Story TITLE: Twenty-One Nights of Paradise
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AUTHOR: Red Jacobson ( )
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SUMMARY: Fleur rewards Harry
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CATEGORY: Lots of Women
RELATIONSHIPS: Harry/Fleur/Multi
WORD COUNT: 13,912
SPOILERS: None - The story starts at the end of the Second Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament
WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect, Oral, anal, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and Femme-cest. There isn't any planned bashing in this story. Also, I'm going with a Good Dumbledore in this story.
AUTHORS NOTES: Just A random Idea I had for a Harry Potter/Harem story. This is not meant to be taken seriously, there are going to be a butt-load of cliches in the story. Hope you enjoy the story in spite of them, because I am going to be trying to do something different with the cliches.
IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: To Avoid the Under age Sex issue, Hogwarts students start the September 1st after their 14th Birthday. Just to be clear, at the start of the story, Harry is 17 years old, Fleur is 19 years old, and the youngest girl appearing is past her 16th birthday.
YET ANOTHER AUTHORS NOTE: Readers with long memories will recognize 'Helga's Gift' that is mentioned in this story. For those of you who don't, it's something that I came up with in my Harry Potter and the Betrayal of the Phoenix, to explain the rampant female bisexuality in most Harry Potter smut fics. Basically in the founders days, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw were lovers, and, one time, after a particularly great romp, Helga idly wished that all the girls in the castle could experience such a wonderful feeling. Being a Magical Castle, Hogwarts heard and responded, And, from that time forward the female students at Hogwarts had, at the least, bisexual tendencies.

Prologue: It all started with a bet, of all things. There was so much death and destruction, as well as loving and life, and it all happened because Death was a sore loser. If Death had accepted that the final Peverell brother had outwitted him fairly, and not held a grudge, fully a third of the Dark Lords of the last thousand years would never had existed, including Tom Riddle.

February 5th , 1995
Hogwarts Lake

Apolline Delacour sat quietly on the bench in the bitter cold, seemingly unaffected by the frigid wind off the lake. To look at the statuesque blonde, the casual observer would think that her entire being was focused on the surface of the water, waiting for the return of her two daughters. And it's true that she was concerned about Fleur and Gabrielle's safety, even though the Headmistress of Fleur's School, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Olympe Maxime, had assured her that Gabrielle would be in no real danger, she was still concerned, knowing that Fleur, with her Veela heritage, would be at an even

greater disadvantage under the water than the other competitors. But there was something else concerning her, and she was very grateful that, as a full Veela, she was a natural occlumens, and trained to keep firm control over her emotions, otherwise her Allure would be affecting all of those around her.

The issue that was taking all of her concentration was something that had the potential to affect the entire Veela race, and she was surprised that Fleur hadn't mentioned it in any of her letters. After all, her daughters knew the legends as well as anyone did. It was a closely guarded secret among the Veela, even the non Veela they took as Husbands were not told of the true origins of their race. The legends talk about the creation of their race, and also talk about their male counterparts, who appeared as normal human males, until they were awakened. Unfortunately, although the Veela had been searching diligently, they had never actually found sign of one of their counterparts. That's why it came as quite a surprise to her to discover that one of the other competitors, the one who Fleur had derided as nothing but a little boy in an earlier letter, was in fact, one of the missing counterparts! Of course, he wasn't awakened as of yet, but his very presence sang to her, and she could already feel his power, slumbering as it was, and she knew that this Harry Potter would be amazing once he was properly awoken to his potential. The irony that the so called "Boy Who Lived" was so much more than the sheep of the world believed amused her greatly.

Granted, he was at the lower range of those she preferred when she chose her lovers, but at 17 she was sure he would be quite eager to learn what she had to teach him, at least until his heritage awoke within him and then he would probably teach her a few things. She felt herself growing moist at the thoughts of having him inside her, it had been several years since Jean had died, and, while she had taken lovers since then, none of them had been able to fully satisfy her the way she knew this young man would.

The sounds of shouting pulled her attention back to the lake, and she frowned when she saw Fleur struggling to get back to the lake, but being restrained by Olympe. The frown deepened when she saw her daughters injuries, and she rose from her seat, making her way down to the water, wanting to find out just what had happened to her oldest daughter. She had just reached the ground when three more figures broke the surface of the water, and she was relieved to see that one of them was Gabrielle, who was looking around curiously, as if she had just woken up, being held in the arms of the young man who had occupied her thoughts this morning. The third figure, a red haired boy, she glanced at but then dismissed from her attention, being far more focused on the other two. She didn't even notice when the School Matron led him away towards the medical tent.

Fleur saw them as well, and, being closer, she rushed over the two of them, pulling them from the water, and, after making sure that Gabrielle was uninjured, wrapped her arms around Harry and started kissing him on the cheeks, babbling her thanks in a mixture of French and English. Apolline was amused at the blush that appeared on his face, which only increased when Harry turned his face at just the right moment and Fleur's lips landed on his. They had only been in contact for an instant, but it was enough, as Fleur's eyes widened in realization before she returned to kissing the younger man.

Harry, for his part, had wrapped his arms around the blonde beauty in his arms, and started kissing her seriously, his tongue running over his lips, demanding entry, which Fleur was happy to permit. She would have been happy to permit even more if they hadn't been interrupted by her mother's amused voice, "Fleur Angelique ! Laissez le pauvre garçon respirer ! Il y aura l'heure pour plus de cela plus tard, mais l'infirmière veut examiner votre sauveur en ce moment" ("Fleur Angelique! Let the poor boy breathe! There will be time for more of that later, but the nurse wants to examine your savior right now.")

Breaking the kiss, Fleur turned to glare at her mother, but wisely didn't say anything, knowing that her mother's temper was not something to be trifled with. Turning back to Harry, she said quietly, "We can continue this later, when we don't have an audience." Harry nodded quickly, still seemingly in a daze as it was his turn to be wrapped in a blanket by the matronly woman in starched white robes and led off toward a tent beside the viewing stands. Harry didn't even notice Fleur's mother heading toward Professor Dumbledore with determination in her steps.

The Necromancer stayed in his seat, watching with an expression of interest on his face as the boy he was destined to destroy was taken away for medical treatment. It was unfortunate that he had survived the task, but his Master was patient, to a degree, and it really didn't matter when the brat met his end, as long as he hadn't spawned first. The Necromancer didn't consider himself a cruel man, but he understood that Death is an inevitable part of life, and sometimes it was necessary, for his Master's plans to proceed properly, that certain people meet their end earlier than they might have expected to. And as his Master's Loyal Servant, he was pleased to escort those chosen to their final destination.

Hospital Tent
Twenty minutes later

Harry was sitting on a cot, drinking a "Pepper Up" potion, and enjoying the sensations of warmth spreading through his body as he tried to figure out what had happened on the shore of the lake. Granted, he didn't have a whole lot of experience kissing, but he was fairly certain the shock he got when he kissed Fleur wasn't normal. Neither was the knowledge that seemed to appear in his head, showing him exactly where on her body to touch to give her the most pleasure, as well as how to talk to her to lower her inhibitions. 'Not that she had many inhibitions anyway, if the impression I got from her was right!' he thought with a smirk. He had to admit, he was really looking forward to finding out just how far she was willing to go with him the next time he saw her. He was lost in thought, imagining just that when he suddenly looked up, to see an absolutely gorgeous blond standing before him, it was obvious she was Fleur's mother, the resemblance was too close for her to be anything else.

