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Mike is nearly six in this chapter. Damien is seven years old.

"Mike Damien! Be careful please" Harvey yelled as the two little boys ran into the lounge fighting each other with plastic light savers. Mike kindly walked across his knees as he entered the room. "Mike" Harvey said rolling his eyes; Donna smiled shaking her head as she and Harvey made a quick exit from the room.

"They are so excited Harvey" Donna said Harvey who nodded rolling his eyes "Tell me about it Mike was so excited that he had an accident in his bath yesterday because he was too busy listing the things he wanted to do" Donna smiled "It's too cute there little buddies Harvey"

"Yeah they are, it's good for Mike to have a close friend. I think he must get lonely but he is an only child" Harvey confided peering into the lounge when he couldn't see the two little boys he became suspicious, in his home a quiet Mike was never a good thing. In Harvey's experience it usually meant that he was up to mischief or was being naughty.

The little boy was usually bouncing about everywhere and Harvey and Donna were always shocked at how long Mike could dance about for, the only time he seemed to loose his energy was just before 4 o clock which Harvey had aptly named 'cranky o clock time' Harvey still put the nearly six year little boy down for a nap as he would become insufferable after school whining and it was at this point that the most tantrums were witnessed.

"How about we take them to the park let some of steam their off, then they will sleep tonight" Donna suggested winking as Harvey smirked thinking of the cunning little plan; Donna sat down at the kitchen table taking out her schedule to plan their holiday. "Wait a minute by we do you mean me?" Harvey asked doubling back on himself as he walked back into the kitchen; Donna's smirk told him that this was exactly what she had been referring to.

Harvey groaned as he walked through to the lounge he was soon laughing. Mike was lying flat out on Damien's stomach his light saver pointed against the older boys head yelling about how he had slayey the dragon "Come on kiddo what do you say we get your diaper off and get you dressed" Mike turned around grinning at hearing his favourite persons voice "Hi daddy"

"Hey monster I think you are squishing poor Damien" Both boys giggled as Harvey swooped Mike off Damien and held him upside down "Damien why don' you go into the kitchen I made both you some hot chocolate Damien grinned running out the room. Harvey wrapped an arm around his son's waist as Mike was about to follow him "Ah aa Damien is dressed you are not" Mike giggled as Harvey tickled him throwing him over his shoulder. Donna could hear Mike's squeals of delight as Harvey tossed him onto his bed.

"Aunty Donna" Damien squealed bouncing over to Donna wrapping his arms around his aunties waist "Uncle Harvey said he made us hot chocolate "He did honey it's in that mug there" Damien took the mug offered to him and sat down at the table eyeing it up and down "What's wrong Dame have you gone off hot chocolate" Donna asked her seven year old nephew, Damien shook his head pointing to the mug "This is Mike's mouse mug" "I know baby but we are at Uncle Harvey's house and Mike's mugs are the only ones you can use he won't mind though Mike is good at sharing " The truth was Mike hated sharing and had tantrums when he was asked to share but Harvey had told Mike's kindergarten to encourage Mike to share at every opportunity available.

"HEHEHE" Mike giggled as he crawled along his bed hiding under the covers trying to make a break for it as soon as he was naked. Not much had change Mike would still run about naked given the chance he had tried to have a very loud and 'interesting' conversation about his Willy asking when daddy had such a 'big one' and his was just little. What made this even more embarrassing was the location, he and Harvey were in a nice quaint little café one Sunday afternoon. Harvey had shook his head and remembered what his mum used to say about him when he was a child 'boys will be boys'

"Mike you play with it it'll fall off" Harvey said rolling his eyes at seeing his son being a typical boy. "Does your willy bounce watch mine" Mike cried happily, putting on a show, Harvey dug his hands into Mikes side and playfully pulled him onto his lap tickling him. "DADEEE DADEEE DADEEEE I PWEE PWEE" Mike squealed.

"Come on monster you need to get dressed daddy is taking you and Damien to the park"

Mike smiled when Harvey told him this moving onto asking his next question "When are we going to Disneyland" Mike asked as he put his arms up so Harvey could dress him in the blue and green stripy long sleeved polo shirt "You know kiddo we are going in two days" "how long is that?" Mike asked as Harvey handed him his underwear "I don't need those daddy" Mike tried to protest, Harvey raised an eyebrow "You are not going out in public wearing no underpants Mr put them on your butt" Harvey said in a funny voice as Mike playfully snatched them pulling them on "Mike that goes on the other side" Harvey said clearing his throat as Mike 'fixed himself'

"Daddy you didn't answer my question how long is two days?" Mike whined slightly as Harvey helped him with his jeans button. Mike was not very coordinated for his age and still struggled with buttons and zips. Harvey was a bit disappointed as he wanted him to join the baseball team to follow in his daddy's footsteps but he had realised that Mike's hand eye coordination was very poor for his age and he was an excellent swimmer.

