I got really into Voldie and Harry together but you know as Tom Riddle…or Harry's gotta be a weirdo for liking that face ew! Harry and Tom are together in an orphanage.

One could say it was a rather ominous night, cold and rainy. But for Tom Marvolo Riddle it was a wonderful night. Not at first though as he looked back at it. No, he didn't like the cute, adorable brat.

A cloaked figure walked towards the orphanage, holding the hand of a small fey-like creature with grime covering his face that walked bare-footed. Fiery red hair glistened brightly against the gray sky and the smell of wet concrete. However it hung limply as the wind tore through it. The small child winced as the cold and rain soaked through the little robe he had. He panted as he tried to keep up with his Mother's long stride. He gave a cry when his arm was harshly pulled. "Walk faster," the woman said. The bottom of her face was clear to see but from the top he could only see a faint glint of very dark almost black green. His own eyes were luminous as a cat's. The woman's thin blood red lip grinned as she knocked, " Finally," she whispered. The boy glanced up. She immediately snarled at him, " Don't look at me." Tears followed the rain dripping on his face as he looked at his grimy bare feet. He sneezed and grabbed on to his robe for warmth. The door opened and out came a middle-aged woman with the starting of gray flecks in her hair. Wrinkles littered her gaunt face and weary mud-brown eyes gazed towards them. She saw the boy or was it a girl and the beautiful figure of a red-haired woman. She had a low and kind of raspy voice, " Oh, ah, well what can I do you ma'am?" The woman pushed the kid forward. The little boy began to wail. Though his "Mother" was cruel he had loved her unconditionally. The woman sneered, " He's all yours. Harry. That is what he is called. Nothing else." No sooner than she said this, she released a laugh that sounded that of an unburdened woman as she left. Harry continued to wail even as the woman tried to appease the child. She had a very good mind to smack him. "Mrs. Pincers," a smooth voice drawled from the stairs, "What is making that horrid noise." Mrs. Pincers pursed her lips as Tom entered the entrance hall. She gave a weak smile, " Just an upset child." In all her life never had one child gave her chills like Tom and he's only eight. Still here and such a pity he wasn't gone. Tom walked towards Harry frowning as he got near to the noisemaker. "Shut your trap and grow-up. She didn't want you so crying would not make her change her mind." With that said he walked away. Mrs. Pincers scowled," TOM! That is incredibly rude!" However, young Harry had stopped wailing and awe appeared in his big eyes. How the boy acted was exactly if not even NICER than Mother ever treated him. Of course only when alone not even house elves were to be present he was allowed to call the woman Mother. In presence of others he called her Mistress. Though in his head he called her Mother because she was closer to that for him. He longed for a mum. Though this boy wasn't a female, Harry would follow him. Yes that is certain. Mrs. Pincers frowned as there was no empty space in the children's room but the only child that had space was Tom because he scared the other children. As she tried to come up with a solution, she took Harry to take a bath and a good haircut. Boys simply do not have hair until it reaches their bum. She soon regretted doing so because Harry's hair was like a bird's nest. Tuffs of hair defying gravity and since it was late so she only cut it until his chin. His eyes astonished her but she was careful not to give in to this child like many other sweet-looking but horrid children that have once been here. "How old are you?" she asked. Harry shyly answered," I'm six." Mrs. Pincers' eyebrow flew up, " You look like a three year-old don't lie to me." Harry frowned," Why would I lie?" Mrs. Pincers clicked her tongue," Humph." She looked at him and then went downstairs. Now Harry didn't realize she expected him to follow her so he went towards the door the boy, Tom, had gone through. He yawned feeling rather fatigued. He opened the door and there, Tom slept. Harry walked towards the bed and entered the covers. Tom was really warm. His eyelids soon fell, heavy from sleep.