When Apolline saw that she had Harry's attention, she said, in lightly accented English, "Mister Potter, my name is Apolline Delacour, and I wanted to add my thanks to those of my daughter, Fleur for rescuing my Gabrielle from the Lake. And, to do that properly, I would like to invite you to join my daughters and I for dinner in my rooms in Hogsmeade, I have already gotten permission for you to leave School Grounds from your Headmaster. The dress will be casual, so don't think you have to dress up, Mister Potter."

Harry cleared his throat and said, "I would like that very much, thank you."

Apolline nodded, and then, leaning over to pick up her purse from the floor, she said quietly, "I will also be answering your questions about what happened when you and Fleur kissed, so try and get a nap this afternoon, it's going to be a long evening." she finished with a smile, turning and leaving the tent, only to be immediately replaced by Ron and Hermione, who naturally had questions.

Headmaster's Office
15 Minutes Later

Albus Dumbledore called a greeting to Fawkes as he entered his office, not even pausing to remove his outer cloak on the way to the locked cabinet between the two bookshelves in the rear of the room. Tapping the locking stones with a rhythm only he knew, a small drawer slid out of the polished wood. Reaching in, Albus lifted the envelope, still sealed but slightly yellowed with age, from the drawer, as well as the folded note that was resting on top of the envelope. Taking them back to his desk, he set them down and sat in his seat, only to curse quietly when he realized he was still wearing several layers of clothing more than he usually did, and he got up and hung up his outer cloak and over-robes before sitting back at the desk. Picking up the note, he smiled sadly at the last communication he ever received from Lily Potter.


If things go badly for us, and we aren't able to speak to Harry when it's time, James and I have left a letter for Harry to be given to him on his 18th Birthday, or at your discretion prior to that date if you see signs that the binds are breaking. I know you weren't happy binding that much of Harry's magic, and honestly, neither James or I were happy about it either, but, if worse comes to worse, and Harry ends up with Petunia, the fewer instances of accidental magic, the happier she and her husband will be. I just wish that I had been able to find another ritual that offered as much chance of protecting Harry as this one, but none of the others James and I discovered came close. To ensure the protections, Harry has to stay with one of my blood relatives at least until he is 18. I've sent several letters to Petunia, and we actually managed to have a civil face to fact meeting where I explained the situation, and she has been thawing recently, but I'm worried about her husband, there really seems to be something wrong with him. His obsession with his version of 'Normality' can't be healthy, and I'm really not sure that she is strong enough to stand up to him if something goes wrong. Anyway, we will be going into hiding as soon as I send this off, and hopefully we will see each other soon. If not, tell Harry we love him, and give him the letter."

Lily Potter
October 10th, 1979"

"How right you were, Lily," he murmured, thinking back to the first, and last, time he encountered Vernon Dursley. It was a little over a month after Harry had gone there, and the alarms in his office had started shrieking. Calling for Fawkes, he was immediately flashed to the source of the disturbance, and appeared in the basement of the house of Privet Drive.

The first thing he saw was Petunia huddled up against the wall, crying and pleading for Vernon to stop, and Albus could see that she had Harry in her arms, and she was protecting him with her body, his blood ran cold when he saw the bruises on her face, and the obviously broken bone sticking out of her leg. He turned to Vernon Dursley who was red faced and panting, and holding what Albus recognized as a Cricket bat, that was already spattered with blood, above his head, and was about to bring it down on her again.

Albus saw and processed this in an instant, and, for the first time since he killed Gellert in the Berlin Bunker in 1945, he lost his temper. With a shouted spell, the bat flew from Vernon's grip and imbedded itself in the wall behind him. Next he froze him in place and stunned him, before sending Fawkes back to Hogwarts with a note for Poppy. While he waited for the nurses arrival, he cast a calming spell on both Petunia and Harry. When Petunia had calmed down enough to speak, he knelt down and asked, as gently as possible, "What happened Petunia?"

For a moment, he wasn't sure if she heard him, or was going to answer, but she did, speaking in a monotone voice, so quietly he had to strain to hear her.

"He came home unexpectedly, and found Harry entertaining Dudley by making his stuffed animals dance around the room. I know I should have stopped it, but they were having so much fun, and, I didn't see any harm in it. I was so busy watching the two of them, I didn't hear him come into the house, until he was right on top of me! I could smell the liquor, it was obvious that he'd been drinking all afternoon, but he didn't say anything, he just went into the bedroom and picked up Dudley and left. I think he took him to Marge's, but I'm not sure. I was packing a bag for Harry and I, because I knew we had to leave, but he got back faster than I thought, and, well, you see what happened..."

It was then that Poppy arrived, and soon had both Petunia and Harry healed up and in their own beds. Harry was placed in a crib in Petunia's room, because he didn't want to let her go, and the room he and Dudley had shared was too empty. Petunia was struggling to stay awake, but reached out and grasped Albus' arm. "Help us! I'm afraid, I was able to stop him before, but I don't think he's able to be stopped any more. I can't leave him, he would take everything, and I couldn't give up Dudley! Harry is my blood, and I love him, but Dudley is my flesh and my blood, and I can't let him go. And Marge has friends who are Judges, they'd see that I never got to see Dudley again, and Harry would end up in an orphanage, or worse!"

Albus looked deep into her eyes, and understood all too well what she was asking. In the end, he merely asked, "Does Vernon have Life Insurance? Because I'm afraid that the extra weight he's carrying can't be very healthy, and you said that he'd been drinking? Such an unpleasant combination, why, it could lead to a heart attack, or a stroke, or any number of terrible things."

Petunia, still fighting sleep, nodded, "Yes, we both do, paid them last week." With that, she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Gesturing to Poppy, he led the nurse from the room. "Naturally, you can not speak of any of this, Poppy. If word got out what had happened here, the Ministry would get involved, and you know that Harry would end up going to a family like the Malfoy's, or worse!"

Poppy looked at him calmly, "Do you honestly think I would argue with you? You know what happened to me when I was married? Send him to whatever Muggle Hell he's bound for, I won't lose any sleep over him!"

With that, the nurse apparated back to Hogwarts leaving him to wrap things up. He attended the funeral, in disguise of course, because he wanted to make sure that Petunia wasn't going to have an attack of guilt feelings, but he needed have bothered, she played the role of grieving widow to perfection, not even Vernon's sister, an extremely unpleasant woman, suspected a thing. When he heard that she had died of a heart attack a few years later, and was not discovered until her bulldog had already begun feasting on her corpse, he couldn't say he was all that surprised.

With a sigh, he folded the note and set it aside. "Well Fawkes, it appears that Harry is going to have an even more interesting year than it has been already. I'll admit, I was hoping to wait until this summer, when I could get him away from his Aunt because he would be close enough to adulthood in the Muggle world that he could live on his own. Alas, it seems Lady Fate has something different in mind for the boy."

Fawkes trilled sympathetically, but offered no advice. With a wry smile, the old man wrote a quick note asking Harry to come see him tomorrow morning after breakfast and called for one of the castle elves to deliver it. Thinking for a moment longer, he wrote another note to his Potions Master asking him to come see him, and sent it with another elf.

It was only 10 minutes or so later that the wards alerted him to Professor Snape's arrival, and with a tap on the ward stone at the edge of his desk, he heard the Gargoyle move aside and his door opened, admitting the younger man. With a smile, he waved Severus to a chair across from his desk. When he was comfortable seated, Albus said, "I've got some good news for you Severus, I know you have been uncomfortable with the way you have had to play your role over the last several years, especially the last four years, and some things are happening that will allow you to stop playing the role."

