"Perrine!'' Yoshike shouted across the yard. The blonde turned around with a frustrated look on her face.

"What?'' Perrine answered.

Yoshika rubbed her arm, looking at her. ''Where is Lynne?''

Perrine rolled her eyes. ''In the tub. .'' Hearing this, Yoshika zoomed off, past the blonde leaving her in a cloud of dust.



Yoshika entered the steam room slowly and calmly. After a moment or two looking for the sky girl, the brunette spotter her. Sitting alone, playing with the water. Like always she dipped her toe in, causing Lynn to look up.

Yoshika waved slightly, stepping in. ''Hello..'' She blushed a deep red.

''Thought it was just me, today.'' The blonde giggled, causing Yoshika to grin. ''The more.. The merrier!'' Lynne continued with a chirp.

The brunette made her way to Lynn. ''Why come here alone?''

''It's sort my thinking time-''

''But you can think at night.. When you lay in bed..'' Yoshika interrupted.

The bustier girl looked away without a word.

''I-Im sorry.'' The smalled girl said as she leaned her head against Lynn's shoulder.

This cause a smile to form on Lynne's face.

"CANNON BALL!'' The moment was ruined by Francesca jumping in, then slowly after Shirley.

The splashed cause the girls to become completely wet.

''You guys!'' Yoshika screeched, while Lynn rubbed her eyes.

Shirley chuckled. ''Thought we were gonna be the only ones in here. Sorry.''

''Sorry, that you're not sorry?'' The brunette looked at Lynne.

Francesca interrupted ''Yoooshhhiikkkaa! Don't get your panties in a bunch!'' The dark headed girl giggled diving under the bubbles, while Lynne exited the tub, without a sound. Leaving the girls behind.



Later that night, just before Yoshika got into the top bunk, she noticed Lynne looking out the window.

''Lynne?'' She questioned the bonde.

''Yes, Yoshika?'' Lynne smiled warmly, turning around.

''You.. Umm. Okay?'' The smaller girl asked.

Lynne made her way to the bottom bunk. ''Of course, I am. Why wouldn't I be?''

''Just curious.'' Yoshika walked over, leaning over Lynne. "Night.'' She whispered leaning in, kissing the blonde on the cheek.

Lynne couldn't resist the blush forming on her face. ''Night..''