Hello! Yeah…I have not been updating lately cause of school. Oh there are some steamy things going on here~ XD I guess it can count as dub-con/non-con kind of I guess? But Harry is likes it ! I know that he sounds really submissive and stuff but it will change. Remember that he's been treating like a lesser being but spending time with a psychopath does cause you to be a bit sadistic and view people as toys. And it's in school when he does start using his adorableness to manipulate others and to get things from Tom. PUBERTY! ALL I HAVE TO SAY! Tom is twelve and Harry is ten. So here's a new chapter! SUSPENSE HAS ENDED! For now…

Chapter 5

Harry finished telling Tom about the changes that have happened while he was gone. Tom stared at the ceiling contemplating whether these two boys were going to be trouble. He felt tugging on his robes and looked sideways. Harry's bright eyes seemed to have turn cattish in mischief, " So I have been trying to get the both of the to hate each other but it's a slow process." Tom's lip twitched upwards, " They will collapse in no time. Need my help?" Harry frowned, " No." At this Tom quirked an eyebrow, giving a questioning stare. Harry gave a sultry grin and his eyes half lidded, " Because they are my prey." Tom felt heat run through him.

The door was slammed open, Harry quickly turned back into the innocent little boy he looked like. There stood Michael and Mike. Mike's eyes widened at seeing Tom, "Woah! Who are ya! Hey Harry! I thought that you'd a room all to yourself!" Michael just smiled timidly. Harry smiled sweetly looking at Michael, " Oh you startled me! This is Tom. My most favorite person." Harry walked to Tom grabbing his hands and wrapping them around his shoulders. Mike smiled and Michael's mouth twitched. Tom gave a cold glare at them. Harry stared up adoringly at Tom, " Can we go to the park?" Tom frowned, " No, it's dirty." Harry frowned and started to tear up. He clutched Tom's hands and emerald eyes so big and vibrant looked into Tom. "Please?" Tom's eyebrow twitched.

Harry grinned inside his head; he was close to making Tom break. Harry twisted his body and pressed himself to Tom in a hug, "Pleaaase?" Tom's cheeks turned a very pale pink. Tom gently pushed Harry from the hug and breathed out, "Fine." Harry giggled. He turned to Mike and gave a quick hug and to Michael he gave a longer one. "Bye you two." And the door was shut. Tom watched the interaction and asked, "Why did you hold them?" Harry frowned, "Somehow Michael does not seem to like me so I have to press a lot of affection to him." Tom quietly nodded. "You better hurry and change or else I will not be going." Harry laughed as he put on his trousers.

Harry ran to the swings, " Tom! Push me! Please?" Tom nodded and grabbed the swings. Harry sighed as the wind brushed his face. "Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could fly?" Tom smirked, "We can. Muggles can't." Harry pouted, "I want my Hogwarts letter." Tom smirked, " You are ten right?" Harry nodded, "Yes." "Then wait for two more months then." Harry sulked " It's too long." Tom chuckled. Walking back Harry smiled sweetly, "I missed having you next to me!" Tom gently squeezed Harry's hand, " So did I." Tom's hands lingered as they neared the orphanage, completely letting go as they entered.

When they entered their room, Tom pulled out his textbooks from Hogwarts. Harry eagerly started to look through them. Tom strictly looked at Harry, "I will be testing you." Harry nodded, "I will study hard!" Tom smiled. Harry blushed, his chest fluttering. Throughout the day, Harry took care to remember Tom's features. He was a bit embarrassed to find out he missed Tom more than he thought. When they rested in their beds, Harry started to dream. His first wet dream ever about Tom. Harry whimpered in his sleep waking up Tom.

Tom furrowed his eyebrows, should he wake Harry up or comfort him while he was asleep. It was when he held Harry did he feel the reason for Harry's whimpers. Tom stared at Harry's face. His cheeks were flushed and lips occasionally making noise. Tom licked his dry lips. His throat suddenly felt parched. He felt heat coil in lower parts making his cock stand.

Tentatively, he moved his hips to Harry's. Harry gave a low moan. Tom groaned in pleasure. He slowly lifted Harry's nightgown to stare at his pink erect nipples. He flicked his tongue as had saw in on of his housemate's moving naughty magazine. Harry jolted with a whimper. Tom slowly climbed over Harry pressing his arousal into Harry's. He nipped Harry's chest, and sucked them. Harry shook and arched as he came in his underwear.

Tom panted at he felt his release stain his pants. He changed his pants and slid back into bed. Tom sighed as he stared at the ceiling. What he did was wrong and he should feel guilt at making moves on Harry. But he felt strangely happy and hoped for future touching, with Harry awake. He curled as arm around Harry finally falling asleep.

Harry woke up to an odd sensation in his underwear. He slipped off his underwear after carefully removing Tom's arm. He stared confused at the white wet substance. He felt the bed for any wet spots. He would die of shame he wet his bed, which has never happened before.

Tom woke up when he felt Harry slip out. He smirked as he watched Harry but made his face look neutral. "What's wrong, Harry?" Harry blushed, "I-I think I peed." Tom chuckled, "I think you had a wet dream." Harry frowned, "What's that?" Tom smirked " Did you have a naughty dream? A dream that made you feel hot?" Harry's pale skin erupted in red. Harry looked at the ground, "Does that make me weird?" Tom put Harry in his lap, "No, it is a natural reaction. Many boys have experienced it. Including me." Harry breathed out in relief. "Now, go change," Tom instructed. Harry nodded smiling. Tom couldn't help the smug smile that filled his face.

