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Ami placed her middle finger on the bridge of her glasses and pushed up. This pair kept sliding down her nose and it was becoming quite annoying. She would've had no problem with her regular pair of glasses but there were her back-ups. Her regular pair had become casualties of Mina's latest fashion inspiration and until inspiration stopped striking, she was stuck with this pair. Speaking of which, Ami placed her middle finger on the bridge of her glasses and pushed them up sullenly.

She shifted on the lab stool she was seated on and looked over her detailed notes and then referred to one of the several texts she had laid out on the desk before her. Her brow furrowed as she looked for the one item of data that continued to elude her. Ami sighed lightly in frustration. Labs didn't usually take so long. Generally, she came in, looked over the assignment, completed it and then looked it over before handing it in – all without problems. For some reason, there was no focus, no drive and no energy today.

It didn't help that she'd stayed up several nights in a row helping the girls prepare for midterms. Ami had already been prepared for her own, but wasn't one to say no to extra prep time, or spending time with her girls. So, perhaps lack of sleep was a factor in this lack of everything.

Her stomach burbled loudly and she quickly pressed a hand to it, cheeks reddening as she glanced about herself. There was no one to notice, but as she glanced at her watch, she realized much more time had passed by than she'd initially though. Hunger was definitely another factor.

Ami thought about grabbing something to eat but instead, placed a hand under her chin, after adjusting her glasses once more, and made herself comfortable leaning an elbow on one of the textbooks. She idly stared at a point off in the corner of the lab. Truth be told, her mind was wandering because of one man. One man, who'd sent her so far out of her routines and tried and true methods of living life. He poked and prodded at Ami, made her question the way she approached things and the way he approached things. He made her think she could be a woman in ways she hadn't considered before. Ami understood that she had appeal and she was wanted and sought after but he gave her space as well. He understood Ami's need to learn for herself where everything stood in their...relationship. It wasn't as if this was something out of the blue for her. He'd taken his sweet time wooing her, because quite frankly, Ami had taken a while to get used to the idea of his presence in her life.

She thought of his strawberry blonde hair, piled into a messy ponytail (that he'd probably run his hands through repeatedly) when he was coming out of an intense class. Ami thought of his playful smile and the gentle ways he was always touching her. Her mind wandered a while, thinking of the many little ways he made her laugh and unconsciously, she ran her fingers over her bottom lip. That one errant curl at the top of his head and just everything about him made her want to kiss him.

"A lot on your mind, Little Miss?"

Ami yelped and nearly fell over backwards off the stool, except that a strong pair of arms that caught her just before large hands slid down to adjust her hips on the stool. She merely leaned back against Zach's broad chest, recognizing who it was as she inhaled the warm, bright citrus-y scent that was all him. He chuckled and she smiled as she felt his chest shake with his amusement.

"I didn't mean to scare you."

"I know," Ami breathed as her heart rate returned to normal.

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "I have something for you but you'll have to pack up and come with me."

Ami closed her eyes for several seconds and hummed her agreement. She supposed she could've offered up some kind of resistance and played hard-to-get but that wasn't who she was with him. He understood it and she did too. They'd come too far for that.

It took no time, with Zach's help, to get packed up. Then her hand was in his and he was leading her through the hallways, towards the cafeteria.

"You don't have class today, Zach?"

"It was optional today. A come-if-you-need-it type of day." He shrugged. "I didn't need it."

Ami rolled her eyes behind him noting, not for the first time, the differences between them. She would've been at the review class, sitting in the front row, taking detailed notes.

As they came up to the closed cafeteria doors, Zach stopped and turned to face Ami.

"It's a surprise," he explained before stepping around so that he was behind her, placing his hands over her eyes.

He led her forward and they paused before Ami could hear the sound of the doors opening. There were several footsteps that Ami knew weren't theirs so Zach must've gotten help from someone or several people. He stepped in close behind her and Ami took it as a signal to move forward. When he thought they were ready, he pulled her to a stop and pulled his hands from her eyes.

She took in the picnic blanket spread across one of the tables in the cafeteria. There was a decent-sized selection of finger-food type sandwiches – plenty of her favourite types, she noted. Fresh strawberries and whipped cream, sat in separate bowls waiting for her to dig into. Ami spun around, a hand at her mouth, touched by Zach's impromptu picnic, all for her.

Zach, looking sheepish now, rubbed the back of his head, glancing down at their feet. "I figured you probably hadn't eaten yet and I just – you know, I missed you today, so I thought that I would put this together because the guys kept saying I was all talk and no action. This isn't even about the guys, it's about you and me-"

Ami put his rambling speech to a stop with a finger to his lips. She stepped in closer and peered up at him, from above the frame of her glasses. His green eyes warmed as she continued her perusal of his face. Her lips twitched as his gaze dropped to her lips before rising back up to her eyes, once, twice and a third time.

Finally, Ami reached up and lightly grabbed Zach's chin with her thumb and forefinger. She brought his face down to a comfortable level and leaned forward, pressing her lips to his. Zach hummed his approval and she smiled when he eagerly began to reciprocate, bringing his arms around to hold her to him tightly. She slowly wound her arms around his neck, going on her tiptoes to be able to reach him better.

Whooping and cheering began from somewhere around them and Ami belatedly realized that there may have been other students still present in the cafeteria. She pulled away from the kiss, enjoying the slightly glazed look she'd left on Zach's face for a few seconds. Then, without looking at the onlookers Ami buried her flaming face in his chest. Zach chuckled and placed a kiss on the top of Ami's head.

"You're too distracting, you know," Ami mumbled into his chest.

"So are you, Little Miss. So are you."

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