"Mike," Harvey said, stopping to look at his watch as he was busy typing on his laptop . "Gather everything you want to take to Jessica's office, I have to go to my meeting soon"

"But I want to go with you," Mike cried, crossing his arms stubbornly, not moving from his position on the couch, Harvey turned the laptop off, flipping down the lid, fixing Mike with a stern stare.

"I have a meeting with a client in five minutes, now you are going to Jessica's office, you can go there willingly and with toys or you can go unwillingly with nothing, either way you are going." Harvey told him

"NO!" Mike shouted feeling powerless in this decision, Harvey simply leaned back in his chair, Mike's headstrong nature not bothering him one bit, "Three minutes now Mike" he said quietly, taking a sip from his mug.

"Jessica" Harvey announced their presence in the managing partners office, turning to the stubborn boy loitering in the hallway "In" Harvey told him, just daring him to disobey, Mike sighed, pushing past Harvey, dumping himself onto the floor, emptying his bag out ungracefully.

"Hello, Harvey and hello Michael nice to see you too" Jessica commented having witnessed Mike's so called 'attitude problem'

"Thank you Jesssica, I'm afraid that someone stayed up most of the night last time to watch back to back episodes of 'Fireman Sam' and consequently has lost his Ipad" Harvey explained, letting his boss know the reason for his son's grouchy behaviour.

Jessica just nodded and hummed looking at Mike, Harvey walked over to Mike, pulling him to his feet while he himself crouched down "Mike, I know you are annoyed and upset that daddy has taken your ipad, you were warned and you have to learn that actions have consequences, all right?" "Yes" Mike bit back, Harvey raised his eyebrow "Mike, I am not going into this now, I will see you later"

Mike looked away, directing his attention to the floor, "Okay, bye monster, I love you" Harvey told him standing up and handing Mike's 'snack box' to Jessica, thanking her once again, Harvey winced as some breath was knocked out of him by Mike hugging him tight. "Mike, I need to go" Mike shook his head, starting to cry "No, don't go, sorry I was bad, don't go daddy" Mike cried, his tears turning to full on sobs, he had never coped well with being separated from Harvey.

Harvey would be lying if he had said that seeing Mike in 'distress' didn't upset him, it did, of course it did, it made his heart ache, but at the same time he knew his son would be safe and would forget all about his daddy not being there when he got playing with his dinosaurs.

Harvey kissed Mike's head, gently prying his hands away, releasing the grip his son had on his suit jacket "Mike please, let daddy go, he needs to go, I will be back for you" Mike sniffled, rubbing his eyes, letting go "Bye, Daddy, love you" He told him, giving his dad one last hug 'squeeze' before allowing him to quickly leave for his meeting.

"Are you looking forward to going to Disneyland, Mike?" Jessica piped up, pushing the files aside , wanting to make conversation with the little boy, knowing that he was doing his hardest not to interrupt her as Harvey had told him. Mike was a natural chatterbox, he was always desperate to talk about his favourite animal or the latest toy he had gotten for whatever reason.

Mike turned around as he held a brontosaurus "Yes I am!, daddy promised me we would go for when I turn seven!" Mike enthused, pronouncing the number seven as if he was going to be 100.

Jessica grinned "Really seven, that is pretty old, almost as old as me" She chuckled lightly.

Mike giggled "You're not old, I am going to have breakfast with Stitch, do you know who he is!" He asked her excitedly, (his blue eyes wide and sparkling), desperate to tell her if she didn't know.

"Is 'Stitch' your blue alien?" Jessica asked, thinking about the blue toy Mike always carried about with him. It was a present from Harvey just after he had been turned into a child.

"Yeah he's an alien, see" Mike said, muttering to himself as he tried to find him in his bag, Oh… I left him in Daddy's office," Mike whimpered sadly "Please may I go get him" He asked, trying not to cry about the prospect of 'Stitch' being alone in his daddy's office.

