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'Should I announce my thoughts tonight? I think so. I've put this off for long enough.'

A sigh escaped the Princess's lips. Two people in particular were definitely not going to like her idea, but she felt it was the best option for them.

That night, when they had all gathered at the extremely long table for dinner, Peach cleared her throat and stood up. "Everyone, I have an idea that I would like to speak about," she began, her high-pitched voice sounding throughout the room.

"I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and... I think that Ness and Lucas should be going to school and getting an education instead of being here all day."

The silence that followed was deafening. Everyone just stared at her with blank expressions on their faces. Princess Zelda was the first to recover, she stood up and agreed saying, "I think this is a great idea." And with that chaos began. Everyone started to talk at once; no one could be heard clearly.

Ness and Lucas, the two in question, just stared in astonishment at what they were seeing. People were arguing. Over them. Going to school. What?

"Quiet!" Ness shouted, jumping to stand up in his chair. "Don't you think it should be up to me and Lucas as to whether or not we attend school?"

"That is exactly why you should go; you should say Lucas and I, not me and Lucas," Princess Zelda said.

"Really?" he said, tilting his head to the side.

"The boys can learn better here, from us, than they can at a school," Snake said.

"And who would be willing to give up their time for them?" Peach asked. "Would you?"

The gruff soldier shook his head reluctantly.

"Anyone? You see, this is why they need to go to school. They need an education, but everyone here is either unwilling or unable to give it to them."

"But, what of the cost?" Everyone looked up in surprise. Lucario made a valid point, but the fact that it came from the being that was all about inner strength and thought that all worldly possessions were useless was shocking to the bunch gathered at the dinner table.

"Ja was über das?" The translator in training piped up at the few words from Mr. Game and Watch.

"Uhh… I think he said 'What about that?'… or at least that's what it sounds like." Fox spoke out.

Once again the table was reduced to mindless chatter as everyone tried to talk at once. "Excuse… Excuse me? Everyone? May I please have your attention? Pardon," Peach tried in vain to get everyone under control once more.

This time it was Falco who got the attention of the rambunctious group. Jumping up in the middle of the very long table, he yelled, "I believe the fine Princess Peach is attempting to get our attention. It would be improper to allow her to strain her delicate voice!" At that Mario started snickering, knowing precisely how not delicate her voice could be when she was angry. When all of the females in the room, Samus included, started glaring at him he got the hint and lowered his head immediately.

"Thank you Captain. You may agree with my idea of sending the youngest to school, or you may not. However I believe that if we are to live together peacefully in this household we must take into consideration other's opinions. I suggest we take a vote of sorts. If more than half of the residences in this house agree, then Lucas and Ness will be going to school. If less than half agrees then I will make sure that they get an education here. This will affect all of us, not just them, as these two young boys will need teachers. Agreed?" The group mumbled their agreements to Princess Peach's speech, and Princess Zelda stood up.

"So, shall we have a blind poll or a live poll, where we all know who voted for what?" After several minutes of discussion it was decided that there would be a blind poll as soon as dinner was over.

"One for school. Another for school. One for home school. And that's it." Princess Zelda read what was written on the slips of paper while Princess Peach tallied them on the board. "And, the results show… the boys are going to school."

The reactions of the beings in the room varied, but it was Ness and Lucas that yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" greatly overpowering the rest of the responses.

Princess Peach smiled gently at them. "Sorry boys, you have to go. You need an education."

Lucas' head fell in defeat while Ness' mouth moved as if he wanted to say something, but then decided against it. Huffing, he turned around and left the kitchen, Lucas trailing behind him.

"Oh, boys!" Princess Peach called, making them freeze, but not turn around. "Tomorrow we are going shopping to get you new clothes, supplies, and we are going to sign you up. Make sure you get plenty of rest tonight!"

Ness and Lucas groaned at the thought of going shopping with the shopaholic of a Princess. They sullenly began walking to their respective rooms once again, undoubtedly dreading the next day.

"Ooh, I like this one! What do you think, Lucas?" Princess Peach exclaimed, holding a shirt in front of Lucas. He shrugged, making the Princess smile as she placed it in the cart, to be tried on along with the dozens of other garments she had picked out for the two.

"Uh, Princess, don't you think we have enough clothes?" Lucas said timidly, hoping that she would agree.

Princess Peach eyed the nearly overflowing cart and sighed. "I guess we have enough for now. Come on, now you get to try them on! Oh, you two are going to look so cute!" She gushed. "Oh, and don't forget to come out and show me everything!"

With bitter sighs, the two young boys picked up the clothes that Princess Peach had chosen and went to try them all on. Nearly an hour later, they were done, each having only selected a few shirts and pants to purchase out of the many they started with.

Princess Peach frowned; unhappy with the meager amount they had chosen and sighed deeply, knowing they would just complain if she went back to the clothes store to pick out more. Pulling a slip of paper from her purse, she looked it over. "Now to get you two supplies. Goodness, you do need a lot of things for school."

Lucas looked at her curiously, "Didn't you go to school?"

She smiled at him. "I was taught in the palace by private tutors."

"Oh…" he said. "Well, why couldn't you have just taught us then? Surely it wouldn't have been that hard."

"I feel it is mainly the experience itself you need from school. You get to interact with so many different people, all your age. There is no one close to your age at the Smash Mansion. You need this more for friends than actual schooling," she explained.

"Oh," he said again, understanding but not liking her reasons.

Ness folded his arms across his chest. "I don't care about experiences. I don't want to go to stupid school," he said stubbornly.

Peach only smiled and shook her head.

This was going to be fun.

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