To any outside observer, the dark haired professor didn't show any reaction beyond a slight raising of his right eyebrow, but Albus knew the younger man well enough to see the relief in his eyes, and the slight relaxation of the tension in his shoulders. Letting his friend adjust to the news, he paused before saying, "I'm going to have a meeting with Harry in the morning, and will, with your permission, be showing him some of the memories of our conversations where you express a desire to drop the role you are playing. Hopefully it will ease any reconciliation you wish to make with Lily's son."

Severus nodded, "May I ask what has changed? From what you had said before, it was my understanding that I would be required to play this loathsome role for several more years."

Albus sat quietly for a few seconds, looking down at his desk, and when he looked up again, Severus was shocked to see embarrassment and even regret in the older mans expression. "Yes, well, it turns out that I was wrong. You see, while I am certain that Tom is still out there, and while I'm equally as sure that he had inadvertently left a bit of himself as an anchor inside Harry's scar, I was not aware that there was another way to remove the soul fragment that did not require the destruction of the vessel. I had it pointed out to me, quite forcefully, that there was another way, and it has to do with his heritage."

Severus' eyes widened, and he chuckled, "You knew about it too? For such a deep secret, about the only thing they didn't do was place an advertisement in the Prophet." He leaned back, a smirk on his face, "I can just picture it, 'Pureblood Males! Need to Conceive An Heir, but Not Getting The Job Done? Do what this couple did...' So it's finally manifesting itself? That should do a great deal in uniting the Houses! Of course, keeping the boys in the houses from trying to kill him will take a great deal of work as well."

Albus grinned, "True, however, considering that, if I understood what I was told, he is going to be spending a lot of time with a few Veela during the remainder of the school year, and that should ease the tensions quite a bit."

"Lucky bastard!" Severus muttered, before turning serious. "Okay, so you feel that Harry coming into his heritage is going to be important in destroying Tom permanently, but how are we going to explain my turnabout? Any sort of change, especially one this drastic is going to cause comments to be relayed to Lucius and several other members of Tom's Inner Circle."

Albus reached for the bowl of candies, and unwrapped a lemon drop. Popping it in his mouth he sucked it thoughtfully for a few moments before speaking, "It's a terrible thing, you see, we discovered that Tom suspected you of being a spy toward the end, and managed to get a cursed object into you that we just discovered recently. You have had to spend a few days in the Infirmary to have the object removed, and that will be the story we will allow to carefully leak out over the next few days to explain your change in personality." As he was talking, he had opened a locked drawer in his desk and withdrew a small box, which he opened to show the younger man a small fang from a snake of some kind. "This is one of Nagini's fangs, and it radiates enough Dark Magic that it will support our story, don't you agree? And even if the word somehow gets back to Tom, in whatever form he's in now, he certainly isn't going to be able to do an interview with the Daily Prophet to refute it!"

"Clever, and it should work. When do you want me to take up residence in Poppy's domain?"

"Tomorrow morning should be soon enough. I'll be taking over your classes for the week, so you can 'recover' from the damage the curse did to you."

"That will be a nice break, and hopefully I can get started on making my apologies to Harry and his friends during that time."

"Yes, I can see where that would be a priority for you, hopefully the pensieve memories will help with that."

"Is there anything else, Albus?"

"No, that is all that I needed to discuss with you, I'll be letting Minerva, Filius, Poppy and Pomona in on the plan this evening, so they can play their roles as required. Have a good afternoon and I will see you at dinner this evening."

Gryffindor Tower
4th Years Rooms
At the same time

Harry was sleeping restlessly, his dreams filled with images of Fleur, wearing a great deal less than the swimsuit she was wearing that morning, now, he had seen breasts before, in the magazines Dudley kept under his mattress, but none of the models seemed to be as perfect as the girl in his dreams! Fleur just radiated sexuality, and he stroked himself in his sleep, but in his dreams his hands, rough and calloused from working in the garden all summer, and gripping his Firebolt during the year, were replaced by Fleur's much softer ones. As she was stroking him, he found that they were not alone. They were surrounded by several other girls he knew, all of them as naked as Fleur, and he looked them over with interest, seeing Lavender Brown, who had the largest breasts of any of the girls in the school, except possibly Susan Bones, who was standing next to her, both of them were playing with their nipples and staring at him with lust in their eyes, he was amused to see that Lavender wasn't naturally blonde, judging by the thatch of dark hair covering her fanny, but Susan was a natural redhead.

The next girl was a shock, as Hermione stood their proudly, her medium sized breasts thrust out, and her legs slightly spread, showing that she was clean shaven, and he could see moisture on her lower lips, what really surprised, and intrigued him, was the silk collar she wore around her throat. He may have been lacking practical experience, but he was not naive. He was well aware of what the collar symbolized, and was already planning to find out if that was a part of her personality or just a quirk of his imagination. He forced his gaze away to see the girls next to her, and he moaned in his sleep as Padma and Parvati were standing with their arms wrapped around each other, and snogging furiously. Cho was next, standing with her hands behind her back, and her head bowed submissively, which drew another moan, and his hands quickened their activities, The last of the girls were the 3 of the Slytherins in his year, Pansy, not wearing her usual haughty sneer, and the blonde Tracey Davis and brunette Daphne Greengrass. He was slightly surprised to see the last two, considering he barely knew them, they were very quiet in any of the classes he had with Slytherin House.

Fleur's hands were speeding up in his dream, and when she moved her face down and opened her mouth, Harry erupted! He was jerked awake by the force of his climax, the last thing he remembered was the look of ecstasy on her face as she moved to swallow everything he gave her. Opening up his eyes, he looked down, and "Bloody Hell!" he swore softly, as there was no mess at all on his hands or his sheets, or anywhere that he could see. Putting on his glasses, he looked out of the curtains on his bed, and saw with relief that there was no one in the room with him. Pulling his wand from beneath his pillow, he cast a quick "Tempus" charm, and saw that he had almost two hours before he had to meet the Delacours' at the Three Broomsticks. Deciding to get ready, he grabbed his shower gear and left the room.

The Three Broomsticks
Room 217
The same time

Apolline opened the door separating her rooms from Fleur's, and laughed at the sight before her. Her daughter, who was usually extremely self possessed, was kneeling naked on the carpet beside her bed, her hands moving in the air as if she had a man in her hands, and was stroking him. Fleur was moaning in pleasure and Apolline could see her nipples were tight with arousal, and she had dropped one of her hands to finger her soaking pussy. The amused woman was about to say something when her 19 year old daughter opened her mouth and leaned forward, as if to take the man in her mouth, and suddenly there was an eruption in the air, and Fleur was moving her mouth to catch everything, but some landed on her face and hair before slowing and then stopping. The young Veela dropped her hand and leaned

back against the bed as she furiously fingered herself to orgasm. "Ce qui ? Se réveille-t-il que rapide ?" (What in the world? Is he awakening that fast?)

Shaking her head to clear it, she waits for Fleur to come back down to earth, and, when she sees her eyes open and clear, says quietly, "Se sentant mieux, je fais confiance ? Maintenant, it' ; le temps de s pour que vous obteniez dans la douche et de lavez vos cheveux ainsi vous peut être prêt pour notre invité de dîner. À moins que, naturellement, vous souhaitiez le saluer avec le sien cum dans vos cheveux ? " ( Feeling better, I trust? Now, it's time for you to get in the shower and wash your hair so you can be ready for our dinner guest. Unless, of course, you wish to greet him with his cum in your hair?)

Fleur shook her head, and, grabbing the side of the bed, pulled herself to her feet, and headed for the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Apolline waited until she heard the water start before turning and leaving the room. Opening the door to the other bedroom, she smiled as she saw that Gabrielle was sleeping peacefully, not giving any sign that the awakening was affecting her yet. She knew it was only a matter of time, because she had just turned 16, which was when Veela begin to undergo the change from child to adult. 'It's a good thing she will be staying overnight in the Beauxbatons Carriages, she really doesn't need to be around what is going to be happening tonight, even though she understands it mentally, her body isn't ready yet.'

