"Ooo… oo ah ee?" (So… you understand French?) Charles asked, turning to face the giant flea that was sat beside him, tuning his guitar.

Francoeur nodded, "Chirp chir-chirp chu, churr." (And monkey too, apparently.)

"Ah?" (How?)

He shrugged, "Chirp chu choo?" (How do you?)

Charles scratched his head. He'd never really thought about I before. Perhaps it was because of the Professor and his experiments. "Ah oo eh ook ah eee oh-ah." (I think it's because of the Professor.)

"Chirp?" (How?)

The monkey pursed his lips, "Pff, ah oo eek ah oh aaw." (Well, he did teach me how to 'talk'.)

"Chirr!" (I see!)

Charles smiled, "Ah uh oo-ah eh oo ooey. Eh oo eh ah oo-ah eh oo ee!" (I am a very special monkey. And you are a very special flea!)

Francoeur rubbed the back of his neck and looked away bashfully, "Chu. Chir chirp chu. Chu chirp chirp." (No. Not really. Just lucky.)

The primate shrugged, "Oo? Oo eek ah ee, oo ook ah oh oo ah!" (So? You lived on me, so you must have learnt then!)

The flea nodded, "Chirp chir." (Makes sense.)

They sat there for a few moments, thinking over their small conversation while the twang of the guitar strings steadily became notes.

"Francoeur?" came a familiar voice from behind, "Francoeur? Ah, there you are!"

Turning around, they found Lucille stood looking at them, a smile on her face.

"We're on in five minutes. Is your guitar tuned?"

He nodded.

"Okay. I'll see you on stage," she said before going to her dressing room to put on her wings.

"Oo ah!" (Have fun!) Charles said, swinging off to the best seats. "Ah ee oo eek!" (I'll see you after!)

"Chir chirp!" (And you!) Francoeur replied, returning his attention to his strings.