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The legends once spoke of a great ancient civilization…

A great city floats on the oceans. Full of riches beyond comprehension. A city with towers that reach the heavens and statues of great beauty that they rival gods…

They spoke of people with amazing powers…

A man appears then disappears in a flash of light, only to reappear again with a gigantic mallet resting on his shoulder…

They spoke of great beings worshipped in their temples

Three statues, a child, woman, and man with no face…

They spoke of great heroes and their battles…

A battlefield covered in blood. Littered with various weapons and corpses…

And finally, they spoke of its downfall…

The city slowly sank to the depths until it could no longer be seen…

In modern times, they called the city, Atlantis.

But to the citizens of this civilization, they called one name, they called it



Unknown place

It was reeking of mystery. The place seemed to be made of nothing but dark materials. Black floors stretched to every direction with only black walls to limit them. The ceiling was painted black, the furniture was black and the only thing different were the lights.

At the center, a long black carpet was stretched from one side to the other and at the very end, a single throne. This was occupied by a boy in robes. He was playing with a slinky without a care in the world. Suddenly a gust of wind blew into the room, making the slinky fall from the child's hands.

"Awww…" the boy said with disappointment.

The wind picked up and gathered until it focused in front of the boy. A lion stood in front of him, but it was different from the regular ones. The lion was clad in green armor. The tail ended in a sharp spear tip, the claws seemed that you could cut yourself just by looking at it. In place of the mane was a tornado. But they eyes show no malicious intention, only loyalty.

"My lord," it spoke in a robotic monotone. "It seems that Docu's reincarnate has been found. Shall I send the artifact to her?"

The boy nodded quickly, picked up a ball that was unseen before and started playing with it.

"What of the Arcis reincarnate?" he asked, not taking his attention away from the ball.

"That's the problem my lord," the lion paused for a while and looked fearfully at its master, the boy still played with the ball. "He has not yet activated his power…"

The boy suddenly caught the ball with his left hand and squeezed until it exploded in a burst of air. Different emotions were expressed by his face. Anger, disappointment, surprise and finally returned to anger. A dark aura started to materialize around him.

"What?" he said, his voice slowly changing to sound deeper. "Do you mean to say that he isn't showing any changes or showing any sign of his abilities?"

He took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. The dark aura dispersing into the air until none was left.

"Y-yes sir," it said, if someone to look closely, they would see that he was slightly trembling in fear. "But I found something, this is suppressing his power."

A screen appears beside the lion showing a symbol, it looked like a plus with a two slanted lines going from top-right to bottom-left. It was gray in color and seemed to slightly glow. The boy looked at the screen.

"…A Nyrian Suppressor..." the boy said the ball he destroyed slowly reformed in his hand. "A genetic type as well." The boy stood as the ball finished reforming in his hand. "Arcis you scoundrel! You knew I was going to awaken before any of them knew!"

The rage in his voice shook the entire place. The lion stepped back in fear of being the target for his master's rage.

"Shall…shall I send it to him, see if it breaks the suppressor?" it asked before backing immediately.

"Hmm…go, do it, if he doesn't respond then we will have to force him to," the boy said, smiling with malice.

The lion turned and moved away before he was stopped.

"Gallius," the boy said, the lion, now named Gallius, turned towards his master. "Yes my lord?"

"Make sure that he does react to it, it would be a shame if he was killed."

Gallius then disappeared in a gust of wind. The boy sat down and started playing with the ball again.

"Beware little Nyrian, even if you are his reincarnate and his legacy, don't expect things to be easier. I shall make sure of that."

The world faded with the sound of booming laughter.


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