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Parodies From Razor-Land

Chapter One – You Get Your Big Solo Later

Anthony: I have sailed the world, beheld it's wonders. From the Dardanelles to the mountains of Peru, but there's no place like London, I feel home again...

Sweeney: You "feel home again"? I AM home, where do you live anyways?

Anthony: I could hear the city bells ring... Whatever would I do?

Sweeney: What does that even mean? I'm going to interrupt your song anyway!

Anthony: No there's...

Sweeney: No place like London.

Anthony: Mr Todd, sir? (angrily) You ruined my big solo!

Sweeney: Don't worry, you get your big solo later.

Anthony: Okay then, Mr Todd.

Sweeney: Why do you keep calling me 'Mr Todd'?

Anthony: (obvious face) Because that's your name.

Sweeney: (shifty eyes) Right...that's my name. 'Tis here we go our separate ways, farewell Anthony, I won't soon forget the good ship 'Mackerel' or the good man who saved my life.

Anthony: (whispering in Sweeney's ear) It's 'Bountiful', not 'Mackerel'.

Sweeney: Really? Oh well, what's said is said.

Beggar woman: Alms, alms, for a miserable woman! On a miserable chilly morning...

Sweeney: Hey, you look like my totally alive-and-sane wife. But she's totally alive-and-sane, so you can't be her.

Anthony: (gives her money) I know here you're supposed to start singing nonsense and I get creeped out and back away, but you're not...so I'm cool.

Beggar woman: (walking away) Alms, alms, I don't now why I'm singing since no one can see me now anyway... but I'll be baaaaaaack, I'm important.

Anthony: Weirdo.

Sweeney: There was a barber and his wife, and she was beautiful.

Anthony: Ooh, beautiful wife-Hey... but why are you calling some barber's wife beautiful? He's gonna sue you!


Anthony: Geez, dude. Take a chill-pill!

Sweeney: Why? Are you trying to drug me?

Anthony: (facepalm) ...

Sweeney: A foolish barber and his wife, she was his reason and his life, and she was beautiful...

Anthony: (disgusted)Ugh, you're calling him foolish AND calling his wife beautiful what...

Sweeney: (evil glare)

Anthony: Me. Shut up now.

Sweeney: ...and she was virtuous, and he was...naive... There was another man who saw that she was beautiful...

Anthony: (in his mind) Wow. Mr Todd's got some serious issues.

Sweeney: ...a pious vulture of the law, who with a gesture of his claw, removed the barber from his plate...

Anthony: Oooh Mr Todd, you like animals now? ME TOO! (Sweeney gives him an evil glare) Oh, I said that out loud.

Sweeney: ...and there was nothing but to wait...

Anthony: (quietly) But I don't want to wait, I like this barber-wife story...

Sweeney: ...and she would fall...

Anthony: Ouch.

Sweeney: (ignoring) ...so soft, so young, so lost, and oh, so, beautiful!

Anthony: So she's a nice new pillow that's gone missing!

Sweeney: Oh, that was many years ago... I doubt if anyone would know...

Anthony: Okay... did I get that right?

Sweeney: You were supposed to say something about her succumbing!

Anthony: But I didn't, why did you reply as if I did?

Sweeney: Because I was expecting you to, plus, I wasn't listening to you.

Anthony: Then how would you know when...

Sweeney: ...now leave me Anthony, I beg of you, there's somewhere I must go, something I must do now, and ...alone.

Anthony: Why alone? Everything's better with friends! (My Little Pony theme music) Where do you live?

Sweeney: Fleet Street, I wouldn't wonder.

Anthony: Well, I was gonna buy that... but since you got it first, I'll have Kings Cross station instead... (looks through Monopoly property-cards from his pocket) Here you go! (hands the 'Fleet Street' card to Sweeney).

Sweeney: Okay... (backs off)

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