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Chapter 1

It was a cold December evening. The stars were almost invisible beneath this foggy snow flakes danced slowly in the rhythm of the moonlight as they landed on the roof of the lone passing car.

The woman inside cradled the six moth old baby in her lap and sighed. ''It's getting colder. We might need to stop for the night.'' she said after a brief concerned glance at her husband.

The man nodded his head as he concentrated on the road in front.

"Okay." He replied, needing to rest his eyes from the glare of headlights in snow. He could feel a headache coming on.

The baby uttered a tiny grumble and the woman shushed over her daughter, feeling tired and wishing they had stopped earlier.

But David had insisted they try to get home. She sighed inwardly, staring out at the thickening snow flakes, feeling entranced by their chaotic whirling.

Her shoulders jerked up at a sudden ear-piercing sound. It took her foggy mind a while to make out the sound of a police siren.

The tires screetched and the vehicle slipped slightly from the ice already forming on the asphalt.

The car stopped and pulled over. David lowered the window, popped his head out and saw two male officers approach.

"Good evening Sir!" The broader of the two spoke. "It's not a good night to be out, is it sir?"

"Uh, no officer...it's freezing! Sorry, I guess I just hit an ice patch!"

The woman gave him a tired smile. The officer, looking cold still in his uniform duffel, looked at David.

"Can I see your drivers license please sir?" David looked quizzical, but then leaned toward the glove compartment to retrieve his document.

Bang! The grip of the officers pistol landed on his neck

The woman gasped in shock and protectively wrapped her arms across her baby's crib. "Hey! What the hell do you ...?" The second officer at her own side then immediately directed his pistol towards her, the look of menace plain on his face. The woman was instantly quiet. Her alarm was turning quickly to dread and panic as she realised that the officers were not all they seemed to be.

"Ma'am, your husband is wanted by the police in connection with the Telex scandal and we have reason to believe you are an accessory. Please, step out of the car..."

"But ... What... what are you doing with my husband?" The woman watched, incredulously, as the first officer began to haul her unconscious husband out of the car.

"No...!" She tried to give voice to her immediate emotion, but it was of no use. The police officer dragged her seemingly lifeless husband away from her, through the harsh cold snow, to their patrol car. Everything was suddenly so completely and insanely wrong - and even worse - she realised she had no control whatsoever over the situation. If only... the thought petered out as soon as it became cognisant. It was no use now. It was too late now. Things were different.

"Ma'am - step out of the car - NOW!" The officer at her window caused her to swing her head back in his direction - her line of sight directly connecting with the business end of his gun.

"But... my ... baby!" She cried, as if this would be defence enough. The officers face was hard as iron.

"Get...out of the car...now!" he ordered, and obligingly opened the door for her.

She took the gentlest hold of her tiny child and lifted her up, cuddling her precious daughter into herself, then emerged from the car, in the freezing cold of the December evening.

"I need blankets for my baby!" She demanded immediately, returning the cold hard stare.

The police officer blinked, then, with a brief flash of compassion, he nodded. But then directed his gun to her, then the waiting police car.

"Blankets in the vehicle, lady." He motioned her towards the car, and his waiting partner. The woman gave him one last withering look before she followed his orders and stepped gingerly over the snow covered ground towards the patrol car, feeling her helpless tiny daughter shivering terribly with the shock of the cold, even in her own warm and tender loving embrace. Someone was going to answer for this.

The woman gently lowered herself into the rear of the patrol car, having been given blankets by the police officer, only to be sitting next to her unconscious handcuffed husband. She made a huge effort to stop herself from crying out in dismay, but shuffled closer to the mans form, as he breathed shallowly. Emily was getting restless in her arms, and demanding a feed. What the hell ... she glanced sideways at her husband, then as Emily's whimpers began to ascend into cries, she unbuttoned her blouse...nothing else for it now...

The snow was falling even more rapidly as the patrol car finally arrived at it's destination, the temperature now below freezing in the December night air.

"Okay, Mrs Ferenti - out you get - end of the line!"

She had been fully aware of their approach th the facilities, even through the snow bound darkness. And she knew for sure, that this was no police station. That this was not even...any state prison she had any experience with. That this actually was very unlikely...any government state prison at all...

She kept Emily pressed against her chest, trying to offer her some of the warmth she herself was losing now. She shivered as a slight breeze brushed her cheeks.

She took a step back as one of the officers paced towards her.

''What is this place?'' she asked as firmly as she could. The feeling that she was heading towards something so very very wrong had been intensifying with every passing second. Now it screamed mercilessly from inside her every fibre. -
It was a warm evening of the year 1974 and three girls were working out on the inside of the Los Angeles Police Academy.
Jill wiped some perspiration from her forehead as she thought of what move she had to try , caught under Kelly's grip, was grinning madly on the floor. ''Try the roundhouse kick.'' she mumbled as soon as she managed to breathe again.

Kelly groaned and sat on the soft mat their training place was composed from

''Why do WE have to stay and practice more?''

Sabrina laughed and came at her with a sharp hit on the abdomen that stopped half an inch before its target.

''Because WE are women, remember?''

Kelly stuck her tongue out and pushed her back.

''I still don't get it!''