Tom felt something warm and small near him. He was also hugging it. He opened his eyes to see the top bed hair of a young Harry. He scowled and removed his bed covers from Harry's small body. Harry opened an eye still heavy with sleep. Tom glared at Harry, " I won't mind if you follow me just as long you don't bother me." In truth, Tom kind of liked Harry's attention towards him but it wasn't a lot. It felt like a servant that would attend to their master. Harry nodded happily. Tom got out and made his bed along with Harry's help. He then changed and walked out. Harry tugged on his robe that he wore that had been washed and put it on. Then he folded the nightgown he was given. Tom had already left, so Harry quickly walked near Tom but not too close.

Of course Tom being the taller of the two, Harry had to run a little to keep up with Tom. Harry followed Tom throughout the day. Mrs. Pincers thought it was rather cute of Harry to follow Tom like a chick does to its mother, however this was Tom so that ruled out the remaining cuteness.

On one particular Saturday, the children were called to bathe and dress properly. Harry very much liked the robe he was given from his Mother, so he wore it. It was a rather nice burgundy color that emphasized his creamy pale skin and his vibrant emerald eyes were quite noticeable. Of course when it was washed that he was able to see it had a color, it was rather dirty. Harry beamed at Tom who looked smart in his khaki knee-length shorts and red sweater. "Tom! What is going on?" Tom looked down frowning, " Calm down Harry, it's just adoption day." Harry began to grow teary," Does this mean Tom is going to leave me?" Tom sneered at Harry, " I doubt that I'll be leaving. Most certainly you will leave." Harry frowned, and grabbed Tom's arm. Tom slightly flinched. "But, I don't want to leave you Tom! I love you more than anything in the WHOLE world!" Tom blushed slightly at Harry's proclamation and gave an almost unnoticeable smile. Harry smiled at Tom. As they lined up, a group of adults walked in. Some had a sinister feel to them. Some were scared to have their own and rather adopt. Some had problems in having a child so they were giddy to adopt one. A stout fat man who looked like a whale waddled towards Harry. Following him was a thin woman with a horse-like face and a miniature pig chomping on sweets that the woman kept handing to the boy. The man huffed as neared Harry and eyed him greedily. "What do you my dearest Petunia?" The woman neared Harry, " Vernon are you sure he is just for chores?" Vernon smiled, " Most certainly pumpkin, why would you say something like that." Petunia pursed her lips and crossed her arms, " One you have a slight snake in your pants, two I saw that look and apparently I'm not satisfying you, and three he looks like a bad influence to our little Duddykins." Harry spoke up and sincerely speaking to the boy, " I feel sorry for you if your name is Duddykins." Vernon spluttered his face turning into splotches of purple and pink, Petunia gasped and glared at Harry, Dudley started to cry, " My name's Dudley! You dummy!" Harry frowned, " My word, you speak so childishly, and for the record my name is Harry not Dummy." Dudley had snot coming out of his nose as he threw a tantrum, " I WANNA LEAVE! HE'S A BIG MEANIE! I WANNA EAT MY CANDY AT HOOOMMMEEE!" Harry shouted back, " WELL YOU SEEM ROTTEN! I DON'Y WANT TO LIVE WITH YOU AWFUL PEOPLE ANYWAY!" The group spat towards Harry and made off. Mrs. Pincers dashed off to apologize to the family. The rest of the adults stayed clear off Harry and Tom. Harry ran towards Tom. He clutched Tom's waist. Tom put his hands through Harry's hair. " You ruined your chances of a family you know," he said quietly. Harry mumbled, " I want to be by you Tom." Soon the only remaining children were Tom and Harry. In Mrs. Pincer's opinion it was lucky day for most of the occupants to leave. But now Harry was like Tom. Despicable, rude, not average. She smacked Harry's bottom for his rudeness and sent him off to bed without supper. Tom was a lost cause and she didn't even give as much as a glance towards him. That night Tom didn't mind as Harry cuddled his chest. He hugged Harry, "I'll never let you go." His sharp brown almost golden brown eyes glowed in the dark room as he slowly closed his eyes and slept.

Sooo, did you like it? I know that Tom was too accepting of Harry in his room and really fast but I don't feel like changing it. Bye!