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The door was closed again and again he locked it. A venomous look was shot at the small boy and the older one's lip was bitten by himself brutally. Then, the frenchman walked over to the boy again. "You know, Mathieu~ You are definitely beautiful." Slowly he traced a finger over the chubby belly. "Big eyes. I hope they get a little smaller. They look out of place."

Sighing, he redressed him, stroking him gently. "And I can't even hurt you because an annoying brit is watching me… And if I kick him out he might call the youth wellfare office and they would take my precious amour away from me… I don't want you to go…."


Arthur waited while cleaning the kitchen. He took a few fruites and mashed them. From time to time he tried it to make sure Matthew would like it.

As he was done he approached the bathroom door again and knocked. "Francis? Do you need more time? I made some puree for Matty." Francis answered that he would be there any moment and washed his hands, then redressed Matthew and lifted him onto his arms. "I'm sorry I hurt you, you're my precious, non?" Francis unlocked the door and carried him outside. "He grew a lot, don't you think?", he asked as he sat down at the kitchen table. Arthur turned around. "Yes. He put on a lot of weight too." Arthur took the boy up on his own arms and poked his nose. "How is the little yeast dough dumpling, hm?" He sat down as well, with Matthew on his lap and started feeding him the fruit puree.

"Do you think we should put him on a diet?" He watched his little boy eat doubtfully. Arthur simply looked at him and shook his head. "For a child in his age that could be fatal. He's developing fine, many children look chubby at first."

Francis nodded and watched Matthew reaching out for the bowl that contained the puree curiously. Grinning he pulled it out of reach before something bad happened. "If you want to play you have to wait until we're finished feeding you. Then you sleep. Then we play,d'accord?" The frenchman grabbed the small hand and squeezed it carefully. "I cannot believe it. He's growing up so quickly. And he is developing so fine~"

Arthur closed his eyes contently. "He is. I am so glad he is."


After he was fed and his mouth was wiped off, Matthew did not waste a single thought about going to sleep. Instead he tried to wind himself out of Francis' grip the whole time, pulled his hair, poked him, yes he even bit him here and there. All the father was able to do was grit his teeth and bear it and to scold the other a little bit.

"Set him down, hm?", Arthur murmured and kissed Francis' cheek. "I think he is eager to explore the living room a little bit on his own, hm?" The man gladly followed the suggestion and put him down. Matthew immediately rushed off, still on all fours. The other two followed him. "Remember when he first discovered that he had hands and feet?" Francis smiled widely. "He played with them all the while", Arthur replied chuckling. "Incredibly cute. …HEY! Don't do that!" Francis rushed forward and picked him off the curtains. "That is dangerous. We don't do this again, yes?" Matthew, lively as he was, reached his hands out again and wanted to grab the curtains. Arthur laughed the whole time he was watching them. That was a family scenery he found perfect.


The days passed, Francis had tried to gulp his ire down all the while and the rough sex he had with Arthur was really a nice make up for the frustration he felt, yet it became not enough.

The two man had decided to move together into a bigger house with a garden and they would share the costs. It would help Francis overcome the pain of being reminded to his wife all the time he enters their common house. It was ideal for the frenchman to let go.

The move was already planned, the new house was not bought, not even found but their imagination fit together perfectly.

"Big bathroom I guess?", Francis asked.

"With a bloodily huge shower!", the brit replied laughing. "Not that Matthew needs such a big bathroom thoug…."

"But there is no problem with us being a little egoistic, non?"

Arthur stroked his shoulder a little bit. "Aren't we egoistic with our garden wish already?" The frenchman leaned against the other's shoulder and smiled. "I get a rose garden at least. So shush and deal with it~"

"Gladly. I'll rip their blossoms and make tea out of them."

"You're so brutal…."

"Can be~" With that, Arthur kissed the cheek of his lover. "What about it?"

Francis shrugged his shoulders and giggled. "Nothing. Come on, I found a few offers. Let's look at them online and then let's visit them, okay?" Arthur agreed quickly and got up to switch the computer on.


A little later they went out of the house. Matthew was sleeping quietly at the back of the car in Arthur's arms, Francis drove them.

"I've been surfing online a little bit. He should be able to talk and walk soon." The quiet music in the background lead Francis' soft humming. He nodded. "I can't believe its almost two years… The time passed by so quickly, where did it all go?" His voice was melancholic. Since he had regular contact with Arthur, even his accent decreased a lot.

"You didn't lose it, love. You just had to concentrate on a lot." The brit's hands stroked the soft curls of their boy. "His hair looks a little reddish in the lights", he laughed and poked his cheek. Francis' face became even more serious. "Oh. Does it? … maybe we should cut it, he looks like a girl thoug."

Arthur did not like the idea but shrugged his shoulders. "If you think we should do it, I'm fine with it. But I find he looks absolutely fabulous." He poked him again and Matthew opened his eyes tiredly. That state did not last long though. As the little one discovered that they sat in a car and that they were driving he got all excited and grabbed everything he could reach. As Arthur leaned down he even grabbed his hair and pulled. "Ow! Matty, I already told you not to do that! OW! Cut it out, you little-" He whined and loosened the small hand. "Here, grab my finger instead. OW! Bloody hell, since when is this guy so strong?! Let go! Matty, please, be good and let go of Daddy, yes? Come ooon, you git!"

Francis in the diver's seat was highly amused. "We're almost there. Get him ready."

The car entered a parking lot and the doors opened soon after the engine stopped. "From outside it looks good, doesn't it?", Arthur asked as he looked up. His hair was a little messy from fighting with Matthew for its freedom.

"Indeed~", Francis whispered overwhelmed. "Come, give me Matthieu, I think he should come to Papa a little bit." As the boy changed the person he was held by he squealed loudly and happily and hugged him while blabbering incoherent things. Francis smiled. "So now let's go and see if we like it from the inside as well, hm?" Arthur smiled happily and went along the man inside. The salesman was already waiting.

The house was not that much of a surprise inside. Not shabby but the used wood for the ceiling and the furniture was not really convincing, Arthur did not like the colours inside as well.


All in all they considered it as a waste of time as they were done. Matthew had been good almost the whole time. Two times he had started crying and thankfully Arthur had gone outside into the garden with him and played with him there. The second time it had not been that easy. Whatever it was, it had disturbed him. Arthur guessed that it might have been a nightmare but they had no clue about the cause. Inwardly Francis had gulped. There was an assumption he had but he did not say it out loud.


Francis had brought his son to bed and plopped into his own sighing as well. Arthur sat down next to him and stroked his head. "You got better", was the murmured statement. Francis opened his eyes. "You think so?"

Arthur nodded and smiled. His voice was quiet and calm. "And Matthew is happier as well."

"I guess…", replied the frenchman. "Do you want to reduce your time of work and I go working again as well?" Francis looked at him. "Not really. Not until he is old enough for a kindergarden. I don't want him to grow up with babysitters and strangers around. He shall have at least one daddy he knows for sure…" He sat up and grabbed Arthur's hand. "So it'S about you now." A sigh echoed in the quiet room. Blonde hair fell onto small, yet manly shoulders as the brit placed his head on it. He closed his eyes. "You know, we try our best. But you need a break."

"I can take a few days off. What do you say?"

"Your choice", he replied softly. Francis nodded. He guessed he would do it.
"Let's look for a new house. I want to leave here soon", Francis whispered and let himself fall back again. Arthur simply looked after him. The clocks kept ticking.

"We will."