Sitting down in her lounge, she considered all of the legends of the Veelas male counterparts, and how the awakening affected them. She silently cursed the fact that the legends were mostly handed down by word of mouth, and not written down where they could be compared, because, while it was obvious that the awakening was what caused the connection between Fleur and Harry, she had never heard of it happening so quickly, or so powerfully. She also realized that it would be up to Fleur to initiate the awakening, and she would take over after the initial mating, although she would be in the room to cast the spells that would remove the filth from his scar, and hopefully allow Harry to come into his heritage without complications. At least Dumbledore was aware of what Harry was, and was willing to allow her to educate the boy without his interference, although the look of shock, followed by hope, on the older man's face when she told him she could remove the soul fragment without harming Harry was priceless! She could tell that he was worried the boy would have to die to eliminate the threat of Voldemort's return, and was relieved that there was a way to avoid it.

Glancing at the clock, she swore when she saw that Harry would be arriving in less than an hour, and she still wasn't ready. Quickly changing into casual robes, she called for one of the staff elves to get 4 menus for their dinner and went and woke Gabrielle so she could get ready as well. After checking on Fleur, who was nearly ready, and Apolline snickered to see that knickers were not part of tonight's outfit, nor was a brassiere, although neither of them really needed one, thanks to their Veela Heritage.

The three of them were just putting the finishing touches on their appearance when there was a knock on the door. Gesturing for her daughters to stay seated, Apolline extended her senses, and, seeing it was Harry at the door, opened it quietly, and allowed him to enter. As she took his cloak she touched his shoulder and said, "We do have a lot to discuss tonight, but that can wait until after dinner, Gabrielle will be leaving after we eat, so we can speak of adult matters, but, for now, let us relax and enjoy each others company."

Harry instantly realized what she was saying, and not saying, so he agreed with a slight smile, even though he immediately received images of what that attractive blonde looked like under her clothing, and he knew instinctively where to touch her to drive her wild. Fortunately, he had been expecting something like this to happen after what had happened earlier, both at the lake, and, later, when he was leaving the Gryffindor Common Room to come to Hogsmeade.

** Flashback **

Gryffindor Common Room
About an Hour Earlier


He looked up at the sound of his name being called, and smiled at Hermione as he walked down the last few steps into the Common Room. He was surprised to see the room was mostly deserted, and pleased to see that Ron was nowhere in sight, because he wanted to test out what he had seen earlier.

"Hey Hermione, what's going on?"

"Just relaxing, I was doing some light reading before heading down to get dinner. How about you, how are you feeling? I know that it didn't seem like any time at all passed for me, but I'd imagine it was kind of stressful for you."

"Honestly, the stressful part was when I tried to get to you, and the mermen wouldn't let me get to you! I mean, I thought you were my hostage, because you are the one I would miss the most. Why the hell they thought Ron would be, I really don't know. I'm not a poufter, after all! On the other hand, you are mine, and I thought they would realize it" he said, with a slight emphasis on the word 'mine', and was rewarded with a gasp and a slight smile from his bushy haired best friend.

Hermione stood there silently for a minute, before she started to snicker, "You? A poufter? You are the straightest guy I've ever met in my life! I don't know who could possibly think otherwise." Getting her laughter under control, she reached out and touched him on the shoulder, "And, am I? Really?"

Harry was expecting it, so he did not outwardly react, because the instant Hermione touched him, he got a mental image of her nude body, exactly the way it was in his dream, including the collar, and the knowledge of what he would need to do to seduce her was right there in front of his eyes, like written instructions. Going on instinct, he reached down and took her wrists and pulled her into him, he moved his arms so her hands were behind her back. When he was able to hold both wrists with one hand, he lifted the other, to bring Hermione's face up to him, and leaned closer. She closed her eyes, and her lips parted slightly, but he moved her face to the side and whispered in her ear. "Of course you are, Pet, If you want to be."

Releasing one of her wrists, he ran his fingers down the other, applying gentle pressure to one of the points he saw, and was rewarded with a soft moan, and a shudder against him. From the way he felt something on his chest, he could tell that his best friend had neglected to wear a bra that evening, which caused an uncomfortable tightness in his trousers.

Reluctantly releasing his grip on her, Harry said, "I'm sorry, but I have to go, Fleur's mother invited me to dinner to say thank you for rescuing Gabrielle this morning, and I'm not sure when I'll be back." Seeing her about to protest, he put his finger across her lips, and said, "It's alright, it's already been cleared with the Headmaster. And I have a meeting with him after breakfast about something, but I think you and I need to have a long, private conversation after that, don't you?"

Recognizing the concern in her eyes, he smiled, "It's not anything bad, but, I've known you were a girl for quite some time, and kicked myself for not asking you to the ball before Victor did!"

The concern in her eyes turned to happiness and she said, "I'm looking forward to our conversation too, Harry. Now, get going, you don't want to be late, do you?"

Laughing, he opened the door from the Common Room, and, with a wave, closed the door behind him.

** End Flashback **

Harry found himself greatly enjoying both the meal, and the company that evening. Gabrielle was an absolute delight, with a little girls energy and enthusiasm, talking a mile a minute, unfortunately, it was in French and he really didn't understand more than a word or two of what she was saying, he just smiled and nodded at what seemed to be the appropriate times, much to Fleur and Apolline's amusement.

As they were finishing up the pudding course, Gabrielle excused herself and went to grab her overnight bag, and held out a medallion that Apolline tapped with her wand, making the girl disappear. After chatting for a few minutes longer about inconsequential things, a smaller silvery Patronus of a bear appeared in the room, and Harry recognized the voice of Madame Maxime, Headmistress of Beauxbatons, although he could not understand what was said, both Apolline and Fleur relaxed slightly. Once the Patronus had dissipated, Apolline turned to Harry and said, "Now that Gabrielle has left, it's time for a serious conversation. If you don't mind, I'm going to be casting a translation spell on each of us, because we are going to be discussing some very serious matters, and I wish to avoid any possible misunderstandings because of language difficulties, is that acceptable to you, Mister Potter?"

Harry nodded, accepting her reasoning for wanting to cast the spell. As soon as she finished casting, he felt a heavy feeling on his head, but it soon eased, and he found he could understand perfectly anything that Fleur and her mother said. He waited patiently as she cast privacy spells all over the walls doors floor and ceiling, and was about to make a comment about her taking lessons from his Defense Instructor when she said, "What we are going to discuss is extremely sensitive information, and, if I am wrong, I am taking a severe risk discussing this with you. Before we begin, I'm going to need a Wizards Oath from you that you will not disclose this information without my express permission."

Harry was curious enough to give the oath, after examining it to make sure it wasn't booby trapped. Once Apolline was satisfied, she led he and Fleur into her sitting room, where a bottle of wine was waiting, with three glasses. The three of them took their seats, Fleur sitting next to Harry on the love seat. After pouring each of them a glass, and correcting Harry when he attempted to just gulp it down, she said, "To start things off Harry, how much do you know about the origins of the Veela Race?"

After thinking for a moment, Harry shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, but I honestly don't think I know anything about your origins."

