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Natsuki sighed, laying in bed on her back. Once again, she looked over at Akane, who was on the verge of sleeping. Akane was one of those girls who when they started sleeping, they breathed more. Not more, but once they fell asleep, they breathed deeper. Natsuki sighed once again and looked over at the girl…. Nothing

Slamming her hand into her forehead repeatedly, Natsuki growled at herself. She was waiting for everyone to be asleep so she could go meet Shizuru under the tree! Though she had no idea what it was for, the kiss was still burning in her mind and it if meeting Shizuru meant more kissing, she was up for it!

Slowly, she lifted her fingers to her lips and closed her eyes, tracing the outline of her lips. She could still almost feel Shizuru's lips against hers. Natsuki opened her eyes as a blush rose to her lips. Had she really kissed Shizuru, or was it just fantasy? (Caught in a la-)

Natsuki bit the end of her fingers and sighed once again. To anyone else she probably sounded depressed or something. But she was just anxious. Anxious to get to Shizuru and see what the brunette had planned. Looking over at Akane, she saw the girl's chest moving slowly, deeply, and the girls mouth cracked slightly when it was closed just a few moments ago.

Within a split second, Natsuki was off the bed and creeping towards the door. Her movement had shaken the bed, but on the bottom, Mai only shifted a bit before turning over and going back to sleep. Natsuki sighed happily and grinned, slowly sneaking out of the cabin.

She crept her way down the trail in the dark, without her flashlight. She wanted to make sure that no one knew where she and Shizuru was. Besides, there were no clouds, almost no fog and the moon was bright, so it wasn't like she was going in blind.

Turning onto the beach, Natsuki saw Shizuru sitting under the tree from earlier that night. The Kyoto-ben looked up at the perfect moment and locked eyes with the bluenette; the two smiled almost simultaneously. Natsuki sped up and half-jogged to Shizuru, stopped at the side of the tree, "Hey, Shizuru. Were you waiting long?" she asked.

The girl nodded, "Yes, you're extremely late, Natsuki-chan."

The bluenette frowned and laughed, "You're supposed to say 'No, I just arrived'!"

"This isn't a manga, Natsuki." the older girl said with a smile, patting the sand next to her. Natsuki sighed, but smiled back and sat down next to her crush. Shizuru's smile remained, but the look her in eye turned mischievous, "Natsuki-chan, tell me about the night you met Nao."

The bluenette froze. Oh god, the skinny dipping night. She chuckled nervously, "I'd really rather not…"

"Oh, but I insist."

"Can't we just kiss some more?"

This time, the brunette froze. Hearing something so straight forward from Natsuki after all this time was like a daydream coming true… She blushed slightly and leaned forward, quickly pecking the bluenette's lips, "Maybe more, if you explain."

Natsuki blushed hard and nodded, "U-Um.. I dunno, I was walking through the forest and tripped and almost fell in a bush. I heard splashes and when I looked up, she was skinny dipping. I mean… naked girl; I wasn't about to just get up and leave."

Shizuru nodded understandingly, "Pervert-san."

The girl gaped and shook her head, "Am not!"

"Then answer me this, Natsuki, did she have a good body?" Shizuru asked, narrowing her eyes.

"A-A bit?"

"Compared to my body?" the woman asked, a small smirk appearing on her face as her eyes continued to watch her carefully.

Natsuki gulped and blushed even harder, "I haven't seen your body…"

The girl next to her nodded and let her grin grow, "Well then… we'll have to fix that, now won't we…" she said, standing and turning so she was facing the bluenette. 'Ara, Nao, I hope what you told me is true…' Shizuru thought.

Natsuki gaped as Shizuru crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up slowly. Panic-Mode: Activate. She quickly covered her eyes as Shizuru's shirt started to lift past her stomach. She gulped hard, not able to contain the images going through her mind as the sounds of clothing being removed flowed through her ears. "'Z-Zuru? !"

