"Come on Mike time to go" Harvey shouted as he folded the newspaper he was reading and chucked it in his brief case picking it up along with Mike's 'Lillo and stich' school bag. The lawyer sighed quickly finishing his coffee rolling his eyes as heard no movement in the form of Mike walking into the kitchen, looking at his watch he called again.

"Mike time to go, school starts in 30 minutes come on buddy we are both going to be late".

Harvey sighed dropping his brief case and going into his son's room. "Mike! What are you doing?" Harvey called exasperatedly as he walked into the five year olds room seeing Mike lying on the floor surrounded by his teddies and some Lego. "Mike we are not playing with toys" Harvey said firmly moving the Lego to one side with his foot "We have got to tidy this room kiddo, it looks like a bomb has gone off" Harvey bent down and picked up Mike's sookie blanket. "Come on kiddo let's go" Mike made a whiney noise and lay back down, Harvey rolled his eyes at his sons behaviour this last thing he needed was for Mike to be difficult Harvey strode over to Mike pulling the teddy out of Mike's arms. "Mike come you may want to play but schools starts soon we need to go now"

Harvey held his hand out to Mike who didn't take it he snuggled further into his teddy's, trying to get some kind of relief.

"Mike stop it, I don't have time for this nonsense come on" Harvey said getting annoyed with Mike. "Buddy, daddy needs to get to work" Harvey tried again trying not to lose him patience, frantically looking at his watch again tapping his foot.

"Nwo-ohoh" Mike moaned into the teddies on the verge of crying, his daddy didn't understand that he felt like he was dying. "Fine you want to throw a tantrum like a two year old on you go, we are still going to school" Harvey said in his no nonsense voice as he picked the five year old up, holding him against his hip as Mike's angry fists pounded his chest having no effect on the man.

Harvey carried Mike through to the main living area and grabbed the dinosaur rain jacket off the sofa along with the 'fireman Sam boots' He made no attempt to even put the boots on Mike and just picked them up trying to hold everything in his arms including Mike who Mike whined as Harvey rushed him into their own private elevator.

"Baby are you really that sleepy" Harvey said stroking Mike's cheek as he placed him in his car seat. Mike has stopped his tantrum when he saw that it was getting him no-where. The usual struggle of the battle of the car seat as Mike wanted to sit on Harvey was non-existent, instead Mike looked at him with his eyes glazed over, his skin very pale. Harvey had not noticed as his mind was on his work as usual, he just thought that Mike was cranky because he had not had time for Mike lately and had have enrolled the little boy in after school care so he could stay at work without any interruptions he thought that Mike's naughty behaviour was just him annoyed with his daddy. They had gone through quite a few time outs recently and Harvey had even come very close to smacking Mike's bottom when he ran away from him in the supermarket and went to the park across the road. Harvey had no desire to actually spank Mike as he had been when he was little and did not enjoy or agree with it Instead Mike had been forced into his jammys and had to sit in timeout for half an hour and sent to bed with no playtime.

"Ahaha-ahh" Mike cried as the bright light streamed through the window hurting his eyes, he was generally in a miserable mood he wanted to cuddle his froggy and lie in his daddy's lap while Harvey stroked his hair and sang to him.

"Come on Mike I know you're sleepy" Harvey said trying to wake Mike up a bit "You'll get a nap at Kindergarten though okay and you can play. I brought your new animals- Harvey said showing Mike the puppet animals, Mike pushed his hand away "and it's your Kindergarten walk today that will be good" Harvey knew that his voice was entering patronizing territory but he was trying to get Mike to snap out of the mood he was in, he hated seeing the kid so miserable looking. "Mike speak to me kiddo why we being cranky" Harvey asked as he stroked Mikes' face with his finger. Mike squirmed whining and pushing Harvey's hand away.

"He doesn't look very well Harvey" Ray said as looking back at the pale lifeless little boy as he put the requested CD in Mike kept rubbing at his eyes and Ray thought that he was going to burst into tears, Harvey picked up his coffee.

"He's fine- Harvey replied as he stroked Mikes hair and played with the little boy's teddy trying to get a laugh, stopping as Mike just grabbed the teddy and covered his face with it shielding the outside world. "He's just tired I think Ray we had a trying night last night, didn't we buddy" Harvey said rubbing Mike's little hand, enjoying his coffee and the quietness in the car for once.