"That's about what I expected, and it's nothing to apologize for, it's not something that is taught in the schools in the United Kingdom, in fact, it's barely touched on in the schools on the Continent. You see, Veela are not native to this world, we were placed here in the distant past, for reasons even our legends don't explain. Originally, we were an offshoot of a race of beings that have come to known as Succubi, although, contrary to popular belief, they are not demonic in origin. Our legends tell us that they were denizens of a higher plane of existence sent here to encourage the appreciation of beauty and to inspire men and women to better themselves, to be worthy of the beautiful ones. How much of this is true, I really can't say, but one thing I can say, is that Veela have been here for at least 5,000 years, our earliest written records have been confirmed to be at least that old.

"But that isn't really important, other than as background information, what is important is that there were a race of male counterparts to the Veela race, an offshoot of what are known as Incubi, that were supposed to be sent here at the same time the Veela were. Unfortunately, none of them had ever been found, and we have been looking for years. It is ingrained in our very being that we would recognize one of them if we ever encountered one. I knew from the instant I saw you this morning that you are one of the ones we are looking for! I know this is hard to believe, but, let me ask you, after you and Fleur kissed this morning, has anything changed? Do you have knowledge of things that you couldn't possibly know? I see by the look on your face that you know what I am talking about, that makes this easier. I know, and Fleur agrees with me, that you are on the verge of awakening to your Heritage, and we are here to help you do so, but we need to take care of the dark magic in your scar first."

"You know about that?" Harry asked in surprise, "Wait, what am I saying, of course you know about it, you seem to know everything else about me!" Taking a deep breath, he says, "Okay, leaving aside for the moment how you know something that nobody else seems to notice, why is it so important to remove the dark magic? I've lived with it for close to 16 years now, and it hasn't seemed to affect me that much."

"Ah, I'm afraid that is where you are wrong, Harry. The dark magic is actually a small portion of Voldemort's soul, and it has been anchoring his spirit to this plane of existence. It's also been leaching off a portion of your magic to stay alive for the past several years. As for how I know about it, I mentioned earlier that Veela are attuned to beautiful things, we are also extremely aware of ugliness, and by that, I don't mean physical attractiveness, but ugliness of the soul and spirit! While your soul is a beautiful thing, your strength of will and concern for your friends and willingness to sacrifice for them, I immediately noticed the ugliness centered around your scar, and, if you were to awaken to your Heritage with that ugliness still attached to you, it would break free and spread throughout your body, twisting everything that is good about you into a twisted version, and trust me, that is not something any of us would want!"

Harry had been leaning forward intently as she described what the scar was doing, "You mean the scar is the only thing keeping him from completely dying? That's good enough for me! How do we get rid of it?"

"If your scar was the only such connection, then yes, it is the only thing keeping him alive, however, if he created more anchors, then those anchors would need to be destroyed as well to remove him permanently. However, even if there are others, removing the anchor from your scar would still weaken his grip slightly, and it's destruction could not be a bad thing for you."

Harry nodded, "Well, considering I've already destroyed one part of him already, when I was a second year, it wouldn't surprise me that he made others." Appoline looked shocked that he had already encountered one of his anchors before, which led to him telling the story of the battle with the Basilisk in the the Chamber of Secrets. By the time he had finished telling the story, Fleur had wrapped her arms around him and was crying softly on his shoulder, and he instinctively wrapped his own arms around her, comforting her, forcing himself to concentrate on telling the story, and not on the knowledge of how to make Fleur scream his name in ecstasy, he described how he used the fang to destroy the diary.

Appoline sat back, sipping her wine thoughtfully, "Hmm, it sounds as if that was the very first one he created, the 'Anchor of Anchors' if you will. Since the anchor in your scar would have been the last one created, when we destroy it, it may have an effect on any others, since, according to everything I've ever read on the foul things, they all share a connection, and eliminating both anchors may cause the others to be released as well."

Harry leaned back in his seat, Fleur still glued to his side, and closed his eyes, thinking. A few minutes later, he said, "I'm really not seeing any bad about getting rid of Tom's anchor, is this something we can do tonight?"

"Absolutely! The ritual is not that difficult, it's basically a purifying ritual, to remove anything that isn't supposed to be there. It's something that followers of the Wiccan Tradition are known for, and, since there are some Veela who are not witches, they found they were able to use magic through Wicca, although they are far more limited in the types of magic they can do. What we need to do is..."

Hogwarts Headmaster's Office
Conference Room
Roughly the Same Time

Albus sat back, listening to Alastor Moody telling the Senior Staff what he had discovered about the tampering with the Goblet of Fire to permit Harry to be chosen as a 4th Champion. Filius Flitwick was questioning the Auror about the Confundus Charm he said was placed on the Goblet, and if there was any recognizable signature on it. Moody had just told them that there were so many spells layered on the Goblet that he still hadn't been able to determine who had cast the charm in question, and was raising his flask to take a drink when he froze, and his hand started shaking as the old mans features twisted into a rictus of pain. His right hand spasmed, dropping the flask and spilling it's contents on the floor as his hand went to his left forearm and gripped it tightly. The other teachers looked at each other in concern, and were climbing to their feet, including Severus who hadn't felt anything, when the DADA Instructor started screaming in agony and they could smell the distinctive odor of burning flesh coming from his left arm. Acting quickly, Albus stunned the screaming man, and sent Fawkes to the Infirmary to get Poppy before turning back toward his old friend.

He paused when he saw Severus holding up Alastor's flask and sniffing the contents. Curious, he said, "Is there something unusual about Alastor's flask, Severus?"

"Not unless Moody is in the habit of sipping Polyjuice Potion on a regular basis, Headmaster. I think we need to send somebody to the DADA office and check to see if the real Alastor Moody is in the room somewhere. He would have to be somewhere close for the imposter to have access to the necessary material for the potion."

Albus nodded, and Minerva and Filius left the room, moving far more quickly than any of their students would have believed. As soon as the door closed behind them, Albus turned to the person he thought was his Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor and, casting a few spells, had the man bound to a chair and summoned all his wands. Severus paused in examining the man when the second wand came sliding out of a wrist holster and, grabbing the wand he looked at it carefully, and said, "Albus, I think you are going to want the DMLE involved, I recognize this wand, and the person it belongs to supposedly died in Azkaban over 13 years ago! If I'm right, the mutt isn't the only person to escape the prison."

"Indeed? Who do you think this is, Severus?"

"We'll know if less than an hour, but I believe we will be looking at Barty Crouch, the son, not the father. He was marked at the same time I was, and he was almost as vicious as Bellatrix at her worst!" The Potions Master paused, thinking, "He grabbed his arm where the Dark Mark would be, I'm going to check his arm, please step back and keep your wand trained on him, he may react to my probing, and I'd really rather not risk an injury if I don't have to, he always was one of the physically strongest of Tom's followers, and he might be able to break the ropes you have on his arms."

Once Albus was in place, Severus sliced the sleeve away from the bound man's left arm, and nodded, Albus looked over, and could clearly see the tattoo of a skull with a snake coming out of the mouth. But instead of the black ink that he had seen before, the entire area was inflamed, and he could almost feel the heat coming off of it.

"Curious, I wonder what caused that reaction? Did your mark react at all?"

Severus shook his head, "Not even a twinge, it's like there was nothing..." he stopped and pulled up his own sleeve, staring at his unblemished arm, with no sign that there had ever been anything there. Albus gaped at the sight, and was about to do a scan of the arm, when Severus started swaying on his feet, and his eyes rolled back in his head, and he fell forward in a dead faint.

Albus managed to levitate the younger man before he hit the floor, and was floating him over to a couch when Fawkes flamed back into the office, with the school matron hanging from his tail feathers. She immediately moved to where Severus was laying on the couch, but Albus waved her away, saying, "He'll be fine, he just had a shock. I need you to take a look at the person who we thought was Alastor Moody. He had some kind of a seizure a few minutes ago, and, as you can tell by the Dark Mark on his arm, whoever this is, it isn't Alastor."

