Chapter 4

"Harvey, what are you two doing here?" Jessica asks "You have the day off" "I am just dumping a file, to put in my desk", Harvey explains putting mike on the ground, he is holding his 'baba' of milk, Harvey had confessed to donna, (what she already knew), that mike was attached to his bottle and that Harvey was yet to help him, make the transition to the Sippy cup. Mike looks at Jessica and smiles, before toddling behind Harvey, into his office " Ahh, dada, uppy" mike giggles, arms out to Harvey wanting picked up " Just a minute bubba, Harvey mutters , " daddy's looking for something" Harvey tells him rummaging in his desk.

" Dada-ahaaha-ahha- " mike cries making grabby hands " oh come here, Harvey sighs, holding mike against his hip, one arm around the toddler, as he picks up the file he was searching for. " Got it", he exclaims. " Right then Mr, let's take you for your first swim" " Bye Harvey, bye mike" Jessica says voice higher cooing at mike, who hides in Harvey's shoulder giggling " say bye bye to Jessica, mike Harvey waves mikes little hand in his own. Jessica smiles and waves back at mike who grins.

"DWONNA!" mike screams, scrambling down from Harvey's hold, running over to Donna. "What are you doing here cheeky!" "Dada ere" mike replies with childish innocence. "I like what you are wearing, what's this?" "BWUGS WIFE" Mike yells grabbing at his dungarees. "Wow look at your little shoes-ahh they are so adorable!" Donna turns to Harvey, "Harvey, Ugg boots" "My sister got them for him," Harvey lies smoothly; (truth was Harvey had seen them and couldn't resist getting them. Donna sees right through his lies, the upper lip lifting, always gives him away. "Uh huh sure", Donna reply's.

"Donna, you brought you swim costume, or you just here to steal my kid, Harvey says jokingly "Oh I would love to come swimming with my favourite boy, but... Donna says turning her attention to mike who is chewing on a toy car "your daddy is hopeless and wouldn't last a minute without Donna scheduling his day" Donna replies coolly smirking at the now glaring Harvey. "Donna I never knew you cared so much; I'm your favourite boy, Harvey mocks hand on his heart. "Not you, you smug git, your baby is much nicer" Donna says raising her eyebrows and grinning. Jessica, who had been looking through some files, leaves Harvey and Donna to their playful bantering.

"Well mike, we'd better be going, Harvey says taking mike into his arms. He feels a little hand tugging on his polo- shirt collar, looking down he asks "what buba?" while stroking mikes cheek. " Dwonna swim" " not today baby" mike frowns before tugging again, Harvey smiles " Dada swim" " uh-huh, daddy's swimming, mike claps his hands and offers Harvey his 'baba' " Dada, av baba, dwink" " thanks buddy, you keep your 'baba' though.

Harvey parks outside the private gym, switching off the jungle book movie tunes CD, "dada", mike calls as Harvey opens the car door to unfasten him, mike jumps into his arms, " whoa, have you turned into one of those wild monkeys, Harvey says laughing. " We're going swimming", he says exaggerating to gain mikes enthusiasm, while grabbing the vital diaper bag and swim bag with the striking colourful sea creatures, Harvey smirks, "another of donna's purchases bubba"

Walking into their own private changing rooms, Harvey drops mike into the red and blue play pen. He remembers when he had called the gym, to explain that he would need his changing room to be fitting for a two-year-old as his son was living with him; their shocked faces, looking at him as though their eyes were deceiving them, would not leave his memory any time soon, especially when he strolled up to the reception carrying mike. (Harvey specter with a child! Two –year-olds were messy) Harvey was (posh. RICH). The young man who had been showing Harvey the changing room, looked worried as he had inspected it to ensure it was adequate, Harvey had enjoyed watching him squirm; it reminded him of some of those" Harvard associate douches"

"Dada!" mike looks at Harvey with a bemused expression on his face as he pulls at his swim shorts, fascinated by the 'pully thing' (toggles) none of his clothes had this, this was weird, he could pull it and it would spring back. Harvey turns his attention away from his hair and to the giggling toddler. Harvey had been sceptical, when Donna suggested taking mike swimming. Harvey had said " Mike is in diapers, I doubt that they are pool proof", donna had laughed at him, while explaining that babies can go in pools " they use swim diapers", Harvey had gone in a huff, sulking in his office; he didn't enjoy being laughed at, usually it was the other way around.