Harry skipped off towards Michael. "Hullo~!" Michael's cheeks grew red. "Harry." Michael looked up to see Tom walking towards them. Harry grinned, "Tom!" He hugged Tom blushing. Tom stared coldly at Michael who averted his eyes. "Let's go study." Harry nodded dashing into the orphanage. Tom sneered at Michael, " Have some courage." Michael's eyes widened before he ran away. Tom chuckled darkly. He entered the orphanage leisurely.

Harry closed the book and gave the parchment to Tom. "You may go have a break." Harry ran off to the restroom colliding with Michael. Harry whimpered, "Ouch~." Michael's face bloomed in color, "O-oh, sorry." The rest was mumbled. "Oh it's alright!" 'I suppose this is partly my fault but he should have looked too, idiot.' Harry stood up only to be detained by a hand. Michael flustered, his mouth gaping open and close. It really irked Harry, "What is it? Speak up." Michael took in a deep breath, "I-I really l-l-like you!" He pushed his lips to Harry's.

Harry's eyes widened. A ball fell to the floor. They turned around. Standing in the hallway was Mike his mouth wide open. In the doorway was Tom. He was calm, too calm. He turned and closed the door. Harry started to tear up, 'TOM! No, he misunderstood!' Tears trailed down his face, he turned to Michael, "I'm sorry but I don't like you!" He ran to the room. Michael felt horrible and knew he shouldn't have confessed. Mike walked up to him, "H-hey, um…I'm going outside." Michael stared sadly at Mike running. "I shouldn't have listened to Tom."

Tom was sitting at his desk writing. Harry hesitantly walked to him, "Tom, I didn't know." He flinched at the cold stare, "I do not know what you are talking about. This was part of your plan was it not?" Harry shouted, "No, it wasn't!" Tom smirked, "Hmm. Sure." He stood up, "Pardon me, I have to use the loo." Harry cried, "No…" Harry ran towards Tom and jumped him. They crashed to the floor. Tom scowled, "What is your problem!" Harry sat straddling Tom's chest, "I like you Tom." Harry pressed his lips on Tom's.

Tom sat up causing Harry to slide to his lap. "I'm not falling for your tricks. You rather be with that snotty brat." Harry grew angry and bounced on Tom's lap in frustration, "Arrgh! Why don't you listen! I didn't know he was going to do that!" He clutched Tom's shirt, "I'll do anything! Anything to make it up just don't leave me Tom." Tom's face did not change, "Anything you say?" Harry nodded furiously. "Don't do this with anyone else." Harry gazed confused.

Tom captured Harry's lips. Harry blushed at contact. Tom moved his hands over Harry's back sliding down to Harry's bottom. He gave a squeeze making Harry squeak. Harry didn't understand why it felt really good but as long as it was Tom then it's all right. Tom nibbled Harry's neck adding pressure once in awhile. "Ah! Mmm~! It kind of tickles." Tom bit his neck. "AHH!" Tom chuckled darkly, "Does it tickle now?" Harry quivered in pleasure shaking his head.

He squirmed when there was something hard poking at him. Harry looked at Tom's crotch. He pressed a finger at it. Tom made a slight groan. Harry blushed, "Did I hurt you?" Tom stared heavily at Harry, "No, can I touch yours?" Harry nodded shyly. Tom undid Harry's short pulling out the pink erect cock. Harry moaned as Tom slowly rubbed it. "T-tom, y-yours too." Tom smirked, "Hold on, stand up." Harry stood, "D-did I do something wrong?" Tom shook he head, "No I'm locking the door." Tom sat down placing Harry in his lap.

He pulled out his own member pressing hard to Harry's. "Haa~! Haa~!" Tom lifted Harry's robe. "Mmm, T-tom what are-! Fwah!" Tom kissed Harry moving his tongue in forcibly. Harry's eyes dropped tears from the insane pleasure he received from Tom. "MMPH!" He came collapsing against Tom's chest. Harry looked at Tom, his lips swollen and red. His bright eyes sultry and hazy filled with happiness. Tom gave a grunt as he followed. They sat there out of breath and tired.

Tom harshly grabbed Harry; "Never do this with anybody else." Harry happily nodded, "Okay!" "Come." Tom patted the bed. Harry snuggled Tom. "Also you are not allowed to be near that brat." Harry nodded. His blushing cheeks brought attention from Tom, "What is it." Harry pecked Tom's cheek, "Good night Tom." Tom blushed lightly, "Night."

The following morning, Harry stayed with Tom and far away from Michael. Mike constantly glares at Harry who smiles gleefully inside his head. 'It worked! Though not how originally I wanted it but it works' he thought. Harry dashed for the door to play only for his shirt to be harshly yanked. "And were are you going. You have to study." Harry pouted. "But I want to play!" Tom gave him a blank look. He hugged Tom's waist gazing at him with watery eyes, "If you let me play, we do more of the touching?" He inwardly giggled as he saw Tom's eyes sharpen, "Humph. Fine." Harry laughed he gets to play and do the really good feeling touching. Tom kissed Harry deeply, "Don't forget what you said you wouldn't do." Harry beamed, "I only want to kiss you Tom." He ran after giving a hug. Tom sighed laying down. "Harry you will destroy my façade when you enter Hogwarts. Knowing the little imp you are, I wouldn't mind." He stood up and exited the room.

Well there you go, my first time anything to this sexual degree! There's going to be so much sexual tension (the regular kind too) and jealousy when Harry enters Hogwarts. Sigh, I love the tormenting Tom and Harry ~. By the way what House should Harry be in? Should he stay in Gryffindor or in Slytherin? Or go into Ravenclaw? Please tell me . Until next time!