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"And that kora, is the story of Lal M. Mirch," Colonnello said to the newest group of trainees.

The trainees stared in horror at Colonnello; they had just told him a story about what sounded like one of the scariest woman in the world!

"Where is she now…?" One asked, a short middle aged man by the name of Ralph.

"In the cafeteria getting lunch, kora," Colonnello said as Lal, who had just begun to show that she was pregnant, walked up behind him with a bowl of sweet potatoes and another bowl of soup.

"Who's in the cafeteria?" Lal asked as she handed him the bowl of sweet potatoes.

"Well you were kora but now you're here and why did you hand me sweet potatoes?" Colonnello asked, patting the ground next to him.

Lal sat down carefully besides her husband, "Because when I was getting them they looked good and this annoying little brat growing inside of me wanted them as well but now that I'm here they smell disgusting…so eat them," She ordered.

Colonnello put the bowl of sweet potatoes on the ground in front of him, "Lal, I hate sweet potatoes…" He reminded her.

Lal rolled her eyes, put her soup down, picked up the potatoes, and held them up in the air, "Who likes sweet potatoes?" She asked.

No one raised their hands, which annoyed the pregnant woman. "Seriously one of you has to like them," She stated.

Someone hesitantly raised their hand. "I-I like sweet potatoes Mrs. Mirch," The trainee said.

Lal made a face, "Don't call me Mrs. Mirch. I hate it when people do that…come get this…I don't want to get up…" oh how she hated being pregnant, for the last two months she hasn't felt like doing anything!

"You don't like being a Mrs.?" Someone asked curiously.

"She hates it, every time we get called to our son's school, which is often kora; he has to remind the principal beforehand not to call her Mrs." Colonnello said.

"I don't hate being married, I just hate when people call me Mrs. Mirch," Lal stated in case someone thought she hated Colonnello...well she did but that was another story...Lal stared at the trainees with a furrowed brow, "Why are you all just sitting around anyway?" She asked.

"Colonnello was telling us a story!"

Lal turned to glare at her husband, "I leave you in charge of teaching my classes and instead of actually teaching you tell them a story!" She shouted, rising to her feet angrily.

Colonnello backed away timidly, "Calm down, stress isn't good for the baby kora!" He tried.

"Don't tell me what's bad for my baby! Just do your damn job!" Lal shouted; kicking his leg hard enough to leave a bruise she would most likely apologize for later that night when they went to sleep.

"Ow, damnit you horrid bitch I just wanted to tell them a fucking story kora!" Colonnello shouted, standing up and hovering over her with a glare, he then sighed, "Alright just go sit down and yell if we do anything that doesn't please you,"

"Dude, you're so whipped," The trainee that had asked where Lal was in the beginning of the chapter said.

Colonnello whacked the newbie on the head, "Shut up; you would do anything she ordered you too and you know it, kora," He growled.

"What's that sound?" Melvin asked hearing background music.

"Do you really have to play the music kora?" Colonnello asked Lal when he heard it himself. She was playing Sunrise Sunset, her favorite song to play when she got new trainees. To her playing the song was like offering a virgin to a volcano.

"Yes I do, now do your god damn job!" Lal shouted, turning the music on her phone up louder.

"Why do I feel like I'm being offered to a volcano?" Joey asked as he paled.

"Because you are…kora…" Colonnello said feeling sorry for the newbie's.

"We're home kora!" Colonnello shouted that night when they got home.

"Welcome home Aunt Lal and Uncle Colonnello!" Chrome shouted, running up and hugging the two with Kyoya standing a few feet away.

"Mom, can you sign the permission slip so I can go on the field trip to the museum?" Chikusa asked, running up to his mother and father with the paper and a pen.

Lal read the paper before she signed anything, you know in case he had gotten in trouble again at school. Once pleased she called Viper to make sure Mukuro didn't put an illusion over it.

"No, it's legit. I called the school when Mukuro handed me the same paper." Viper said. "I even had Lussuria interrogate them to make sure they hadn't put the teacher up to it," She added knowing what the pregnant woman was thinking.

Lal nodded, she actually believed Viper when it came to matters of the children. She signed the paper and handed it back to Chikusa. "Knock yourself out brat," She said, patting him on the head.

"Why didn't you ask me to sign it, kora?" Colonnello asked with a frown.

"Because my teacher's don't believe me when you sign things…" Chikusa said.

"Ha-ha Lal's a more responsible parent than you are!" Reborn laughed, pointing to Colonnello in mockery.

"It's true and we all know it," Fon said, handing the two a cup of tea. They thanked him, causing the Asian man to smile at his long time friends. "Come Kyoya, let us train." He said to his nephew, who only 'tched' and followed his uncle to the backyard.

"Mom, Mukuro keeps stabbing my apple!" Fran shouted in a monotone running up to his mother with Mukuro following after him with his trident.

Viper grabbed the trident and slapped Mukuro upside his pineapple. "I thought I took this away from you," She said to the little boy as Fran hid in her cloak.

"Kufufufufufu silly Mother, that's Nagi's trident!" He said with a smirk and a gleam in his multi-colored eyes.

Viper sighed and handed the trident back to Chrome, "Chrome, for the last time; stop letting your brother use your trident." She scolded the little girl.

Chrome pouted, "I'm sorry Mommy, he asked so nicely if he could borrow it I just had to agree!" She said.

Mammon sighed; she could never stay mad at Chrome for too long. "Its okay sweetie…go play with Aria…" She said.

Chrome smiled widely and nodded, "Okay mommy!" She said before running off to play with the toddler.

Luce smiled she watched the craziness that was their home; she was so happy that everyone was getting along the best they could. "Alright everyone, dinner is ready; someone go get Fon and Kyoya!" She shouted from the kitchen.

If none of you understood what happened the whole story was basically Colonnello telling the trainees a story about what it was like growing up and in the very end it takes place in What Happens After, which I will post when I finish editing the first chapter and Nikki sends me the second chapter which SHE VOLUNTEERED TO WRITE.

I can't believe this is the last chapter! 105! That's longer than my book…huh…I haven't even been able to work on my second one because I've been so caught up with this story.