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"Ami! Over here!" Mina was waving frantically to grab Ami's attention.

In a college library. Wearing one of her more flamboyant fashion creations. Ami sighed and lifted a hand to let Mina know that she'd seen her. She wouldn't be Mina otherwise. Ami hiked her backpack further up her shoulder and nodded uncomfortably at the librarian's assistant who was currently giving her the stink eye. She arrived at the table and sat down quickly.

"Ami, you're going to thank me!" Mina crowed. Immediately, Ami felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Whenever her conversations with Mina began this way...

"Mina, what am I going to thank you for?" she cautiously questioned.

Mina squirmed with excitement, purposely holding off in order to build the suspense. "We-ell, I found you a model for the portfolio you need to get together."

Ami didn't hide her surprise or her unease. Mina didn't miss either and her face fell. "Well, I just wanted to help. Did you already have someone lined up?"

"No," Ami admitted. "Thank you, Mina. I was having trouble finding someone that I hadn't worked with before."

Mina's bright smile returned and she nodded emphatically. She handed Ami a slip of paper with a room number on it. "We're going to meet the model here in about half an hour. He's still in class."

Ami froze. "H-he?" Just then Mina's phone rang and she peered at the caller ID before her face brightened.

"Hello? Art? Wait- what do you mean she lost the fabric? How do you lose fabric that I labelled myself, Art?" Mina sighed before putting the phone to her chest. "Ami, I have to go sort this out. You'll be fine, right? Just go to that room in half an hour." Without giving Ami a chance to answer otherwise, Mina swept out of the library, talking a mile a minute to Art. Not once did she notice the amount of glares and appreciative glances she garnered.

Ami sighed. She didn't envy whomever was on the other end of that mistake but she wasn't exactly happy to be in her current predicament either. She wasn't...good...with strange men she wasn't used to. Ami debated not going to meet this man but stopped before she began wasting time. Her sense of responsibility was stronger than her cowardice. She couldn't leave the guy hanging. She would just have to let him down gently.

Half an hour later, she was pacing in the empty classroom when a professor she recognized from the English department walked into the room. Ami had never actually taken a class with him but he'd always gotten rave reviews from everyone she knew that had taken a class with him. It was Professor Lawrence, right?

He noticed her and took off his glasses. "Hello!"

Ami furrowed her brow. "Are you here to meet someone about modelling?"

He nodded before putting his glasses on once more to peer at her. He was probably expecting someone like Mina, or Mina herself.

"Ah, yes. Then I'm at the right place?"

Ami nodded and opened her mouth to explain how she wouldn't be needing his help after all so sorry for the trouble, when he began removing clothing. He pulled off his sweater vest and began unbuttoning the dress shirt he had on underneath. Unsure what to do, Ami stepped towards him, hands held up to halt his progress.


His hands paused on the next button.

Hic! Hic!

He looked down at Ami's burning face. "Are you all right?"

Ami nodded miserably. "I'll be fine, just please don't – hic - remove anymore clothing. You – hic - really are quite attractive and nicely proportioned. I'm - hic - certain you'll make a wonderful subject, I-"

He smiled and buttoned up his shirt once more before placing a hand on Ami's shoulder. "I'm sorry. Mina suggested that I do something to grab your attention. Fast." He certainly had her attention now, but he'd had it the minute he walked into the room. "I'm Zachary Lawrence and I leave myself in your hands."

"I'm – hic – Ami."

"Medical student extraordinaire. I know who you are, Little Miss."



Ami looked up at the sound of someone calling her name. She spotted Nate and Darien standing outside Zach's office. Ami smiled at the both of them. "What are you both doing here?"

"We just had lunch with a friend of ours. He's showing us his office." Nate replied before stepping forward to give her a hug. She gladly stepped into his embrace and then hugged Darien after.

"How are you, Ami?" Darien inquired.

She smiled up at him. "I'm all right, how are you?"

"He's fine and the two of them were just leaving," Zach interrupted, casually leaning against the doorframe of his office. Darien and Nate exchanged a glance, a look of understanding passing between them. Ami wondered what she'd just missed.

"All right then, we were just leaving. See you soon, Ames."

Ami smiled and waved goodbye to Darien and Nate. "Bye boys." In moments, the pair were out of sight. Ami turned to find Zach's gaze fixed on her. The look he wore was one of deep contemplation.

"I'm disappointed, Little Miss."


"You don't smile like that when you see me. You grimace and square your shoulders as if you were walking into battle." He stepped forward and pulled her into his office by her elbow, then shut the door behind them.

Hic! Hic!

Zach turned around and leaned forward into her space and peered into her face. "Hiccups again? You start whenever you see me. Am I that bad?"

"I get the hiccups when – hic - I'm nervous," Ami admitted. The corner of his mouth immediately quirked up.

"So I make you nervous?"

Ami stared up at him helplessly. "Y-yes?"

"Forgive me for being forward, Little Miss."

"Hmm?" Ami asked distractedly. Any other thoughts vanished the moment Zach ran his index finger down the bridge of her nose. Then he rubbed her chin with his thumb.

"I'll settle for making you nervous. For now."

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