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Eli sighed, staring at Clare. As soon as they landed he immediately took her to a summer-house he bought for her. He laid her on the bed as she hasn't woken since. He bit his lip, feeling extremely worried. 'This isn't going out as planned...'

He sighed again, running a hand through his hair. 'Why is this happening?' He heard a groan and he looked at Clare. She stirred, then her eyes snapped open. She sat up, rubbing her eyes sleepily.

He rushed to her side. "Hey baby... You okay? You need anything? Water? Ice cream?" She shook her head. "Nothing, thanks... I'm okay..." He looked at her worriedly. "Baby, you're so pale..."

He touched her face. "I'm sorry..." He whispered. She looked at him. He was pale himself, and his eyes were red and puffy.

'Was he crying?' Now she felt terrible inside. She began to sob. 'It's all my fault...' He sat on the bed, and pulled her onto his lap, alarmed. 'Oh God, this all my fault... Oh Clare...'

"I'm sorry..." He kissed her. She sniffed. "It's not your fault.. It's mine..."

"Clare, of course not... I didn't know you were aerophobic. What kind of husband am I? To not know my wife's phobias?"

"No no no no... It's not your fault. I thought I'd get over my fear of flying, of planes... So I didn't tell you. I'm sorry. It's my - "

He kissed her. Long and hard. Then he pulled back, staring at her with loving eyes. "It's not your fault..." He stroked the side of her face.

"All I want to know is... Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am.. Thank you..." He kissed her again. "Let's forget about all of this. And just have fun. This is our honeymoon..."

He buried his face in her hair. "I'm glad your okay.. So glad you're okay..."

She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. She hugged him back. "I love you..." He murmured.

"I love you too..."

"No no no!" Clare looked up at Eli with terrified eyes. "I don't wanna do this, Eli!"

Eli smiled. He's been trying to get Clare in the water. But she refused to go in. She was afraid of drowning.

"But Clare, I'll be holding you.. And no one will disturb us. We have the beach to ourselves..."

Fiona had bought the couple a beach as a wedding present. Just a few steps away from the summer-house Eli bought.

Clare folded her arms. She would not give in to Eli.

He sighed. "Come on, Clare... Please? For me?" He stared at her with huge, watery green eyes. 'I am not falling for that!'

She looked into his green eyes again, and sighed. She knew he'd win. "Fine..." She muttered.

Eli gazed at her, deep in thought. Did he really want to risk her safety? 'Of course not... But... She would be with me, so she'd have to be safe.'

'Then again.. She was with me when she got sick on that plane... Hmmm...'

Clare stared at him, waiting. Was he debating with himself on whether he should bring her into the ocean or not? He cleared his throat, and spoke.

"Maybe you shouldn't go into the water.." Clare stared at him, confused. 'Didn't he say he wanted me to...?'

She stared at him, putting her hands on her hips. She looked annoyed.

"I thought you wanted me to go with you!"

"I changed my mind. You might get hurt... Even if I'm there. I can't prevent accidents. I can't risk your safety. It's better and safer if we just go shopping..."

She glared at him. "I thought you said you wanted me to go in with you!"

He sighed. "I changed my mind..."

She folded her arms, looking away from him. Unbelievable! 'He has the nerve to be annoyed by me! He was the one who suggested I go with him!'

She felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. "Don't be mad..." He said softly, kissing her ear.

"I just want you to be safe..."

She sighed. "I know..." She turned around and kissed him.

"Now then... Let's go shopping!"

"Oh Eli! That was so fun!"

She opened the door to their summer house.

Eli placed the many bags he carried on the sofa. He plopped down on an armchair. He was exhausted. They spent hours walking, checking out boutiques, buying clothes and jewelry.

He was made to wait for Clare while she tried on clothes, jewelry, admired things, chose stuff for the house.

Clare sat on his lap, smiling. "I had so much fun today!"

Eli smirked, wrapping his arms around the petite girl and kissed her. She pulled away, giggling. "Thank you, Eli..." He smiled and kissed her again.

Eli sighed. He cannot believe he agreed to watch one of Clare's favorite romantic comedies. Leap Year.

He groaned as the phone rang. "I'll get that.." Clare nodded, eyes glued to the screen. He sighed and picked up the phone.

"Hey, lover boy!"



"So... Why you calling?"

"You don't want me to call?! I just wanna know how my besties are doing!"

"Sorry.. It's not that.. It's just - "

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... I called to tell you me and Adam are going to Africa..."

"What?! For what?"

"He got a job there as a doctor..."


"Thanks! Well, enough about me and Adam! How's the honeymoon going?"

"Great! We spent the past two weeks shopping, touring, swimming, and my favorite, making love!"

"Sounds awesome. When you guys coming home?"

"Tomorrow. Why?"

"Me and Adam leave today, one of the reasons why I called you. We won't be able to see you before we go..."

"Oh..." There was a brief silence, then he spoke again.

"Wanna talk to Clare?"

"Of course!"

Eli handed the phone to Clare. She took it. "Fiona wants to talk to you..."


Eli watched Clare talk into the phone for a while, then she handed the phone back to him.

"She knows?"

"Yeah.. She's a bit disappointed she won't be able to see us off..."

"I know..."

