done." Ava said while crossing her arms. I sat down in a meditative position and waited. If a fight broke out then I will only intervene when necessary. Instantly Ava and Peter went into an all out argument about homework on a Saturday night.

"Look, Ava, Harry most likely sent that to Danny on purpose. Harry might actually be trying to be nice to you guys by inviting you guys to a movie night with him, MJ, and me. Come on, it will be a marathon of movies and some of it might make all of us a group of friends." Peter said. Ava rolled her eyes and I stifled a long sigh. After being in long meetings for Rand Corporation, I learned that you can never show that you are tired, annoyed, or glad otherwise they would use that to their advantage during the meeting. I went over to them and said, "Why don't we just go there for a couple of movies and if you don't like it then you can go and do you homework."

Ava sighed and nodded, she was sadly defeated by Peter and we were all heading over to Harry's. By the time we got to the penthouse Peter was lecturing us like we were doing a training session. "Think of it as a team bonding exercise. Just without the costumes and fighting and stuff."

When we left the elevator Sam was almost growling in anger, "I don't need a new friend."

"Maybe not, but if you guys are going to invade my life it's going to be on my terms. Harry's cool, it's going to be fun." Peter countered while knocking on the door. The door opened and a guy with buzz cut yellow hair popped his out of it. "Flash?"

"Parrty!" Flash said while opening the door even more. There was a guy spinning on his head, streamers everywhere, and it looked like half the school was there.

We all just stood in the doorway taking in the scene. That is until Peter spoke something that we all might have been thinking, "Didn't see that coming."

We all walked in and looked around. On the way towards the center of the room there was a snack table with a girl trying to pour herself some punch. I tried not to bump into her, but someone bumped into me causing me to push her into the punch bowl. She instantly turned around and tried to skewer me with her eyes. All I could do was hold my hand up and wait as she yelled at me, "What the hell was that for? If you wanted the punch then you could've waited. Now I have to go and wash my favorite silk shirt, that my mom gave to me."

"I'm sorry. It's just that someone bumped into me, I didn't mean to get you soaked in punch." I answered. She pressed her lips together until they just a thin white line and she walked away. I kept looked at her as she went over to a boy and talked to him quickly before going upstairs. 'What did I just do?' I mentally asked myself. Anyway I met with the rest of the group by the piano and waited silently. Ava put her hand on her hip and looked at Peter while saying, "I'm missing homework for this?"

"This wasn't suppose to be this." He answered while searching the room, my guess for a familiar face. MJ then walked up to us and Peter spotted her. "MJ!"

I was a little bit bored so I started eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Hey, guys." She looked at us and held her hands out. Then Flash went in front of her and caught a football, causing her to move back before she continued, "Some party, huh?"

"I thought we were watching a movie." Peter said while walking up to her.

"Me too, but apparently we we're watching half the school party down at Harry's house instead." MJ answered. Even though Peter never asked.

"The whole school, actually. Except for the ones who weren't invited." Harry walked up behind them. Then he pointed at us, but specifically Sam, who was scarfing down nachos.

Ava elbowed Sam, pointed towards Harry and he turned towards her. Then Sam tried to defend himself with his mouth full. "What it good nachos."

This whoever did make both me and Luke dropped our head while frowning. "I invited them, Harry. I thought that maybe if everyone got to know each other, things could be cool." Peter explained. Harry ended up looking away, making Peter continue to talk, "Harry, I'm trying here. Come on."

"I don't need anymore friends. As you can see I've got plenty." Harry answered. He then slid on top of the piano with a mic and yelled, "You guys are the best!"

Apparently everyone seemed to like it so they started to chant, "Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry."

"Maybe my plan was a little ill-advised." MJ said. I stopped looking at them and started to look around again. Turns out that not everyone was chanting, 2 people were in the crowd just looking at us, then I noticed that it was the girl I bumped into. Though I couldn't exactly who the guy standing next her was. They both exchanged glances and then went away. Then Luke nudged me as we all head towards MJ and a Peter, who happened to be walking away. "Nervous blatter ever since 1st grade."

Then that was that Ava never got a chance to do her homework, Sam was eating there was no tomorrow, MJ was worried about her friends, while Luke and I just stood there, waiting for something to happen. Although you know what they say, be careful on what you wish for because there was a roar from upstairs and Sam stopped eating his pizza to say, "Tell me he rented a lion."

