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Harry potter walked to his cubicle in the minster's guard they did more than guarding the minister. It's naming was a joke, the never played defensive they were always on the attack . Harry slowly sat down and started organizing his desk he was away for a week with Ginny enjoying there precious time together .Harry didn't notice his assistant Alan walking towards him . Alan was only 5 years younger than him but his figure and looks put him past his 30's while barley in his mid 20's

"Good Morning sir how was the vacation ? "

"Best thing that I did In years. "

"Well I think you got a assignment you should meet the minister."

Harry nodded and didn't reply the minister wanted to meet him .

"Here is the worksheet sir" handing over a nondescript file

Harry quickly tucked the file under his table and into a drawer protected by 12 protective spells .

"Alan I want you to check if the minister is free and pull the notification for my next assignment "

"yes sir"

Alan left leaving harry alone harry alone

Harry leaned back in his chair and sighed the minister would only want him to do a mission and he had to take his assistant with him they only gave notification to ones going on the mission and this looked pretty grim

Harry didn't knew he was going vampire hunting in forks .