Hearing a splash, Natsuki cracked an eye and saw two things. One, a shirt and pants in the sand, and Shizuru in the water up to her shoulders. Eyes wide and blush full force, Natsuki could only gape. But Shizuru giggled and waved the girl over, "You promised to go skinny dipping with me, Nat-su-ki-chan!"

The bluenette shook her head, looking terrified, "B-But! You're naked under there!"

The brunette giggled again and turned so that her back was to the girl, "That's the meaning of skinny dipping. Don't worry, I won't watch." she said, even covering her eyes.

Natsuki looked around nervously. No one was watching right? Holy shit, Shizuru Fujino is twenty feet away from her, naked, in the lake, waiting for her to get naked too so they can swim together! Oh fuck. Oh fuck. As quickly as possible, Natsuki took off her shirt and pants and stood in her underwear by the waters edge.

Slowly, she took a deep breath, let her bra and panties drop, and stepped into the warm water of the night lake. Hearing and feeling the ripples, Shizuru turned and spotted the bluenette, who was giving off a nonstop blush and was currently looking down at the water. Giggling again, she swam out farther to where her feet didn't touch the ground and splashed the bluenette, "Want your kisses now?" she asked out, making herself blush.

Gathering her courage, Natsuki nodded and slowly walked out off the sand and swam close to Shizuru, looking the girl straight in her wine eyes, "Look, Shizuru, this is really fast."

"Ara, I know this." Shizuru responded, smiling a bit, "But I've waiting so long to finally get my hands on you, I'm not sure if I can go any slower." she muttered, running her fingers down Natsuki arm and making the girl shiver.

"So long?" the girl asked, catching Shizuru's arm and holding onto it by the elbow, "How long have you waited to kiss me?" she asked.

The Kyoto-ben looked thoughtful for a moment before looking back at the bluenette, "Well today is Wednesday, so about 5 minutes after I met you." she answered honestly.

Natsuki blushed once again, making Shizuru blush a bit. She sighed from the upmost time that night and tongued her cheek, "Shizuru… This may sound odd, but I've liked you since I met you. And I starting loving you not long after. Is there any way that we can be together?" she asked softly, pulling on the girls elbow and swimming closer.

Shizuru nodded and held Natsuki arms as well, holding the girl in place, "Please don't break my heart…" she muttered, leaning in and kissing her love for a third time.

Just a few feet apart, naked in the lake, kissing the love of her life… Natsuki was about to die of happiness. Their bodies weren't touching but she could feel their kicking legs brushing each other, trying to stay afloat. She tried to focus on that, but she couldn't… there was no way…

Instinct took over in her gut as her mind shut off. Her brain was gone, her heart was useless in its overridden form. Her cravings took over her the kiss the Shizuru grew hungry and more passionate, from a kiss between crushes to a kiss between lovers. She felt Shizuru's tongue begging for entrance into her mouth and eagerly accepting, letting it brush over her own until the two were locked in war.

Their legs kicked faster as they tried to start afloat, though their shoulders were now sinking below the water. Their minds were so busy the girls were forgetting to swim.

Natsuki paused for a labored breath, "Shizuru… cabin…" she groaned, her body and needs speaking for her. Such a passionate kiss in warm lake waters while kissing the naked love of your life? You try not to get horny…

The brunette nodded and looked toward the beach wondering if Chie and Midori would be in the counselor's office. She only got a one second glance at the cabin before Natsuki grabbed her face and immediately restarted the kiss, making them both gasp and lunge back and forth, trying to stay afloat.


Both girl's heads snapped towards the forest, where the sound of a breaking branch resounded.

'We're screwed' they both thought.

Rolling over in her bed, Mai groaned and tried to fall back asleep to avail. The bed shifted, waking her up. But that happened all the time. Natsuki was practically a ninja in her sleep, kicking a shit all the time. But this time, something in her gut made her think differently.

