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Oh and in this Sasuke never leaves or gets a cursemark so yeah basically nothing like the original story ^.^(cause its the whole story)

Wait no in fact this is nothing at all like the original story except that I am using the characters and they are ninja that is all .

Chapter 1: New mission

Naruto groaned and stretched his arms above his head and got off of his bed and walked clumsily over to his bathroom and took a shower. He got dressed in some jeans which were ripped at the knees, a skin tight black shirt, and black converse that had little bowls of ramen on the white laces. He yawned one more time and went to his kitchen to eat some ramen and then he left. He took a walk outside enjoying this rare moment of a kind of serenity, since they had no missions today.

Lately he had a lot of solo missions and hadn't seen his teammembers in a while so he was a bit lonely. Naruto walked slowly thinking if he should meet up with Sasuke-teme or Sakura-chan, when he bumped into Kakashi-sensei. ''Yo Kakashi, I thought you were on a mission in the sound?'' ''Oh hey Naruto, yea I got done with it a while ago what have you been up to? Where are Sasuke annd Sakura?'' '' I've been on solo missions lately so I'm not sure but they should be home I heard Obaa-chan gave them a day off too.'' '' oh I see, so were you going to go see them or just taking a walk'' '' I might just go right now Kakashi-sensei see ya!'' Kakashi blinked as Naruto started running in the direction of Sakura's house thinking what got into him.

Naruto panted as he stopped in front of Sakura's house, he felt like seeing them more after talking to Kakashi so he decided to come. He knocked on the door and waited hearing someone yell ''I'm coming'' Sakura's mom answered the door and said'' Oh well if it itsn't Naruto, Sorry but Sakura went out with Ino she seemed excited about it to all dressed up I wonder if... Nah! Well did you need something Naruto?'' '' No sorry I just wanted to see Sakura-chan since it's been a while tell her I said hi when she comes back alright?'' '' Alright bye Naruto have a nice day.'' ''Bye!'' Naruto waved and ran off well off to Sasuke-teme's house I wonder if he's home or training.

Sasuke and Naruto had grown close as the years passed they were still rivals but they were also best friends... well maybe something more was wanted by the blonde whiskered boy. He always had a funny feeling inside his chest whenever he looked at the chicken butt haired boy. He would always find himself staring at him whenever said boy wasn't looking and blushing whenever Sasuke got close or when he smiled because those were so rare and so beautiful. He even liked his chicken butt hair, one time when they were taking a break from training Naruto asked'' How come your hair looks like a chickens butt?'' Sasuke glared at him for a few minutes before saying'' I dont know I just shower and brush my hair dobe.'' Naruto glared '' Stop calling me dobe teme!'' '' Stop calling me teme dobe!'' Sasuke jumped on top of Naruto and randomly started to tickle him making Naruto squirm under him and beg for mercy. Sasuke smiled and naruto was mesmerized. What he would do just to kiss him.

Naruto sighed and went on his way to Sasuke's house. When he got there he knocked a few times and waited so he guessed he was training again , sometimes Naruto worried about Sasuke because he trained more than he slept and was so focused on his revenge that he was on borderline obsessed. Oh well thought Naruto as he made his way to the old training grounds excited to finally see him and on the way he got a suprise. Sakura and Ino were on a bench kissing eachother intimantly and they broke apart when Sakura opened her eyes and blushed seeing him there. Now he knew what Sakura's mother was thinking about! '' Hi Sakura-chan!'' '' um u-'' '' Hi Naruto!'' Ino said for Sakura who blushed when Ino held her hand and waved to Naruto with the other. '' Um so when did yall two get togther?'' Naruto said with a suggestive wink. Sakura was crimson by then and mumbled'' We've be-been to-t-together for a while Naruto.'' Ino smiled broadly and said '' Yeah that's right Naruto so don't be touching my Sakura only I can do that!'' Ino said suggestively enjoying this immensely while Sakura hid her face in Ino's breast in emberassment. Naruto smiled '' Congratulations to the happy couple! And I'll make sure to keep my hands off your Sakura-chan'' As he ran off he could he Sakura murmuring to Ino ''Stupid Ino calling me yours and emberassing me...'' oh well he thought to himself as he continued on his way to the training grounds.

