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1 week later

Sasuke and Naruto (6:30)

Sasuke woke up with a groan thinking why did he have to wake up this damn early. He glanced at the clock and then the boy clinging to him. He sighed and took a breath "NARUTO GET UP!" the blonde boy sat up straight in bed looking around sleepily before his eyes landed on Sasuke and he frowned. "Why can't you wake me up in a more peaceful manner?"he asked rubbing his eyes."I tried that remember? It didn't work." Sasuke said shaking his head and getting up to get dressed for the day.

"Oh yeaa." Naruto mumbled walking to their closet and picking out and orange shirt with blue jeans and his favorite ramen converse (I'm to lazy to put it into detail, so deal with it) Sasuke stepped out of the bathroom dressed in a black tank top black loose-fitting jeans with a chain hanging loosely to them.

"Hurry up dobe before you make us late again." he said to Naruto as he passed by him. "Hey I'm not the only one who makes us late! What about that time that you..uh..you know.." " Dobe.." "Hey quit calling me that Teme!" and so began their usual argument, but this time Sasuke decided to approach it differently.

He slinked up behind Naruto while he was pulling on his shirt and wrapped his pale arms around Naruto's tan body. "S-sasuke?" what was Sasuke doing when just a minute ago he was whining about being late? "Then what do you want me to call you?" he ran his hands down Naruto sides and breathed into his ear, causing the smaller male to shiver and lean closer to Sasuke.

Naruto mentally cursed Sasuke for doing this to him. Making his body react this way, unable to speak and just wanting his touch on his skin...'I wish he wasn't just messing with me..."
After several attempts Naruto said "Why don't you just call me by my name you bastard."

Sasuke smirked loving how Naruto wasn't pulling away from him and in fact was leaning in closer. His lips brushed against Naruto's ear and he whispered."Naruto-chan~"

Naruto flushed and pulled away from Sasuke "I'm a boy! You can't add chan!"

" I can if your acting like a girl." he said gesturing to Naruto's posture and facial expression.

Naruto looked in the mirror and gasped his face was like a tomato and his hands were on his hips in a sassy like manner. Since when in the hell did he do that?!

Naruto shook his head and gave Sasuke a glare " I am not acting like a girl!" Sasuke just smirked and walked out the door. Naruto's protests rang down the hallways and his footsteps thudded against the ground as he ran after sasuke, with his shoes untied and a piece of toast in his mouth. (they have their own kitchens, nice school huh?)

"Damnit! Sasuke! wait up you bastard!" he yelled at the raven haired boy. Sadly though Sasuke was already down the stairs heading towards class not wanting to be late again.

This was their morning ritual...

Ino and Sakura pov ( when they wake up5:00)

Ino's eyes fluttered open, greeted by a beautiful sight just like every other morning. Sakura's arms were wrapped around her, her cheeks pink and she sighed contentedly in her sleep. Sadly for Ino just like every morning she shook the pink angel awake to get ready for the boring event called school. The only good thing was that the couple had all their classes together and occasionally with some of their friends. ( Gaara and lee for 1st and 2nd, Hinata and Kiba for 5th and Temari 7th. )

Sakura opened her eyes slowly groaning at the lack of sun filtering through the window. "How do people do this all their life!" she complained. Ino smirked and said " Oh, billboard brow, you only have to do it for about 5 1/2 more months." "Shut up Ino-pig, I know that!" a scowl was marring Sakura's pretty little face.

They both got up and went to pick out their outfits for school. Ino wore a tight purple t-shirt and black skinny jeans with sparkly purple converse, while Sakura wore a red tank top and a pair of basketball shorts, and a pair of black Nike.

Ino sighed at her girlfriends lack of feminine clothing, but knew that no matter what she said the best she would get out of Sakura was a pair of skinny jeans and converse before the pinkette said "no way", so she left her alone for today.

They walked out of the door talking about what they were going to do for the day, heading to first period. (early might I add.)