Jessica nodded and smiled warmly " Yes, we'll both go," she told him. Jessica had heard from Harvey and Donna and welll anyone else who had ever had the pleasure of watching the child that he had the tendency to wander off. Mike looked up at her "What are you thinking of" He asked, curious to know. Jessica shook her head "Oh just thinking of ways to make Louis suffer" she joked. Mike giggled in reply "I brought my DVD of Lilo and Stitch, can I watch it in your office please, daddy said no ipad but your laptop isn't an ipad" Mike reasoned.

"You are definitely your father's child Mike" Jessica told him affectionately, looking around Harvey's immaculate office: a reflection of the man himself, Mike's corner on other hand was ironically messy and had toys scattered everywhere. She smiled this must bug Harvey. Okay maybe not entirely like his father, she told herself.

"Would you like to take anything else?" Jessica asked, smiling at a photo of Harvey and Mike sitting proudly on his desk, the picture the pair were in a boat, both clutching ice-creams and sporting matching shirts; courtesy of Donna.

Mike looked eagerly at his favourite train set set up on the floor. "Can I take my trains pwease?" He asked pleadingly

"We can take anything you want, Mike," Jessica says helping the child carry all his chosen toys.

After three hours of being with Mike, Jessica herself was beginning to feel exhausted, the kid was just a whirlwind of energy, after two minutes it became evident that he wouldn't just be content with watching his film or even playing with the toys that he himself had chosen so carefully, instead he was much more into racing up and down the corridors, pretending to slay any associates, or even clients that walked down the hallway. He had knocked Louis over, causing spilling of his freshly made green smoothie, apparently apart of this new essential high health plan, Louis scowled and grunted at Mike, before cursing Harvey's name, ordering one of the associates to clean the mess.

Not content with nearly knocking someone out, Mike had then decided that he was a knight and had subsequently spent the next hour, climbing, the windows, desk and couch.

After two hours of uninterrupted play, Mike had finally settled down on the floor with his 'sookie', blanket and about twenty of his stuffed toys to watch Lilo and Stitch, his playing had obviously exhausted him as he had fallen asleep not three minutes into the film.

Mike had woken to find Jessica was not in her office, she had taken the chance while he was sleeping to attend a meeting with some of the partners with the thought that Mike was out for the count.

Mike smiled mischievously, he may have looked angelic, but he knew how to cause trouble and the bullpen was definitely his favourite place to achieve this.

He grinned in delight at seeing Kyle there. "Payback time," Mike said to himself before wandering over, looking innocent, crawling under Kyle's desk he made the most of his light tiny fingers, tying the associates laces together, popping out from under the table.

"Hi, Kyle," Mike says in his best polite voice. Daddy always said to be polite.

"Hello, Mike," Kyle says in a somewhat forced voice. Specter would kick his ass if he upset his kid.

"What are you doing here?" Kyle asked awkwardly, he really wasn't a fan of kids and especially kids called Mike

"Just 'plorin'," Mike said in his deliberately babyish voice, he used it for to reasons, one to wrap his daddy around his finger and two to creep the associates out.

"Kyle?" Mike asked leaning against the associates desk pursing his lips, "I'm fwirsty, can you get me some milk?" Mike said, waiting for the inevitable, trying not to grin. Kyle thought about telling the brat to f- off, but knew this would most definitely be considered as upsetting the boy, so instead he reached inside the drawer for a carton of grape juice, handing it to the brat.

Mike eyed him "I said milk Kyle, I want mwilk, why are you being mean to me, I will tell daddy" He whined

Kyle stood, (fists clenched) in order to get the milk, wanting to hit Mike (not that he would hit a child. Mike just irked him). Mike laughed gleefully as Kyle fell over as soon as he stood. "That's what you get you piece of shit" He told him, reaching for the can of coke on Kyle's desk, pouring it over his head.

"That little shit!" Kyle screamed loudly.