"Two days is two more sleeps okay Mike you have two more times where we go to bed at home and after that it will be in Florida!" Harvey said smiling as Mike jumped up and down on the floor "DADEE DADEEEE ARE WE SEEING STICH" Mike squealed clenching his fists and holding them up to his chin something he did when he was very happy or excited.

"TWO MORE SLEEPS" Mike yelled again pulling at Harvey's arms trying to make him join in, in his little dance "Can I have my hot chocolate and crumpets now" Mike asked climbing onto Harvey's knee facing the man as he bounced.

"What do we put on our feet? and you look like you have been dragged through a bush backwards" Harvey said scanning his sons appearance in order to make sure he could be seen in public, if it were up to Mike he would go out in no underwear wearing a cape (He had actually told Harvey this is what he would do and seemed very pleased with himself too) Harvey loved the imagination that Mike possessed he was so creative and fantastic fun to be around.

Mike screwed his face up wondering what his daddy had meant. "It means your hair is a mess kiddo" Harvey explained causing Mike to start giggling again running a hand through his hair before rapidly pulling on his monster socks "NOW I EAT" Mike shouted as he bolted from the room. . Harvey rolled his eyes picking up Mike's brush and bringing it with him to the kitchen to sort out his son's half-hearted attempt at grooming- he just wasn't like Harvey in that respect.

"Auntie Donna please can you make me my crumpets" Mike asked sweetly running into the kitchen Donna smiled at seeing Mike's usual exuberant energy "I definitely can honey thanks for asking nicely" Mike grinned climbing onto his seat taking a drink out of his milk before eyeing Damien and making a quick exit.

"Daddy that's my mug" Mike cried running into Harvey as he was on his way back to his bedroom to complain bitterly. The man moaned as the little boy ran smack into his stomach and a little breath was knocked out of him. Mike was not heavy by any means he was actually relatively small for his age. Harvey had been concerned and had taken Mike to the doctors to find out what was wrong, he was relieved when he was told that Mike was in good health and would grow when he was ready.

" Woah buddy you okay" Harvey asked he did not like the look of Mike's face the beautiful smile that was there a minute ago was now replaced with a fierce scowl "Damien is using my mug" Mike huffed pouting. Harvey sighed "Yes he is I gave it to him I thought that beca- "It's mine" Mike whined interrupting emphasizing his point by stamping his foot.

Harvey bent down to Mike's level "Mike enough kiddo. Daddy gave your mug to Damien to borrow you can share "NO-OH" Mike yelled stamping his foot again "Stamp your foot one more time at me Mike and you will find yourself on the naughty pad Harvey told Mike firmly which did nothing to improve the six year's olds mood. Mike was not a fan of timeouts but he had been getting cheekier as he got older and the need to put Mike in time outs had definitely increased in the last year.

"You are a big boy you can share" Harvey said standing up "Come on let's go and get breakfast" Harvey said changing his voice to the uplifting voice he always used with Mike instead of the stern voice when he was trying to stop a tantrum, offering his hand to Mike who shook his head scowling at him Harvey sighed running his hand through his hair "Fine you stay and sulk I am going to get breakfast feel free to join us when you can be a big boy"

"Harvey, where did Mike go?" Donna asked as Harvey walked into the kitchen ruffling Damien's hair Harvey rolled his eyes "Having a tantrum" Donna was about to ask why but was stopped when Mike butted in "No I'm not" he shrieked walking into the kitchen clutching his frog. "Well if you're not come and sit down for breakfast" Harvey told Mike firmly as he sat down to read the newspaper "No-ohhhhh" Mike cried refusing to be sat at the table Harvey put the newspaper down looking over at Mike "listen you are getting nothing until lunch if you do not eat your breakfast Mike" Harvey warned in his no nonsense voice in an attempt to quell the tantrum.

Mike was still a regular tantrum thrower despite being five years old well nearly six; he would be celebrating his birthday while the four of them were on holiday in Disney land.

Harvey had invited Donna to go with them knowing that Donna's sister was a due a baby and would probably appreciated it if someone was to look after Damien while she was in the hospital. It had taken Harvey an hour to calm Mike down when the little boy found out who was going with them. Harvey and Donna supposed Mike still threw tantrums because he was an only child and it was safe to say that he was quite spoiled between Harvey, Donna and Harvey's parents.

"Who do you want to see in Disneyland, Damien" Harvey asked as he and Donna were trying to plan what the kids would like to do "I really would like to see buzz light year" Damien said as he was drawing a picture. Harvey looked over to Mike who was now sat on the couch still sulking.