Everyone stopped, the DJ scratched a record and looked at the stairs, though the rest of us looked at Sam as he continued, "What? Rich people rent lions."

Peter then fell from the second floor, down the stairs, and someone had to catch him, but just before he fell on his back. Upstairs there was someone or something black coming in view, it fell, got back up and leaped past the stairs. It looked like tar and oil got married and had a baby. The thing let out an ear-piercing scream and took out the lights. Then everyone started to panic.

Netilie's POV

Okay first a boy bumps into me causing me to spill punch on myself, then there is goddess-knows-what that causes everyone to start to scream, run, and promptly escorted downstairs by some of my classmates. By the time almost everyone left I caught sight of a boy with blonde hair and a very tall build. GODDESS. It was Danny he bumped into me and now he might get himself killed from this thing cause he ran back inside and then changed into a costume. Oh, great, Danny is Iron Fist, okay I did not see that coming. I watched as it attacked Spider-Man and Nova, at least until it left the boy's body and the slime-tar-oil-thing headed towards Nova. That's it I had enough of these kinds of things ruining my life without notice. I pulled Clayton to the roof and towards the back of a little room as we chanted the transformation spell, "In the name of Light we wish to disguise ourselves to protect those we hold dear. To fight those who pledge themselves to Darkness, to keep balance in the world."

We changed and got ready for the creature to come out into the night under the full moon. The building started to shake as if someone, and again, or something was hitting it. That creature was scaling the building and it's next stop was the roof. I looked towards Claymore, he had his sword drawn and ready to fight it. Mean while I had to call upon the elements, "Fire, you burn brightly and you burn with a passion like non other, come to me! Wind, you are free and you can be as deadly as you are welcoming, come to me!"

Spider-Man hopped on the roof and the thing followed, so far it seemed as if Nova was trying to blast it off just as the rest of their little team came into our view and yet they were out of earshot. We watched the entire battle and saw as Power Man got absorbed by the goop, as I have temporary named it, and as it left Nova. Iron Fist had tried to hit it, but it knocked him out cold and right next to us. He was unconscious and I bent down to check his pulse. I looked up at Claymore and said, "His pulse is dropping and he is going into shock. If I don't help him now, then he is a goner and if you don't help the others, then we are all goners."

Claymore nodded and joined the battle. Goddess, I do not know how to save him, what am I suppose to do. You know what you have to do just follow your heart, daughter. I lifted his mask to reveal his forehead and I said, "Danny Rand! Night has Chosen thee! Thy death will be thy birth! Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!"

I stuck out my index finger and pressed it against his forehead. A sapphire crescent was placed smack on the center of his forehead. Danny's eyes shot open and met mine, he held my gaze before putting his mask back on and continued to fight. Normally I would take Claymore and bolt, but I continued to battle. Spider-Man went over the side of the building after a huge crate was thrown that way by the goop and when he came back Danny & I were getting ready to fight the creature. At the same time we told it, "All life is sacred, creature, but what you're doing is wrong. Let him go before I forget, I'm a pacifist."

Danny charged it, but he seemed to weak to cause any real damage. 'Marking him has made him weak until he reaches the house. I have to help him.' I thought. I raised my hands and said, "Fire go, strengthen Iron Fist and then burn the creature off the boy's body."

His attack became stronger, the goop started to move while the flames pulled it off. Power Man was pushed over to a dish-looking-thing and was knocked out. Danny was trying to out run the goop, but he was getting na little bit slow, 'hello the Mark made him weak until he got to the house.' I couldn't bear to see it if Danny got absorbed so I raised my hands even higher and said, "Wind come 'round and help Danny out run that creature."

Soon Danny became faster and he was able to out run it. Danny leaped into the air and then the creature caught his ankle and pulled him down. Spider-Man and I saw this at the same time and yelled, "IRON FIST!"