At the training grounds

Sasuke hands moved swiftly as he formed the hand sign for a substitution jutsu as his clone came behind him stabbing him but to late as the real Sasuke was behind the clone already and threw his kunai at it and it immediatly disappeared ina poof of smoke. '' The last one..'' he murmured to himself as he took a deep breath and sat down on the ground he flinched when he heard the blonde idiot scream "SASUKE-TEME!" While he had gotten used to the blonde he always came and ruined his peace" WHAT DOBE!" though he wasn't going to lie to himself he grown quite fond of in fact it was somethig way past friendship but he knew Naruto only thought of themselves as friends so he was going to keep whatever relationship he had with him.

''Yo Sasuke! wassup?'' Naruto grinned his cheeks flushed and his hair even more messy than usual from all the running. Sasuke blushed just lookiing at him turning away saying his catchphrase''hn'' Naruto got annoyed by his response and while the Uchiha had his head turned away snuck up behind him and...''NARUTOOOO!'' Sasuke yelled while the blonde ninja tickled his sides making him laugh uncontrollably. "Nahah-ru ahhahah-to STOP!" he said flipping them over so that he hovered over the grinning boy ''Sasuke come you know you were enjoying it!'' Naruto said cheekily. Sasuke was enjoying it but not for the reasons that Naruto was thinking. " I see so if I enjoy it then I know you'll like it even more" Sasuke said evily a menacing aura surrounding him making Naruto shudder.

Sasuke began his attack! Naruto was laughing uncontrollably and attempted to stop him but one of Sasuke's hands held both of his arms by the wrists over his head and the other was tickling his stomache. Naruto couldn't take it anymore as tears formed at the corners of his eyes from all the laughing and decided to resort to begging " S-sasuke..?" Noticing how his voice had changed to a softer more pleading tone Sasuke looked down and damn did he kinda regret it. Naruto's shirt had risen and exposed his stomache and his hair was tousled around his head while his cheeks were flushed crimson and tears were in his eyes. He was damn adorable and he wanted to hug Naruto and say he was sorry but he was frozen staring until Naruto said" Sasuke p-please l-l-let go"By then his little friend down stairs had decided to wake up so he readily complied with the request and he got off of Naruto. He just stared at Naruto until he caught his breath and slowly got up. He smiled" Thanks Sasuke" Sasuke felt bad about thinking such impure thoughts about his 'friend' and was about to say so when Kakashi jumped in" Alright guys it's time for a mission lets go its an s-rank." They nodded and disappeared in a cloud of smoke and re-appeared in the hokages office.

In the hokage's office

When they arrived all of there were friends were there. Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Temari, Tenten,Karin (she joined after escaping Orochimaru),Jugo and Suigetsu (who also escaped from Orochimaru) Kiba, Shino, Gaara (yes he is still Kazekage), Kankuro,Neji and then finally Kurenai, Gai, Kakashi, and Asuma. " "Alright now that everyone is here lets get straight to the point. We have gained information on Orochimaru and the Akatsuki and um... well it is unusual."

" What is it Tsunade-sama?" Kakashi said in a monotone voice as usual. " Well apparently they have went to a neighboring country called Japan ( I don't know where the Naruto world actually is because I am not an expert so Ima make it its own little country) and they have entered into one of their high schools." " High school?" Naruto asked. " It's a place for people to learn, we don't have to go because we are Ninja who are focused on completing missions for their nation." Sakura said knowingly. "Correct Sakura thank you." " What are we going to do about it though?" Sasuke asked. " We are going to stop them of course!" Naruto said

"If Orochimaru is there then something must seriously be up..." Karin said her eyes held a far-away look earning a concerned look from Suigetsu. "Exactly, which is why We are sending you to a rival school that way you can investigate during these things called 'sports competitions' and 'school festivals'" "Why don't we just go to the same school that way we can watch them all the time?" Naruto asked curiously. " Because we know they want you and you may put the lives of many civilians in danger in a battle over you in fact now that I think about it when you go to the school only be friends with eachother that way civilians will be at less risk." Naruto nodded suprisingly satisfied with this answer instead of the usual 'I'll take them all on' thing going on. " um T-Tsunade -sama...?" "Yes Hinata?" " W-well um h-h-how long w-will we be a-attending this school?" " Until the end of the school year." "When is that?" Asuma asked taking the cigerate out of his mouth getting ready to light up another. " 6 months." "WHAT!" screamed half the room. And finally after a week of preperation the mission will begin.

. . .

I forgot to mention that Sasuke is a pervert though I am sure you can figure that out on your own.