"Mike last chance to eat your breakfast I mean it Mike" Mike huffed and puffed but walked over to the table siting on his seat he didn't want to miss out on anything.

"My hot chocolates coooool" Mike whined Donna was going to step in to offer to make another one "That's because you were too busy having a tantrum" Harvey replied "Now Mike if you ask nicely daddy may make you another one" "Please may I have one please" Mike asked picking up one of his crumpets "You can buddy" Harvey said getting Mike's cup out of the cupboard hoping that Mike wouldn't argue with the cup choice.

"Mike you looking forward to going to the park" Damien asked Mike nodded enthusiastically "Yeah I am Damien this park has a really cool rocket and daddy pushes it weally fast" Mike shreiked speaking through a mouthful of crumpet "Mike honey don't speak with your mouth full"

"Ah a" Harvey said seeing Mike going to cry "You can't cry every time someone tells you something your kindergarten teacher said you do the same there- ,(Harvey really didn't want a baby of a son he wanted his son to be strong like him, he loved Mike with everyone in his body but he didn't want him to be a cry baby) Aunty Donna asked you nicely Mike" Mike scowled but was soon back to joining in the conversation and laughing Damien.

Donna laughed as Mike tugged her into the park, she had been roped into coming by all of the boys (including Harvey) "Donna will you push me on the swing please" Mike asked trying to run off as he hauled at Donna's arm and frowned when he was pulled back.

"Micheal specter if you fire that gun once more I will take it off you, that is two people you have already hit" Donna found herself ranting as Mike was getting to handy with his little water gun. Harvey had gone off with Damien to buy some ice-creams as both boys were complaining that they were boiling and that other children were eating ice-creams but Mike couldn't be dragged from the play park long enough to accompany his daddy.

"Bwuttt I wanttt to pway" Mike whined hiding the gun behind his back to prevent Donna from taking it. "I know you do sweetie" Donna said pulling Mike into her side and planting a kiss on his cheek "But you can't just hit random people" Mike nodded smiling at what Donna whispered into his ear.

"Here we are ice-creams for two greedy little boys" Harvey announced , Mike's eyes lit up mischievously "We get two each?" "No Mike you do not get two each, I will never allow you to have two ice-creams" Harvey told Mike rolling his eyes as he passed them out to the boys "Hey he got more than me" Mike cried out eyeing up Damien's ice-cream Harvey gave him 'the look' and Mike soon stopped.

"Mike if your daddy married my aunty Donna would that make us brothers" Damien asked as the two boys sat on the bench eating their ice-cream Mike smiled "Do you want to be brothers?" Damien nodded "I'm going to ask daddy" Mike announced running over to Harvey

"Daddy daddy can me and Damien be brothers" Mike asked pulling on Harvey's hand excitedly desperate for an answer "Mike buddy don't interupt daddy" Harvey scolded lightly. Mike huffed leaning against his leg. "Now monkey what did you want to ask me?" Harvey tried again tickling the pouting boys chin. "Daddy I wana be brothers with Damien" Before Harvey had a chance to answer Donna was pulling the little boy onto her knee cooing to him.

"Aw Harvey that is so cute" she shrieked pulling Mike onto her knee "You are too cute" Mike giggled glad to be showered with kisses and cuddles.

"Of course you two can be brothers sweetie"Donna answered for Harvey.

Harvey was going to explain that Mike and Damien were already kind of like cousins but decided not to at seeing how happy Mike was as he ran off to tell Damien the exciting news.

"Mike go to the toilet please I won't tell you again" Harvey reminded Mike in a firm voice as he was finishing putting the rest of Mike's things in the little boys teenage mutant ninja turtles case. "Mike do you want this teddy?" Harvey asked showing Mike the monkey glaring at him a he still hadn't moved.

"Yes daddy i need that one Mr frog, beary, panda, lion and elephant" Mike said listing them all on his fingers, which Harvey couldn't help but find adorably cute. "Mike where do you think these are going to go" Harvey asked refering to Mike's suit case which was almost full.

"They can go in yours daddy" Mike said, Harvey rolled his eyes how did he know Mike would expect him to do this, "Okay i will but we are not going to have another tantrum over the toys you can take the ones I said you could. no more" Mike nodded.

"Now go to the potty" Harvey told Mike who sighed loudly before whining "Dadeeee" as Harvey took the Nintendo Ds from the small boy.

"It's mineeee" Mike yelled in a bratty voice "Potty now, go" Mike huffed stomping into the bathroom.