Jill let out a batle cry and fell on the tall brunette, sitting on top of her.


Kelly laughed. ''See Bri? Never lower your guard in front of a tiger!''

Sabrina pushed Jill away and trapped her on the floor. ''Tiger my butt''

She let go laughing.

''Come one, what time is it?''


''Boy... Crofford said to stay here and practice until nine...''

''And where will he be to see us? Lets go!'' demanded Jill.

''Right here.'' came the sharp voice of their martial arts instructor.

''You, Garret, more passion. You Munroe concentrate! You Duncan! Stop looking around like an idiot! Take 30 all of you!''

Sabrina raced close to the bed Jill was lying on. ''Hey Jill! I heard what this crazy guy will put in the finals!''

The blond didn't move.

Kelly looked at her above her book.

''She's asleep can't you see?''

''Yes but the finals start in half an hour!''

''She's sick.''

''Oh come on!

'' What will he make us do again?"

''Run the stadium 30 times.''

''Whats the point in even trying...''

''What do you mean?''

''Jill and you are always first! I have to struggle with the rest of the sweaty guys behind you. What's the point?''

Sabrina rolled her eyes and pushed Jill gently. ''Hey, wake up. It's seven already.

'Jill mumbled something and turned from the other side. ''Lemme alone mum... wanna sleep.''

Kelly shot an annoyed look at Sabrina.

'Told ya.''

Sabrina brushed the hair out of her friends eyes and winced as her palm made contact with her forehead.

''I think she's got a fever.''

Kelly threw her book away. ''Let me see.''

She made a grimace at Sabrina. ''Yes she has.''

''What are we supposed to do now?''Sabrina rubbed her temples. ''She still needs to take the final. If she fails she will have to stay here another six months.''

''Yes I know!''

Kelly searched her pockets and dissappointed, tried the first drawer.

She found an aspirin and showed it to Sabrina. ''Here. She'll take one or two and will be up in no time.''

Sabrina cradled Jill's torso and pushed the tiny pill between her lips. Kelly handed her a bottle of cool water and she helped her drink.

''In ya go...'' she said and waited for Jill to swallow.

The girl opened her bleary eyes and looked at her, a smile forming on her lips. ''Santa!''

Sabrina scratched her chin and left her on the bed. She turned at Kelly. ''What did she just say?''

''She thought you were Santa Claus.'' replied Kelly impassively.

''Santa Claus?''

Kelly nodded and suppressed a laugh. Sabrina shook her head. ''And it's not even Christmas.''

The minutes passed quickly and Jill had started to somehow become more informed about her surroundings. She smiled at Sabrina and got up.

''Hi Bri. Ready for the finals?''

Kelly smiled and pushed Sabrina playfully. ''See? Told ya she'll be okay.''

'What the hell did you give her?'' Sabrina asked shaking her head as Jill started changing into her Academy sweatpants.

All three of them ran to the big stadium where people had already gathered.

Kelly shot a panicked look at Sabrina. ''How many miles will 30 times be?''

''20? Maybe more. I think more.''

Jill knelt on the grass and smiled at a daisie. ''Hello little fella! How are you today?''

Sabrina elbowed Kelly. ''I told ya she's not okay!''

''Nah, she's like this all the time.''

''Talking to daisies.''

''Yes, Bri. She even talked to her pants last night. 'why don't you fit you darn-''

''Okay, okay, I get it.''

They gathered around the at least fifty year old balding man with the shiny head.

He opened his mouth and Sabrina showed Kelly the clock on the other side of the building.

''He takes 15 minutes for the speech.''

''What you-''


''So today people I am going to test your stamina, your morale! I only want you to manage to the finishing line to pass. If you want to protect this city like police officers then your stamina must remain at its best all the time. You go with the sound of my whistle..''

Kelly groaned and Jill hopped happily to warm up.

Everybody took their stances.

Sabrina scratched her head as she saw Jill blinking intensely. Oh well... she had some miles to run.
With the sharp whistling it was like a wave of people had begun moving all together.

Kelly went with the flow for a while as Sabrina quickly left everybody behind. After a mouthful of air she was at her side.

Instinctively Sabrina slowed her strides so Kelly could reach her. They ran without talking for a while.

Sabrina blinked some sweat of her eyes and Kelly looked around.

''Where's Jill?'' she asked panting.

They both glanced behind and saw their blond friend trying to keep up with them. Suddenly she collapsed on the grass.

The both came into a halt, looked at each other and started running back.

''HEY! What are you two doing?''

Sabrina shook her head. ''Dammit!''

They ignored their instructor and took hold of Jill arms.

''Kelly.. I'm so dizzy.. everything spins around... are we at the merry go round?''

''Yes kiddo...''

They lifted her to her feet and put her arms on their shoulders.

''Now, keep walking okay? We're gonna make it. We just need to get to the damn finishing line.'' whispered Sabrina as they made their second round.''It's just a little more Jill. Just a little more.'' Kelly muttered.


''Kelly wake up!''

Kelly gasped and opened her eyes. She looked at Kris, still shoving her. ''What the-''

''We're here. You fell asleep. Come on.''

Tiffany parked the car and put her hands on her hips. ''We're here folks. Welcome to Saint George prison facilities.''