Poppy nodded and turned to the confined man, and started running her diagnostics before shaking her head in disgust. "Unfortunately, I can't get a clear reading while the Polyjuice is still active, I'm getting two sets of readings, and I'm not sure which is which." Turning to the unconscious Snape, she scanned him and cast a quick waking spell on him. Seeing that Severus was awake and alert, the nurse turned back to the captive and gasped, as the Polyjuice was wearing off, and the Auror's wooden leg dropped to the floor, and another whole leg appeared, and the scars faded from his face, the gray hair lightened to a dirty blond and the replacement eye started bulging from it's socket as a natural eye appeared and took it's place.

Hearing Poppy gasp, Albus and Severus looked over, and Albus nodded, "Barty Crouch Jr, it seems you were correct Severus, and I believe it's time we contact the Aurors. Do you have a supply of Veratiserum available? I think we need to ask him some questions."

With a nod, the Potions Master got up off the couch and left the office. He was passing the DADA classroom on his way to the dungeons when the door opened, and Minerva and Filius came out, levitating the unconscious form of Alastor Moody, who was looking very much the worse for wear. Pausing to tell them what had happened while they were gone, he sent a Patronus message to Albus that Poppy would be needed in the infirmary and continued on his way to his office.

By the time he returned, Amelia Bones had arrived and was dusting the ash from the floo off of her robes before turning an annoyed look at Dumbledore. "Alright, Albus, do you mind telling me what was so bloody important that I had to rush here in the middle of everything? The Ministry is in chaos, Three of my Department Heads and Lucius Malfoy were found in the Atrium clutching their arms and screaming, Barty Crouch showed up looking like he was on a three week drunk and babbling about how sorry he was, and in the midst of it, with Fudge making a bloody mess of everything, you decide that it's imperative that I come to your office? Again, what the hell is so bloody important it couldn't have waited til morning?"

Albus stood there, a little bemused at her rant, until she finished, and he said, "Actually, Amelia, while I really can't help you with Cornelius at the moment, I believe I can provide you with answers to some of your other problems, you see, we had a most interesting staff meeting earlier, with an unexpected guest." Gesturing to the chair, Amelia's eyes widened, and almost dropped her monocle at the sight of Barty Jr secured in place, still unconscious. Turning to Severus, Albus said, "Ah, excellent timing Severus! Amelia, would you mind setting up a recording quill and parchment? I think it's time we woke young Mister Crouch and got some answers..."

Various Locations
At the same time as the Staff Meeting

In a vault that had sat untouched for well over a decade, in a hidden room on the Seventh Floor of Hogwarts, in the Library of a home on Grimmauld Place in London that none of the neighbors had ever remembered seeing, in a dilapidated shack hidden near the village of Little Hangleton, and in the grass outside an abandoned manor house in Greater Hangleton, anyone close enough would have heard an agonized scream, as if someone was suffering the tortures of the damned, before it abruptly cut off.

In the silence, the only one who noticed was an ancient House Elf in the London house, who was clutching a locket to his chest and rocking back and forth, tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks. After a few minutes, the elf vanished the locket, and, knowing that his beloved Master Regulus' final order was fulfilled, the elf left the library and went into the darkened hallway. Moving down the hall, the creature paused at the end of the row of elf heads that were mounted on the walls, and, creating another plaque with the name Kreacher carved on it, and a spike jutting out from the center, the elf leapt upward and twisted his body, so the spike entered at the base of his skull and killed him instantly. At the moment of death, the elf's body withered away to a fine dust, and the house was silent once again.

The massive snake that was slithering through the grass toward the woods behind the Riddle house in Greater Hangleton had no idea there was anything wrong, the only thing on her mind was the scent of a rabbit she had smelled a few minutes before, and was tracking the scent, her instinct completely over riding the voice telling Nagini to stay close to the house. All she could think about was fresh meat, and could smell the rabbit just ahead. The snake was just about to lunge forward and grab the meal when something happened. The annoying voice starting screaming, and it was very annoying, and distracting her from her prey, and then she felt something inside her, where Master had put the shiny rock. At first the heat was pleasant, warming her nicely in the chill of the evening, but soon it became too hot for her, but before she could comprehend the danger, the gem that had been implanted in her body exploded, ripping her in half, and she knew no more.

Inside the Manor House in Greater Hangleton, the homunculus that was the current form of Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, writhed in agony as he felt his anchors being ripped away from him. He didn't know how it happened, but he knew something had happened, and, for the first time since he was nine years old and the three older boys had cornered him in the shower that night, to 'break him in', he felt fear, and even worse, he felt helpless! Feeling his strength slipping away, Voldemort reached out with his magic to his followers and drew on their strength to keep him connected to the body that he was reduced to inhabiting until his plans came to fruition. Not caring what effect the magic drain would have on his followers, he was annoyed that Wormtail would not stop screaming and clutching his Dark Mark. When he finally felt he had enough, that his connection was stable, he stopped pulling the magic into himself. Turning to Wormtail, he was about to demand that the ratlike little man find out what had just happened, but swore when he saw that his only follower was unconscious on the floor, with blood pouring from his nose and ears.

The Three Broomsticks
Room 217
Immediately following the previous scene

Harry felt the hands on his shoulders lifting him from the water, and, once he was upright again, opened his eyes and looked around at his surroundings. His eyes widened in wonder, even without his glasses, he could see everything perfectly! His gaze landed on the portrait of the young witches having a picnic on the wall across the room, and was amused to see that they were all staring at the three of them and blushing. Of course, considering the time period when they were probably painted, the sight of a man and two women, all completely naked in a conjured circular tub of water is probably not something they were used to seeing. Smiling at Appoline, who was kneeling in the water to his left, her hands on his back, supporting him, he nodded his thanks before turning to Fleur who was doing the same thing on his right side.

Seeing him smile, the two women breathed sighs of relief, and let their hands drop from his back. Appoline moved to the side of the tub and reached for her wand when Harry stopped her. "Hold on a second, I want to try something." She looked at him curiously, but paused in her movements. Harry gazed at her naked breasts in appreciation before turning his head toward the pile of towels outside the tub. Reaching out with his left hand, he gestured and three towels lifted themselves from the pile and floated over to them. Standing, he gestured with his right hand and the two women stood up in the tub as well. The three towels were floating in mid air, and, with barely a gesture, one of the towels unfolded itself and wrapped itself around Appoline, while another did the same with Fleur. Physically grabbing the last towel, Harry draped it across his shoulders and climbed out of the tub, completely unembarrassed by the fact of his nudity, or his erect state.

Appoline and Fleur's eyes both widened at the obvious changes in the younger man's body after the cleansing, to say nothing of how his control of his magic had increased! What had been a fairly slender physique was now far more muscular, while still looking comfortable on his frame. Where before he had little definition to his body, he now had clearly visible muscle groups, even what Fleur had heard referred to as a 'six pack' abdomen. But what really got their attention was the increase below the waist. Before, he was of average length and girth, but now, he had gained several centimeters in length, and he was also slightly larger in girth. Fleur and Apolline's eyes met and a lascivious grin appeared on both of their faces as they climbed out of the tub.

Harry felt their eyes on him, and, with a matching grin, he turned to face the two women and stood still, allowing them to gawk to their hearts content. Of course, he wasn't going to give them a free show, so, with a smirk, he gestured and their towels dropped to the floor, leaving both the blonde beauties just as naked as he was. The three of them looked at each other for a few seconds before the ludicrousness of the situation hit them and they started laughing.