"Thank you Mike, let's do it with a little less attitude though" Harvey said raising an eyebrow he knew he should give Mike some leeway as the little boy was just really excited about going to Disney land and was finding it hard listening he had two much to look forward too but Harvey would not now or ever accept bad attitude from the tot.

"Dadeeee" Harvey sighed at hearing Mike call him "You okay buddy?" He asked, his head peering around the door "Mike was standing up looking down at his pants with tears in his eyes "Daddy I had accident" Mike cried as Harvey walked in bending down to his height "It's okay kiddo don't worry these things happen I think you are just too hyped up do you need to finish"

Mike nodded allowing Harvey to remove the wet clothes he sat back onto the toilet kicking his legs "Sorry daddy I didn't mean to pee pee my pants" Harvey smiled ruffling Mike's hair "It's fine kiddo you're fine you just finish going then come tell me okay" Mike grinned. Harvey quickly shoved the wet things into the washing machine praying that they would be clean before they had to leave. "Dadddy I'm finished" Mike called "Okay buddy go get your clothes on I put them on your bed"

"DONNA! DONNA GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT WE ARE GOING SOON" Mike screamed as he saw Donna and Damien standing in the lounge "Woah Mikey calm down buddy try not to deafen us" Donna just smiled picking Mike up and spinning him around "I know Mike I am sooo excited" Donna said humouring the squirming little boy.

"Dadddy daddy an me and Damien go into the shop" Mike badgered pulling on the mans pants as Harvey was trying to weigh the cases and put them on the conveyor belt at the airport. "Mike buddy daddy is busy right now okay, here take your bag please and wait over there do not go off. Aunty donna is a the toilets with Damien, you need to sit at that bench and not move" Harvey ordered, seriously worried about the crowds that were in the airport, if Mike got lost he would never been seen again.

Mike nodded pulling his lilo and stitch bag pack onto his back. "Good morning sir is this all your bags" Harvey nodded quickly whipping his head around to make sure Mike had stayed. Mike was currently digging into his bag(probably looking for the gummy bears that Harvey had packed) Harvey rolled his eyes strolling over to Mike.

"Mike we've not even had breakfast yet" Harvey said disapprovingly but still smiling "I'm hungry" "I know we will get something soon okay we have got two hours to kill until we have to board" Harvey promised he had been prepared for this to happen.

Mike and Damien had both been offered breakfast before they left, both boys had complained whining that it was too early to eat which Harvey and Donna could both understand as they were leaving at 7. Harvey was amazed at the energy that Mike had for so early on in the morning he suspected that Mike would soon lose that and want to sleep and was praying that they at least managed to get to the hotel before this happened.

"heheeh" Damien giggled as he covered his mouth in tomato sauce, Mike and he were digging into bacon rolls and Harvey was grimacing at the mess that both boys were able to make. "You've got poo poo on your face" "Mike" Harvey said shaking his eye he didn't even know how Mike got that description as it didn't make sense but all little kids thought that poo was funny.

"Mike your daddy eating poo" Damien joined in Mike put his hand against his mouth trying to stop the giggles "Charming Donna our kids really are just delightful" Donna shook her head not knowing whether to be disgusted or to just laugh it off.

Mike slid under the table giggling as he appeared at Harvey's knee "Dadddy! Wook a plane" he shrieked clamouring onto Harvey's knee. Harvey kept Mike's legs securely squeezed in his own to avoid the little boy from standing on his knees. "Dadaaay is that the one we are going on" Harvey shook his head "I think we are going on the one next to it you see that big one with the navy and blue stripes" Harvey said pointing out the plane to the boys.

Mike asked sticking a thumb in his mouth leaning back against Harvey "Come on kiddo you can't go to sleep yet" Mike cried when Harvey tried to lift him away from his chest "No-ohohdadday"

Harvey sighed and gave into Mike allowing him to lie in his chest, Mike wrapped his arms around Harvey's neck "Uncle Harvey is Mike sleeping?" Damien asked leaning againt Donna's knee "Yeah he gets tired baby because he is smaller than you" "Yeah I don't need naps anymore I haven't had naps since I was a baby" Harvey smiled rubbing Mike's back as the little boy fell asleep sucking on his pacifier fisting his sookie and frog.

"Damien your Aunty tells me that you're good at drawing" Harvey said, Damien smiled "I like drawing can I use my drawing stuff in my bag?" "Of course you can honey" Donna replied "can I help?" Harvey asked Damien, nodded handing Harvey a sheet of paper, Donna gently took Mike into her arms rubbing his back as he whimpered.

Harvey looked up from his laptop as he heard one of the boys enter the room. Damien smiled at him climbing up on the sofa resting against his arm. Damien did not have a father figure in his life and adored Harvey and always looking forward to spending time with him and Mike, he saw Mike as being his little brother.

