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A four year old Fon was brushing his teeth when suddenly he heard screaming coming from the room next to his. He sighed, knowing that this would happen eventually since it happened every morning in this house.

"I don't want to brush my teeth!" Colonnello screamed, running from his mother.

Fon gently put his toothbrush down and went to calm the three year old down.

"Colonnello, you are going to brush your teeth if you like it or not. It's what good little boys do!" His mother said, pouncing on her son with a tooth brush in hand.

"I don't want to be a good little boy!" Colonnello screamed running out of his mother's arms and out the door, causing him to run into Fon.

"Colonnello, if you don't brush your teeth I'm going to make you sit through my meditation training for two weeks." Fon said in a gent voice that scared the three year old, holding him still calmly. Whenever he used that voice on Colonnello it meant that he was serious about his threats and that he would actually go through with the torture.

Colonnello looked up at Fon, and nodded. Taking his toothbrush from his mother the blond boy walked silently into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Fon watched him from the door, making sure that he did what he was supposed to instead of pretending to like he often did when his mother wasn't watching him. "Now go get dressed. Today is our first day of Pre-School."

Reborn smirked; he was wondering how long it would take his friends to notice that he was hiding behind the lamp in Colonnello's room.

It took them a good ten minutes until Fon noticed. "Reborn, why are you hiding behind the lamp," He asked.

Colonnello screamed and hid behind Fon. "How did you get in my room?" He asked the future Hitman.

"You left your window open, so I let myself in." Reborn stated simply, sitting down next to the two.

"Don't just break into other people's houses!" Fon and Colonnello screamed at him.

"You could get arrested for that Reborn!" Fon chastised.

Reborn waved his friend off. "Hitmen don't get caught Fon." He stated simply as if he knew everything that there is to be a Hitman.

"Come on boys! We don't want to be late for your first day!" Colonnello's mother said, not bothering to be freaked out that Reborn had broken into her son's room…again…

Lal Mirch silently brushed her hair as her mother attempted to wake up her older brother, Calder, who was starting the first grade today while she was entering Pre-School.

Her parents didn't have to tell her to do things. She woke up early every morning, brushed her teeth, got dressed, brushed her hair, and waited patiently for breakfast. To say the least Lal was a very obedient child.

"Do I have to wear this Mom? I don't like wearing dresses…" Lal complained when her mother had forced her into a white lace dress. Well, she was obedient unless her mother forced her into a dress.

"Yes Lal, you have to wear it! Only for today, and then you can wear whatever you please to school." Her mother said, putting a white bow in Lal's hair to match the dress.

Lal sighed, but thought that it was better than having to wear a dress everyday to school and have all the other kids think that she was, dare she say it, girly. "Yes Mother…"

It was lunch time and the Pre-School students were outside in the sun playing.

Reborn, Fon, and Colonnello were lying in the grass staring at the sun like the idiots that they were.

"This isn't good for our eyes…we should stop…but it's so fun…" Fon said as he stared, unblinking, at the sun.

The two nodded in agreement and continued to stare at the blazing star.

There was a loud scream coming from the sandbox and feeling heroic the three boys ran to see what was going on. They brought their juice boxes with them because who knew staring at the sun for ten minutes would make them thirsty!

A boy around four with brown hair was lying in the sandbox, face flat, with a girl with short blue hair and pinkish/red eyes standing on him with a deathly aura around her.

"What is wrong with you?" Reborn asked the girl in the white dress. The three were standing a few feet away from the sandbox as they watched with wide eyes as the girl danced around joyously on the boys back.

"He called me prissy. I had to deal with him or else he would get the image of me being girly in his head for the rest of his pathetic life…I'm bored now." Lal said simply, stepping on the boys head as she walked over to them. "Do any of you morons want to fight me? It'll keep me busy for a while and you look like a nice victim."

Colonnello looked at the girl with wide blue eyes. "Wow, she's a babe!" He said to his two friends before the girl reached them.

"What does that mean?" Fon asked.

Colonnello shrugged. "I don't know; I heard it from my dad."

Lal reached the four and held a blank look on her face. "You, I want to fight you. That is if you idiots know how to fight." She pointed to Colonnello to show that he was the one that she wanted to fight.

"Of course I know how to fight you stupid girl!" Colonnello said red in the face.

"Then fight me you wimp, we don't have all day you know." Lal said as she moved swiftly and punched Colonnello in the stomach.

The sudden act caught Colonnello off guard and he managed to fight her back until he too ended up face flat in the sandbox.

"You're dead now. If you get up I'm going to be forced to kill you again." Lal told him blandly, squatting down and patting Colonnello on the head lightly. "Oi, you two; who of you wants to die next?" She asked.

Fon stepped forward. "I'll fight you." He said with a smile on his face.

Lal smirked. "You better be a better fighter than blond boy here. He was so boring even my cat could take him down."

"I'm sure that I will be a much more…entertaining…victim for you….what is your name? I don't think we got it." Fon said.

"My name is Lal Mirch; remember it because I'm going to be the one to make your life horrible." The four year old girl said it with great pride as she began to fight with the Chinese boy.

"My name is Fon." Fon told her, swiftly dodging one of Lal's kicks.

"And what is his name? The one with blond hair," Lal said, as she successfully flipped Fon into the sandbox next to Colonnello.

"His name is Colonnello, my name is Reborn, and you won't defeat me Lal Mirch." Reborn smirked, running towards Lal and attempting to kick her.

He ended up like Fon and Colonnello…

"You three are boring…I'll just be taking these, I'm thirsty now." Lal bent down and picked up the forgotten juice boxes.

The three boys sat up and exchanged looks. At the count of three they were going to attack.

"One…two…three…go!" Reborn said.

"Wait, is it a one, two, three, go! Or a one, two, three, and then go?" Colonnello asked, stopping the others quickly.

"We're not going over this again! It's a simple one, two, three action!" Reborn screamed.

Lal turned and looked at the three boys that she had just 'killed'. Reborn and Colonnello were in an argument and Fon was simply standing there watching them with a calm smile on his face. She wanted to tell them that they were stupid, but it was to troublesome, so she just killed them again and walked away drinking Colonnello's juice box.

"I'm going to marry her one day." Colonnello said with a dreamy look upon his face while Fon and Reborn groaned in pain.

"The woman belongs in Sparta." Reborn hissed.

When lunch/recess was over the boys realized that Lal Mirch was in their class! They didn't know how they hadn't noticed her since she sat right next to Reborn.

Nap time was next on the schedule and yet again they found themselves right next to Lal, who instead of going to sleep like a good little girl was coloring a picture of what looked like Sparta.

"What do you think you're doing missy?" Colonnello asked, crawling up to the girl.

"I'm coloring, what do you think I'm doing?" Lal asked, never looking up from her drawing.

"What are you drawing?" Reborn asked.

"Sparta!" Lal said happily, she really wanted to visit there one day when she was older.

Fon chuckled. "You seem to really like Sparta." He said.

Lal nodded. "Yes, daddy said that he's going to train me like the Spartans so I better get used to them~!"

The three stared at her in shock, it explained a lot…

"So boys, how was your first day of school?" Colonnello's mother asked when she picked them up from school.

"We got beat up!" Colonnello blurted out.

"By a girl-"Reborn slapped a hand over Fon's mouth.

"We got beat up by a first grader with the last name of Mirch!" Reborn said; he was pretty sure that Lal was an only child.

It ended up that Colonnello's mother called the school and Lal's older brother got in trouble. Once Lal's mother found out she invited all of them over to dinner. Needless to say the four had been inseparable since that faithful dinner.

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