Grabbing their towels, the three of them dried off, before heading back into the sitting room. Grabbing his glasses, Harry concentrated and they glowed briefly. At the women's questioning look, he explained, "I just changed the lenses for clear glass. Too many people are used to seeing me with glasses, and know that I'm nearly blind without them, so there would be questions I don't feel the need to answer if I showed up without them."

Pouring them each a glass of wine, Harry waited until the others were seated before speaking again. He was privately quite amused, and very aroused, by the fact that both of them chose to sit on either side of him, instead of in one of the other chairs in the room. Feeling them lean against him, he took a sip from his glass and said, "First off, thank you! I'm not sure what exactly that ritual washed away, but I'm very pleased with the results." With a chuckle he added, "Not to mention randier than I've ever been in my life, but that might just be the company I'm keeping." Growing serious, he continued, "I'll admit, I'm having a hard time believing that I'm what you seem to think I am. As far as I know my parents were a perfectly ordinary wizard and witch, although Sirius did make reference to the fact that they were both very adventurous, and almost got caught a few times in places they shouldn't have been! I'm not sure I believe the story of the two of them and the three Black Sisters in the Quidditch Locker Room though," he said thoughtfully. Shaking his head to clear the mental images, he continued, "So, while I'm willing to be convinced, I really don't see myself as an Incubus. I mean, if I were what you say I am, I wouldn't have had such a hard time getting a date for the Yule Ball, and I certainly would have behaved better toward my date! I still feel like a right wanker about that, even though both girls forgave me when I apologized the next day."

Appoline took a sip of her wine and looked at him thoughtfully. Nodding, she said, "I realize that you are having a hard time believing what I'm telling you, but, ask yourself, if you are not what I believe you to be, why do you suddenly have the knowledge to make you a literal God to any woman you desire?"

Seeing that he was honestly thinking about her question, she decided to move the evening along the route she desired. Her natural mental abilities and strong will had done an excellent job of keeping her arousal in check, but the time had come for action! She had originally planned to be the one to awaken Harry to his nature, but, after the kiss he shared with Fleur earlier, her daughter had already started the process of bonding herself to him, so she decided to step back and allow Fleur the privilege of being Harry's first lover. She knew that, once Harry had accepted his nature, he would have more than enough energy to wear both of them out tonight, and she was really looking forward to it!

Looking back at Harry, she could tell he was on the verge of accepting what she was saying, so she continued "Harry, look at Fleur and picture the information you received earlier, I want you to put it to use. You've never been with a woman before, so, if I'm wrong, the knowledge you have in your head is just your imagination, and will not affect Fleur at all. However, if she reacts the way I would in her place, you will know, beyond any doubt, that I have been telling you the truth."

Getting up, Appoline moved to a chair across from them, to give Harry and her daughter room to move, not even thinking it strange that she was about to watch her daughter having sex. Veela by their nature are far more open about things like that, and she and her daughters were closer than most, especially after her husband had died, and Fleur and Gabrielle would occasionally find her with a lover, sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, depending on her mood, and none of them thought it was unusual at all.

Harry was certainly willing, being a teenage male naked in a room with two equally naked and gorgeous women, but he wanted to be sure this is what Fleur wanted, because she had mostly just been following her mother's lead so far this evening. Turning to the 19 year old beside him, he asked quietly, "Fleur, is this something you want to do? I won't lie, I want you badly, but I will not do anything that you don't want me to do."

He was looking deep into her crystal blue eyes as he spoke, and was relieved at the resolve he saw there. She licked her lips, and took a sip of her own wine, before she spoke.

"Harry, I have never have been as certain of anything as I am right now! I was impressed with your performance against the Dragon, because I could see your power and your skill, but I was not impressed with you as a man, yes, you are a man even if you are still young, until you risked yourself to save someone you didn't even know this morning. Gabrielle is precious to me, and I would have wanted to die if something had happened to her because I wasn't good enough! Don't misunderstand me, I'm not doing this out of gratitude! Gratitude would have gotten you a snogging session, and maybe a touch of my breast through my shirt, but nothing more."

Taking another sip of her drink, she continued, "Ever since we kissed this morning, I've thought of little else but giving myself to you. I know that my mother has thoughts about who and what you are, but those are her thoughts, not mine. If they are correct, then it will be more wonderful than you can imagine, but, if she isn't correct, I still want to make this a night you will remember for the rest of your life. And, as long as you are discrete, it doesn't have to be just one night." She finished with a sly smile and a voice that went straight to his cock.

"Oh, sod it!" Harry groaned as he reached for her, and, as he pulled her onto his lap, Fleur spread her legs so she could straddle him, which trapped his erection between their bodies. Sliding the fingers of his left hand into her hair, he pulled her into a kiss, licking her lips before nibbling gently on her bottom lip. At the same time, he used his other hand to stroke behind her ear. Fleur's eyes closed as she moaned in pleasure, opening her mouth against his. Harry was tempted to slide his tongue into her mouth, but waited, knowing that Fleur was really enjoying the kissing, and he could feel her getting even more aroused the longer he continued. Shifting his attention to her upper lip, he teased it with his tongue before sucking it between his lips and giving it a light nip. Fleur wriggled against him, which drew another groan from him, as he could feel the pressure building within his groin. Wanting to ensure that Fleur hit her peak before he exploded, he dropped his hands down to cup her bum, and started gently fondling her.

Fleur was practically purring in pleasure as she moved against him, grinding her wet center against his length and lifting herself against him. The Veela was getting more aroused the longer he was teasing her, and her desire fed Harry's and he sped up his movements against her, until, with a growl, Fleur reached down between them and gripped his erection, lifting herself, she seated him at her entrance and slid downward, burying him inside her. Harry's eyes shot open as she surrounded him, and he started moving within her. Fleur cried out in ecstasy as she was completely filled, and fell forward against him as her first climax washed over her body. She was barely aware that Harry had released within her, and completely unaware of the look of shock that appeared on her new lover's face. She only knew that she felt complete for the first time in her life, and, when her magic completed the bond that had started with their first kiss, she knew that she would never take another man to her, and she was content.

Harry was reveling in the feelings of being inside a woman for the first time, and knowing that whatever Seamus or Dean had said, there was no way they could have experienced this for themselves, because their descriptions sounded like something out of a lad mag, and it was nothing compared to what he was experiencing at this moment! He looked at Fleur's face as her pleasure hit her, and decided that she was even more beautiful when she was in the throes of pleasure, and determined to see that look on her face as often as possible. Hearing a groan from across the room, he looked over and saw Appoline leaning back in her chair, her legs spread wide and hanging over the arm rests as she worked several fingers inside of herself. Her face was flushed and her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and he could see her nipples looked almost painfully hard from desire. Without giving it a conscious thought, he sent a burst of magic at her, and watched as she gasped, her head lolling back against the seat back as her body shuddered in pleasure. The formerly composed woman was babbling incoherently as she climaxed, and slumped into the chair, a happy smile on her face. When she had come back to herself, she looked at him and blew him a kiss, mouthing 'Merci" at him before she leaned her head back and closed her eyes, still smiling.

Harry enjoyed the view for a few seconds longer, until a flickering against the wall caught his eye, looking over, his eyes widened as he saw something that was absolutely impossible! Standing in the corner of the room, were two figures he had only remembered seen once before, outside of photographs, and that was during his first year at the Mirror of Erised. His parents were standing there, with proud smiles on their face as they watched him. His dad was giving him a 'thumbs up' and Lily was giggling at her husband, before turning to James and pulling him into a kiss before they faded away.