Harvey had been worried that Mike would be jealous of having to share him with another child and he was for about two weeks when he threw a few tantrums before he realised he actually loved having an older brother.

"Hey Dame, you okay buddy what's on your mind" Harvey asked as Damien sighed leaning against his arm "After we go home I won't be able to play with Mike anymore or… see you" Damien said quietly his voice full of sadness "Buddy." Harvey lifted Damien onto his knee "You are welcome at our house whenever you want to be here okay, you just tell your mummy and Donna will ask if you can stay" Harvey watched as Damien's eyes lit up at the suggestion "You promise?" "I promise kid I even pinky promise" Harvey replied seriously.

"Thanks Uncle Harvey now can me and Mike sleep together?

"DADDY I WANT TO SLEEP WITH DAMIEN" Mike yelled joining in as he and Donna came off the balcony. Donna smiled at Harvey shrugging her shoulders, Harvey sighed that would mean he and Donna would have to share a bed (not that they hadn't done that before) and Harvey wasn't even sure if Mike would feel comfortable enough sleeping without him. Sure he had his own bed at home but that was different in their home (in another place all together) but the pleading look he was getting from both boys was too hard to resist he pulled both of them over his knee tickling them.

"Sure guys there better be sleeping though" Both boys nodded eagerly as they came up for breath.

Harvey and Donna shared a frown together both thinking the same thing (Mike would not sleep without his daddy however hyped up he was)

"Daddy is it my birthday tomorrow and when are we going to Disney land and can I see stitch and …

"Woah woah buddy one at a time daddy's ears will fall off" Mike grinned "Dadeee your silly" "Your birthday is Saturday tomorrow we are going to Disneyland and yes we are seeing stitch and daddy's forgotten the other question what was it?" Harvey asked teasing Mike lightly, the little boy shook his head putting his hands on his hip" Dadddy I didn't ask my next question" Mike said cheekily, Harvey tapped his nose as he tried to put Mike in his jammys "No daddy I don't need them. It'sttooooooo hot" "Okay you sure" Harvey asked again "I brought your cool jammys" "No jammys daddy" Mike said rolling lying on the bed with his feet in Harvey's lap.

Harvey nodded he was fine about allowing Mike to sleep in just his diaper and vest as it was boiling in Florida, a really humid heat, he would make sure to put the fan on slightly in the boys room otherwise he just knew Mike would be waking him up complaining that he was too hot.

As it turned out Mike was waking Harvey up not just Mike though Damien and Mike were giggling and yelling at each other "AHHEEEE LOOK AT ME DAMIEN LOOK AT MY FACEEE" Mike shrieked as he pulled faces which would cause the other boy to erupt into a fit of giggles. "Mike look at mine HEHEHAHA" Damien squealed (LOUDLY) both boys quickly making a dive for under the covers as they saw Harvey enter their bedroom.

"Yeah nice try kids I saw you both up not to mention heard you, go to sleep please okay it's way past bedtime boys" Night daddy" Mike called blowing as raspberry as Harvey made to leave the room, Dmaien also joined in in the squealing

"Night uncle Harvey" "Good night boys sleep time now okay" As son as Harvey had left the room he could hear both boys up resuming their little games. The first voice he heard was Mike's.. again "Damien look at me heheheh I'm a pig" Mike giggled making snorting noises.

Harvey rolled his eyes, the noise level was definetly increasing "Mike look I'm a daddy pig" Damien said snorting five times as loud as Mike had and they thought Damien was the quiet one. Mike was laughing so hard that he nearly feel off the bed. "Mike, Damien go to sleep!" Harvey called groaning, Donna smirked as she read her magazine delighting in how annoyed Harvey was getting. She found it really quite amusing, he was usually so calm and collected.

"it's your turn next" Harvey grumbled laying his head back on the pillow delighting in the peace and quiet (for a bout a second) "BUCK BUCK BUCK, I'm a chicken" Mike screamed making clucking noises. Harvey ad Donna both shot out of bed on hearing a thud.

Harvey turned the light on in the boys room "Guys who broke the light?" he asked running a hand through his air, he was beyond tired and did not want to get snappy with the boys but he could tell that was the direction he was going in.

Donna quickly moved the lap over to the counter turning on Mike's monster nightlight. Mike giggled and Damien both giggled a sorry "Okay babies you need to go to sleep now okay boys" Donna cooed gently Harvey tried a different approach

"Damien you stay in bed, Mike go to my bed" Mike started to cry when he realised what that he wouldn't be sleeping with Damien, he trudged into Harvey's room clutching his sookie and about half a dozen teddies (Harvey had limited the amount of teddies Mike could bring to eight which he found very reasonabl (Mike did not and made this clear when they were packing which resulted in a timeout)

"Dadeee you said I could sweep in dere" Mike cried Harvey picked Mike up "That was before I realised that there would be no sleeping involved" He explained "Mike do you need the potty one last time" Harvey asked keeping an eye on Mike's squirming , Mike nodded and Harvey followed him into the bathroom to help him.

