"Harvey, what are you two doing here?" Jessica asked as her junior partner walked past her office Harvey smiled and walked into her office "I am just dropping a file off, Mike got juice all over it and I had to re do it" Harvey explained shaking his head as he put the toddler in question onto the floor, as usual Mike had a bottle in his mouth.

Harvey had confessed to Donna that Mike was attached to his bottle and threw a screaming fit if Harvey tried to take it away from him and as a result the sippy cups sat unused every day in the cupboard .

Mike looked at Jessica and smiled, before toddling behind Harvey, into his office

" Daddy uppy!" Mike whined tugging on Harvey's jeans, Harvey smiled down at him "Just a minute buddy" Harvey mutters , " daddy's looking for something" Harvey tells him rummaging in his desk.

Mike cried bunching his little fists starting to cry; Harvey rolled his eyes and picked the toddler up "You're a monster" Harvey sighed as he held Mike against his hip, one arm around the toddler, as he picks up the file he was searching for. " Got it", he exclaimed.

"Right then Mr, let's take you for your first swim" Jessica smiled "You boys have fun" Jessica said

"Say bye to Jessica, Mike" Harvey prompted, Harvey waves Mikes little hand in his own.

Mike ran over to Donna, "Donna, you brought you swim costume, or you just here to steal my kid, Harvey asked as Donna picked Mike up, Donna smirked "Oh I would love to come swimming with my favourite boy, but..." Donna said turning her attention to Mike who is chewing on a toy car.

"Your daddy is hopeless and wouldn't last a minute without Donna scheduling his day" Donna replied coolly smirking at the now glaring Harvey.

"Donna I never knew you cared so much; I'm your favourite boy, Harvey mocks hand on his heart. "Oh in your dreams" Donna laughed.

Harvey rolled his eyes "Well Mike, we'd better be going" Harvey said taking Mike into his arms.

Harvey parked outside the private gym, switching off the jungle book movie tunes CD, "dada", Mike called as Harvey opened the car door unclipping him, Mike jumped into his arms, " Whoa, have you turned into one a wild monkey" Harvey asked laughing.

Walking into their own private changing room,

Harvey dropped Mike into the red and blue play pen. He remembered when he had called the gym, to explain that he would need his changing room to be fitting for a two-year-old as his son was living with him; their shocked faces.

The young man who had been showing Harvey the changing room, looked worried as he had inspected it to ensure it was adequate, Harvey had enjoyed watching him squirm; it reminded him of some of those 'Harvard associate douches'

"Dada!" Mike looks at Harvey with a bemused expression on his face as he pulls at his swim shorts, fascinated by the 'pully thing' (toggles) none of his clothes had this, this was weird, he could pull it and it would spring back. Harvey turned his attention away from his hair and to the giggling toddler. Harvey had been sceptical, when Donna suggested taking Mike swimming, taking a toddler out in public was not his idea of fun.

"Right then, little monster, daddy needs to take your binky, we can't use it when we're swimming" Harvey told Mike holding up Mike's new float, Mike looks at Harvey with devastation in his wide green eyes, his little lip quivering, his dada, had just taken away the three most essential things to him.

Because of the intensity of Mikes reaction, at his daddy taking his frog, dummy and blanket, Harvey felt like a 'heartless monster', he reassures himself, that he was not being unfair towards Mike, that realistically, none of Mike's comfort items could not be taken in the pool and as much as the toddler thought, he was not in charge.

"AHAAHAAAHA-AHHHHAAAA" Mike started to scream as he realises he can 'never' get them back,

Harvey groaned, this was just what he had feared, He quickly through Mike's things in the locker struggling to calm his son down without the aid of his usual comforts.

" Aw Mike shush, shush, I'm sorry, we can't have your things in the pool, they would get ruined" Harvey explained Harvey's words of reasoning did nothing to console the wailing two-year-old.

Harvey was seriously having regrets of bringing Mike to the pool, he wanted nothing more than to just go home but he told himself he had to stay and show Mike that he was the boss and he could do without his comforts for a short time, Mike screamed the shower room down and Harvey shot a glare to anyone who dared to look judging his parenting and Mike's behaviour.

" Mike buddy, please stop crying, daddy will give you your things after our swim, okay, look at this turtle ring, it's for you!, can daddy borrow it?"

Harvey asked pretending to use the ring and get stuck.

Harvey wanted to punch the air in happiness when Mike laughed ending the crying fit.

"Mike go in!" Mike shrieked, Harvey smiled as he lifted Mike in, Mike turned out to be the little dare devil, kicking his feet to go further towards the deeper end of the pool "Woah slow down Robin, we're not at that stage yet!" he chuckle pulling the toddler around in a circle much to Mike's delight.

Yeah Mike was the cleverest two year old.