"Mike you want some juice buddy, daddy's got some apple juice" Harvey tried again looking over at Mike who was still pouting and looking sad, Harvey took Mike's mickey mouse bottle out of the school bag offering it to Mike "No-ohoh" Mike whined starting to cry and rub at his eyes curling into his car seat, not taking the juice bottle.

Harvey should have known something was wrong when Mike was just softly crying and not talking to him usually he would talk incessantly and even if he was just tired he would be cranky but still talk ten to the dozen.

"You are definitely getting early bed tonight" Harvey muttered rolling his eyes.

At Kindergarten Mike sat in the story corner by himself, ignoring the other children's requests to play. He sat crying softly as he sucked his thumb and squeezed his frog and bunny close to his cheek she wished he had his pacifier daddy said paci's were only for night-time because he was a big boy and didn't need one during the day, he had heard Harvey say to Jessica that he was a big boy and shouldn't even need to use one at all that he worried that he had babied him too much and kept Mike behind. Mike didn't understand what his daddy meant by this and had quickly scurried back to bed not wanting a timeout for eaves dropping after his bed time. His daddy insisted that Mike did not listen to adult conversations that it was rude. Daddy was pretty good at handing out timeouts and Mike did not like sitting on his own to think about his behaviour, timeouts were long and boring, he often tried to sneak toys into his timeouts which resulted in firm ticking offs and confiscation of the toys that he tried to sneak in.

Mike's teacher noticed that Mike was very withdrawn and going by the little boy's personality this was cause for concern, usually Mike was right in there dancing and singing and loving listening to the stories, adding his own imaginative ideas.
"Mike would you like to join in we are reading the end of the witches and dressing up who would you like to be, you want to come and see"

"Nwo-ahhah" Mike cried pulling his hand from Mrs Bryson turning away and crying wanting to be left alone, he wasn't in the mood to speak to anyone but daddy and daddy had just left him, he began sobbing as the full realisation of that hit him.

"Mike sweetheart are you feeling okay" Mrs Bryson" said seeing the colour of Mike's face and shocked by the tears that were streaming down Mike's face she gently picked up the little boy. "Come on Mike shall we have some cuddles darling" Mrs Bryson thought that giving Mike some affection might make him feel better. She thought maybe he was just upset about his daddy leaving him, maybe he was having a clingy day all of the children had days like that and she knew that from speaking to Harvey that Mike had just started going to an after school club because the man was finishing work later than usual and didn't want to keep passing Mike off to his friends to watch he knew that Mike needed a stable environment.

"What's wrong honey? You missing daddy?" Mrs Bryson asked kindly getting worried as she rocked the little boy shushing him trying to comfort him. Mike clung to her like a little teddy bear mumbling into her shoulder "Dwont feel well wan daddy" he cried into her shoulder howling and clutching his stomach something that did not go unnoticed by his teacher. "Have you got a sore tummy honey" She felt Mike nod from his hidey hole in her neck and rubbed his back soothingly "Okay Honey I am just going to check your tummy okay, can I lift you onto the floor" Mike let out a cry but allowed her to lift him off her lap. As soon as he was put on the floor and Mrs Bryson went to lift his top Mike collapsed clutching his stomach.

"Harvey" Donna shrieked running into his office Harvey knew it must have been important as usually they would just use the inter com to communicate "What Donna? what's up"

"It's Mike's kindergarten" Donna panicking, Harvey could tell from the distress in her voice and from the way she burst into his office something was seriously wrong, he began to feel very worried in case anything had happened to Mike.

"Donna tell me what's happened has Mike fallen" Donna shook her head "He has a burst appendix he is in the hospital" Harvey stared at her open mouth in shock before abruptly standing up and rushing out his office.

Harvey was pacing back and forward across the canteen clutching Mikes sookie blanket until his knuckles were white Mike had left his sookie in the car and Harvey had been too busy to bother to drop it off, he felt horrible he knew how much the kid loved his sookie and needed it to sleep.

"Harvey sit down, you're working yourself up" Donna ordered as she sat on the hard chair tapping her foot impatiently against the carpet worried sick about Mike.
"I should have been there" Harvey repeated for the fifth time since they had rushed into the hospital.