"Dadaaay I'm really tired" Mike cried as Harvey carried him to bed " I know buddy me too sleep well baby" Harvey said softly into Mike's ear pulling the little boy close to him as they both fell asleep.

Mike and Damien were in the living room playing with the cars SpongeBob was on in the background Mike was eyeing up Damien's fire truck "Damien can I see your car please" Mike asked politely as he reached for it. Damien shook his head even though he wasn't playing with it.

Mike was annoyed his daddy had always told him to say please and thank you (therefore he shouldn't be told no) "Damien pleeassseee" Mike whined "No Mike go away" Damien said (Mike who was not used to being told no) slapped Damien grabbing for the car.

"I WANT IT" Mike yelled starting to cry when Damien roughly shoved him onto the floor (accidently) Harvey and Donna had both just woken up when they heard an argument and then Mike wailing, it didn't sound like normal whiney crying Harvey thought but when Mike had genially hurt himself.

"Mike Mike I'm sorry little brother I didn't mean it" Mike refused to take Damien's hand screaming out for his daddy "Buddy what happened? "Harvey asked dropping to the floor gently extending Mike's leg seeing an ominous looking bruise forming on the little boys leg.

"Damien pushed me off the bed" Mike accused pointing at his friend.

"Your nwot my bwofer anymore" Mike wailed unhappily Mike cried drowning Harvey's start trek t-shirt with his tears. Donna hastily picked Damien up as he started to cry worried that he had hurt his friend.

"We need to put some ice on that bud" Harvey told Mike carrying him to the bathroom "He didn't mean it Harvey" Donna told the man firmly when she caught the look he gave Damien "I bet Mike was just as much to blame" Harvey nodded feeling like an ass Damien was only seven not seventeen, he knew Damien would never have meant to push him off the bed. Harvey's look softened and he smiled at the little boy (he was protective of Mike, he knew how much older Mike had been hurt in the past and he wanted to protect him from everything)

"I know Donna, Damien come here kiddo I'm sorry" Damien walked over to Harvey looking worried "Are you going to smack my bottom?" Damien cried as Harvey picked him up. Mike watched with interest as Harvey bounced the boy Harvey smiled "No kid I don't do that, the most you would get with me is timeout or early bedtime but it was an accident so just a warning to be careful okay" Damien nodded sucking his thumb nervously.

"That goes for you to Mr" Harvey said to Mike who was over the little dispute and was currently covering his face in shaving cream. Harvey shook his head yes Mike certainly was his kid.

Mike had a shaver had at home with no blades and he would 'shave' when Harvey did. Harvey thought that it was adorable how much like him Mike wanted to be and he was no longer embarrassed to say that he adored his son. Harvey had taken to Donna's way of photographing the super cute 'Mike moments' and sending the pictures to her and his family.

"I Don't want to wear that, I'm not a baby" Damien complained at seeing the harness like strap/ lead that Harvey and Donna wanted both boys to wear.

"Damien you need to wear this, it's so we don't loose you honey" Damien refused shaking his head and going to sit on his bed in a huff. Donna sighed going after him that left Harvey to try to put Mike in his 'prison'

"Damien, Mike is going to wear on two you need to wear it so we can find you honey there will be loads of children wearing them okay "I really don't want too "Damien protested

"Damien look I'm spider man" Mike cried running into the room trying to climb up the wall (using his strap to) Damien smiled over at Mike It seemed the little one was trying to persuade the older one that the strap was a good thing.

Mike had vehemently refused to wear a pull up diaper for the time at the theme park.

Harvey had read somewhere that parents were doing that but was seriously doubting that Mike would agree "Okay you don't have to buddy, daddy's sorry for suggesting it"

Harvey and Donna decided that the first thing on the map they would try to find would be the toilets which did not please the little boys who were both wearing mickey mouse ears and holding wands fighting each other as they climbed and jumped on the benches.

"Dadddy the toilets suck" Mike cried "We want to see stitch" Harvey gave Mike the look which told him to watch his language. "DADEEEEEEE everyone is seeing things and we're stuck here" Mike grumped whining "Mike enough stop it or we can go back to the hotel and you can go for a nap if you are being grumpy you obviously didn't have enough sleep" Harvey told Mike in his no- nonsense voice "Now we are going to the toilets and then we will be heading in the direction of stitch "Okay" Mike agreed sullenly.

