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Note: Sasuke and Naruto have the same schedule because they are in the same dorm,it's the same as everyone else They only have lunch with everyone else but everyone has the same you know different periods...I hope that isn't confusing.

First period History!

" Hello, I am your teacher for the rest of the semester Hatake Kakashi, it's a pleasure to meet you." Kakashi said half- assedly as he kept himself occupied with his Icha Icha Paradise book. Sasuke and Naruto both inwardly sighed. They should have known that he wasn't gonna act any differently. Kakashi went up to the board and wrote down the assignments explained each one in short detail and sat down in the chair not once looking away from his book. The students all sweat dropped and went to work not knowing what else to do. While Sasuke looked like he was having no trouble with his work Naruto looked like he was about to explode..

Sasuke sighed and passed Naruto some notes that would help him through some of the assignments. Naruto looked confused before smiling brightly at Sasuke mouthing'Thanks'. Sasuke of coarse being the pervert that he was blushed and looked away. Damn this really be a long day.

Second period Biology

"Hi I am Sarutobi Azuma, it's a pleasure to make your aquaintence." he said cooly and began writing on the board. " Pull out your textbooks and begin the lesson. If you have any questions just ask." he said before sitting down at his desk. He pulled out some papers and started writing some stuff down. "ppsssst...hey Sasuke!." Naruto whispered to the concentrating boy. "Oooooiii Sasuke!" "what!" he screamed/whispered.

" Oh I forgot to mention you can work in pairs, you don't have to but if you need to please go ahead and push your seats together." "Perfect timing I was about to ask you if you could help me, I don't really understand."Naruto smiled emberassedly. He looked at Sasuke for a moment thinking he didn't want to work with him. He felt a pang thinking that Sasuke wouldn't want to but the feeling quickly went away as soon as Sasuke started moving his desk closer.

"What do you need help with dobe." "Don't call me dobe teme." he muttered before begining to ask him questions on the first problem. Sasuke sighed as he explained each problem to Naruto. In the end he got none of his work done.

He was so looking forward for lunch.


"Hey everybody!How's school been for ya'll!"Naruto said cheerily, secretly happy that he's spending so much time with Sasuke. "It's been great but Kakashi is well, you know."Ino said"Apathetic?" Sakura put in. Ino smiled and hugged her "Yeah Sakura! Your so smart!" She said making Sakura blush and everybody chuckled at the happy couple.

"We haven't had Kakashi yet,is he as boring as he looks?" Tenten asked holding hands with Neji under the table. "It's alright but it's really hard!" Naruto exclaimed, Ino nodding in agreement. "It's easy." Sasuke and Sakura said in unison. Ino and Naruto puffed their cheeks "That's because ya'll are geniuses."Naruto said."yeah my Sakura is to smart for her own good. Oh I know, Temari, Kankuro what did you think?"" It was easy, but then we study alot in the sand."Temari said while Kankuro nodded eating the snacks he got from the snack machine.


"Awww we have to go to class see ya!" Naruto said throwing away his trash and walked with Sasuke to the next class." Hey don't you think they look kind of good together, Kiba?" Hinata asked. "Well kinda, why?" " No reason.." Hinata giggled, grabbed Kiba's hand, and walked to class.

Fourth Period Math

"Hi nice to meet you, I am one of the new teachers and my name is Kurenai Yuhi. It is a pleasure to meet you all." She said politely. A few of the guys were giving her heated stares. The girls were giving her heated glares. " Alright we will start with learning the formulas. Lets see..." The class ended and everyone looked exhausted. Kurenai's class was the hardest! Naruto and pretty much everyone else shuffled out of the classroom and headed on to their next class.

Fifth Period Economics. (just some random male sensei he's not important)

"I hope we get to eat Ramen!" Naruto told Sasuke."Is that all you ever think about dobe?" said Sasuke remembering the incident that morning. "No! I think about other things to like..um..uh..Well whatever I think about other stuff." he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. Sasuke couldn't help but chuckle" You really are a dobe." Naruto chose to ignore that last comment and took an unoccupied seat by the window, he glanced to the side and saw that Sasuke had opted for sitting next to him. "aww teme, can't you stand being away from me for even a second."Naruto teased playfully enjoying the blush that appeared on Sasuke's pale skin.

"Whatever dobe you know you like me close to you, considering how you latch onto me even in your sleep." he said watching the heavy blush form on Naruto's tan cheek. He mentally danced in victory when the blonde moron couldn't come up with a response.

"All right today we are making a cheesecake, and yes you can make as many as you want and do whatever you want with them as long as you don't make a mess." the teacher said. The class cheered and began following the instructions in the book. Naruto and Sasuke's cakes turned out perfect. It seems as though they have a natural talent for baking. They both secretly thought of this as a personal victory but the competetor in this baking match is a mystery. Sadly the bell rang and they headed off to gym.

Sixth Period Gym (um I used Guy here for a sensei instead of a janitor, sorry but I feel as if it was to late to update chapter 1 or 2 i forgot so yeah)

"Hello! Ladies and Gentleman! I am Guy, I hope that you are all as youthful as all my first period (Lee was in there). Now everyone run 20 laps around the track." He struck a pose and said"Go!" all the students except for Naruto and Sasuke complained about the crazy teacher and how it was impossible to run 20 laps in 1 class period. They all stopped though when they saw Sasuke and Naruto compete with eachother and finish the laps in almost no time at all. All the girls squeeled and some hearts even fluttered at the sight of the two hot guys sweating it out with eachother.

So when the period ended all the fangirls cried because they couldn't see more sweat trickle down their chizeled bodies.(weird people right?)

Back at the dorm

" I'm gonna go take a shower first Naruto said grabbing his pajamas. "Hn." Sasuke said laying down on the bed and staring at the ceiling.

15 minutes later

"Aaahh that was refreshing Sasuke you should go ahead and shower to you were sweating alot." "Hn." Sasuke said grabbing his sleeping clothes ignoring the loud blonde lecture him about his 'hn' response. Naruto sighed and sat on the bed smiling ' I can't believe I can spend the whole day with Sasuke everyday, this has to be a dream come true.' Naruto thought to himself as his heart thudded and his eyes slowly drifted closed, and a smile was still gracing his face.

Sasuke got out of the shower only to be greeted by a sleeping Naruto. He smiled as he gently placed him under the sheets and laid down next to the sleeping beauty. He couldn't help but stare at the boy, he was so tempting. Naruto's skin was slightly pinkened from the hot water and his hair was slightly damp, his face held a cute and peaceful smile, how could he not stare at the adorable ninja. Sasuke decided that even if Naruto attacked him in his sleep, it wasn't so bad and he could handle it if he could see his beautiful face everyday. And with that note Sasuke closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep dreaming peaceful dreams.

alright people I am sorry but I have been working on this chapter for a while and it might seem kind of rushed but honestly this was all I could think of at the moment so when I think of something better to write I will fix it but for now deal with it. Got it? Get it? good.:D