"I can hear it's thoughts. There. Ah. There, there confused. Spider-Man, it wants... you?" Those were the last words Danny said before it claimed his body. I wanted to scream and kick around like I was younger, but that was until I didn't see Claymore. Looking around I saw that he was next to Power Man, out cold. I ran up to them and woke them up. Claymore was the first to wake up and the first to run towards the creature. Shaking my head, I followed him, as much as I didn't want to hurt Danny, I had to protect the innocent first. The creature gave an even louder ear-piercing scream than earlier, this was not good. With the combined abilities of all of it's hosts that being would be unstoppable. It started to attack Spider-Man with a series of kicks and punches that seemed so much like how Danny would do if he were fighting. Then there was a familiar glow around one of his fists, it was the same glow that Danny had whenever he used the power of the Iron Fist. Spidey was fighting and joking at the same time and where did this get him? It go him flying towards a DBC electronic board while Triple J, that's my name for J. Jonah Jameson, and he continued to joke around. So far things were not going as planned, but after Danny yelled, "GET OUT!" and punched the ground I was starting to think that things not going according to plan was a good thing. The punch caused vibrations to ripple which made the creature fly off his body in a circle. Yet the creature changed to look like a wave and it was heading towards White Tiger.

Spider-Man went in front of her and said, "Enough is enough. Your not hurting anyone else on this team. You want me so bad come get me."

He was being an idiot, by sacrificing himself to the creature is suicide. Well, so is being Marked, but that is not a choice. Anyway, the creature snaked around his body until it covered him completely. Spider-Man slumped and waited as the goop kept on crawling all over his body, claiming it, making it his own. After a few minutes it started to rise from the ground, it swayed and then it's arms went out to the sides with it's head facing up as it roared, "I AM VENOM!"

I now regret calling Venom goop, so I was ready to make it pay for hurting everyone. Venom charged me and Claymore went in front, this caused Claymore to be tossed aside. Though I am not my brother, Venom tried to attack me, but I did a back flip and looked at him while saying, "Spidey, you don't want to hurt us. We're your friends."

Venom looked at me and said, "Friends, yummy."

At this point I went over to see if Danny was okay while White Tiger tried to stop it. Danny and I were out of earshot and so far that last move he used to get free from the goop almost drained him. I wanted to call on Fire and Wind, but they left me. 'I can only call upon Spirit now since the situation is dire.' I though to myself. I murmured under my breath, "Spirit, you are unique and you make us who are. Please come to me and strengthen Danny for the fight."

The fight continued all around us, while the others tried to help Danny got up quickly and seemed like he could take on Darkness, by himself. White Tiger tried to hold Venom off, but he trapped her under a satellite towers. Danny ran towards her, said something that I couldn't here and freed her. Then he jumped into Venom's view and said, "Let's talk. I know you're in there Spider-Man."

"There is only Venom." Venom answered. Danny got ready to punch, but Venom wrapped him in goop and waved him around until he stuck onto a wall. Nova then blasted Venom with one of his light beams, which made me cringe a little bit, but Venom started to march towards him. Venom picked up Nova and slammed him on the ground until the light went out. Then he caught sight of 2 humans on the side of the roof, Harry and MJ, and walked towards them. Though Venom meant to hurt them, he stopped in his tracks and screamed his ear piercing scream. I took that moment to yell, "Get out of here! Your risking your lives for nothing! Go NOW!"

They didn't listen to me and I didn't se what happened to them as the next series of events took place. Though the weirdest thing happened, Spider-Man tried to snake his way out of Venom's body several times, causing them to go all over the roof. While this was happening, they each tried to knock the other out cold. Venom was pushed to the ground, but wrapped Spidey's arms in some goop. Spider-Man struggled to free himself when he called over to Nova, "NOVA, I NEED MY HANDS!"

Nova opened his arms and when he brought his hands together, a bright light made it's way over to Spider-Man, who was holding his hands up as the light burned away the goop. Spider-Man spread his arms out and said, "You wanna be Spider-Man? You're in for a big shock, Venom."

He aimed his webs towards two, very large, metal objects and then a current of electricity started to make it's way through the web, around the metal objects and back towards Venom and Spider-Man. Of course, he's made an electrical circuit to burn Venom up since he is some form of symbiote, it would make Venom go, well to those who don't understand the technical term I will just use, poof. 3 columns of lightning were created and I knew that we were all holding our breaths. Venom ended up evaporating and Spider-Man ended up breathing heavily while on his knees. Spidey's team went up to him and said a few words of thanks while Claymore and I went over to Danny, who was still wrapped up on the wall. We shared a look and pulled goop, it came off easily along with his clothes, I was thankful that his underwear stayed on. I covered my mouth while he said, "It's a monk thing."

