Me, Myself, and Zack

He rose from the bed slowly, stretching his arms as he yawned widely, feeling as though he had just come from a long, long sleep. He absentmindedly raised his hand to scratch his head, and then stopped. Something felt wrong. Why did his hair feel so short?

And why is the ground a lot closer than it used to?

Come to think of it, where the hell was he?

Spotting the bathroom to his left, he made a beeline to it and did the only thing that seemed to make sense in his sleep-addled mind: he looked in the mirror.

The ensuring screams were enough to wake the dead.


I know, I know, the story summary and the title pretty much give away what the storyline is, and the prologue is really, really short, but I hope you bear with me on this.:D

Anyway, reviews are much loved!