He couldn't keep up with his pouting, when moments later a chocolate covered mike climbed onto his lap deciding that "dada sad" and thinking that a nice slobbery pacifier would do the trick. He had coughed on feeling the rubbery plastic being shoved into his mouth, then his second reaction was to hug mike and declare that "his son really was the cutest baby in the universe"

"Right then, little monster, dada needs to take your binky, we can't use it when we're swimming, look what dada's got for mike, Harvey says in the aim of distracting mike from what he is about to do. " Dada, take these now" he says gathering up mikes 'binky', 'sookie' and his frog teddy. Mike looks at Harvey with devastation in his wide green eyes, the glow is gone and his little lip quivers; his dada, has just taken away the three most essential things to him beside his 'baba' (he hasn't been naughty). Because of the intensity of mikes reaction, Harvey feels like a 'heartless monster', he reassures himself, that he is not being unfair towards mike, that realistically, none of mikes comfort items can be taken in the pool.

"AHAAHAAAHA-AHHHHAAAA" Mike starts to scream as he realises he can 'never' get them back, Harvey feels even worse quickly picking mikes up he tries to soothe the toddler, without the aid of any of the things he would normally pacify him with, " Aw baby, shush, shush, dada's sorry, we can't have your things in the pool, they would get ruined. Harvey's words of the comfort do nothing to console the wailing two-year-old, he curses himself for not buying any pool toys, and he should have known mike would act this way . He was attached to his comforts, he continues gently bouncing mike. "Okay let's get to the pool, Harvey quickly puts all their things in the key coded lockers, mike cries harder as he sees his things being locked away. (He is crying, why isn't daddy putting his binky in his mouth, rocking him and making him a baba)

Harvey Is really starting to regret bringing mike to the pool, he wants nothing more than to just leave and go home, especially when mike screams in the shower, before hiding his face in Harvey's neck, sobbing for "bwinky, baba, fwoggway, wan my swookie" Harvey starts rubbing his back trying to soothe mike and can't hide his hurt when mike pushes his arm away with his own, before resuming his crying. He had wanted to spend some quality time with mike and so far all he had achieved was upset the toddler to the point that he was retching from all the crying and screaming he had been doing, Harvey washes away the sick and carries mike to the pool

" Mike buddy, please stop crying, dada will give you your things after our swim, okay, look at this turtle ring, it's for you, its mikes, can daddy use it" Harvey says pretending to use the ring and get stuck. Mike laughs at this and tries to get in the ring. "Mike in" "okay in we go one two, three weee, mike giggles and splashes his little feet, trying to go further. "Nanny hazel, told daddy you liked being in the pool" Harvey says grinning, do you like the pool baby?" "Mike nods and grins" "gwo faser" he shrieks holding onto the swing as Harvey pushes him in the pool" "aheee, I wike da pwool" "mwike cwocdile", mike says pretending to go after Harvey giggling his little head off. " what do crocodiles do buddy, Harvey asks, he had been teaching mike about what type of animals there are, since the young toddler showed such an interest, " cwocodile goes, snwap snwap, mike says even doing the action. " well done, Harvey coos to mike, " can daddy get high-five buddy. Mike answers this, bye leaning forward and high fiving Harvey. "I wow a wion does" mike says, "okay smarty pants what does a lion do, " wion goes WARRR" mike shouts and claps his hands. Harvey feels so proud of his baby genius.