A few moments later, she heard the doorknob lock into place. Mai's eyes struggled to stay open as she looked around the room; two girls… rolling back over into her other side, Mai saw Akane dead asleep in her bed. That left only one… "Natsuki you idiot…" she muttered, rubbing her burning eyes, "So not the night to sneak out…"

Sitting up on her bed, Mai slowly fixed her pants and yawned widely, taking a few moments to let her body catch up with the red of her mind. Almost robotically, she traveled throughout the cabin, shuffling to find her slippers, her jacket, a flashlight; all the while stepping over the clothes and discarded items on the floor.

Once she was all ready, Mai yawned once again and stretched, letting her body relax before she went out to find Natsuki. Accidentally, she dropped her flashlight. With one quick movement, she saved her foot from being crushed, but the sound of metal on wood caused the light sleeper in the corner to sit up in shock.

Akane sat up and looked around with wide eyes, which stopped on Mai, "M-Mai? What's going?" she asked loudly.

"Shhhhh!" Mai hushed, grabbing the flashlight and quietly walking over to the girls bed, "I heard Natsuki sneak out a little bit ago so I'm going to look for her to make sure she doesn't get lost." she whispered.

The girl on the bed nodded and rubbed her eyes, "Mind if I go with you?" she whispered back, "I was having a strange dream that a boy was stalking me through the forest. I don't feel like going back to sleep."

The busty one shrugged, "Sure. I was gonna stop at the cafeteria and get some coffee anyway. She won't get too far out too fast anyway.." she said, helping Akane up so the two could leave.

The smaller girl quickly grabbed a jacket and followed Mai out of the cabin and towards the cafeteria, "M-Mai-san, if you're worried about Natsuki, why not go find her instead of getting coffee first?" she asked, walking next to her friend.

"Because knowing Natsuki she's either trying to find that damn cabin again, sneaking out with Nao to do something, or she's drinking with Chie." she said, clicking on her flashlight.

"Cabin?" Akane asked, watching Mai's flashlight shine on various objects.

"Her mom left her this note saying that out in the forest there's a tree house with everything she would need after a long summer; or something like that. I dunno. I think it's a load of bull, but whatever." Mai said, stopping in front of the cafeteria and opening the door, letting Akane in first before closing the door behind them, "Ha, unless she went to Shizuru's room…" she muttered, a small smile creeping onto her face.

Akane blinked and turned on the light, watching Mai happily walk over and start her coffee, "Why would she go to Shizuru's room? Isn't she a counselor?"

"Because they've been in love for forever and day and yesterday they finally kissed. Actually, that probably is where they are right now…." she muttered, starting the coffee machine.

"B-But relationships between counselors and campers is against the rules…"

"So is sneaking out, Akane-san, you naughty, naughty girl." Mai said, winking and smirking at the girl who blushed and mentally cursed herself.

The girl leaned against the counter and sighed, "Ya know, it's hard to be good around you and your group of friends when everything you guys do seems to be so fun. Is it true that Nao found a crystal cavern and took Nina there and wooed her to the point of love?" Akane asked, going off of a rumor she'd heard.

Mai nodded and grabbed a coffee cup. She lifted another and looked at Akana, who nodded, signaling she wanted coffee also. The taller girl went back and started filling the cups, "Yup. And Mikoto was actually the first one to make a move in our relationship, and Midori is actually 17, and a complete alcoholic."

"But you have to be 18 to be a counselor…"

"Yea, we have no idea either. Chie is also trying at every turn to avoid girls she's hooked up with in the past because Aoi doesn't know that she's a heart breaker, and Chie thinks that if she knows, she won't want to be with her anymore." Mai explained.

"So have you guys talked to Natsuki since she and Shizuru kissed? I saw all your guys reactions, it was as if someone had hit pause on you all." Akane said, grinning a bit.

Mai laughed and nodded, "Nah, she was such a mess when I tried to ask her at dinner that me and Nao just left her alone."