Hogwarts Castle
Gryffindor 4th Year Girls Dorm
At the same time

Hermione shuddered as she fingered herself to her eighth climax of the evening, moaning as she buried three fingers in her fanny and another two in her arse. She had taken to her bed soon after her encounter with Harry in the common room, and had placed silencing charms all over the curtains on her bed. She panted, trying to catch her breath, as the images burned themselves into her memory. She wanted to be sure to remember the last fantasy, because it brought her off stronger than anything she could remember. She knew that she craved a lover that would take her in hand, she had read enough human psychology books to recognize that her submissiveness was not that unusual, but the things she was willingly doing for Harry in her fantasy were far beyond anything she had ever imagined before.

Picturing herself, naked but for a collar under her robes as she studied with her Master sitting across from her in the library, Madam Pince not 20 feet away, she moaned as she remembered the look on his face as he cast a privacy spell so they wouldn't be noticed before he switched her robes with the air around her, and the robes were in a pile on the floor and she was exposed to anyone who might cross the boundaries of the spell. Harry pushed his chair back and spread his legs, and she eagerly dropped to her knees, fumbling with his robes until she freed him and took him in her mouth. She sucked him for several minutes in her mind, and, when he tapped her on the shoulder, she released him with a moan, before taking her position, bending over the table in front of him, her legs spread as he entered her. She climaxed as he took her, and quivered in anticipation as she felt him rubbing his thumb around her rosebud, causing the ring of muscle to loosen in preparation for his finger.

She had climaxed again when he pulled his cock out of her pussy and lined up with her rear entrance, and pushed his way forward stretching her arse gently. She had closed her eyes and reveled in the sensations of her Master loving her, feeling him pounding her as he worked his fingers inside her quim. It wasn't until he tugged on her hair and made her look up that the most powerful of her orgasms hit her, because they were not alone! There were over a dozen women standing in a semi-circle in front of them, all as naked as she was, and they were all fingering themselves and moaning in pleasure. Hermione recognized several of the women, including the Patil Sisters, Fleur, and Cho, but the biggest shock was seeing her own mother standing there!

The first of the women, an older version of Fleur stepped forward and withdrew her fingers, wet with her juices and fed them to her. She sucked them clean, enjoying the taste of another woman, which surprised her, she hadn't thought that she was attracted to other women before, but went along as each of the others stepped forward and fed her their juices as well. It was when her mother withdrew her fingers and leaned down and kissed her, slipping her tongue into Hermione's mouth that she came screaming.

Elsewhere in the Castle

Hermione wasn't the only one to have a massive orgasm at that moment, there were girls in each of the Houses who felt the need for privacy as they were more turned on than they could possibly imagine, so they all, except for Cho, who was already enjoying a soak in the Prefects Bath, went to their beds to get some privacy and quickly stripped out of their robes or night clothes and fingered themselves to climax, picturing a scene very similar to what Hermione had fantasized about. Most of the girls didn't question the source of the fantasy, they just enjoyed it and let it slip from the minds. The exceptions included a girl who, contrary to what most of her housemates thought, not to mention the other houses, was not stupid at all, she was just cunning enough to keep her intelligence to herself, having seen how Granger was looked down on by the other students for showing off her knowledge. Besides, people would say things around her that they didn't think she was smart enough to comprehend, and her memory was just as sharp as her reasoning abilities. She also was very familiar with the legends of the Veela and the counterparts, because the word had trickled out over the centuries, and when your family is in the business of collecting information, it comes to you. That was why she had a very good idea where the fantasy had come from, and what it meant for her. She certainly didn't have any problems with Potter, in fact, she thought he had grown up nicely, and the idea of being part of a harem wasn't as distasteful to her as some might think, simply because it would give her time for her own research projects. And it wasn't as if she had never been with another woman, she had been trained by a 7th year Prefect who took a shine to her during her second year, although she went quite willingly, and learned to enjoy making love to another girl. The biggest benefit would be that it would get her away from the others in her House, and their expectations. She knew that Harry would tear anyone apart who went after her, and it wouldn't bother her in the slightest if her supposed 'betrothed' ended up with 6 feet of dirt in his face!

With a smile, Pansy Parkinson got out of bed, grabbed a towel and her robe and went into the shower, already beginning to make plans.

The Divination Tower
The Same Time

"The Spirit of Lust and Lightning has joined with the Tortured Hero to destroy the Heir of the Snakes.

The Heir's anchors are gone, but he is not vanquished until the Spirit joins with twice seven to destroy the Heir and defeat the Death that follows.

The Phoenix will free the chains that bind the Spirit and help drive back the Endless Dark.

The dog star will know freedom, it's quest at an end.

The Spirit will bring upheaval, but a time of serenity will follow"

Lavender Brown set down her tea cup, staring at her Divination instructor in awe. "Parvati is going to be furious she had to leave! But I don't really blame her, I don't know where that fantasy came from, but it was a wowser! I'm going to have to remember it so I can scratch the itch when I get back to the Tower. But I'm glad I stayed, otherwise I would have missed this. A real prophecy right in front of me! Let me write it down, because she won't remember it when she wakes up" she said, as she wrote quickly on the parchment in front of her. She and Parvati had been coming to the Tower for the last year, for additional instruction from their professor, and had learned to train their memory to accurately record any prophecy they heard, so she had no worries about the transcription being incorrect. She set her quill down, and, seeing that Sibyl was waking up, poured her a small glass of Sherry from the bottle hidden behind the tea cups in the cabinet. Trelawney accepted the glass gratefully and took a sip, before continuing as if nothing unusual had happened. "Thank you, my dear. Now, as I was saying, to truly open the inner eye requires great strength of will, and the ability to ignore or avoid distractions..."

Forty five minutes later, after Sibyl had finished another glass of Sherry and made her way to her bedroom, Lavender was packing up her book bag, as well as grabbing Parvati's things, when the door to the tower opened and Headmaster Dumbledore climbed into the classroom. He looked around and smiled genially at her, "Ah, good evening Miss Brown, I'm glad I arrived before you could leave. I was informed that a prophecy was given to Sibyl this evening, and I was curious if you heard it?" When she nodded, his smile just got brighter, "Excellent, if you don't mind, I would like to extract a copy of the memory so we have a record of it here, as well as the recording that appears in the Ministry."

"Certainly Professor, but I actually wrote it down so Parvati and I could study it, would you like a copy of that as well?"

Dumbledore's eyes widened, "Oh that would be wonderful!" When Lavender handed him the parchment, he tapped it with his wand and an exact copy appeared, and he gave the original back to her. He read quickly, and Lavender was surprised to see a look of relief cross the old mans face, followed by an amused chuckle and a muttered, "Harry m'boy, you certainly don't do things by half, do you?"

"Professor? Does that mean anything to you? I'm working on the idea that Harry is the Tortured Hero, and the Heir refers to 'You Know Who', but I'm afraid I don't really understand the rest."

Dumbledore nodded, "Yes Miss Brown, it means quite a bit to me, and, yes, your ideas are correct, and, while I'm afraid I don't have the time to go over everything in the prophecy, it signals the final defeat of Voldemort. I'm intrigued by the mention of 'The Death that follows' and will need to study it, other than that one section, this is fairly clear. In fact, this is one of the most straightforward prophecies I've encountered in my life. The meaning of the other lines has to do with Harry as well, but, out of respect for his privacy, I will not discuss them with anyone but Harry without his permission. Now, if you would concentrate on the memory of the prophecy being given, it's time for you to be heading back to your tower, it's almost curfew." It only took a moment for the memory to be copied, and Lavender headed back to Gryffindor Tower, getting into the common room just as the curfew arrived.

End Chapter One