With Neji and Tenten (like at 4:00 in the morning I might add. o.o crazy man)

Tenten was sharpening her weapons while Neji was in the bathroom. She swares Neji takes longer in the bathroom than Ino...and she's in their for like 30 minutes only brushing her hair.

Finally after another thirty minutes, in which Tenten decided to start studying her ninja scrolls, Neji came out of the bathroom. His hair was in his usual style, a plain black button up collared shirt with a chain on the breast pocket, loose fitting blue jeans, and plain black tennis shoes.

" Great your done, now let's go to our usual sparring spot." Tenten said giving him a kiss on the cheek as she walked out the door. (They only do Taijutsu)

Neji nodded and followed silently behind the smaller brunette excited for what's to come after training though he wasn't showing it, he's too cool for that. (Get your minds out of the gutter nothing horrible just Tenten sitting on his lap and a long make out session that sometimes leads to second base but that's it!)

Hinata and Kiba (6:00)

Kiba's mouth gaped open as he let out a huge yawn. He glanced to Hinata's side of the bed and sighed. It was empty once again.

It wasn't that she didn't sleep in the same bed because she trusted Kiba, it's that every morning Hinata trained until the point of exhaustion and Kiba was already preparing the "don't push yourself too much speech." or so he thought.

A delicious scent hung in the air and Kiba practically floated to the kitchen.

Hinata was placing eggs, french toast and bacon on two separate plates, and Kiba smiled gratefully when she handed him his.

Usually he woke up late so he always ate a piece of toast and made a run for it. He put one bite in his mouth and practically moaned. "Hinata your the best cook ever!" Hinata smiled and blushed "Thank you Kiba." They chatted for a while before they made their way to class with plenty of time to spare.

Lee and Gaara's room. (5:00 because Gaara doesn't sleep and Lee goes out very early to train, so this is after he showers and stuff)

"Lee, I would enjoy it immensely if you didn't shout about how youthful your training was every morning." lee looked at him as if had just requested the impossible.
But I must shout my appreciating for such a youthful day! Especially when I wake up to see you in the morning!" Gaara turned his head and blushed. " That's nothing to be grateful for Lee." though he obviously enjoyed the flattery.

Lee slightly deflated from the response, he really wanted Gaara to have more confidence in himself considering he was completely sexy. Those smoldering green eyes, those delectable lips, that nice ass..

" Gaara." he leaned in close to the red-headed boy not giving him any time to respond, before placing his lips on his. Gaara leaned in to the kiss, soon Lee's tongue was asking for entrance, which was easily granted. The boys fought for dominance, and soon without even realizing it Lee had pushed Gaara on the bed. Their kiss became even more passionate and their moans echoed in their room. Though neither wanted to they parted and caught their breath.

"Lee.." Gaara's face was flushed and his chest rose and fell harshly as he caught his breath from that breath-taking kiss. Lee gulped knowing once again he could not hold back against this sexy being.


(and to those who like it, this is just a little something before Naruto and Sasuke stop being so slow)

Lee pressed his lips once again against his but this time he let his hands roam underneath Gaara's black shirt. Gaara moaned hotly into Lee's mouth when he pinched his pink nipples, rolling them in his fingertips, and massing his chest.

Gaara writhed under his touch. Moans were constantly passing through his lips from these simple touches. It drove him crazy and he absolutely loved it.

Lee moved from Gaara's lips to his collar-bone nipping and sucking marking Gaara as his. He removed Gaara's shirt and quickly latched on his perky nipples. His tongue swirled around the aroused bud, while one of his hands played with the other and the other hand was holding Gaara's hips in place so he wouldn't thrust against his hard cock.

Lee moved up to Gaara's ear and whispered huskily "You are so beautiful Gaara... I don't know how it's possible to think any other way." Gaara looked into Lee's eyes and smiled gratefully, he always knew how to make him feel even better about himself. Without saying anything he leaned into Lee and kissed him softly before flipping their position.

He took all of Lee's clothes off before he kissed his chest. He trailed quick little butterfly kisses down Lee's toned stomach until he reached his destination.