"Well, gotta go. We leave in... thirty minutes. See you. We will miss you guys..."

"We'll miss you guys too.."



Eli put down the phone and looked up at Clare. She was crying. "Aw... Clare.. Don't cry..." He reached out for her and pulled her onto his lap.

"Don't cry... We'll see them again soon..."

7 years later...

"Elijah Goldsworthy Junior! You better get you behind over here right now!"

Junior cautiously stepped towards his mother. She looked angry, hands on her hips. She stood over a pile of dirty laundry.

"Didn't I tell you to put these in the hamper?"

"Yes, mom.. But.."

"But what?"

"I forgot. Me an Tyson were really immersed in the game we were playing..."

Clare sighed. 'Boys...' "Take these to the hamper..."

Junior picked up the clothes and stuffed them in the hamper. "Can I play now?"


"Yay!" He sped out of the room. Clare sighed. Eli came in, smiling and carrying a little girl.

Clare reached out and brought the little girl into her arms. "How's my sweet baby girl?" She looked at Eli. "Did you give Cece a bath?" She kissed her baby's forehead.

"Yep... Pierre and the twins are at mom's, Adam and Glen are out with your dad and Helen is asleep..."

"Okay.. Good.." She sat on her son's bed. "I'm exhausted..."

"Bet you are..." Eli kissed her forehead. "Want me to make it better?" He winked at her.

"Eli! No... No one's gonna watch Helen and Cece..."

The doorbell rang. Eli sighed. "I'll get that..."He headed to the front door and opened it. His eyes widened in surprise.

"Fiona, Adam..."


Adam and Fiona strode in, and plopped on the couch. Eli closed the door behind him. He sat on an armchair.

"I can't believe you guys are here!"

"Yeah, well, lost my job..."

"I'm sorry.."

"Nah. S'okay. Got a new one.. I'm a car racer..."


"So.. Where's Clare?"


They turned around to see Clare. She was smiling. Clare handed the baby to Eli. She and Fiona hugged.

"I haven't seen you in... Forever!"

"I'm sorry!"

"How come you never kept in touch with us?"

Fiona sighed. "There's nothing there! No phones, no laptops, no computers! You can't even write a letter!"


Fiona glanced at the little girl in Eli's arms. She had sparkling blue eyes and curly dark hair.

"Oh, how cute.." She gushed.

Clare smiled. "That's our daughter, Cece Fiona E. Goldsworthy..."

"Named after me! I'm honored! Isn't she a cutie?"

Adam smiled. "Sure is..."

"You know, we have been thinking about adopting a kid. Haven't we, Adam?"


"That's great.."

"Why don't you guys stay over for dinner?"


Adam and Fiona stared at Eli and Clare's kids, eyes huge. There were eight children in front of just stared, speechless. 'He really wasn't kidding when he said they wanted eight kids...'

A tall boy with dark hair and emerald-green eyes. "I'm Elijah Goldsworthy Junior... Eight."

Adam and Fiona nodded. A young boy with curly dark hair and blue eyes stepped forward. He gave them a charming smile.

"I'm Pierre Confiance E. Goldsworthy. Seven."

Two little girls stepped forward. One had straight dark hair and blue eyes. The other had auburn curls and green eyes. The one with blue eyes spoke first.

"I'm Gabriella Ange E. Goldsworthy. Six."

"I'm Clara Amour E. Goldsworthy. Six. We're twins. Fraternal twins."

A little boy with dark hair and blue eyes stepped forward.

"I'm Adam Bullfrog E. Goldsworthy. Five."

Another little boy with light brown hair and green eyes stepped forward.

"I'm Glenn Randall E. Goldsworthy. Four." He held up four fingers, smiling hugely.

A small girl with dark curly hair and green eyes stepped forward. 'The image of her father...'

"Me Helen Alliah E. Goldsworthy. Um... I'm... Um... Three.." She held up three fingers.

A little girl toddled over to Fiona and Adam. "Me... Cece.."

Clare smiled. "She's two..." She said proudly. Adam and Fiona smiled. Both sharing the same thought. 'Such cute kids...'

Fiona and Adam had a great time at dinner. They had spaghetti and meatballs. They learned that Junior was the tough one, and very smart.

Pierre was a big flirt, and very charming.

The twins couldn't be more different. Gabriella was silent and reserved, intelligent. Clara was sweet and bubbly, just like her mother.

Adam was sporty, and very adventurous.

Glenn was creative and loved ice cream very much. He was also smart.
Helen was a quiet kid, like Gabriella, and liked to spend her time alone.

Cece was the image of her mother, always giggling and wanting to play.

All kids were beautiful, and very intelligent.

Adam and Fiona found out there were godparents, and after a few hours of chatting, getting to know the kids and playing with them and planning outings for tomorrow went home, thrilled.

"That went great..."

Eli glanced at his wife, smiling. He pulled her into his arms. All the kids had gone to bed after watching Kung Fu Panda.

"Glad they are back..."

"Me too.."

"Anyway... I promised to give you something..."

"What's that?"

He kissed her, tugging at her shirt. She pulled away, blushing.

He laid her down on the bed, removing her pajamas.

"I love you.. Forever and always.."

"I love you too... Forever and always..."

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