"You can't" Donna said misunderstanding only the surgeons can be there" she explained "We will see him soon"

"No" Harvey said finally sitting down opening his brief case and looking at his sons drawings that he took everywhere with him, one of them was a picture of Harvey and Mike, Mike in a little suit holding a brief case like his daddy. He always wanted to be like daddy. Harvey held the picture up to his chest and wrapped both arms around it along with Mike's blanket, he felt like crying with worry and anger at himself.

"He's been fine though hasn't he this is out of the blue" Donna said picking up a book to take to Mike so the little boy had some of his comforts, Ray had been sent back to the apartment to get the essentials for Mike.

Harvey sighed recalling the events of the last week "He's not been eating, he's had no appetite lately and he was sick on Sunday night- I just assumed it was a sickness bug, how could I be so neglectful" Harvey muttered ashamed of himself, he had not treated Mike right, Mike his son who thought that his daddy was better than Santa Claus.

"Harvey you haven't you couldn't have known" Donna said in comfort as she rubbed Harvey's shoulders trying to bring the man some sort of comfort.

"Mike started having daytime accidents" Harvey confided, massaging his temple ", how could I think that was normal Donna he wet himself twice in one day?"

"Kids have accidents Harvey that is normal, it doesn't mean they are ill Mike is only five it is still hard for him to hold his bladder Harvey, he was only potty trained a year ago, think of it that way"

Harvey sat up running a hand through his now messy hair; his suit was crumpled as he slumped in the seat and paced.

"Everything adds up to the Appendicitis" He answered to what Donna had said.

"Did he have a fever" Donna asks sitting next to Harvey

"I didn't check I found him this morning lying on the floor huddled in his teddies crying and I just ignored it thinking he was being cranky about school. Mike loves kindergarten, how could I have been so stupid of course he wouldn't be annoyed at going"

"Mr Specter can I speak to you in private" The doctor asked on seeing Donna as he entered the waiting room. "Donna is my sister" Harvey lied, not very convincingly he was more worried about Mike, his baby the doctor looked at Harvey sceptically way but stopped when the man glared at him Harvey clutched Donna's arm tight needing her to be right beside him.

"Michael has just come out of surgery he should come around in the next two hours or so, the anaesthetic will make his drowsy and he could be sick, the operation was a success"

"Mike his name is Mike" Harvey said close to tears in relief that his little boy was okay

"Will Mike be okay I mean there is no chance it could return?" Donna stepped in trying to sound calm seeing that Harvey was finding taking all the information in very difficult, she needed to be strong for him.

"As I said the operation was a success and Mike will make a full recovery however you have to know of the symptoms which would mean Mike needs immediate care. Such as if he feels full without having ate anything or if he can't burp or be sick. Harvey stood there feeling like he was in the world's scariest lecture on what could kill his son. Also the doctor continued I would recommend putting Mike in diapers he is in a diaper just now, he will be in a lot of pain and having to get up constantly to go to the toilet will be very uncomfortable for him" Harvey nodded grimly

"He wears diapers at night still" Harvey told the doctor not looking forward to having to convince the kid to wear them during the daytime it was bad enough when he tried to diaper him at night time, he usually had to bribe and coax him into a diaper with stories and sweeties they had tried pull ups but Mike had complained that they were uncomfortable.

"Would you like to see him now, I bet he is eager to see his daddy"

"Da- daddy" Mike opened his eyes trying to sit up making grabby hands at Harvey" Harvey closed his eyes for a brief moment when he saw his baby wince in pain as he tried to reach out for cuddles.
"Hey baby its okay don't move buddy" Harvey cooed as he crouched down next to Mikes bed stroking his hair and stroking his hand.

"Dadday I'm soree" Mike cried trying to cuddle into Harvey's arm as much as possible, without physically moving from his spot on the bed as he was in agony. Harvey carefully climbed onto the bed needing to hold Mike in his arms wiping at the tears that were falling down his cheeks.