"Maybe you guys should go find her and Shizuru and surprise them, congratulate them and everything." Akane said, smiling. The idea of two people finally realizing their love, even if it was against the rules, sounded so amazing. She'd love to be there in that moment, or to experience it for herself.

Mai's eyes lit up and she sipped her coffee. That sounded like fun… "Good idea, Akane!" Mai said excitedly, giving the girl her coffee and grinning, "Let's go get Nao, Chie, and Mikoto and go surprise Natsuki and Shizuru!" she said, heading towards the door.

Akane's eyes widened, "W-What? I meant tomorrow! Not now!"

"Ahhh, hurry up, slowpokes." Nagi complained, letting his leg hand off the tree branch he was currently perked upon.

Under the path below him walked Tate and Kazuya, who were walking along quietly, trying not to be too loud. Kazuya was about ready to explode with excitement at the idea of seeing the girl he'd been thinking about for the last… day. Tate on the other hand was telling stories… "My first year as a camper, I snuck over here to go on a panty raid and ended up getting caught, but the girls let me go because I kissed each and every one of them!" he said, smacking Kazuya hard on the back and laughing.

The smaller boy chuckled nervously and rubbed his sore shoulder, "Yuuchi-san, don't you think you treat women a little poorly? All your stories so far haven't ended very well…" he muttered.

"Ah stop being such a chick. Hey, maybe we can find an old friend of mine at the camp!" Tate said excitedly, grinning with a new found glory.

"Another fling?" the smaller boy asked.

The man shook his head and put his hands behind his head, "Nah, she was this chick I grew up with. Me and her both helped each other figure out how to woo girls and how to get them on our side. Haven't seen her since last summer though. Totally gay, but she was awesome, wish she wasn't." he said.

Nagi rolled over in the tree and watched as the boys walked under the branch he was sitting on, "Another lesbian in Fuuka? What a shocker… Bet you ten bucks Kazuya's girl is gay, too." he said, lowering his hand.

Tate reached up and shook it quickly, "Deal!"

"Guys!" Kazuya whined, frowning up at Nagi as he walked by, but the light haired boy just smirked and winked back at him.

"Ah chill out, kiddie." Tate said, slapping the boys shoulder again, "We're almost there anyway. Check it out, sand, we're at the beach already."

"Finally." Nagi muttered in his place beside Tate. Kazuya looked from Nagi, to the tree behind them, and back to the boy, just to see Nagi looking right back at him with a satisfied smirk, "Don't even ask."

"Ninja." Tate said simply.


All the boys froze, two looking over and one looking down at the now broken branch under Kazuya's foot. The boy sweatdropped and shrugged, "Oops…"

Mai and Akane walked down the path now joined by Nao, Aoi and Mikoto as they walked towards the beach. They were all talking quietly and passing around the coffee. Apparently Mikoto and Aoi had had a sleep over to talk about their girlfriends and try to learn more about who they were dating.

Mikoto found out from Aoi that Mai's cake was better than her ramen, and Aoi learned that Chie had quite a lot of friends at Fuuka and could help her make a lot of friends.

Nao sighed and took a large gulp of the coffee, "I wish Mutt hadn't frozen up at dinner, I wanted to ask her what she left me in her will."

"That makes no sense." Mai said, taking her coffee back.

"Yes it does!" Nao protested, grinning, "You know, since her heart would explode from kissing Fujino!"

Aoi giggled, "If it's anything like kissing Chie, I'm sure she'll be better off than before, not dead."

Nao rolled her eyes and made gagging sounds to Mikoto and Akane, who both laughed at her. Aoi pouted and Mai simply laughed at her friends, "Well we'll find out soon. And don't worry Aoi, if they're at the counselors office, than Chie will be there too."

"But Midori will be in the nurses office!" Mikoto said, making the whole group of girls laugh loudly as they walked down the path.