He licked his swollen lips before taking the huge cock into his mouth as far as it could go which was only about half way. Lee's girth was like a blessing in Gaara's eyes, and he enjoyed it every chance he got.

He pumped what was left and picked up a steady temp. Lee groaned and placed his hands in Gaara's hair desperately wanting to thrust him deeper but knew he couldn't, which drove him crazy. Gaara's tongue was skillfully licking up all of Lee's juices, wanting to taste all of him. His tongue ran across lee's vein and he hummed a tune causing Lee to shout "GAARA!"

He couldn't take much more of Gaara's skilled ministrations, so he pulled Gaara's head off before he came. Gaara pouted slightly wanting to taste more of Lee's cum, but quickly got over it when Lee's hand wrapped around his own cock and almost roughly started to jerk him off. and he could feel his tongue rubbing against his pink hole. "Lee~" he moaned out when the pace suddenly decreased and Lee's tongue entered Gaara's tight hole, tasting his leaking juices. Gaara felt his stomach coiling and his toes curled at the sensation. "L-lee I-i I'm cum-!" his seeds spurted out on his stomach. His moan was muffled by Lee's mouth on his own,tasting himself.

"You came a lot." he murmered and glanced at the alarm clock. "Holy crap we got to shower and get ready Gaara!" the red-head turned his head towards the clock and cursed it was already 6:45.

Gaara glanced at Lee's arousal and frowned, Lee looked down at what Gaara was looking at and said "It's fine Gaara I only care about making you feel good anyway." a happy smile on his face. Gaara blushed and embraced Lee " We'll finish this later~" his promise of future sex made Lee groan.

They got out of bed,took a quick shower, and got dressed, before they rushed out the door 3 minutes remaining until they had to be in class.

Shikamaru and Choji (6:30)

Shikamaru's mouth gaped open as he yawned. A frown was evident on his face as he looked at the time. 'This is all so troublesome...why can't they have left me out of this and just send all the other loud mouth idiots to their own devices...whatever thinking about it is to troublesome." he dragged himself out of bed and got dressed for the day, and walked out the door, not bothering to see if Choji was there already knowing he left without him to eat breakfast.

Kankuro and Temari (5:30)

"I still don't understand why I have to be with you." Temari said grumpily at the purple-face painted boy. "whatever you just wanted to make out with that pineapple headed kid didn't you...never would have pegged you for the type to go after brats!" Temari pulled out a small fan of hers "kankuro if you don't want to die then I suggest you make a run for it." Kankuro gulped and bolted out the door and hid from the his scary sister knowing she would kill him.

Suigetsu and Karin (6:00)

Karin slowly rose from the bed and screamed, but her mouth was covered by a hand. "Geez woman what the hell is your problem."Suigetsu said releasing his hand from her face. "I told you to sleep on the floor! Get out of the bed!" "Why would I sleep on the floor when there is a perfectly good bed right here." he said to the deranged woman. "Ain't like I'm touch you, you ugly woman!" "What did you just say you animal!" "You heard me ugly fat ass!" Karin screeched and lunged at Suigetsu, but he turned into water so she just went right through him.

"wait... YOU AREN'T WEARING ANY CLOTHES!" "Yeah. so? it's more comfortable." She began throwing anything she could at him but of course he just turned into water and walked towards the bathroom with some clothes.

"Hurry up ugly woman or else we're gonna be late." she huffed and put on her clothes for school and left Suigetsu trailing behind her.

Juugo and Shino (6:15)

They sat there drinking coffee and minding there own business for the next 30 minutes before they left the room and headed towards class.

With Sasuke and Naruto first period.(8:00 Kakashi just got there.)

"Alright class I have an announcement to make. The first football game will be held next Friday. Please be turn in a note stating if you will not be there that day because it is taking place during school. Any questions?" several hands went up " None? Okay todays lesson will be..."

Naruto and Sasuke gave each other a look and smirked. Finally the fun will start.

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