"I know daddy's here, daddy's here and he's not going away anywhere, baby, look who I brought" Harvey soothed rocking Mike as he clutched Mike's stuffed giraffe Harvey whispered holding the giraffe and sookie out to Mike who reached for it and gripped it with his hand. "Eddie" Mike squealed sucking is giraffe's ear. Mike laughed as Harvey danced it on his head letting out a cry in his pain as he did something as simple as laugh Harvey gritted his teeth he would give anything for it to be him in the hospital bed and not his innocent little boy.

"I'm sorry kiddo, this is all daddy's fault I should have known you were ill" Harvey muttered into Mike's ear, gently manoeuvring to get more of Mike in his arms as the kid tried to climb onto his stomach.

"Mr Specter" Harvey was pulled out of the trance he was in as he stroked Mike's hair fondly and muttered nonsensical words in his son's ears that mean absolutely nothing but comforted Mike greatly.

"It's Harvey" Harvey said smiling at the young nurse not stopping his cuddling of Mike, he wanted to sit there for ever and hold Mike.

"Hello sweetie I am Caroline do you remember me" the nurse asked fondly as she poured the medicine cocktail into a lion king Sippy cup. Mike nodded shyly sticking his thumb in his mouth as he clutched Harvey's suit jacket.

How are you feeling Mike?" Mike cried as Harvey got up from his position on the bed to allow the nurse access to the bed, grabbing for his daddy, Harvey gently removed the little hand from his jacket and planted a kiss to it "Daddy's still here baby, Caroline is going to take a look at you okay"

"Dadddy cwuddles daddy "Mike cried scrubbing at the tears that fell down his cheeks, Harvey wished that he had one of the kids pacifiers with him.

"Aw sweetie let's get you some medicine then daddy can go back for some more cuddles.

"Dad you could watch so you know what to do" The nurse said kindly to Harvey really so Harvey could stand and hold Mike's hand to offer the boy some comfort

"I wan my pacii daddy paci" Mike cried as Harvey stroked his hair and planted kisses to his head

"I'm sorry buddy daddy doesn't have a paci yet Ray is just going round to ours to get some toys for you"

"Harvey Ray just brought Mike's things" Donna said bashing through the doors eager to see how her little boy was.

"Thanks, Donna look buddy Donna has brought your pacifier and Mr whale and some blankets and some DVDS, we can watch those" Harvey said to Mike handing him his whale toy.

"Mummy!" Mike shouted seeing Donna, he tried to leap into her arms crying as he wanted his 'mummy' to make him feel better, Harvey moved out the way in order for Mike to get some motherly affection. "Mikey mummy is here mummy is here" Donna said herself choked up; she hated seeing Mike in pain. "Noo nweedle no nweedle" Mike screamed as soon as Caroline spread the cream on his arm and rested the needle against his skin. Harvey and Donna continued their cooing to Mike as the needle was inserted into his arm.

"You're being really brave Mike good boy you're doing really well kiddo, daddy's proud of you good boy look what mummy's got mummy's got your monkey puppet" Harvey continued to mutter the same things over and over again.

"Okay sweetie just need to take our magic juice and then you can watch a DVD with daddy and mummy"

"I hope this cup is okay for you do you like spider man" Mike nodded taking the spider man sippy cup drinking from it, Harvey was pleased that Mike did not seem to noticed that the medicine was in his juice and he held his sippy cup happily as he settled down in Harvey's arms to watch the Garfield DVD that Ray had brought from home. "I will be back in an hour to check on Mike" Harvey thanked Caroline and drew Mike into his arms cuddling his close mindful of the boys stiches. Donna sat on the chair by the bed smiling fondly at Harvey and Mike, she was pleased to see that the little boy was drifting to sleep as he sucked on his pacifier clutching onto Harvey not letting go even as he drifted off.

It had been three days since Mike's operation and hospital trauma and Harvey was struggling to keep the little boy from doing anything that would damage his recovery in anyway. Mike was naturally an active boy and wanted to be riding his bike and jumping on his trampoline. Mike, no we can't do that just now" Harvey told Mike for the third time as he carefully lifted him off the bike, he knew Mike was still sore and Mike did to, but he couldn't wait to ride his new motorbike a present from Harvey's sister for when Mike got better, he had gotten a great many gifts from Harvey's work colleagues in the form of Louis, Jessica and especially Donna who had bought nearly a full toy shop. Louis had given him a giant Monkey teddy which the little boy loved and was dragging everywhere with him, Harvey was worried that the teddy might rival the beloved frog and bunny toy that Donna and himself had gotten for the little boy when he first came into Harvey's life as a toddler.

