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Ness glared at the alarm clock that was currently blaring some song he had never heard of. Flapping his arm at it, he finally managed to hit the sleep button, effectively silencing the clock. Sighing, he buried his face into his pillow, trying to go back to sleep. An incessant knocking on his door made him groan loudly, signaling to the knocker the he was awake, though grudgingly.

It was Monday on his third week of school. He had unwillingly gotten up every day and had surprisingly gotten up and arrived on time, only from the efforts of Lucas urging him on. He had actually begun to make a few friends, but Lucas was the one that bloomed at school.

He had made many friends even with his shy and timid nature. Everyone seemed to take an instant liking to him; that is, everyone but the well-known school bully liked him. Ness was Lucas's shadow for the greater part of the day; everyone acknowledged him, but few took the time to actually talk to him and get to know him a little.

The bully seemed to really like picking on Ness. Whenever he was separated from the ever-popular Lucas, the bully, known as Butch, seemed to find him immediately and started teasing him relentlessly about everything one could think of, disappearing into the shadows whenever Lucas popped up again.

Ness was getting real sick of Butch. Every day he was picked on by the big oaf and he wouldn't take it much longer. The only reason he hadn't done something up to this point was because of his cousin desperately pleading with him to not do anything so they could stay.

Sighing once more, Ness pulled himself out of his pondering, falling out of his bed before he began to prepare for the torturous day ahead of him.


Lucas hummed to himself as he walked with Ness to school. He was really enjoying school; everyone seemed to like him and the classes were intriguing. His only concern was Ness. The boy had only made a few friends, and he would barely talk to them when he was with them. Then there was that Butch guy who always seemed to be hanging around him…

Lucas shook that thought from his head; Ness hadn't done anything bad and he dearly hoped that him cousin wouldn't do anything. Lucas knew that Ness had a short fuse and Butch was rapidly wearing it down.

A wide grin appeared on his face as he looked at the building they had just arrived at; he couldn't wait for what would happen today.

"What's up pipsqueak," Butch said, coming up behind Ness and giving him a rough shove.

"Leave me alone Butch," Ness said, adjusting his red hat that had gone askew.

"And why should I shrimp?" Butch taunted.

"Don't you have anyone else to pick on?" Ness asked, walking away.

"Hey! You can't just walk away from me short stuff!" Butch yelled, catching up with Ness and pushing him again.

"Stop touching me!" Ness yelled, his fuse beginning to shorten rapidly.

"'Stop touching me'," Butch mimicked in a higher pitch.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" Ness demanded, his hands curling into tight fists at his sides.

"Not really," Butch said with a smirk.

"So the only thing you have to do is pick on someone half your size? That's sad."

"What did you just say to me midget?!" Butch yelled, his face turning bright red with anger and slight embarrassment.

Ness was about to retort when a piercing sound when rang through the air, signaling the end of recess. Ness ignored Butch and shot towards the school building, eager to get away from the giant idiot and to the safe haven called a classroom.


Ness plopped into his seat at lunch. He had barely been able to pay attention during class today. All he could think about was her…

If he hadn't seen her on his way to class she wouldn't have crossed his mind until now. She was so pretty with her gorgeous brown hair and brilliant green eyes….

Ness sighed as he opened his sack lunch and pulled out the sandwich Peach had prepared for him. Taking a large bite out of it, he looked around for her. Allison. She always sat with a bunch of people, all of them happy and talking rapidly to each other, but few talking directly to her. Whenever someone did she would smile a smile so brilliant it would make Ness's breath catch in his throat. He loved seeing that smile and would always sneak looks at her, waiting for someone to talk to her so that she would smile.

Lucas was captivated.

It was the next day, and he had just seen her. She had to have been the prettiest girl he'd ever seen. Her twinkly emerald green eyes and luscious chocolate brown hair had his brain in a tizzy. He had seen her just before entering his classroom and he had been unable to think clearly all day.

When he saw her at lunch he nearly dropped the sandwich he had been about to chomp into.

"Hey, you okay Lucas?" his friend Johnny asked.

"Er, uh, yeah, sure, I'm fine," he stuttered out, still slightly in shock.

"Are you sure?" Johnny asked, giving him an uncertain look.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Lucas replied, now in control. Johnny shrugged and launched into another topic, Lucas nodding every so often to make like he was listening. He couldn't stop staring at her. She was just so gorgeous. Someone said something to her, and she gave the brightest smile he had ever seen and his breath caught in his throat. He realized he didn't even know her name and turned to Johnny suddenly. "Hey, Johnny?"

"What's up?"

"Who's that girl over there?" he asked, pointing at her.

"Her? That's Allison. She's pretty, isn't she?" Johnny said, a thoughtful look crossing his face before shrugging and turning back to his food.

"Allison…" Lucas muttered to himself. What a fitting name. She looked like an Allison.

Ness couldn't believe his eyes. Lucas was openly staring at Allison, at his Allison. He couldn't believe the one person he could truthfully call a friend was mesmerized by the same girl he was. The betrayal and hurt he felt stung his heart.

But you never told him you liked her, his inner voice said to him. While he grudgingly agreed with the voice, he still felt hurt. Shouldn't Lucas have noticed? Why didn't Lucas notice? Was he too busy with the rest of his friends?

Had Ness been replaced?

Stop thinking like that, you're only making yourself depressed, his inner voice chided him, but the thoughts had already entered his brain and wouldn't leave him alone. The more he thought about it, the gloomier he became. He slouched in his seat and pushed his uneaten food away from him.

When the teacher blew the whistle for recess, he left readily, chunking his untouched lunch into the trashcan without a second thought. Heading outside onto the giant playground, he plopped down onto the ground and just sat there.

"Ness! I need to tell you something!" Lucas said, coming up behind Ness.

"I don't want to know," Ness replied dully.

Lucas frowned. "What's wrong Ness?"

"Nothing you would want to know."

"Of course I want to know, I'm your friend," Lucas said, flabbergasted by Ness's attitude.

"No, you're my cousin. That's the only reason you bother with me, isn't it?" Ness asked, his voice completely devoid of emotion.

"No it's not. You're my friend and my cousin, which gives me double the reasons to want to know what's wrong with you," Lucas said.

"Why don't you go play with one of your other friends that you seem to like more."

"I don't want to. I would like to talk to you!" Lucas said, Allison's face popping up in his mind.

"About what?" Ness asked, having slight difficulty retaining his dull tone.

"About a girl I like!" Lucas whispered, some excitement leaking into his voice.

"I know. I like her too. You never noticed."

Lucas pulled back as if Ness had slapped him. "What?"

"You're not deaf, you know what I said."

"What is up with your attitude?" Lucas exploded, his voice louder than Ness had ever heard it before. "Ever since we've started going to school you've been acting weird and not talking to me and I don't know what happened!"

"You want to know what happened?" Ness said, standing up. "Everything happened. You got friends. You ignored me. The only time you ever even say anything to me is when you're waking me up to come to this dump!" Ness shouted, kicking the pole he had been leaning against in anger. "I hate it here! You don't even know about freakin Butch picking on me every flipping day and you just learned about Allison who I've liked since the first day of school!" Ness yelled, his voice getting louder and louder as he continued.

"Well, maybe I would have known if you had tried a little harder!" Lucas yelled back.

"What are you two pipsqueaks yelling about?" a gruff voice said from beside them, cutting their screaming match short. Spinning around, both had to keep themselves from flinging themselves onto the intruder.


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