"Yeah, but not much of a fledgling thing." Claymore said. Harry and MJ went over to the team at the same time Danny got there. I couldn't hear a thing they said, neither could Claymore, so we took the chance to go to the shaded side of the wall and chanted the spell again, "In the name of Light we wish to disguise ourselves to protect those we hold dear. To fight those who pledge themselves to Darkness, to keep balance in the world."

Our disguise was taken away and we waited for the police to go and when the team was alone. When they were alone, Claymore and I wiped off the concealer and approached them. I was the first one to speak, "Well done on your battle. You did well, and Spider-Man I must say that it was brave of you to sacrifice yourself for the safety of your friends."

They all looked at us like we were aliens, well we might as well be since vampyre rarely ever leave the island. I smiled and walked over to Danny, who was looking at me with a surprised look. Taking my time I slowly took off his mask, revealing his Mark, and kissed him gently on the lips, he dropped to his knees then on his stomach then his breath came out like he was sleeping. Turning around the others got ready to attack me, I chuckled slightly and held my hands up while saying, "I am just doing my job, Marking 5 humans and I see my next 4 people. Oh and Spider-Man I suggest that you go to Harry right now. You two need to talk, and I will send my brother with you that way there is no funny business."

Spidey nodded and followed Clay down the stairs. Sat next to Danny and started to stroke his hair while I talked to the others, "I'm sorry it has to be like this. I wish there was another way, but sadly there isn't. You guys are really cool friends, classmates, and fighting partners. That is why you would all make great fledglings at our house. Yet I promise you that being Marked will open new doors for you and those doors will lead to a world with endless possibilities. I should know, being Marked has allowed me to have a fresh start and have a new home. Luke I now you will want that about as much as anything else. Ava you've worked so hard to get to where you are now, so why not become a vampyre. Sam you will be able to communicate with others who understand you. Just relax and take off you mask and helmet."

They shook their heads and I sighed, it didn't have to be this way. I ran up to them with inhuman speed and pinned Luke. Then I started to whisper into his ear, "If you let me Mark you then you could be away from Fury, you can start over in this new place, and you can make a difference just by attending and becoming a fledgling. All it takes is for you to kneel."

Luke seemed dazed by my words, but he kneeled anyway. I went over face him and said, " Luke Cage! Night has Chosen thee! Thy death will be thy birth! Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!"

I stuck out my index finger and pressed it against his forehead. A sapphire crescent appeared against his dark skin, I bent down and kissed his Mark. He was out like a light. I turned over to Ava and Sam, they seemed defeated since Ava took off her mask and Sam took off his helmet. All I did was walk up to them and pointed at the center of Ava's forehead and said, "Ava Ayala! Night has Chosen thee! Thy death will be thy birth! Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!"

She dropped to her knees and a sapphire crescent was where I pointed, I kissed her Mark and she was asleep. Then Sam was kneeling with his helmet perched on his knee. I smiled, lifted my index finger and said, "Sam Alexander! Night has Chosen thee! Thy death will be thy birth! Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!"

I pressed my finger against his forehead and a sapphire crescent was burned on, then I bent down to kiss his Mark to send him to see Nyx. Soon Sam was out Like a light, when Peter came in. He was looking around and he started to attack me, but Clay had restrained him. Slowly I walked up to him and pressed my index finger on his forehead while saying, "Peter Parker! Night has Chosen thee! Thy death will be thy birth! Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!"

Peter fell to his knees just when I kissed his Mark. I went back to Danny and started to trace the muscles on his chest with my finger, 'Goddess, Danny is cuter than anything. I really really like him.' Anyway Wapasha came to the roof with 5 coffins, Clay put Ava in a green coffin while I put Danny in a purple coffin and Wapasha put Peter in a yellow coffin, Sam in a red coffin, and Luke in a blue coffin. We took the coffins downstairs and into the hearse. Clay and I waited as Wapasha took us to the docks and we took a boat to the island. When the coffins were unloaded on to the beach, Clay and I opened the coffins. They all had their crescents filled in and I knew that they had to be woken up before dinner. My brother opened Ava's coffin, bent down and got back up, my guess is that he kissed her. Although I am not blaming him, I bent down and kissed Danny gently yet I felt that he was somewhat wake since I felt him kissing me back. I smiled and pulled away before going over to Luke and whispered in his ear, "Luke, wake up. You are at your new home. Welcome to the House of Night."

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