"Dadaaaay" Mike whined, he slapped Harvey's hand "Mike I am sorry you can't ride your bike now kiddo, when you are feeling a bit better we can go out on our bikes and you don't hit daddy" Harvey told him firmly "Why don't we play on your I-pad, there are some good games on there that daddy has put"

"You're mean" Mike mumbled scrubbing at his eyes, ignoring Harvey's suggestion of playing on the I-pad. "What about watching 'Tin Tin' you love that film" Harvey persevered sighing when Mike nodded his head looking miserable. Mike had been down for the last few days he had seen Harvey put the medicine in his sippy and had refused to take it throwing a tantrum kicking and screaming and then sobbing when his stomach hurt.

"Come on Mikey, medicine time buddy"

Mike face planted his head in the couch whining about how Harvey was mean and he wasn't taking any medicine.

"Mike come on baby daddy has got some yummy fudge brownie ice-cream" Mike raised his eyebrow that was his most favouritist Ice-cream in the world.

"Snwots fair to use ice-cream as hwostage situation" Mike whined, Harvey just grinned at his little boy he was going to make a right good little lawyer.

"Okay drama king, you going to do your medicine you drink it yourself" Mike huffed and puffed but took the sippy cup from his daddy holding his nose as he held it with one hand to take his medicine, shaking his head in disgust even though Harvey knew he couldn't taste It, it was because he knew it was in there that he made a fuss.

"Good boy that's it all over; you want a smiley face for your behaviour record" Harvey said going into the cupboard to get the stickers out

"Two coz medicines weally yucky" Mike bargained

No gantus gona get them NO-OH" Mike yells at the TV as he watched 'Lillo and Stitch' while jumping on the couch.

"Mike don't jump on the couch buddy, off" Harvey picked the five year old up and sat him on the sofa. Mike whined and wriggled out of his daddy's hold standing on the couch again.

"Mike don't jump again I mean it you will hurt your stomach" Mike laughed and stood up again grinning defiantly at Harvey who was busy making their dinner.

"Heeeeeey" Mike whined pushing Harvey away.

"Nwo-oh daddaay, I'm watching TV go way" Harvey looks at Mike with his 'I am not impressed glare' even if Mike was not feeling well and was cranky he would not tolerate the disrespect that he was getting from Mike, he expected Mike to be polite and well-mannered at all times.

"Mike don't speak to me like that I just don't want you jumping on the couch okay, you could knock your stitches "Come on you need to eat something now"

"Nwo my stomachs twooo swore no fwooo" Mike whined frightened of having anything to eat

"I know Mike but we need to get you to eat something" Harvey cooed in his baby voice, Mike lay his head on his daddy's shoulder sucking his thumb"

Harvey carried him over to the table and showed Mike what was for dinner "Mike look we've got the turkey dinosaurs and smiley faces with corn cobs, Mike's eyes lit up his daddy never bought the turkey dinosaurs he didn't believe in feeding him processed rubbish. Mike's lip wobbled as he really wanted to eat his dinner, it was his favourite dinner and he just felt miserable, he didn't know what to with himself.

"Aww baby you're really not well are you" Harvey said watching as Mike refused to take even one bite of his dinner Mike shook his head crying at the pain in his tummy, Harvey walked up and down the condo rubbing Mike's back trying to bring his son some relief.

"Come on Mikey please stop crying you want to make some nachos we love nachos" Harvey wanted to hit himself on the head for suggesting they make food when Mike wouldn't touch a thing.

"Wan Dwonna" Mike said around his thumb looking up at Harvey, who sighed "Donna will be busy buddy it's the weekend you want to see what toys granny granddad and granddad have got I think I saw a really cool- "Want Dwonna" Mike said again close to tears, Harvey sighed and carried Mike over to the couch lying him down on it as he went to try and find his phone

"Daddy be back in a minute kiddo" Harvey promised turning the TV raising an eyebrow as the little boy didn't even attempt to look at him , his baby really wasn't well.