"Ahhh I just hope Fujino actually took my advice on how to toy with Mutt." Nao said proudly.

Mai raised her brows, "What do you mean? Was that when she held you back when we had to go clean the honey cabin?" she asked.

The red head nodded, "Yea, she wanted a way to get the upper hand on Natsuki. She wanted a way to make Natsuki unguarded while still having her confidence." she said, winking at the whole group watching her, "I told her to go skinny dipping, but for her to wear a strapless bra and keep her underwear on. That way, Natsuki would be completely exposed and honest, but Fujino would have the upper hand."

The group stopped and gaped at her.

Akane was the first to speak, "Yuuki-san… you're a genius…"

"You sneaky little…" Mai said, grinning and laughing in disbelief.


Mai and Nao both smirked at the sound, "That sounded like it came from the beach…" Nao muttered.

"Let's go!" Mikoto said, grinning and running down the path, leading the charge to the beach where the sound was heard.

Shizuru and Natsuki panicked in the water. "W-we have to go." Shizuru said quickly, swimming towards the beach.

Natsuki watched in awe as Shizuru climbed up out of the water and onto the beach. A full blush rose to her face as Shizuru stood there in front of her in all her… underwear… wait a minute.. "You're in your underwear!" Natsuki cried out in protest.

Her eyes widened as she wrapped her arms around herself and glared at the girl on the beach, "You lied to me! You made me get completely naked!" she yelled.

Shizuru sighed and nodded, quickly putting on her pants, "Yes, I lied because I wanted the upper hand so that I could face you without getting too nervous, but please Natsuki, we have to go. Someone is out there and they could have heard you just now." she said, taking the bluenette's clothes and throwing them closer to the water, turning around as she put on her shirt.

As quickly as possible, Natsuki climbed out of the water and put on all of her clothes, watching Shizuru carefully to make sure that the brunette didn't look.

"Let's go!"

Both girls head snapped towards the sound of Mikoto coming from the forest.

"Shit." Natsuki growled out, grabbing Shizuru's hand and running into the forest and hiding behind a bush.

Mikoto ran out onto the beach, along with the rest of the girls, and frowned at what she saw, "Ah man, they're gone!" she whined.

The rest of the girls shared their protests out loud.

A few moments later, Chie came running down the beach from the counselor's office, holding a large stick in her arms and waving it over her head, "Alright, no body move!" she yelled, looking around wildly.

Mai giggled behind her hand, "We're so scared…" she said, laughing.

Chie dropped the stick and narrowed her eyes, "Something woke me up and I saw Shizuru gone, so I thought something bad might have happened. No judging."

"Too late." Nao yelled out, grinning to herself.

Chie was about to retort, but her eye caught something moving off in the forest. She quickly picked her stick back up and pointed it at a bush, "I see you! Come out with your hands up!" she yelled.

Nagi cursed as he climbed the tree. He dropped down back to the bush where Tate and Kazuya were hiding, "Alright guys, new plan." he said, sitting behind the crouching boys.

"We run?" Kazuya asked.

"No, I do." Nagi answered. He leaned back into his hands and put both his feet on the butts of the two boys and kicked. The two flew out from the bush and onto the beach, while he got up and broke into a sprint for the boy's camp.

"Traitor!" Tate yelled out, coughing up sand.

Mai gasped as two boys suddenly flew onto the beach just a few feet in front of them.

Kazuya groaned and rubbed the back of his head, sitting up and looking around to see what had happened. His eyes landed on the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. Again. Slowly he stood and locked eyes with Akane, making the two blush immediately. He walked forward slowly and stuck out his hand in front of the girl, "H-Hey, I'm Kazuya…" he muttered.

"A-Akane…" the girl answered, shaking the boys hand slowly and grinning as she felt a small jolt shook up her arm.

Chie ignored the two and focused on the much larger, more muscular one on the ground, "Alright, get up, whoever you are."

