Hey there, so this is my first HP fanfic and it's a DracoXLuna R&R please.

Also a lot happens in this that may not make sense, just assume that Draco is still at Hogwarts along with the rest of the gang and he isn't the bad-guy here.

I also have changed his eye colour from grey to green. I just feel that green is more expressive and somehow links him more to the Slytherin house. Happy Reading!

Luna had been looking for her possessions for most of the morning, she may have rebuffed Harry's offer of help earlier but she wished she had accepted.

She was looking for her last few items down in the dungeons in case anyone had been especially cruel whilst hiding this year, when a boy with messy white blonde hair appeared out of the shadows. "Does this belong to you ?" he questioned smirking at Luna, whilst holding up a cloak.

Luna smiled in return, her blue eyes lighting up and her radish earing swinging wildly as she skipped towards him to retrieve the cloak. "Thank-you, Draco, Isn't it?" Luna blushed slightly as his gaze bored into her seeming to see more than just what was before him.

"Yes, him, I mean, Yes I'm Draco" He stumbled his words out, his normal confidence and arrogance all gone. Luna giggled at him good naturedly "you're cute when you stutter". Draco blinked at her, He'd never been called cute before He was seventeen and the closest he'd came to a girl liking him was Pansy, a horrible girl whom he had despised, he only put up with her because she was in his house.

"Urm, thanks I guess" Draco answered his own cheeks flushing. He regained his composure and winked at Luna "you're not bad yourself". He walked away back towards his dorm, where he had hid with Luna's cloak until she came along looking for it and gave him an excuse to talk to her.

Luna's eyes followed him, confused at how she was feeling, she had liked Draco since she first came to Hogwarts, and the older, taller blonde boy had captured her attention as soon as he had attempted to trip her whilst she was walking to get sorted.

Luna wandered back to her own dorm and waited, when another girl came running in, "erm, Luna? There's a Slytherin waiting at the door for you" Her eyes were wide and Luna immediately assumed it was Draco so she got to her feet and practically sprinted to the common room door.

Crabbe was standing there, waiting for her. He didn't say anything. He just inclined his head indicating she should follow. She trotted quickly trying to keep up with him as he made his way down the stairs taking them two at a time. "Where are we going?" Luna questioned panting with the effort of keeping up; she had never enjoyed physical activity.

She reached the bottom of the stairs to find Draco waiting for her, Her breath caught in her throat his hair had been tamed and slicked back, he was wearing a green polo shirt the buttons undone and black jeans that held close to his legs, made muscular from years of quidditch. She felt under dressed; she was wearing her purple tee-shirt and pink skinny jeans. She saw Draco's Adam's apple bob in his throat and wondered why he was nervous.

Draco smiled as she approached, she was slightly out of breath and her azure blue eyes were glowing. She looked amazing her blonde hair fanning out behind her, only a few shades darker than his own. He dismissed Crabbe with just a glance and he worshipped Luna with his eyes.

He just wanted to pull her towards him and hold her. To kiss her softly, to be there for her always. He shook his head and took the thoughts out of head. He held out his arm to her.

"wanna go on an adventure?" he asked and held his arm out to her. It was still only early afternoon and Draco knew some of the secret passageways better than the Weasley twins. Soon they were in Hogsmeade and Draco grabbed her had they fit perfectly together.

He pulled her towards him and planted a soft chaste kiss on her lips. "Our adventure has only just begun" He smiled warmly at her and his green eyes sparkled at the thought.