"Okay buddy we'll call Donna kiddo"

"Harvey how is he!" Donna shrieked practically running into the condo "Not good he has no energy and Is crying a lot" Donna crouched down next to the couch "Hey baby you okay can I have some cuddles" Mike sat up and wrapped his arms around Donna's neck

"Aw sweetie mummy's here" Mike cuddled into Donna's chest

"Pwaci" He cried looking around, Harvey picked up the pacifier and sookie off the table and put them in Mike's hands stroking his hair as he just laid his head in Donna's chest not even looking up when Harvey and Donna started talking.

"He's so pale I have never seen him like this" Harvey nodded "I know and we thought that the sickness bug he had at four was bad. Harvey said handing Donna a glass of wine

"I don't know what to do with him, he doesn't want to eat doesn't want to play he won't even sit to watch TV"

Donna sipped her wine trying to think of ways to cheer the miserable little boy up

"Mike would you like to do some face painting" Mike actually nodded and sat up

Daddy gets his face done too" Mike said taking his pacifier out of his mouth and climbing onto Harvey's lap

"Okay Mike what would you like to be"

"Daddy" Mike answered sucking his thumb leaning back against Harvey who grinned and ruffled Mike's hair

"We all know that already Mike but what animal would you like to be"

"Cwan I be a fwog and an elephant wike sookie and frog"

Donna nodded "I suppose we can manage that anything for the little monster in the room" Mike grinned leaning forward so Donna could paint his face, "hehe twickles twickles" Mike squealed laughing a delightful sound that Harvey hadn't heard in about four days "You doing daddy next" Mike asked trying to stay still for Donna, Harvey laughed at Donna who was concentrating hard and tutting when one bit was out of place. "I will do daddy next honey what do you think daddy wants to be?" Donna asked excitedly playing along with Mike "Daddy wants to be a monster cos he wooks like one"

"Hey daddy's upset now" Harvey said pretending to cry, Mike laughed and turned around to take Harvey's hands on his face "Sokay daddy we were joking you not look like a monster"

"Okay and we are finished okay Mike are you ready to see the masterpiece" Mike nodded scrambling off Harvey's lap to look in the mirror, squealing excitedly when he saw his face

"Dadeee dadeee wook at me I look good"

"Wow Donna ever thought about become a child's face painting artist that is the best frog/ elephant I have ever seen" Harvey mocked jokingly

"Okay Mike let's do daddy next you can help" Donna raised her eyebrow at Harvey as she said this Harvey would probably end up with a green face if Mike was doing it

"You are going to be a pig!" Mike decided mixing some pink paint and practically throwing it onto Harvey's face

"My tummy still hurting Donna but you made it better" Mike said sweetly, Donna wrapped her arms around Mike smiling fondly at him "I think we need a bright red nose here see"

"Pigs don't have red noses, they have blue noses" Mike decided chuckling as he splodged dark blue paint onto Harvey's nose. "I am so getting pictures of this" Donna said taking her phone out "Okay boys smile" Mike crawled onto Harvey's knee and grinned Harvey pretended to be put out but smiled brightly for the camera "Perfect you should put this on Grammy granddad and grandma's Christmas card" Donna said "I will send It to you Harvey"

"Speaking of Grammy, Harvey turned Mike around on his lap so the little boy was facing him, "Mike Grammy is going to come and see us on Monday"

Mike's eyes lit up "Weally" He said lisping due to his excitement, his sore tummy temporarily forgotten. "Yep what would you like to do?"

"Can we go to sea world" Mike asked, Harvey nodded "Sure we can that sounds good" Mike nodded sticking his thumb in his mouth like he was thinking "
"Can Donna come too pwease" Harvey smiled at Mike feeling awkward he had no problem in having Donna come but if the woman didn't want to and felt like she had to, no what was he thinking Donna loved spending time would them it more like be try and stop her coming. "Donna is more than welcome to come if she wants to" Harvey confirmed

"I would love to come sweetie give me a chance to meet Grammy" Mike nodded climbing off Harvey's knee and switching the TV on.