"Kyle, what on earth is going on in here, why are you soaking wet?" Louis asked harshly, looking at him in disgust.

"Specter's kid... he poured a coke drink on me, Mike is a shit" He said through gritted teeth, Mike giggled as he watched from behind a cabinet.

Mike quickly left when he saw his daddy walking towards the bullpen, dropping his grape carton on the floor, racing towards the elevator.

"Mike, you're awake, I just had to pop out for a little bit, were you okay?" Mike smiled angelically, kicking his feet as he sat in her chair, watching his film "Yes, you missed the best part of the film, when is my daddy coming for me, if he doesn't can we order pizza, do you think daddy will get stuck in traffic?" Mike asked her, firing off about 100 questions.

"Easy monster, give Jessica a chance to answer" came Harvey's voice, Mike immediately lept off the chair, falling onto his knees, (which for him was quite a height) in his bid to get to his daddy "Ow!, ahahahah" Mike cried, bursting into tears "Daddy" he wailed, finding himself being lifted on his daddy's knee as said man crouched down, checking his on over for any injuries "What are we going to do with you buddy, you need to be careful" Harvey told him, kissing his knees, Mike whimpered, crying into Harvey's neck. "Shush shush, you're okay kiddo, can you grab your things for me" Harvey asked him, placing him down, turning to Jessica, rolling his eyes.

"Kid's so accident prone" He told her, sitting down on the couch, pulling a monkey out from between his knees "How has he been, good?" he asked, Jessica smiled "Good as gold, as usual, he's a real cutie" Harvey beamed proudly "Say thank you to Jessica buddy and then we'll get going."

"Daddy let's go get pizza" Mike cried, jumping up and down, pulling on Harvey' hand as they walked towards Harvey's office. Harvey smiled down at Mike "I suppose we could get pizza, I don;t really feel like cooking, do you want to grab a fil- Harvey was caught off guard when Louis stormed towards him "Louis? your wife finally told you about our affair?" Harvey asked with a grin on his face.

"It's still not funny, Harvey;" came Louis's reply, before he looked down at Mike who was tugging on Harvey's jacket "Daddy, listen to me. and I actually came to talk to you about Mike."

"Yes Mike" Harvey asked his little boy, not really paying attention to Louis, much more in favour of finding out what his little boy wanted.

"Daddy, I want to go now," Mike said, starting to pull harder on Harvey's suit jacket, "Mike, please wait buddy" Harvey told him "Don't pull, you'll stretch" Mike whined "Now! I don't want to wait, I am hungry!" He told him. "Louis what is it, can't you see I am busy, Mike has had a long day today and I want to get him home"

"NOW, I WANT TO GO NOW," Mike suddenly shouted, sitting on the floor, feeling annoyed that when his daddy was finally with him he still didn't have his full attention.

Harvey bent down and picked Mike up, "Come on buddy, I know you have had a long day, but remember what we said about your tantrums, you need to try and control your temper" Harvey said trying to defuse the situation before it escalated

"No, I wanna go home noww." Mike cried again resorting to kicking Harvey's side, Harvey sighed, knowing he couldn't ignore it, "Okay Mike you've earned yourself a timeout, sit" He told him, pointing to his timeout pad.

"Louis, you better have something important to tell me after upsetting Mike like that" Louis scoffed "Upsetting Mike, your son has been running around like a hooligan all day today" "Excuse me?" Harvey asked, his eyes flashing with anger. "You better think about what you say before you accuse my son of doing anything" Harvey warned him, Louis gripped Harvey's desk "Mike knocked me over calling me a dragon then went on, to tie Kyle' laces and soak him with a can of coke" Louis pat at Harvey as he smirked and shook his head, trying not to laugh.

"I am glad you find it funny Harvey, you prance around acting like a teenager, get your kid under control" Louis told him, before storming out of the office, reminding Harvey of the wicked witch in the wizard of Oz who told Dorothy to get her dog under control.

