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Harvey and Jessica were standing over at the window talking so Harvey could keep an eye on the two year old. "So you agree about tanley" Harvey asked cockily as he smirked.

"Yes Harvey I do, you are still working with Louis though" Jessica told him firmly. Harvey took a glance over to the two year old who was trying to climb down the couch, he had been put there by Harvey after he was getting into everything and 'disrupting' everything in the mans office.

"Gwo own fwogway" Mike babbled to his frog as he turned on his belly trying to slide down the couch "ahhh" He squealed as he couldn't reach the floor. "Dada" Mike called arms out to Harvey who smiled at him walking over to him he bend down taking the toddlers hands "Work it out kiddo you're smart"Harvey told him walking away returning to his conversation with Jessica. Mike looked confused he thought daddy was going to help him down. "Dowwwnnn" Mike called making grabby hands again, waiting to be lifted down. He stuck out his bottom lip looking at the floor when Harvey ignored him.

"Dada-ahhh" Mike cried again trying to slide down on his belly again, he slid down grasping the couch with his little fingers as he tried to stand up while he wobbled on his feet falling onto his bottom before standing back up, grinning with himself at his achievement.

"DADA" Mike shouted clapping his hands trying to alert Harvey to the fact that he was being ignored and he did not like it. Mike reached onto his tiptoes trying to get his frog which had been left on the sofa. Harvey watched with interest as the toddler jumped in order to grab for the frog instead of trying to climb back up.

"Oh Harvey you have your hands full, he's a smart little boy" Jessica said, Harvey smirked as Mike toddled towards him arms out wanting picked up, smiling at the toddler he picked him up and sat him on his hip. Harvey would never admit it but he thought baby Mike was beautiful with his combination of golden blond hair and popping emerald green eyes.

"Okay this Jessica if i have to work with shakespear I will but only for you and I am going to win" Harvey said waving Mike's frog at him "Harvey you and Louis are on the same team my team. Can you handle that" Harvey nodded as Jessica left his office.

"Come on Mike you can help me. Mike answered by dribbling on his bib clapping his hands. Harvey laughed siting down in his chair pulling Mike onto his lap. The toddler picked up a file that was siting in front of him about to chew on it

"Ah a No you can do some colouring that is not for grubby little fingers" a few seconds later Harvey Specter was wishing he had never thought of allowing Mike to colour due to the fine mess that the baby was making.

"Damn kid you're not supposed to colour yourself or my desk" Harvey groaned seeing Mike's log sleeved t- shirt covered in felt tip

"Ewmo!" Mike cried pointing to the picture of the sesame street character in his colouring book Harvey ignored him frantically gathering his papers up "Please don't let that be the tanley briefs" The lawyer muttered to himself "Damn kid jessica is going to kill me those were just printed, you need to get down" Harvey said grasping Mike by under the arm pits and carrying him over to the stroller.

Mike started to cry trying to push past Harvey as the man made sure to fasten the clips Mike clearly displayed his annoyance at his current predicament through his kicking and screaming.

"Good god why me! This is because I don't do pro bono" Harvey grumbled "dadaaaa dadaaaa-AHHHH AHHHAAHA" Mike cried holding his arms out to Harvey who was seriously feeling bad about letting Mike sit there and scream. He quickly dropped to his knees and unfastened the toddler bouncing Mike on his hip to try to stop the loud wails coming from the very unhappy little boy. Mike continued to howl and Harvey soon found himself walking in circles around his office pointing things out to try and cheer the toddler up.

"Come on buddy I'm sorry but try to understand I have a lot of work to do- you want a bottle come on let's make you a bottle" Harvey spoke to the toddler continuing to bounce him as he took a bottle out of the diaper bag and went to heat it in the partners kitchen.

Harvey placed Mike on the counter grimacing as the toddlers face suddenly got bright red and he started whimpering " I must have done some bad things to be landed with this" Harvey groaned knowing that the toddler was not red just because he had been crying.

Carrying Mike back to his office Harvey braced himself to change his associates diaper he had changed Mike's diaper before at home (good god did he just refer to his apartment as being Mike's home), he just didn't want to be seen at his work doing it

Harvey grumbled as he wet his finger trying to scrub out the handprints that Mike had left on the briefs. He let out another groan as an asaulting whiff hit his nose "

Ugh god where is Louis when you need him" frowning at Mike who was now giggling and let out a contented sigh "I bet you feel more comfortable now don't you pup"

Harvey wearily laid the toddler down stripping him of his monkey dungarees gagging as he unfastend the diaper. He swore Mike was laughing at him as the little baby squrimed and giggled kicking his little feet.

"You dare pee on me Mike I had enough of your golden shower last night" Mike laughed grinning mischeviously as he let out some wind just as his boss lifted his legs to clean his bottom "Thank you Mike thank you very much i so don't get paid enough to do this" The toddler claped his hands and grabed for Harvey's $1,000 tie. "Oh no you don't, that is very expensive, and I don't need you drooling on it" Harvey told Mike frimly not caring as he grabbed it from Mike's chubby little hands ignoring the eyes that filled with tears "Don't start that, that won't work kiddo, i happen to be a lawyer i have seen it all before"

Harvey glared as Louis walked into his office this is not how he wanted to be seen. "Oh and this day just gets better and better, Louis, what do you want!? " Harvey growled

"I can see we are through with the pleasantries" Louis replied dryly not believing what he was seeing Harvey specter changing a diaper Harvey smirked at that he was never one to miss an oppurtunity for a dig. especially if it was aimed at Louis which made it all the more amusing.

"We were through with that when I slept with your wife" Harvey retorted enjoying watching Louis face twist. "Harvey for the final time I don't have a wife" Louis growled "

It's still funny" Harvey said grinning while powdering Mike and fastening a clean diaper on him "who dwa" Mike asked with frown on his face. "That's Louis Mike you remember him?" Harvey asked chuckling as Mike screwed his face up "Oh look Louis, he does remember you what do you know"

"POUIS!" Mike squealed happy with himself "Its Louis Mike" Louis said face like thunder directed towards Harvey, Harvey held his hands up in his defence ""What I didn't teach him that sometimes i just get lucky"

"Harvey as funny as this may sound I didn't come here to argue",

" Sure he didn't Mike" Harvey said picking Mike up and going over to his seat, "

BABA" Mike squealed on seeing Harvey holding his bottle of Milk

" Yeeh bottle time kiddo" Mike crawled into Harvey's lap clutching the mans suit as he sucked at the nipple of the bottle" Harvey coudln't get over the cooshy feeling that he was feeling towards the baby in his lap drinking from his bottle, maybe he would make a good dad after all.

"Okay Louis what did you come for then?"