"Mike I know you are excited but please try to calm down" Harvey said to Mike who was running about the apartment and jumping on the sofas"

"My tummy is better now I can jump it's only a little pain" Mike said jumping again

"That may be the case but Grammy wants to see her little boy in one piece Mr" Harvey said picking Mike up by the arm pits and lifting him off the couch "Plus you have just had your breakfast and I do not want you being sick" Harvey warned Mike as he packed the bag for the day. "Mike do you want peanut cookies or Oreo's"

"Peanut cookies!" Mike yelled as he played with his police cars pressing the buttons he looked up at Harvey

"I don't have to wear my diaper today because I can go to the toilet now"

"Yes buddy that is right but your need to remember to go okay" Mike nodded siting on the couch and opening the chocolate bar he found on the table.

"Ah-a not for now since when have I allowed you to eat chocolate for breakfast Mike this is for snack and only for snack " Harvey said sternly ignoring Mike's pout and huff as it was taken away.

"Did you write Grammys card out Mike" Harvey asked as he closed the bag up and picked the car keys up from the worktop"

"Yeah but I needed an enveloped" Mike said shaking his car frustrated as he tried to get one of the buttons to work

"Mike" Harvey said bending down and taking the car "Shaking it is not going to help if it is not working shall we try changing the batteries" Mike nodded siting back and watching as Harvey pull the bottom off looking at the batteries

"Do we have any of those ones" Mike asked walking right beside Harvey following the man into his bedroom "We do I will give you them once I have gone to the toilet okay, Mike you go to please" Mike muttered something under his breath such as I am five I don't need told when to potty.

"GRAMMY! Harvey quickly intervened to stop Mike from leaping at his Grammy as they arrived at the care home "Mike buddy you can jump on me but please do not jump on your Grammy" Mike smiled sheepishly and wrapped his arms around Grammys middle. "Grammy I missed you and guess what I was in the hospital and I got a scar and look its cool and I got lots of presents and we are going to SeaWorld and I've not been at kindergarten for ages and- Harvey shook his head at Mike's rambling "Okay kiddo maybe we should give Grammy a chance to talk she might actually have something to say" Edith smiled over at Harvey and turned to her grandson who was doing his best to try and contain his excitement by bouncing on the bed with his hand covering his mouth.

"Oh Michael I heard about your time in hospital were you a good boy" Edith asked him trying to hide the fact that she was hiding something behind her back for Mike "I was good daddy said I was really good and he bought me a car! Well not a real one because I am too young for a real one but it is one you can sit in and its blue and also red and I am taking it to kindergarten for playtime and" Harvey stared at Mike he was giving him a headache his ability to speak without taking a breath really was a talent "That sounds very good Michael, I hope you said thank you to daddy" Mike nodded his head looking behind his Grammys back "What do you got for me" Mike Harvey said firmly leaning forward in his chair "Don't be rude" Mike pouted "I wasnnnnttt" he whined unhappy that he got a telling off "Michael listen to daddy" Grammy told Mike as Harvey was speaking to him"Mike cut the whining kiddo Grammy doesn't want to see a cranky boy if you are cranky maybe we nap time after all show me that you are a big boy and we don't need naptime" Mike quickly shook his head frantically "No daddy we going to sea world I don't need a nap"

"Well nice behaviour then please" "Okay" Mike said fist bumping Harvey "As a matter of fact this is for my favourite grandson" Mike grinned eagerly snatching the parcel after another stern look from daddy he took his time "COOL DADDY WOOK GRANNY GOT ME THE GRINCH TEDDY" Mike yelled Mike had seen the Grinch film about five times it was currently his favourite. "Wow nice kiddo you going to say thank you" Harvey gently reminded. Mike wrapped his arms around Grammys neck and planted a kiss on her cheek "Thank you Grammy I love him he is so cool are we going now daddy we need to get Donna! Donna is coming to Grammy.

"That sounds good I can't wait to meet Donna" Edith said attempting to stand up "Come on monster down you get just now" Harvey said to Mike lifting the boy off Edith and helping the elderly lady up while Mike jumped up and down on the spot excited about being with his Grammy and he was going to sea world. "Mike wait for us please" Harvey instructed as Mike skipped down the corridor in front of Harvey and Edith.

"Come on daddy hurry up sea world's waiting" Mike called, Harvey shook his head and laughed at Mike's insistence, he really was a Specter through and through