Mike screamed loudly as they entered the café when he saw stitch sitting down at one of the tables. The atmosphere was buzzing and Mike couldn't wait to get in the thick of it, he began pulling on Harvey's hand speaking so fast he was mumbling incoherently.

Harvey thought the kid might pull his arm off "Hello welcome to disney house are you Harvey specter and family" We are Harvey replied trying to calm Mike down slightly, he thought the little boy might pass out. The café looked amazing there were other Disney characters having breakfast with children while the proud parents took the pictures as the children ran about in bliss dressed in Disney themed costumes.

"Your table is this one here I here we have a birthday boy here" Mike nodded "I am going to be six I am a really bwig boy" Mike said confidently "My birthday is tomorrow though daddy" Mike said as they sat down at the table, Harvey smiled ruffling Mike's hair "I know buddy but stitch is having breakfast with us today" Harvey left Mike with Damien And Donna while he went to check that the birthday cake would be there as planned. Mike was going to get such a surprise when he saw his birthday cake.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MIKE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" "Happy birthday Mike" Stitch said after they had all finished singing Mike eyes were wide like saucers and he opened his mouth in amazement quickly jumping off his chair wrapping his arms around Stitch's who placed the 'Lilo and Stitch' birthday cake on the table in front of the boy a beautiful cake made by Donna who had no end to her talents.

Make a wish baby" Harvey said as he filmed the event "Thank you Stitch" Mike shrieked starting to cry he was so shocked and happy "Awww honey" Donna said at seeing Mike cry. Mike climbed onto her knee rubbing at his eyes as he grinnned "Stitch is here daddy he actullay is here" Mike stumbled over the pronunciation of the word actuallay which made him sound all the more adorable.

"Now Mike I hear that it is your birthday, would it be okay if i cut your cake" Mike nodded eagerly stroking Stitch's costume as the character leant forward to cut the cake, giving the biggest piece to Mike "Wow buddy that's the most cake you've ever had " Harvey said chuckling at seeing Mike's expression when he saw his piece.

"Stitch can I sit on your knee" Mike asked Stitch nodded happily pulling the birthday boy onto his knee. Donna quickly stole the camera off Harvey and took a picture of Mike, Damien and Stitch "That is the most adorable photo I have ever seen" She squealed proudly showing it to the boys.

The waitress offered to take a picture of stitch and the family plus Stitch took one of just Mike and Harvey. "Daddy this is the best birthday ever I love you" Mike whispered as Harvey pulled him back against his chest "I am glad baby boy, I love you loads too monster"

Two hours later and with full bellies and more photos everyone said bye to Stitch after Mike received a giant stitch and requested that Stitch speak in his 'Stitch voice' at least fifty times. Harvey and Donna decided to go before the man in the costume lost his voice.

"That thing is huge Mike where are we going to put him" Harvey asked carrying the soft toy which was about five times the size of Mike , under his arm "He can sleep in my bed daddy" Mike said happily swinging Harvey's arm. Harvey looked at him with an eyebrow raised "And where will you sleep kiddo" Mike gigged.

Damien was given a little stitch too, Harvey and Donna didn't want him to feel left out. "Okay where we going next?" Donna asked "Damien wants to go on the motion stimulator star wars ride" Donna said clarifying that with Damien who nodded sucking his thumb

"That sounds good, will they both get on that?" Harvey pondered as he read the map "It says from age 5 with parental guidance "We will see kiddo how you deal with that" Harvey said to Mike

"Dadaaaaay these lines are too long" Mike complained "And i'm melting like the witch in the wizard of owz!" Harvey and Donna both exchanged a smile which soon turned into a worried look. They knew something like this would happen. Th heat was so humid and sticky which was making not just the little ones feel uncofortable but Donna and Harvey were also not fans of the type of heat. The family were only wearing shorts and t-shirts, Harvey had made Mike put on a little cotton cardigan (he did not want to see another burnt Mike) when they had been staying at Harvey's parents for a little holiday Mike had gotten really burnt playing in the sea and it was safe to say that he had been miserable and Harvey really did not want to go back there.

"Okay look in this bag and pick a toy out guys" Harvey said both boys dug in the bag smiling when they found some new toys, which they were able to play with while they waited. After being forced to drink some water Mike and Damien were looking forward to the ride.. until the next thing arose

"Daddy I need the toilet" Mike cried pulling on Harvey's shorts as he still sat on the floor. Mike and Damien had gotten fed up with standing in the line going nowhere and were lying on the ground joined by a few other children as the parents stood fanning themselves and drinking galons of water just to stay alive.

