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Chapter three

Draco was true to his word. He saw Luna the next day. However she was with Potter, Weasley and the muggle born. After the incident in third year when Hermione had punched him in the face he had never referred to her as a mudblood, though he had other muggle borns.

That was something about Luna he assumed she was pureblood though had never thought to ask. He didn't care about her blood status he just cared how her hair blew in the wind and how her eyes never seemed to focus on anything in particular but noticed far more than everyone else. Crabbe and Goyle were yet to question him on his day with her, though if they did he would likely tell them to shut up and mind their own business. They couldn't know how much he cared for her.

He followed Luna at a distance hoping for a chance to grab her. Eventually he managed to, when she was walking slightly behind the other three and drag her into the girls first floor lavatory where he knew no one would venture.

Luna didn't even seem vaguely surprised. She just smiled and gazed up at him, her be eyes boring into his. "Hey Dragon boy" she whispered too him.
"Dragon boy?" Draco questioned "why are you whispering?"
"Your name is latin silly!" She responded "and to give Myrtle some peace and quiet otherwise we're going to get interrupted."
"ah, yeah that and that's true I better think of something to keep you silent then" Draco told her and kissed her deeply lifting her up slightly as he did.

"Draco and Luna up a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Myrtle flew out of a tap soaking the couple in the process. Dracos white shirt becoming see through and sticking to his chest and abdomen.

Luna giggled, then her eyes were drawn downwards gazing at Dracos chest and she bit down on her bottom lip. Draco caught her chin in his right hand and looked at her hungrily "don't bite your lip, that's my job." He growled softly.

The bell signalling that they were to return to class rang loudly and the pair jumped. The spell was suddenly broken and the pair returned to reality and their classes.

Luna sighed deeply as she sat in defence against the dark arts. Her table mate Ginny looked across at her "where were you? You were supposed to give me the notes to copy for this class at lunch I couldn't find you in any of your usual hiding places, I was worried!"
"I'm sorry Ginny, I was, busy. I had to erm… see Myrtle to ask about the mermaids!" Luna lied.
"well next time, please try to remember." Ginny smiled "but I know what your like."
Luna avoided eye contact with her for the rest of the class and allowed her hair to fall and cover her face to prevent anyone from seeing the blush that was rising in her cheeks at the thought of Draco in his soaking shirt.