Tate raised his hands and got up slowly, shaking the sand from his hair, "Alright alright… But I request my lawyer!" he said.

"…Tate?" Chie asked, her grip on the stick slipping.

The boy looked up confused for a moment, then grinned widely. He dropped his arms and ran to the girl, engulfing Chie in a hug and spun her around, "Chie Harada! I haven't seen you since last year when we snuck out to take those two chicks to the waterfall!" he yelled.

The girl laughed and nodded, hugging him back as soon as her feet were on the ground again, "And I take full credit for that plan." she said, dropping the stick on the ground. She patted the boys back and pointed to the group of girls behind him, "Tate, these are my friends Mai, Nao, Mikoto, Aoi and…"

"Akane." Mai voiced up.

"Eh?" the confused girl said, breaking her stare once she heard her name.

"Nothing, go back to your love at first sight." Nao muttered, turning and heading up the path. She planned on going back to bed and questioning everything else tomorrow. There was way too much going on right now.

Mikoto chuckled, "Just like me and Mai!" she said proudly.

Mai grinned and blushed slightly. She took her girlfriend hand and started following Nao up the path, "You've earned cuddle rights, Mikoto.."


Aoi stepped forward and stood in front of Chie and Tate, "Just a friend?" she asked, looking at Chie expectantly.

The girl grinned at first, but then her smiled faded slightly as the words she wanted to say caught in her mouth, "U-Uh Tate, this is Aoi. Aoi is my.. girlfriend." she said not very proudly.

The girl before her frowned, but Tate smirked, "Ah, okay. I understand. So is this your first or fifth girlfriend of the summer?" he asked, nudging his friend's side.

"Excuse me?" Aoi asked angrily.

Chie's eyes widened as Tate shrugged, "I'm just saying. Last year she was such a heart breaker that sh-"

"Ahahahahaha." Chie laughed nervously, pushing Tate away from her girlfriend and back towards the forest, "Very funny Tate well it's getting late you should go back to camp before anyone else sees you goodnight!" she said frantically.

"B-But! Hey!" he argued, but instead of fighting it, he simply shrugged it off and agreed, "Fine, I'll go. See you some other time then!" he said, waving happily, "Good to see you again, Chie! Nice to meet yo, Aoi." he said, bowing politely and grabbing Kazuya's collar, "Let's go, loser." he said, dragging the boy back into the forest.

"Huh, no wait! What's your name?" Kazuya yelled out.

"Akane!" the girl yelled back, grinning and waving as the two left.

Chie watched the two go. Slowly, she turned to Aoi and smiled nervously, "I can explain that."

"Save it." the girl answered, turning and grabbing Akane's hand, pulling the girl back up the path.

Chie groaned and stormed her way back up the path and to the counselor's office, cursing Tate the entire way.

Natsuki and Shizuru sighed as everyone had finally cleared out. Natsuki relaxed and sat back against a tree, ignoring the feeling of her wet hair soaking through her shirt. Shizuru sat next to the girl and smiled nervously, "Well, that went well…" she said.

Narrowing her eyes, Natsuki looked at the girl, "…You are so amazingly, undeniably, undoubtedly the luckiest girl in the world for being so beautiful, otherwise, I would walk away right now for you tricking me." she said, sighing again.

"Ara, it was Yuuki-san's idea, actually." Shizuru said, smiling a bit.

"I'm so going to squish that spider…"

"Ara…" Shizuru muttered, "I'm sorry for tricking you, I simply needed a way to make you be honest without me losing my nerve… Kissing you for the first time was so difficult I'm surprised I didn't take you on the beach in front of the whole camp yesterday. This way I was able to keep control."

Natsuki blushed and pouted, "Than imagine how I felt right now, thinking you were naked…" she muttered.

The brunette smiled widely and moved in front of the girl, kissing her quickly, "Just don't break my heart."

"I never will." the girl answered, leaning in as the two kissed again.


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