"Uncle Harvey I do too quickly" Damien complained holiding himself. Harvey looked over at Donna who was buying the tickets for the next attraction they wanted to do, the zoo safari "okay boys come on then" Harvey took boys by the hands sending a text to Donna as they walked to the toilets quickly.

"There you are we are ready to go in now" Donna said brightly taking Mike's hand, Damien held Harvey's "Donna they have really cool micky mouse soap despensers in the bathroom" Mike said excitedly "You press micky's ear and the soap comes out his mouth" Mike explained

"Wow that sounds cool" Donna said "Will you be wanting a picture of that" Mike asked copying what Harvey often said to her "Hey watch it monkey" Donna said in a false stern voice, tickling Mike, Mike giggled leaning into her side.

"Okay Mike you need to stay in your seat okay while the ride is on" Mike nodded "You too Damien" "Boys the ride will feel like it is moving but it's not okay" Donna explained so the little boys wouldn't get scared "We won't fall off" Mike asked looking up at her as he cuddled into Harvey's side "No sweetie you won't fall off Mike okay" "Daddy migghttt" Mike giggled "No daddy won't no one will fall off okay" Mike and Damien both gasped as the ride started 'moving' Mike freaked out a bit when they raced down to the earth

"Daddy I don't wike it" Mike cried "dadaaaaaay" Mike continued to cry real tears flowing down his cheeks now. Harvey groaned but quickly got up and sat down in Mike's chair quickly pulling the little boy into his lap. Mike hid his face crying softly "Shush shush shush" Harvey wanted to take Mike out but knew they couldn't open the doors once the ride had started. Donna rubbed his back while Harvey stroked his hair

"Auntie Donna look we are going passed a meteor" Damien whispered excitedly eagerly pointing out things in space "So we are honey clever boy, you like space don't you" "Yeah we did a project on it at school" "That sounds good buddy" Harvey said joining in the conversation as he was encouraging Mike to turn around. Mike sat on his knee for the rest of the ride but was fine when he realised that they weren't actually moving but he still felt safer in the comfort of daddy's arms as he pointed things out and asked questions wanting to know what everything was.

The next ride they went on was the finding nemo exploration submarine "Dadddy look we get ear phones so we can listen to the fish" Mike explained as he collected his ear phones from the lady

"Will the children be going in on there own sir" The lady asked Harvey as Mike and Damien were talking excitedly as they pointed out the posters "No we are going in with them" "okay no problem just if they are under seven they need to be with an adult" the lady explained offering Harvey a programme "Thanks"

"I can't believe they would actually let children in by themselves" Donna voiced as they took their seat on the boat Harvey who had been thinking exactly the same nodded "I know I certainly would not allow my kids to visit an attraction by themselves" Harvey said shocked that it had even been suggested there was no way that he would let someone as young as Mike or even Damien go to Disney land by themselves.

"Aunty Donna it says here there is a big volcano that we can see from the boat" Mike nodded trying to maintain some energy and excitement it is was about Mike's naptime something that had not gone passed Harvey who saw Mike's head start to nod as the little boy tried to stay awake.

"We will got back to the hotel after this buddy okay" Mike nodded starting to suck his thumb "You want a drink kiddo" Harvey asked offering Mike his Scooby doo sipping bottle Mike nodded lethargically taking the bottle "

Harvey do you think Mike is okay" Donna asked concerned at seeing the sudden change in the little boys behaviour, "I think the heat is bothering him" Harvey said fanning Mike and feeling the little boys head "You feel boiling you okay buddy" Mike nodded siting forward when some of the nemo characters came into view. Donna quickly hunted about in her bag taking the mini ice-packs out that she had brought "Always prepared" Donna announced handing one to Harvey who gently held it against Mike's head Mike whimpered at the sudden cool feel on his head "Dadaaaaay" "Calm down Mike it's only an ice-pack"

"Look is that squirt" Mike shook his head smiling. "No daddy squirt is the baby that is the daddy called crush!, you should know that shouldn't he Auntie Donna" Mike said scolding his father Harvey and Donna both laughed.

Damien and Mike both got to ask 'Squirt' some questions "Mike asked if he could take him home" which made everyone in the boat laugh Harvey chuckled and ruffled Mike's hair yes his son was too adorable.

"Did you have fun today then" Harvey asked as he was giving Mike a bath or rather (Mike was bathing him) it was hard to tell because they were both just as wet. Mike nodded as he played with his new finding nemo squirt toy of crush squirting it in Harvey's direction. "You have to come in now daddy" Harvey pretended to that it was a great inconvenience as he dove into the bath in his boxers "Thanks kiddo come on out we get" Mike laughed as Harvey grabbed him out the bath and hung him upside down carrying him into the bedroom"

"I love you daddy you're the best daddy in the world You're even better than Santa"

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