"Mike, sit up please, and look at me," Harvey instructed his son, Mike whined but did as he was asked "Did you do the things that Louis had brought to my attention?" Harvey asked calmly, already knowing fine well by Mike's nature and his son's face that he had.

"Yeah," Mike said through his giggles, not showing any remorse at all.

"Mike, you can't do that," Harvey told him, once again trying not to show that he was amused "But it was funny," Mike retorted, still laughing. "Even if you find something funny if it is naughty you don't do it, do you understand?" Harvey asked him, smiling when Mike nodded wrapping his arms around his daddy's neck "And we also have the issue of you kicking me to deal with, you know that, that is absolutely not acceptable, when we get home you can get your pyjamas on and there will be no TV tonight" Mike pouted, feeling sad, hiding his head in Harvey's shoulder "Soway" He told him.

Harvey dumped his bag onto one of the stools in the kitchen, looking at the clock, wishing that he hadn't been so stubborn and stopped Mike having pizza because he had once again swore at him in the car, he had just caused himself to have more work, now he had to cook a meal and it was already pushing for Mike's bedtime.

"Mike, sit in timeout and then you go get your jammys on, you do not ever say that word to me again, do you understand." "You say it all the time" Mike argued back, having heard his daddy often use the word 'shit'

"Mike, do not test me, move it, now" Harvey told him in his no nonsense tone, slumping down onto the black leather sofa, closing his eyes, he was really done in, after non stop meetings and juggling Mike he was feeling exhausted.

"Daddy, don't go to sleep, it's still not bedtime," Mike squealed, jumping on Harvey who turned to look at him "What I say, you have a timeout, go please" Mike shook his head "I really don't want one, I just want cuddles and milk" He whined" Harvey close his eyes briefly "Mike... please you gotta listen to what I say" Mike looked at him, blinking his eyes, sticking his thumb in his mouth "I really didn't mean it" he lisped. Harvey sighed and kissed his head "You're going to be the death of me, stay out of trouble while daddy cooks for us" he told him, swatting his bottom gently, initiating squeals coming from the child.

Mike grinned bouncing up and down on the couch, playing a game where he was stuck on a rock surrounded by alligator, the floor represented the alligators, meaning he had to jump from couch to table in order to reach the other side.

Mike's puppy Max was also involved in the game which meant Harvey could hear a mixture of excited barking, screaming and laughing coming from the lounge area, he rolled his eyes, Mike was definitely a happy, fun loving hyperactive kid and he wouldn't have him any other way.

"AHHHH! AH! Daddy!" came Mike's shrill cries as he clutched his head. Harvey froze in horror rushing into the lounge, gasping on seeing blood pouring through Mike's little fingers "Oh my god! Mike, oh my god, daddy has you, daddy has you" He muttered to himself, quickly grabbing a wet cloth, holding it to his son's head, Mike was really sobbing now, pleading for Harvey to make the pain go away.

Harvey rocked Mike in his lap, his eyes focused on the stitches that his son had to have on his watch, he was kicking himself for being so irresponsible and had called Donna in tears, ofcourse she had reprimanded him for being so 'ridiculous' although it hadn't stopped her from coming over straight away with a bag filled with all manner of chocolate sweets and toys for her hurt 'nephew' Donna tapped Harvey's shoulder, handing him his glass of wine.

"Harvey you can't blame yourself for this, we both know what Mike is like, heck everyone who knows him knows he can injury himself in an empty room, it wasn't your fault" Harvey sighed "I should have been watching him Donna, I let him get hurt, he needed seven stitches" He said pronouncing it as if Mike had just had to have some major kind of surgery.

Mike slept soundly in Harvey's arms clutching his new stuffed dragon, a present from the hospital gift shop "You are a brilliant father Harvey, Mike is fine, all right" she told him. "You would never let anything bad happen to him" Harvey smiled, "Thanks Donna, he's my world, he always has been from the day I first met him"